Act 7, the Return of the Pantheon.
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The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play, rated L3/S3/V3 and self-hosted utilizing MyBB, a software identical to JCink. We use Member Profiles for our application process and focus on a story act system. We have a plethora of canons available including many popular ones. We’re set after Sailor Moon, merging the 90s anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal into one game. We accept original characters and use real life face claims.
March 2031, Spring

Percy Lunette



  • Percy
  • His preferred name, an abbreviation of his full name Perseus. Who sticks with their full name these days? Not that he has anything against being named after a guy who lopped off Medusa's head.
  • Percival
  • Taken from one of the Knights of King Arthur's court, Percy keeps referring to himself with different heroic figures that are somewhat close to his name. This one specifically typically accompanies some very over the top chivalric actions.
AGE: 30
FACTION: Inactive
OCCUPATION: Crystal Palace Security
FACE CLAIM: Taron Egerton


  • Grapple Cane
  • His weapon of choice for it's incredible versatility. Taken from the idea of Tuxedo Masks cane, his is smaller and launches a strong thick cable. It works as a projectile and a means to escape, but mostly a nightstick to keep the palace safe.
  • Phone
  • It's standard android, he keeps in contact with other members in the palace and it has dates and times for appointments. His training schedule ensures he stays in shape and he's developed a strong routine over the years.
  • Motorcyle
  • Percy bought a Yamaha-MT bike after becoming a fan of Mason's motorcycle. It was ideal for fast travel ( and even breaking a few road rules) to just get away from it all. Before working in the palace, it was his means of chasing criminals.
  • Gym Equipment
  • Percy has always understood that anything he wants to be good at, he had to keep constant attention on it. So, his room is covered in different weights and tools to push his limits and set new bars for himself. He stays in shape and eats well, respecting his position even if he goofs off sometimes.




  • Akido
  • His original fighting style, Percy didn't really have the goal of hurting people when he fought - at least not doing permanent physical damage. But when his hero phase kicked in, he convinced his dad to pay for martial arts lessons as long as his grades were kept up. To this day he still uses it for fast takedowns, breathing exorcises and submission holds.
  • Engineering
  • With his school studies he still took it in a direction to where he could become someone that could keep others safe. With Tuxedo Mask as his role model, he began studying how to use the proper metals and links to craft weapons. A lot of his early prototypes were off-balanced, or not durable enough for the jobs he wanted them to do - meaning he got hurt field testing them.
  • Detective
  • Maybe ' talented' isn't the word. Most people couldn't do what he did, but for the field itself, his knowledge was pretty average. Looking at a scene and accessing what was out of place, and learning to follow clues. Early on, he was either wrong or lucky - but doing it over and over he began to see patterns.
  • Kobudo
  • Percy has come to rely on his Grapple Cane and use it effectively as an offensive and defensive tool. Like his Aikido is supposed to be none lethal, deflecting away attacks with enough force to disarm and joint lock his opponents.


Percy did best when he could see his challenges before him, and he lost interest again once those challenges were effectively overcome. He lived his life moving from one competition to the next, gaining admiration for those that could excel.

Percy was always popular because he saw challenges everywhere, and when kids see a student challenge a teacher and have the guts to follow through - it gained a certain level of respect. Of course, he'd always stood up to his sister who had 4 years on him his whole life, Cynthia became the super-imposed image of all things to overcome. She made it seem easy when it came to scholastics. Case and point, she 'probably' didn't know what the word 'scholastics' meant.

Despite being the kid that was going places, it felt like because Cynthia was such a blockhead - mom and dad paid more attention to her. Still, Percy wasn't the type of kid that wanted to look like he needed his parents to 'cramp his style' so he didn't go out of his way to try to hang out with them. Nothing his mom did was particularly interesting, and his dad was a workaholic. For the most part, he got his homework done, then played video games the rest of the time.

Outside of the home is where he constructed his life, jumping from girlfriend to girlfriend, and building social clicks. That defiance of authority streak he had going probably would have landed him in a lot more trouble if it wasn't for his grades. The schools he attended became just another competition, something to conquer. Since realities heroes were so lame, he began finding a lot more interest in fictional ones.

Sailor V for the longest time was about the coolest thing he'd ever seen. A beautiful girl with awesome powers taking down serious bad guys in the middle of the night. She straight-up solo'ed beings twice her size and muscle mass. It was great, and her games did her reputation justice. But Sailor V wasn't fiction, superpowers existed in real life and she had them. Which meant, maybe he could get someone day?

Then she wasn't alone anymore, as evil got worse and started showing up on his own front door - a new hero emerged. At a time where the only other kid in the house was his dork of a sister, Sailor Moon showed up in the flesh for anyone to see. There was a sharp contrast between the two, and yet later in life - he'd come to realize there wasn't. That strong heart and good nature that made Cynthia so lovable become a physical projection of itself in Sailor Moon... His older sister was a superhero...

And he was going to be one too...

Percy's life found a direction, an aim to focus his efforts into in the time before he knew his sister was Sailor Moon. He started attending self-defenses classes for Aikido after school and study engineering in his free time. He orientated his school classes, choosing the ones that would best suit his future endeavors, because unlike a lot of the other kids around him - he knew what his future looked like.

Keeping these ambitions away from his parents wasn't hard, all he had to do was swap out a book for a video game and they'd assume he was the same kid as ever. But that wasn't the case, Sailor Moon was his role model and he would someday be useful to her and the rest of the Sailor Senshi.

It didn't feel like he saw lame old Cynthia that much, she hung out with other girls which were far cooler than herself. But, what little brother wanted to hang out with their 'sister' of all people? Even stranger, a completely awesome guy started dating her. Mason had the image he wanted to create for himself. A nice bike, suave personality, and someone that defined what it was to be a man. Percy could learn a lot from a guy like that.

One more girlfriend was all it took to realize he didn't really feel like a normal guy. He couldn't do the typical none sense conversations and spill out his future desires or gained the desire to share one with them. The life Percy wanted was one where no normal girl he met could ever take part in. So, he stopped asking girls out - kinda.

Percy got a job. It allowed him to put better money into getting better gear, work his muscles for great exercise, and have valid excuses when he sometimes got into fights. The place he chose was Florida's construction yards, giving him practice balancing while walking beams and strength when transferring them. Then there was the stamina of securing them in place while the hot Florida sun made everything miserable. But it did make him stronger and more durable.

Often he'd get his school lessons on MP3 so his grades didn't suffer for having a job while attending classes. He put his Vigilante plans on hold. At work he did the jobs that made a lot of guys nervous, dangling from wires and working at the higher elevations. Percy wanted to defeat the scared kid that was useless to Sailor Moon and be someone that could make a difference.

Using the money from work, at 17 Percy was able to move out. Because he'd been such a fan of Mason, he opted to get a motorcycle of his own for transportation. He distanced himself a good 30 minutes from home, a large enough inconvenience where his parents wouldn't constantly visit. And as long as he had passing grades in school, his parents were willing to fund his college of choice ( which gave him a solid excuse for getting so far away). This allowed him to continue his work in Engineering, which is when he started to perfect his Cane.

Turning 18, he had a functioning prototype. It'd taken a lot of money and he had a lot of favors to owe to guys at the construction site... but it was done. He took the knowledge he'd learned from Engineering and Construction to build a better operating tool. He found some strong yet pliable cables from the construction yard that his boss had no problem letting him take home. Using lighter material for the shaft itself with the ability to retract to keep it concealed. This was his Grapple Cane 2.0, and it was... awesome.

Safe away from home, with a strong body, good discipline, and a weapon tailored to his style... he felt prepared to go out at night. Crime had been near a none issue since he was 15, but all of the sudden there was a spike. Sailor Moon needed him, this was the moment he'd been preparing for.

But Percy did not have everything he needed, he lacked experience and any level of detective skills. But with the level of chaos that spiked, it wasn't hard to find troublemakers. Making use of a cloak and eye mask, he concealed his identity confronting a jewel thief. The cloak worked well to make his position difficult to determine, and it was probably the reason he survived the gunshot of reality that grazed his arm. Percy lost his nerve and retreated, the thief having their prize saw no reason to pursue.

The following days of recovery, more fights were fourth coming. It wasn't crimes so much he was facing, as just people willing to start agitating on the street. He'd intercede between them, and get a swing thrown his way. Maybe because it wasn't a gunshot though, he didn't flinch -- and taking down a novice with no fighting experience wasn't difficult. Just a couple Aikido joint locks and the fight was over.

But those that try to control by fear try to make examples out of those that would resist them. After stopping 3 or 4 fights, the fights started to literally come search him down. He'd sometimes get jumped on the way home from school or to work. Percy was fast though, and he didn't fight just for the sake of fighting. If he could retreat, he did. Other times, his Grapple Cane came out.

Using the wire as a whip, or keeping it taught on dense plastic to make a riot baton. Percy learned how to move in combat to quickly neutralize targets with strong wrist work and positioning. The damage to people was minimal but it was a stun type weapon and worked well as an extension to use quicker locks and disarming techniques. On top of all that, not being noticed by thugs became a part of his training, which helped him develop more stealth. And, it wasn't a rare occasion that sometimes his co-workers would be starting their shift too and join in to disperse fights faster.

Percy gained his confidence, and worked to upgrade his tool of choice; putting folding iron claws at the end that could be sunk into the cane itself. It operated like his works harness for climbing, except it attached to a tool and not his chest. If Percy did lose his grip while using it, he could end up falling from not small heights. He had to learn to trust the tool to take his weight, and climbing could be a rather slow process. But because of it's retracting nature, it was still easy to put it back together once he reached whatever platform he was ascending.

These people he fought weren't normal, they shrugged off hits and had an almost reckless abandon for the damage they could sustain. Percy wasn't well versed in particularly anything that could stop someone that desperate to keep going, submission holds were near useless and men and women would tear at him with their nails and teeth.

There was no escape, Percy lost his weapon and he couldn't get enough breathing room to get counters in. He was bitten, clawed at, pull at as if his body was meant to be torn into. Despite the strength he'd built for the last 5 years, all the training, it was all going to come to an end here away from his family. "Sorry Sailor Moon."

Then all of his opponents were scattered, each one systematically being pummeled properly with decisive blows that strained their tolerance. Standing between Percy and the crowd of chaos infused thugs, was Mason... and they turned and fled from this image if chivalry, unwilling to make a second attempt even with their forces refortified.

Mason took Percy back to his apartment, scolding him along the way about how reckless he was. He'd be getting that same rebuke from Cynthia within the same hour, and it was the first time Percy had seen her since he'd moved out. Percy however saw 'being less reckless' as fighting better and smarter - so he asked Mason to become his teacher after seeing what he could before. Realizing Percy had no intention of stopping this lifestyle, Mason agreed to teach him.

Mason taught him when to fight and who to fight, a lot of it was mental. Understanding the situation meant a lot more than understanding how to throw a good punch. But to be sure, he did teach him how to throw good punches and the two sparred often when Percy showed him. The way Mason fought seemed so polished like he existed to protect something important to him. Percy didn't have that, Percy fought because he was grateful to a woman he never even met.

Imagine his surprise when not long after, his dork of an older sister reveals herself to be...said Sailor Moon. Not only that but pretty much the queen of everything. Oh and apparently his mentor was the king of everything, which really made Percy feel like he'd been wasting the time of the saviors... But he did decide one thing, Sailor Moon was still worth fighting for. But he'd never treat her like Sailor Moon, the rest of the world was going to treat her differently now and he knew Cynthia well enough to know that's not what she wanted. He'd treat her as his silly lovable older sister, cosmic powers, or not.

His training did pay off though, Mason appointed Percy to the security of the Crystal Palace itself. As the little brother of the queen, there were some nice benefits. Being forever 21 wasn't exactly part of his plans, but hey - he had wanted a superpower, so -- there it was.

Percy mostly trains with the Four Heavenly Kings than the senshi themselves, fighting a girl didn't feel right - - he wasn't sure if that was because he was being chivalrous or protecting his pride. Regardless, he keeps a regular schedule with different Kings now that Mason has called them back. Mostly it's Jeremiah, but Akari will -- if he came to the palace, which was quite rare.

Writing Sample

Yamaha's were meant to be driven, day after day his precious babysat there begging to be taken for a walk. But, the amount of detail Percy had to take with him 'every' time he had to leave the palace made the idea seem like a pipe dream... Speaking of pipes, the bike was going to need some maintenance - he'd need to run a compression check since the turn over was taking too many tries.

Thoughts for another time, Percy was about to give his 'security report' that his team made for the zillionth time and had no results because - no one was dumb enough to attack a castle full of intergalactic space women. Good luck getting passed Isuels defense measures to even try, but hey -- Chaos was back so Percy did his job... make sure the palace was secure.

While most people entering Cynthia's quarters would genuflect and speak in overly complimentary terms - her little brother knew her better. This entire royalty and responsibility thing could be a real drag, and sometimes she needed to feel like less of a queen and more like an average woman. Percy didn't even hesitate to say what most people would assume would get their blocks knocked off their shoulders. " Hey loser, palace is secure. Did Lucy send you any more snacks?"

Without permission, he went to the table where Cynthia kept her sweets and started thumbing through each one, seeking out the treats only one Luciana Del Rosario could make. Cynthia made the mistake of saving the best for last so often, that it practically left all of her greatest sweets entirely vulnerable.

Of course, he was 30 years old and maybe should have been too mature for sweets... maybe it was the fact that she wanted them that made him want to take them away from her.

Who dares taketh the queens luxurcious chocolates! Wrath from the moon be upon thee!

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