ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Chandra Apsara


Sailor Star Maker
Face Claim
Amber Liu
  • Ambassador: They are never not representing both Kinmoku and Maker
  • Model: Blame Saariyah.
  • Singer & Songwriter: Didn't you know? Chandra used to be part of a world famous three-man band! Now they just write songs for up and coming musicians to make money here and there (or when they feel ike it).
  • Queen's Confidant: Unofficial, of course, but Chandra is often the one that helps bring peace of mind and sensibility to their Queen.
  • Maker Crystal: Rarely, if ever, seen. The embodiment of their potential as Star Maker, it resides within their chest.
  • Sailor Change Star: The device that enables them to transform into Sailor Star Maker and becomes a earpiece once transformed.
  • Star Yell: A white star-shaped broach with colors influenced by each of the Starlights. While it's not necessary to use their abilities, they often make use of it to strengthen their attacks.
  • Projection Cards: Initially these cards are blank but when held by Chandra--or another Starlight--an image can be projected onto it. Chandra also uses these in conjunction with their powers of creation.
  • Electronics: Chandra has the latest model android phone, a tablet, and other associated electronics (like a laptop), that they frequently make use of.


Sailor Star Maker
Maker is capable of these standard Guardian attacks (that can also be strengthened if the Star Yell is used in conjunction) -
  • Star Gentle Creation: Despite the name, there is nothing gentle about this attack. Star Maker channels the very energy of creation--the birth of a star--and blasts it at an opponent. This can take the form of a single star that blasts outwards from their chest or several depending on how much power they channel into it. (Originally Star Gentle Uterus, as Maker's powers have grown and adapted its title has changed.)
  • Star Maker Relaxation: This manifests normally, both transformed and not, as Star Maker having a calming presence. In combat, however, Star Maker can manifest an aura of absolute calm that can influence opponents. While it does not pacify them entirely, it does bring enemies down and make them less dangerous to deal with. If someone completely submits to the power, it can lull them into a peaceful state of being.
  • Star Maker Strike: Calling upon the power of starlight, Star Maker fires a blast at an enemy. This attack is capable of actually damaging the powered attire of an opponent and potentially destabilizing their transformation if hit hard enough.
  • Star Maker Music Box: Cradling their Star Yell within their hands, a gentle melody begins to play; it can only be heard by the individual Star Maker wants to hear. As the individual listens, Star Maker fixates upon a feeling or situation that they want the listener to remember. This can be a memory that was lost, taken, or otherwise, and once returned will be remembered in its entirety (unless it is taken once more).
  • Star Maker Materialize: Holding their hands in front of them, Star Maker can give form and shape to starlight. While a more typical use is to create a barrier to help block attacks or make a protective barrier for allies to hide behind, they can also use it manifest a weapon of starlight to use temporarily (such as a staff, a spear, sword, etcetera).
They are also capable of the following abilities -
  • Creation Manipulation: As Sailor Star Maker, Chandra is capable of manipulating the very energy of creation itself. Typically this is used to manipulate/create temporary objects out of starlight but can also be used to manifest various energy types (such as elemental) to help bolster/strengthen an ally's attacks.
  • Gender Manipulation: An ability all the Starlights have to transform into a more masculine form. They all but refuse to make use of it because they are genderqueer af.
  • Projection: Through channeling starlight, Chandra--and the other Starlights--are able to project holographic images. This also works in tandem with the projection cards that they keep on their person, creating an image upon them that can shift and change as what is visually captured does in real-time.
  • Teleportation & Flight: Chandra can summon a set of wings to fly as well as teleport. Teleportation is available both transformed and not, whereas flight is limited to when they are Star Maker.
  • Sensing: While not nearly as strong as Saariyah, Chandra is capable of detecting the Sailor Crystal and True Star Seeds of other powered individuals.
  • Immobilization: Once more using the projection cards, Chandra can summon them and use the energy contained within to temporarily paralyze an individual. It is only used if they have no other alternative.
  • Combat Specialist: Trained in the fighting style native to Kinmoku and its moons, Chandra is an expert fighter even when they are not transformed. They also have the superhuman strength, agility, and more that Sailor Guardians are known for.
  • Singing/Songwriting: When singing, Chandra is capable of using their voice to locate any individual they wish to find as well as send subliminal messages. The ability, however, heavily relies upon their Sailor Crystal and thus any Sailor Guardian (or another powered) would be able to detect them.


Chandra will be the first one to tell you: they are not their family. Nor are they representative of the fact their family has been influencing and otherwise helping shape Maker for generations. Instead, they have worked hard to be who they are and not anything less. Practical and sensible, despite the lavish and rich upbringing, Chandra has always been--as a Terran might put it--down to earth.

Even when the powers of Sailor Star Maker came to them it felt as if it were merely a natural progression of the life they were meant to lead. Of the ladies-in-waiting, Chandra was the last to picked though certainly, it did not say anything about their abilities and talents. No, it only confirmed what Chandra believed wholeheartedly: what was meant to be, would be.

Which was why when Sailor Galaxia came to their beloved homeland, Chandra found themselves adrift. Their Princess was gone, their homes devastated, and they were caught between all the possible actions that could be taken. This was part of why Chandra was ultimately not the leader of the Starlights, for all their practicality and sensible decisions, it could take them too long to reach them.

Fighter came up with an immediate plan of action, leading the Starlights to the Earth in search of their lost Princess. The loss of their Princess hit hard but Chandra could not let it show. Healer's heart ached for the loss and Fighter was caught up in the mission, without Chandra's steadfast balance between the two, there probably would have been more issues than they had. At least, when others were around, they always made a point to show a united front.

Still ... Chandra enjoyed the freedoms that were discovered on earth. More than the fact they were able to present themselves as male, they were able to embrace who they truly were. It was something that, even after they found their Princess and helped Sailor Moon in defeating Sailor Galaxia (who, at the end of the day, they felt pity for), Chandra found they missed.

They held to it when they returned, finding themselves older and wiser and more in tune with their duties than ever as they helped rebuild not only Kinmoku but the moons each of the Starlights called home. Ensuring that their Princess would eventually become Queen pleased them, helped prove they were once more on the path they were meant to be.

The problem, of course, was that peace did not last. Chaos persisted and their Queen guided them to Earth. This time, however, it was with her guiding them along with the rest of the Galactica that had been reborn. Let it be known that Chandra would have been quite happy to not leave, to focus on their corner of the universe, but they knew the truth within the hearts of the Queen and Fighter. Those were the hearts that led them and those were the hearts they followed without a doubt.

It is only in the past few years that Chandra has found themselves at odds with things, here and there. Especially when it comes to the way things are run within the Crystal Empire (and sometimes within the Galactica itself). Oh, they are vocal to those they trust and speak with, but their thoughts and counsel are their own unless they are asked.

Enemies abound, the Dark Alliance is capable of turning ally to foe, and if they do not unite together ...

Chandra still believes their Queen and Neo Queen Serenity will lead the way but that way becomes harder and harder to walk each day as the forces of Chaos chip away the path beneath their feet.

Writing Sample

Chandra was not necessarily a night owl but then again it was not late yet. Besides, it was more that if they wanted to interact with certain individuals when night came and they were not as bound by the duties that kept them all busy.

Which was why, of course, they were in the middle of carefully unwrapping their hands while sitting on a bench in the large training room. Not that far from them, the Golden King of Purification and Healing was staring up at the ceiling while laying on his back.

"Are you going to stay there all night?" they inquired, a faint smirk on their face.

"Perhaps I am contemplating what shapes I can see within the crystal ceiling," replied Jeremiah.

"I think you're putting off deciding whether or not you're going to go see Saariyah," they replied, the smirk on widening when Jeremiah sighed. They were well aware of the fact that Saariyah was not doing so well, having decided that distance would probably do them good and possibly help with the stress.

"She said it is just a stress headache," he said, sitting up and crossing his arms across his propped up knee. "I said I would come by tomorrow if it hasn't cleared up."

If either Saariyah or Jeremiah realized how easy they could be prodded with a simple conversation ... Well, Chandra was certain if they realized that they would probably never talk to them again. "As much fun as it would be to continue wiping the floor with you and helping you learn a better fighting style," they grinned at his snort, "I think you should trust your instincts."

"... risk her irritation and go check on her regardless, you mean," said Jeremiah, expression aboslutely deadpan.

"Doctor Mercer, I've never known you to be this dull and repetitious," replied Chandra, finished with unwrapping their hands and tossing the tape into their bag. They moved towards Jeremiah and offered a hand to him. "Do what feels right."

With a sigh, Jeremiah took the offered hand and pulled himself up. Chandra grinned once more at the look on his face, letting go of his hand and patting him on the back. "Look at it this way, you can go check on her for me since I've got to make sure [Star Fighter] isn't drowning under the weight of our Queen's wardrobe."

That pulled a laugh from the silver-haired man. At least he would leave in better spirits than he had joined them in. Sometimes Chandra worried about him, just as they worried about Saariyah. Hopefully, they thought, those worries would stay just that and nothing more.

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