Dominique De Santos



ALIAS: Sailor Chuu, Minnie or Minnie Mouse, Dom, Nique, Ni-Ni.
AGE: 28
FACTION: Galactica
ETHNICITY: Chuuian (Afro-Latina)
OCCUPATION: Actress & Model
FACE CLAIM: Aiyanna Lewis


  • Cell Phone - A telecommunication device that is often used by the Terrans of Planet Earth along with the Guardians of Galactica. It has become the norm of Dominique's existence and also a useful asset when trying to communicate with all members of the Crystal Empire and also The Galactica. Plus it makes for a perfection distraction and stress-reliever when necessary. Not to mention, one needs a cellular device when they're trying to book gigs right? Whether it's acting or modeling-related.

  • Chuu Sailor Crystal - The Sailor Star seed and Main Power Source of Dominique's Sailor Form as Sailor Chuu; its crystal form taking shape of a mouse's head and illuminates with vibrant hues of transparent white and yellow shades twisting together. After the misfortune that transpired between Sailor Chuu and her attacker (The Former Sailor Iron Mouse), Dominique now holds her sailor crystal deep within her source with its power source linked to her brooch.

  • Personal Journal -- A therapeutic hobby that Minnie picked up as a teenager where she'll crack that open a time or two to simply jot down her personal thoughts and emotions if she's unable to voice them with her friends or those she's closest to. Not to mention she may even be seen using this very journal to take notes for the purpose of acting gigs.

  • Double Pearlescent Chakrams -- The main weapon that is used in the form of Sailor Chuu when it is time for Dominique to take action; she possesses two double-edged chakrams that are entwined with golden and ivory hues as its shades give a nod to her home planet -- its pearlescent lining shining with the connection of the light tapping against its surface. She also infuses these weapons with energy to use against her opponents as necessary.

  • Teleportation Device -- A simple device used by most Chuunians as means of transportation to get from place to place and is often used by Dominique herself, mostly in her civilian form!


NAME: Sailor Chuu


The core abilities behind the Chuunian Guardian.
  • Ergokinesis -- Also known as Kinetic Potence or Energy Manipulation is the main source behind Sailor Chuu's attacks. With this ability intact, she is capable of creating, manipulating, and shaping energy.
  • Energy Constructs -- Several of Chuu's attacks consist of energy constructs, often using the source of energy to take shape of a weapon of her choice to perform an attack. (such as a mallet or even an orb just to name a few examples)
  • Energy Detection -- Considering that those of Chuunian lineage possessed enhanced senses, Dominique is capable of being able to detect energies of her opponents and comrades; an ability that is often accessible even as a civilian.
  • Energy Channeling -- This is pretty self-explanatory but Dom is able to channel and harness energy and use it for a variety of purposes. (Such as firing off energy beams or even channeling said-energy into her Chakrams)

The core attacks behind the Chuunian Guardian.
  • Chuunian Boomerang explosion -- Emitting vibrant energy into her chakrams; Sailor Chuu throws them both towards her opponent; the energy-like blades exploding upon contact(s).
  • Chuunian Scatter Shock -- Raising her hands to the sky as energy surged towards her chakrams and takes the shape of a mallet hammer construct, she would swing the item down against the ground as waves of energy fired off from the hammer towards her opponent(s).
  • Chuunian Rapid Fire! -- Energy would manifest at the palms of her hands as some of its essences took shape of orbs manifested in its center; Chuu would throw them in a similar form of a baseball projectile towards her opponent.


Known to be the third-generation Sailor Soldier of the white and golden colored planet of Chuu, Dominique De Santos was the youngest of the Royal Chuu Triplets with her oldest sister Cayenne beating her by five minutes and the second oldest sister Janessa by three minutes to King Alejandro and Queen Nyoka. Her mother Nyoka was also a former Chuunian Guardian along with her father who was a former Chuunian Knight -- the two beings starting off as distant strangers before becoming close friends and eventually lovers, a rising level of intimacy that would bring about the bundle of roses that bloomed from the fruition of their seeds who were raised by Former Queen Natalya who was also a former Chuunian Guardian and the first to see the potential within Dominique whose sailor star seed began to show signs of awakening at the tender age of five years old -- prompting her to encourage her daughter and son-in-law to commence her training immediately.

It was in this moment that marked the beginning of a sibling rivalry amongst the triplets -- particularly between Dominique and Janessa as the middle child felt as if Dominique was hogging all the attention and "love that was being received by her parents and that she had stripped her chance of being able to fulfill the footsteps that their mother and grandmother laid before them, their chance to make a difference and truly become legendary in terms of a royal and a warrior. She even felt as if Dominique was taking away the one chance that made her stand out in the triplets out of spite; swirling the thoughts of jealousy, bitterness, and even hatred towards the youngest Chuunian as a part of Janessa even wished the child was never born...a swirl of negative emotions that were never spoken until that unfortunate day. There were plenty of days and nights where petty fights became violent brawls as the sisters found themselves in a circle of blows that seemed to be never-ending unless Cayenne or Nyoka was present enough to break them apart; hurtful words spiraling from the both of them out of pure anger as Dominique begged the elder sister in curiosity as to why there was so much rage in her heart, curiosity as to what she had done to make her so angry as she loved her sister so much that she hated to fight with her. But alas, these questions were left unanswered and the young Chuunian's heart would continue to break as they got older.

But even in the midst of the raging rivalry and the rigorous training, there was at least one outside party who truly made her feel at home outside of her sister Cayenne, as well as other members of the De Santos Familia and that, was her future comrade and childhood best friend -- someone she addressed as a "sister from another mister": Phoebe Llewelyn, Future royal and Guardian of Mau. Their planets Mau and Chuu not only shared a distinctive relationship to a degree but their parents were also good friends with each other, leading the young Chuu to not only grow up with Phoebe but to also experience some sense peace from the chaos that Janessa often brought to her life even during their educational phase -- whether it was spreading vicious rumors, publicly embarrassing her, or even just being malicious with her actions just because the sight of seeing Minnie cry was something that was satisfying for the Elder trip; exhilarating to the point to where the girl laughed coldly and even went further with her savagery by kicking her when she was down and further shattering her self-esteem...something that the young Chuu carried even to this day despite her bubbly and warm-hearted personality.

Things couldn't get any worse, she thought. Things would get better, she believed...But how wrong has Minnie going to discover she was as the situation grew worse as a tragedy became imminent and the ultimate betrayal? Was well on its way to fruition as Dominique was beginning to finally accept her fate as Sailor Chuu, participating in the harsh Sailor Wars that were beginning to unravel before the universe with an entity known as Chaos sending its soldiers about to create disruption and destruction across the Galaxy including within the perimeters for the Galactica just as it had done for legendary Sol System... Blood was shed and lives were ultimately destroyed as time wore on with the lives of some being lost while most were spared of the damages and life-alternating changes...but it didn't take away from the fact that Dominique's heart ached for them...along with the devastation that she felt could've been prevented...refusing to believe that not everybody could be saved...even if it meant losing her own family member in the process...
Rumors spiraled throughout neighboring planets about a woman who went by the name of Galaxia, hailing as the strongest Senshi of the universe and even was speculated to be the dark equivalent to that of Sailor Moon herself -- something that placed fear in her heart as the rumors only grew about there being several planets destroyed by her hands as the sheer strength of her power was definitely not one to estimate...but what she did not expect to hear was something that placed a knife inside of her heart that she could still feel even to this present day...

Janessa had begun acting very erratic, her energy no longer containing the purest forms of energy that was once present within the souls of all Chuunians. It was apparent that something that had happened as the toxicity that was their siblingship had intensified to dangerous levels now -- their rivalry boiling to a huge head that was ready to burst as the two had finally come to a clashing blow as Dominique had had enough. She had enough of the bullying, enough of the terrorizing, enough of the antagonizing, the blaming her. She immediately screamed out to her sister in sheer frustration, tears rolling down the corners of her cheeks as she pleaded for answers, pleaded to know what she had done that unsettled her to the point to where all of her frustrations, even the smallest moves made was enough to trigger her and often leave her with bruises that would soon create marks upon her emotional wall; creating a sense of fragility that would take only a single "tap" just to make it shatter.

"You fucking exist.."

Janessa's words cutting through her like a knife as the breath that she was set to release caused her to choke up -- no words leaving her lips as she could hardly believe it. Did she hate her that much? Did she truly make her sister feel so miserable that even the thought of her own existence made her disgusted? They were BORN TOGETHER ON THE SAME DAY. ALL THREE OF THEM. They were meant to experience a connection that was beyond the normal siblings...a connection that bonded them together even in the after-life.

"I fucking hate you...I've always fucking hated you...Ever since you took your first breath....You received the most love, the most attention, the most desires...and yet here I am...the outcast...the fucking REJECT." Janessa raged as her eyes lot its light, the pools of her irises showcasing nothing but darkness and rage as her nostrils flared in irritation. "THE ONE...OPPORTUNITY...THAT I COULD HAVE HAD TO PROVE TO MOM THAT I TOO COULD MAKE HER PROUD...THAT I TOO COULD MAKE MAKE THE FAMILY LEGEND AN UNFORGETTABLE MEMORY...YOU TOOK THAT SHIT FROM ME...AND I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT DOMINIQUE...NEVER! WHICH IS WHY I DECIDED LONG AGO...THAT I WOULD MAKE YOU SUFFER...AND EVERYTHING GOOD THAT COMES YOUR WAY...? WILL BE DEVASTATED IN WAYS UNFATHOMABLE.."

Her words brought about ache that Dominique couldn't bare to express as her eyes looked on before her, terrified...and angry...angry that her sister would even think that she would hurt them as the two were without supervision, without anyone to break them apart this time as the aura between the two of them exploded; Dominique eventually transforming into her guise of Sailor Chuu and Janessa? Janessa took on this newfound power that was within her and took on a darker form of a sailor soldier as her own star seed was completely tainted.

"I'm going to take what rightfully belongs to that I can finally achieve my dreams...and END every being who ever doubted me...including our fucking parents and our stupid older sister.."

The final words that left Janessa's lips would result in a fight for a lifetime, the two clashing as positive and negative energy would collide against each other and create some sort of powerful explosion that would kick up dirt until another larger, and more intense explosion transpire as the final "shebang" would finally determine the ending of the decade-long rivalry..with Janessa standing over her sister's weakened body and her palm extended outward with a glowing star seed in hand and a wicked smile upon her features. She felt victorious as she watched her sister's life fade before her; kicking the defeated sibling across the room from her, citing the ultimate betrayal as she revealed to the dying woman that she had also joined Galactica and that her little friend Phoebe had unfortunately suffered a similar fate before disappearing into a mass of darkness where she would take the official sailor form of Sailor Tin Nyanko where she would cause more chaos -- killing their family members just so they would not bear the brunt of Galaxia's force when the planet was ultimately destroyed.

It was the final memories that locked in her mind as Dominique laid weakly upon the ground, feeling the air around her grow cold as she felt herself succumbing to its clutches before whispering a soft apology to her sister for even hurting her as her breathing slowed to a still... unaware that the light of Hope, Princess Serenity would come and save them all from ruin and revive their planet...

But even with this revival..? It didn't take the knife out of her didn't take away hurt and destruction of her own emotions that she suffered at the consequences of Janessa that often haunts her to this day..even when she chooses to smile about it and keep her strength going for the sake of her comrades who needed her more than ever...

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