Janya Balakrishnan



ALIAS: Janya - (J-AHn-ya)
Sailor Mercury
AGE: 34
FACTION: Inactive
PRONOUNS: she/her
ETHNICITY: Sikh-American
FACE CLAIM: Parminder Nagra


Cell Phone
Mercury Crystal
Mercury Mini Computer
Blue Visor Connected to Computer
Special Communicator
First Aid Kit


NAME: Sailor Mercury
ELEMENT: Ice/Water



Mercury Aqua Mist: Creates a thick fog which disorients the enemy, but allows the gaurdians to still see clearly.
Mercury Aqua Mist Freezing: Same as Bubble Spray, although is more powerful and can freeze or immobilize enemies.
Shine Aqua Illusion: Sends a blast of freezing water at the enemy that can freeze or destroy enemies.
Shine Snow Illusion: Same as Shine Aqua Illusion, but with snow and ice instead of water. Mercury Aqua Rhapsody: Creates and plays a watery harp, sending a stronger blast of freezing water at the enemies.
Mercury Aqua Mirage: Engulfs the target in a watery orb, which bursts and destroys them.
Hyperspatial Sphere Generate: Creates a protective sphere of water.
Mercury Aqua Blizzard: Sends a torrent of snow and ice that freezes the enemy.

Superhuman Physical Characteristics
Ice/Water Manipulation
Top Tier Surgeon and Doctor
Information Analysis and Interpretation; Super Genius


She'd always wanted to be a doctor. There was no doubt in her mind from the earliest memories from childhood that she belonged in a white coat and scrubs, helping people who needed it. It was influenced, of course, by her mother and father both being in the industry, her mother a pediatrician and her father a general practitioner. She'd play with her stuffed animals and dolls, going through boxes of bandaids and learning to stitch up 'wounds' on them as she played. Doctor Janya, Doctor Janya. She never got tired of that idea.

Humps happen in life, things take your attention off your goals. For Janya, this came as the emergence of her second identity - Sailor Mercury. The second of the inner guardians to awaken, she supported Cynthia from that day forward, in both their guardian life and their personal, constantly pushing the blonde to strive harder, mostly for all of them to get better grades. Janya never gave up on her dream of being a doctor, often spending hours both on her exams and studying, as well as her duties. She balanced things almost too perfectly.

After the end of the Sailor Wars, Janya was able to buckle down on her studies and get into Harvard Medical School, but she always keep in touch and stayed ready to jump if something came up that she needed to pull her transformation pen out for. It almost felt surreal after some of the peacetime had passed, as she didn't have to juggle so many of her duties. She wasn't Sailor Mercury as much as she was Janya Balakrishnan. She was still antsy to try and get back to everyone, so in true fashion, she graduated from her school time three years early, starting residency at Central Hospital with her mother, moving back to what would soon become Crystal City.

Soon it was back to juggling, her role in the palace, her residency in the hospital, her duties as a guardian as well. Janya was one of the few who were able to keep a cool head during the transitions, everything having been changed so quickly. She worked to collect data on what was going on, what kind of enemies they may be facing soon in the future. Janya wasn't opposed to Cynthia's idea of revealing their identities to the world, agreeing that it may help to ease fears and frustrations about a lack of transparency with the new monarchy.

NOw that she's finished her residency, her main focus lies with her duties as a guardian, though a good portion of that now overlaps as she is an on call surgeon for when there are attacks by the Dark Alliance that may leave civilians in the ICU. Cynthia can't heal them all, after all, so sometimes there are cases where the good old fashioned way is needed.

Writing Sample

Janya gave Jeremiah a nod of recognition when he declined her assistance. It had seemed like the right thing to do at the moment, but she knew that he had everything handled. Besides, if he had needed her help he would have asked, wouldn't he? She settled back in her seat a little bit, having set her phone on silent and told the hospital she was going to indisposed, regardless of the emergency for the next few hours at the least. She watched as the last of the arrivals came in, a bit of a smile creeping onto her face as Kala slid the boxes of donuts around.

She couldn't help herself, she picked up a napkin and took one gingerly out of the box and held it in her hand for a moment before taking a bite. Her attention was then squarely taken by Jeremiah as he began to speak, talking of the original conflict all those millenia ago, and the people who had trained to help and fight alongside them. The Planetary Knights had been a huge help in the war, and knowing they died in their free will was a comfort, until the next stone dropped.

That wasn't the case anymore. They had been discovered, not by the Crystal Empire but by the Dark Alliance. She pondered on this, the donut in her hand dropping ever so slowly down to the table, carefully placed on the napkin on the table after only one bite. Janya's thoughtful eyes looked down at the donut for a moment, thinking back. Did she remember the Mercury Knight? Perhaps vaguely. Parhaps she'd know their presence when she felt it, but at the moment she felt like she was drawing a blank. She shook her head to the question.

"I recall an existence, but a face, a name... neither of them come to mind. I believe I would be able to pick them out if in their presence, but aside from the very basics? They were like me, my powers, and I feel somewhat similar in drive. But..." She paused, looking back up from her donut to Jeremiah after this pause. "I can't promise anything. However, I'm sure between the two of us, we should be able to deduce at least some of their identities from our data collections on the Alliance." That was something Janya felt more than confident in. And then something came from Cynthia that made Janya smile in pride. Cynthia had never been much of a strategist, leaving that more to others, but when she spoke of knowing that Kesatria had the ability to detect the star seeds and sailor crystals, and then proposing they pair or team with people who had that ability, Janya gave her a look of pride and approval. Cynthia had grown so much since becoming queen, even since becoming Eternal Sailor Moon in the first place. It wasn't so long ago that going into battle, Cynthia just did what she felt was right in the moment and for the most part, it worked out. But she couldn't always rely on that.

"I second that idea, Kalama, if you know who has that ability and can, and will use it for us?" She said, directing her attention to the woman who'd brought a lightening of the air and the donuts, of which she picked her own back up and took another bite.

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