Eileen Yoon



ALIAS: Jieun; her Korean given name, which is also her legal Canadian middle name.
윤지은; her surname and Korean given name, in Hangul.
LENA; her stage name in present day, as a member of SUPERNOVA!
PallaPalla; her previous codename, when she was tainted by Chaos.
AGE: 25
FACTION: Future Moon
ETHNICITY: Korean-Canadian
OCCUPATION: Future Moon Guardian, lead dancer of SUPERNOVA!
FACE CLAIM: Lee Gahyeon


Pallas Sailor Crystal; the source of Eileen's power that allows her to transform into Sailor Pallas. It is hosted within her very essence, bound with her soul. If it would be ripped from her body, it would appear as a pale blue crystal, seemingly made of ice.

Amazon Stone; the shell that once clouded her crystal, when she was corrupted by Chaos. After her defeat and follow-up purification, thanks in part to Sailor Saturn, it became a hollow stone. She fashioned a necklace out of it, partially to keep it close to her at all times.

Pallas' Spear; a golden spear, fashioned like most Greek spears. It hosts a pale blue gem on the base, which reflects in Pallas' symbol.


NAME: Sailor Pallas



Aegis Orb; Sailor Pallas summons an orb of ice, that forms into a protective shield for herself or her allies. She can also summon the orb forward, colliding with an enemy, and effectively freezing them in place.

Freezing Ice Spear; clutching her spear, Sailor Pallas spins ice around it, and proceeds to hurl it forward at an enemy, either doing direct damage or crowd controlling them via freezing/slowing.

Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss; an attack used in conjunction with Sailor Neo Moon and her fellow Sailor Quartet members.


Cryokinesis; the ability to create, shape and manipulate ice - water frozen into a solid state and appears naturally in forms of snow, slush, hail, icicles, ice spikes and candles, glaciers, pack ice, frost, and polar ice caps, and cold - by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms and thus making things colder, for various effects and combinations. Chilly temperatures do not effect Eileen as much as others - and instead, she appears to thrive within them.

Technically Trained; Eileen is excellently trained, with an emphasis on technicality. Her ballet is not on the level of a prima ballerina, but prior to awakening as Sailor Pallas, it was a goal of hers to get to such a high pedigree.


Time has a funny way of treating people. Eileen was meant for one singular purpose, a purpose that would require her to slumber for years upon years, until she would awaken. But this awakening was premature - a corruption that she can vaguely recall. PallaPalla was her name - a mockery of her true purpose, a joke hiding her sinister attributes. There was little regard for life during this time, her mind focused solely on pleasing her master. That's all that mattered - that approval was all she craved. She would go far enough to fight against the very thing she was meant to protect, threatening her existence - before being destroyed. It was the Sailor of Rebirth who carried her fallen essence for purification - and thus, she slumbered again.

She would physically awake in the near future, with no memories of the past. From her hidden past bore a desire for performance, and with it she began to prepare for such a future, in the form of dance. It was this art that she threw her essence into - her blood and sweat and all of her tears, until her bones ached and muscles screamed for relief. This hard work paid off - eventually landing the girl several lead roles through out the Broadways of both New York City and Crystal City. It would be on her way to one of these performances that her true soul would awaken - crying out in preparation for some future event.

It would turn out that dance had a particularly beneficial effect on her sailor duties - while in truth, Sailor Pallas lacked the heavy artillery of Sailor Vesta and Sailor Juno, attacks against her whirled like a breeze past her - a leaf in the wind. Thus, she found herself combining various martial arts with ballet, making her a reasonable wild card on the field in terms of enemy preparations. She found a particular enjoyment in pairing up against Sailor Vesta during one-on-one training - it was ever so easy to rile the youngest up, and ever so easy to exploit this weakness; for, it was behind the fae-like smile and the glossy eyes that rested a mind, going over every scenario, every possible move, and acting on it.

For years, the 40th Century was peaceful and serene, a by-product of the hard work of the previous Sailor Soldiers. Slowly, things began to shift - a fraying in the fabric of time, that if left unchecked, would result in catastrophe. It was Sailor Neo Moon's idea to travel back into the past - an idea Eileen voiced her concerns with. Time travel was messy, with a potential for disaster - but arguing with a Princess who had her mind set to impossible. While she couldn't change her mind, Eileen was dedicated to her wholly - and truly, what fun would it be to stay behind? Thus, she traveled back through the Time Door with the Future Moon Court, where she expected to find the beginning of a pristine utopia.


The past was a steaming mess, with Chaos rising enemies that had once been dead in the ground. It was a mess that needed cleaning - and thankfully, the Future Moon was here. But, Eileen could only patrol the nights so many times before she began to grow bored - and before the coffers began to get a bit lighter than she would like. Thus, she signed with a talent agency, and within a few months, was she placed as the newest member of the pre-debut pop group, SUPERNOVA!. With it, it allowed her to tap into various new resources - as a student of history, she had known in the past that Chaos had chose to take the entertainment route. Why not follow his steps?

Writing Sample

If Eileen was being honest, the 30th Century kinda sucked. Technology hadn't yet progressed substantially like she was used to, and God, was there so much drama on all fronts. It was really, truly tedious - one could have a woman who saved the world multiple times and still feel antagonistic against her? There were many things that were silly in this timeline, but that one had to take the cake. The girl supposed she could try to work on that mindset as well - music provided a platform to present ideals, and SUPERNOVA! was slowly, but surely, growing a cult following. But, it was so much work. So much monotonous, tedious work.

The girl let a sigh escape from her lips, pulling her phone out from her clutch as she walked through a quaint, French-like street. With a tap of her finger, she was live - a pixie-like grin plastered on her small face, as she video streamed to various fans across the world. The connection with them was a blessing, one she had carefully managed ever since the group debut some odd months ago. Still, she was keenly aware of the fact that the connection was fleeting, like melting ice - this time was not where she was meant to be, and soon she would return home to the future, if she had anything to do about it. Her inner thoughts were not betrayed by her features, as she blabbered on about her plans for the day, and about the group's upcoming album. She was halfway to her destination when she held up a finger, tapping her cheek. "Honestly, my favorite cuisine as of late has to be this Merfolk cafe - they use some foreign spices and its just -" Kissing her fingers to her lips, a crooked smile formed on her face, "- perfection. Anyways, I think that's all for the day~! Thank you much for always supporting us. LENA out!" With another unceremonious touch of her thumb, the video stopped recording, and her phone screen turned black.

It was hard work, but somebody had to do it.

Strutting forward, she moved into a quaint restaurant, her eyes adjusting to the more dim atmosphere. She was meant to meet one of her allies here, to discuss some important matter. Typically, she would be less than enthused to do so - but the food here was good, and her ally was paying, so she really couldn't complain. In a way, it was a win-win. Glancing towards a booth in the corner, Eileen walked forward, tossing her clutch into the empty booth. "Hey!! You know, if you wanted to take me on a date, you could've just asked."

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