Olivia Jason



  • Liv: An affectionate nickname that is used mostly by close friends and family. It is also a Scandinavian name that means "life".
AGE: 21
FACTION: Future Moon
ETHNICITY: African American
  • Librarian
  • Aspiring author
FACE CLAIM: Amandla Stenberg


  • Hygiea Crystal: Sailor Hygiea's Sailor Crystal is the source of her powers, as well as a part of Olivia's soul. If it is ripped out of her body, she will end up dying. Hence, Olivia keeps it within reach at all times. It is a heart shaped crystal, that is somewhat transparent, colored in a pale shade of mint green.
  • Serpentine Bowl: Sailor Hygiea's weapon is a golden chalice, around which a green serpent is wrapped. The Serpentine Bowl is used in all of Sailor Hygiea's attacks. In spite of the bowl serving as her weapon of choice, she can summon it even as a civillian, and allow people to drink water from it. Water that has been filled in the Serpentine Bowl are said to relieve one's energy and calm them down.
  • Cell Phone: Just like pretty much anyone in this day and age, Olivia has a cellphone, which she uses to keep in touch with the people around her, namely her teammates. She will try to refrain from discussing sensitive topics on the phone, for safety reasons. Given that Olivia isn't that much of a talker to begin with, that's not very hard.
  • Green Notebook: Olivia's dream is to become an author, and therefore she keeps a thick, green notebook, in which she writes stories. Since coming to the past, Olivia has taken to writing her memories of this period, so that she can use them as a base for a novel about a time traveling group of girls.
  • Books: One of the things Olivia likes the most about being in the 21st century is that unlike the future, physical books made out of paper are still in use here. Thus, she has bought various books, most of which are classics that she cherishes deeply in her heart.


NAME: Sailor Hygiea
ELEMENT: Healing


  • Hygenic Dome: The serpent on Hygiea's Serpentine Bowl comes to life, and starts to crawl down from the chalice. Once it is off the chalice completely, the serpent starts to vigoriously crawl in circles around Hygiea, forming a protective dome around her. Having the serpent capable of altering its length, size of the dome can vary so that it includes individuals other than Hygiea alone. However, the bigger the dome is, the more exhausting this ability becomes. In addition, the dome's existance dedpends on Hygiea's physical and mental strength at that moment - if she's feeling weak for some reason, it would last only a few seconds. In order to ruin the dome, her enemy would have to hurt the serpent as it is rotating around her.
  • Ouroboros Reflection: Sailor Hygiea rises the Serpentine Bowl upwards. Then, the snake that is wrapped around the golden chalice comes to life, crawling its way down from the chalice itself. Once the serpent is off the chalice completely, it bites its own tail while arranged in a circular manner, turning into an ouroboros. The hollow part of the circle made of the serpent is glowing in mint green light. Hygiea can use the ouroboros either to block various attacks launched at her by her enemies, to stand on top of it as it floats on air, or to throw it at her enemies in a similar manner to a saucer.
  • Serpentine Kiss: Hygiea's main healing ability. Sailor Hygiea rises the Serpentine Bowl upwards. Then, the snake that is wrapped around the golden chalice comes to life, crawling its way down from the chalice itself. Once the serpent is off the chalice completely, it crawls towards one of Hygiea's allies that happens to be injured or unwell at the moment, and bites them. The serpent's bite does not kill them, quite conrtrary - it heals Hygiea's allies, and allows them to stand on their feet once again. For this ability to work, the person towards which the serpent crawls needs to be perfectly still, and allow it to bite them. This ability is capable of healing both physical injuries and diseases, as well as mental distress of various kinds. She will not, however, be able to perform purification, as this is considered a completely different power.
  • Soothing Remedy Shower: A seconary healing ability. Sailor Hygiea's Serpentine Bowl is filled with magical light, colored in a light shade of mint green. As Hygiea rises the bowl upwards, the magical light spreads out of the bowl, in a similar manner to a fountain, forming a shower of mint green drops that fall from the sky. Whoever these drops of magic touch feels calm and serene, having their distress seemingly gone for a short amount of time. Contray to her Serpentine Kiss ability, this one is focused soley on the person's mental health. If someone, whether an ally or a foe, is exposed to too much of the magical light, they might feel sleepy, or even fall asleep in thr midst of a battle. Similarly to her Serpentine Kiss, this attack is a healing one, rather than a purifying one.
  • Healing with Water: Not quite an attack that can be used in a battle per se, but an ability that Olivia can use even as a civillian, that is derived from the nature of the Serpentine Bowl. Since Olivia can summon the bowl in both Senshi and human forms, she can use it in order to heal people, by filling it with water and offering people to drink from it. The water in the bowl recieve their healing qualities mainly due to being in the sacred container, rather than from Olivia, herself - she is only the one carrying it and suggesting it to people. Since this ability is not used in Senshi form, the healing done by it is somewhat weaker than that of her attacks mentioned above. The water from the Serpentine Bowl could either be drunk by a person (if it's an internal wound or a mental one), or poured on the injury in order to make it heal. The healing would work only with clean and pure water - if Olivia was to pour any other liquid into the bowl, it won't be able to heal anyone.


Olivia Jason was born in Infinity City of the Third Millennium. Her mother, Melody Jason, was a kindergarten teacher who had always loved children and dreamed of motherhood, but had a difficulty finding the right partner with whom she would have a child. But Melody was not one to give up so easily - she was determined to have a child, with or without a partner in her life. Thus, she had used a sperm donation in order to concieve and have a beautiful baby girl. Olivia grew up not knowing who her father is, and for a major part of her life it didn't really matter. This was the Third Millennium, after all, and by now people had already opened up to the idea that families come in all shapes and sizes.

Since an early age, Olivia had attended Infinity Academy, first its nursery division, then elementary school and then middle and high school. She had always been a smart and curious child, who had loved listening to bedtime stories read to her by her mother. Then, when she first attended elementary school, Olivia would discover the joy of reading and writing on her own. Like most children of her generation, she'd first approach reading via an electronic book, but it was on a school trip to a museum that she had first seen a book made out of paper.

That interest of hers in reading - both in general, and from paper books particularly - has made her awkward amongst her classmates. They didn't care much for reading, much to Olivia's dismay, and thus she often remained on her own during lunch breaks, with an electronic book in her hand. It sure felt lonely at times, but most of the time Olivia would dwell in her own world of dreams and imagination, where the fictional characters she read about were her best friends, and together they went on adventures. She had also started to write a jorunal, which she refered to as her friend who was the only one to whom she could tell her true feelings. Not wanting to worry her mother, who had worked so hard to provide for the two, Olivia would often tell her that everything is okay with her, even when she was feeling sad.

Years went by, and Olivia had graduated high school, at long last. If it depended on her she'd focus on her dream job of becoming a writer, but her mother insisted that she studies a steady profession that would provide for her regularly. Seeing as she enjoyed books so much, Olivia figured that she would study the one profession that constantly had to do with them - being a librarian. After several years of studying, Olivia had recieved her bachelor's degree and diploma, and was a certified librarian. Once she had graduated, she had to apply for a job, and much to her surprise she was able to find one in a most amazing place: the archive of the Crystal Palace. At first, Olivia was in complete shock for even being hired in such a place. But as she started to attend her job daily and learn from the elder librarians who worked in the place, she started to gradually feel comfortable there. The archive became her home away from home, where she could often spend her time reading about the golrious achievements of the Sailor Guardians of the past.

The more time Olivia spent reading in the archive, the more she started to have dreams about what she'd read. She could see the legendary sailor-suited girls in her dreams, fighting whatever threat that has surfaced on the face of the Earth along the years. In some of her dreams, she has turned into one of the Sailor Guardians, and joined in their battle for peace and harmony. Following those dreams, she would frequently wake up frightened and confused, especially since with time they became more and more vivid and elaborated. She didn't quite understand what did any of the royal family's grand legacy have to do with her. Her? a Sailor Guardian? There's no way someone like her could be that!

Only one day, that's exactly what happened. After one vivid dream, in which she could see herself fighting monstrous beings, she woke up to discover that instead of her usual pajama, she was dressed in a mint green sailor-suited outfit. Just like in her dream, she was a true Sailor Guardian: Sailor Hygiea, the Soldier of Healing. While Olivia was somewhat puzzled about her new form and capabilities, she figured that the best thing to do would be to make her presence known to the royal family at the palace. Thus, she introduced herself to Princess Lady Serenity, her advisor Diana, and the other members of the Future Moon Court, who acccepted her as one of their own.

Although the Princess and the other girls seemed rather friendly, that did not mean that Olivia didn't face difficulties upon her awakening. Reading about battles of history was one thing, but actually participating in them was completely different. Olivia wasn't that much of a fighter, not in skills nor in her opinions, which leaned more towards pacifism. In addition to the difficulty she had with the very idea of fighting, she often felt somewhat out of place among the other girls that constituted the Future Moon. They all seemed effervescent, daring, cheeky, whereas Olivia was quiet, demure and shy. How would she ever be able to perform the duties bestowed upon her, as well as get along with her new comrades?

Olivia did not have much time to consider these questions, for soon after she had recieved her powers, the Princess had informed her, as well as the other members of the Future Moon team, that they had to go back to the 21st century. There, she explained, they would have to prevent Chaos from taking over the entire world, and save the future. Needless to say, Olivia felt rather conflicted about the mission at hand, but eventually deided to join, for various reasons. She felt as though this is what was expected of her, and didn't want to let the Princess down. But also, the fact they'd be time traveling to the past was fascinating for her; it sounded like something that came out of one of the books she enjoyed reading. It was an experience she couldn't possibly refuse to.

Thus, Olivia had accompanied all of her new comrades on a journey to the past. She is very much fascinated by the conditions of living in the 21st century, especially with paper books, which are far more frequent now than they are going to be in the future. Seeing as she couldn't approach the Crystal Palace in that era, she had to find a new job - which she has found as a librarian in the Infinity Academy library. There, she hopes to find some useful information, and thus be able to help the Princess and the other girls, without having to actually fight. When she has some free time in her hands, she enjoys writing about her experiences in a green notebook she recently bought, thinking it could be used as a base for a novel.

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