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Late March 2031 - April 2031

Jacquelyn Devereaux



  • Jacquelyn Giselle Devereaux - The full civilian name of Sailor Mars.
  • Jacqui - An affectionate nickname for her.
  • Gigi - Another affectionate nickname; this one a play on her middle name.
  • Sailor Mars - Jacquelyn's Sailor Guardian Alias.
  • Guardian of Flame - An epiphet for Sailor Mars.
  • Guardian of Passion - Another epiphet for Sailor Mars

  • Guardian of War - Another epiphet for Sailor Mars

  • Oracle of Fire - A granted title that was blessed upon her due to her psionic abilities
  • Achaea - Her Princess / Queen Name during the Silver Millennium; an epiphet belonging to the Goddess of War, Athena herself.
AGE: 34
FACTION: Crystal Empire
ETHNICITY: South African | Martian
OCCUPATION: Second-in-Command | Prophet
FACE CLAIM: Nyane Lebajoa


  • Cellular Device - The latest smartphone technology that is used in the 20th century and a way to allow Jacqui to blend in with everyone so that she doesn't appear out of the norm and of course, keep up with her relatives outside of her fellow comrades. This also acts as a secondary line of communication outside of the communicators that were given to them when her and the rest of the Sailor Guardians were younger and just starting out.

  • Martian Sailor Crystal - The Primary source behind Jacqui's power and ability to not only transform into Eternal Sailor Mars, but to also harness the power of Fire. One could also find that she keeps this item close by as it sits on top of her transformation wand with her planetary symbol and a golden arrow engraved on its surface. It is also a symbol of recognition of her royal lineage as the Future Martian Queen and also a precious relic of her Kingdom.

  • Martian Flame Arrow - The Talisman of Sailor Mars that is the sole nessesity to her Mars Flame Sniper attack as well as various of others.

  • The Holy Bible: King James Edition. - As a Christian, there are oftentimes where Jacqui may find herself stressing out and overwhelmed with so much due to her many duties as a guardian to the Crystal Empire and possibly as a civilian. Therefore, there will be times where she is tucked away and reading the ol' good book for the sake of soothing her mind -- this, of course, coming after a brief moment of meditation which may last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes; depending on how stress she truly is.

  • Diamond-engraved Holy Cross Necklace - Something that simply gives her a sense of normalcy and of course, a daily reminder with her belief as a Christian -- Jacqui is often seen in her civilian guise wearing her holy cross necklace. Though it is said that she uses the item as "Warding object" to rebuke the spirits of "evil". It is also said that this was an item given to her by her mother just before she passed as a gift.

  • Paper Charms (Ofuda) - In Jacqui's possession are paper charms that are often used in both civilian and Sailor Senshi form that have written scriptures on its surface from the Holy Bible itself; written in ink,

  • Sage and Incese - In her possession, she possesses both sage and incense as means to purify the air before beginning prayer and/or pyromancy as it gets rid of any evil spirits, thoughts, and/or unnecessary clutter that doesn't need to be present when she's giving her moment of worship or looking into the future and beyond.


NAME: Sailor Mars
ELEMENT: Pyrokinesis + Psychic and Spiritual powers


The core abilities behind the Guardian of Flame and her Attacks
  • Pyrokinesis - Pyrokinesis or Fire Manipulation is the main base behind most of Jacquelyn's standard Sailor Guardian attacks and also a heavy symbolism behind her lineage as a Martian. With pyrokinesis, Jacquelyn is not only able to manipulate AND create the aspects of fire -- but she can also incinerate items and create objects out of this element such as balls of fire and flaming spears, which is a play on her epiphet as the Guardian of War. It is also said that

  • Pyromancy - An ability that showcases the natural spiritual and psionic elements behind Sailor Mars herself, also known as fire reading. She is capable of doing this both in Guardian and Civilian form as it offers her insight on the events of either future, past, or present.

  • Divination - Another Token to Sailor Mar's spiritual being as Divination is a method of reading the future, the present and the past and/or provide help to a problem at hand by using an occultic, standardized process or ritual. However, in the case of Jacquelyn? This ability is used to read the patterns of the flames that are summoned by her.

  • Holy Fire Manipulation - Another pyrokinesis-based ability, though this one containing spiritual elements as a play on Sailor Mars as a Christian. She posses the ability to both create and manipulate the elements of Holy Fire that is only used to "exorcist" evil spirits such as using paper charms that has bible scriptures written on them before tossing them to her opponents. These flames are fairly unique from her common domain because these are flames that woven with spiritual components -- note this is only used under special circumstances such as when she's using her charms against her opponents which may serve to either incinerate or potentially paralyze an enemy.

  • Enchanced Archery - Several Martians royals before her time carried a prestigious reputation for being known as great archers -- notable for their abilities to launch multiple arrows either in one shot or in rapid succession and Jacquelyn is no exception from this.

    The attacks using the core abilities of the Guardian of Flame.

  • Evil, be Exorcised! - Chanting the words of a religious prayer (in her case, Christian) -- Sailor Mars lifts a paper charm (Ofuda) that has a scripture written in ink; its contents setting ablaze before shouting the words "Evil, be Exorcised!" and throwing the charm towards her opponent.

  • Burning Mandela - With a wave of her hand, trails of fire would form a full circle as globes of flames materialized around that ring of fire before exploding with fierce energy just as she points towards her opponent(s) to send those very orbs of intense energy towards them.

  • Mars! Snake Fire! - With her index and middle fingers connected together; a ember of fire materializes at the tip of her digits; a gust of heat energy exploding around her as her form began to spin and the flames itself surrounded her in spirit of a snake before dispersing and manifesting into a ball of fire hurling towards her opponent.

  • Mars! Flame Sniper! - With an extension of both hands; Sailor Mars positions her limbs as if she was holding a bow and arrow as the bow would soon manifest in forms of fire -- extending back the flaming string while the appearance of the legendary Martian arrow would soon come into play; its blaze burning in similarity to a phoenix before being unleashed towards her opponent.


Jacquelyn Giselle Devereaux

The firstborn and only daughter of a Southern Conservative Pastor turned Politician, Gabriel Devereaux, and a free-spirited Christian and Prophetess, Juliette Devereaux (Nee: Baptiste) was born in New Orleans, Lousiana into a unique french creole family dynamic as it was statistically shown that not many who were of an African American descent were blessed with the opportunity of being raised in a two-parent household or blessed with the fortune of living comfortably which brought Jacquelyn to a higher standard in comparison to those who knew of her and often envied her lifestyle, choosing to be vicious and taunt her just because it appears as though she was "better" than the rest of them when in actuality, she was just a simple girl who was as her mother would always say: "blessed and highly favored in God's grace."

She found herself attending the schools of elites by the time she was the tender age of five years old, her father opting out of public school opportunities as he felt like the New Orleans school system did not offer what was deserving of his little princess -- choosing to send her to a selection of the top schools in the state as a way to expand her education, groom her mannerisms, and also allow a blossoming of opportunities while maintaining what would develop into her faith in God as he wanted her to carry on the values that served his very beliefs as a conservative pastor at that time. It was because of this transition, Jacqui found herself developing a reputation as being notable for her excellent grades and popularity with her teachers and peers as she quickly rose into the school's hierarchy for becoming one of the "elites" which would explain her cold and aloof behavior which others who may approach her outside of a school setting considered to be of the norm for a girl of her standard.

They didn't understand that she was only this way because of the lack of friendship with her peers as her mother was her one and only friend, her one source of kindness that didn't seem to be false or just for show; a woman who along with her grandfather taught her so many things that would soon aid in her future endeavors but little did she know, her time with her beloved mother was soon to be cut short and the dynamics of her and her father's relationship would soon change as he began the dangerous shift towards Politics. It was also at this moment where Jacqui's spiritual and psychic powers would awaken as the child began to have premonitions that signaled something bad was going to happen, something that was going to be both life-altering and damaging to her current setting.

Jacquelyn was ten years old when her entire world began to crumble as her mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer that would attack her system; one that simply placed a strain on her relationship with her father as his focus became more on his rise in politics versus the strength of his family as it was a crucial time where Juliette and Jacquelyn both needed him...where they both needed the strength of the family's Patriarch to rise and become a solid pillar for the both of them. Jacqui's mother went on to endure chemo which caused a dramatic loss of weight along with the loss of her beautiful curls that would soon become a distant memory that simply shattered the child's heart into several pieces...she found herself attending school less and staying with her mother more as she never wanted to miss another waking moment without her -- which forced her to not only witness how cruel certain health issues could be as what was once a free-spirited, fun and loving, strong woman was now nothing more than an empty hollow of her former glory but also see someone who even on her weakest days still attempt to remain strong and wipe her tears from her eyes even while she cried from the pains and aches that was traveling throughout the course of her body, even while she was battling with nausea and weakness from chemo and radiation. It was at this moment when Jacqui began to develop a sense of deep-rooted hatred for her father -- proclaiming him to be a selfish man who didn't even care about his wife and child, the same woman who stuck by him during his lowest points when the church nearly turned their backs on him for his secret scandal or when the funds were stolen by the Church's treasurer for their own personal gain and yet the blame was pinned on him as they felt like he did not do enough to help them. How could he? How could he choose politics over family? Was being in power that intoxicating? Was it truly more meaningful than a love that held no price tag? She couldn't even begin to count the many late nights that she would spend listening to her Grandfather Ismael and her father get into intense arguments; heated words and vulgar comments tossing back and forth between the two that would only make a Christian gasp and beg for forgiveness as Grandfather had had enough of his neglect -- even going so far as to say that he regretted allowing him to even marry his daughter if he knew that this was how it was going to be even as her father tried to justify his reasons behind choosing to busy himself with his work because just like them, he was hurting too.

A part of her held onto the hope, held on to those words as if it was a lifeline, yet this was only meant to be added fuel to a burning flame that would escalate as her mother spent the next three years fighting this disease until her last breath -- one that Jacqui was there to witness as her mother asked for an affectionate hug as if she had known that this was going to be her final strand of life; lacing a holy cross necklace that Jacqui would continue to wear into her thirties as it served to be a fond reminder of her mother's love -- the only love she felt like she would experience from a maternal figure for a while as her final breath was taken and her eyes would fall shut. It was a day that devastated Jacqui as she lost her best friend but her father wasn't even there to say goodbye to what would be his only love and it was also the beginning of the true disconnect between her father and her as she opted to move out after an intense argument between the two; an argument that she would never forget as Gabriel spoke words that felt like daggers being stabbed inside of Jacqui's heart and prompted her moving out to live with her grandfather instead where she would be introduced to a different view of Christianity that would oppose her father's own and align with her mother's. It was also the reason why Jacqui's heart was nearly turned into ice and many truly viewed her as the "mean girl" rather than someone who was broken, misunderstood, and most of all? angry.

A little bit of hope was soon restored once she ran into Cynthia Lunette at the mere age of fourteen, feeling a strong connection that was hard to explain but even harder to ignore as this marked the beginning of her accepting her fated destiny as Sailor Mars, the Guardian of Flame and Passion -- not to mention she would soon meet the rest of her comrades and develop what was a genuine connection that she had long yearned for years as a child; a yearning that only intensified shortly after her mother's passing as it brought back this sense of spiritual connection that even in the afterlife? Her mother was still maintaining her presence as a spiritual guide, pulling her along so that she could truly be happy again just as she was when she was younger.

This was a milestone that set the stage to an intense journey that led to the ups and downs of her status as Sailor Mars, one that she always said she would never regret because it was not only her true calling but it was something that allowed her to feel like for once? She belonged somewhere where she was not only appreciated and cared about..but she was also loved and was never to be placed second to something that would never last forever and held less weight...but most of all? She was someone of great importance.

Writing Sample

Inhale. Pause. Exhale. Pause. Inhale. Pause. Exhale. Pause.

The room was empty, free of distractions and purified of any negative energy that has apparently found its way here while binding its toxicity to the walls that surrounded Jacquelyn Deveraux, a woman who prided herself on possessing nothing but positive thoughts and positive energy while also choosing to divulge in the Good book a time or two -- just to keep the faith that she would hear her mother preach so much about as a child alive while also reflecting on the times that she was currently in at the moment and reminiscing on the days where things were more simple than what it appears to be now.

Sitting in an Indian styled position where both legs would be curled inward to where Jacqui was sitting on them while a single leg laid over the other and her palms were pressed against the base center of her knees and her eyes remained shut; breathing in the fresh air that was accumulating the room after purification -- filling her lungs with its rich vibrance into the nose before releasing what was toxic inside of her out by the mouth -- a process that she continued to repeat until she felt herself growing deeper and deeper into a meditative state, her muscles relaxing as tense limbs became lazy and her features were rid of any discontent and discourage.

Her thoughts were now drifting onto several elements that require a moment's reflection ranging from her friendship with Cynthia down to their last encounter, which was definitely not one of Jacqui's prouder moments as it brought about a side of her that was often passionate, irrational, and most of all. Stubborn. In fact, it only brought awareness to the fact that everything that was going wrong within the Crystal Empire was already beginning to take a toll on the Guardian of Fire -- from the mere fact that she wasn't around like she should've been due to dealing with her father's attempt to control her life ever since he found out about her being one of the Sol Guardians who vowed to protect and serve the universe as well as their current ruling queen -- all because it didn't fit the appearance of the Deveraux family down to the overwhelming sense that her voice wasn't being heard nor recognized not to mention the fact that lately she had been reacting with passion rather than calm and understanding, something that she was trying so hard to work on...but yet it feels as though all of that was simply for naught after that meeting.

It seems as though her rage blinded her to the point of resentment or dare she say it, hatred? A realization that soon made her feel incredibly guilty as her eyes fluttered open -- already overwhelmed with tears that were soon streaming down her cheeks as she could no longer mediate properly because of the fact that all she could think about was the situation that she had brought herself into, choking back a sob as her hand covered her mouth.

"Oh God..What have I done, Jesus? What have I done..?"

She whispered, breaking the heavy silence that flooded the room as the feeling had settled in that perhaps she was all alone...granted she had Venus by her side -- it didn't take away from the void that was now present due to her resignation as an advisor being taken as her resignation of her place as Sailor Mars...which wasn't her intention at all. She was just overwhelmed that she didn't even know how to express it to her friends -- considering the struggles that it took to do so and the amount that she was holding back while watching things just spiral beyond her own control as there laid a moment where she actually..she actually doubted Cynthia. She doubted the Light of Hope herself and her heart slammed against her spiritual core with ache when the realization was coming together -- making the sobs that much harder to hold back while closing her eyes as some stifled cries manage to slip out.

"God, I...I come to you seeking need of guidance..I know that I'm not perfect and I know that I'm only human but...God please...please help me find a way to solve this problem that has been placed before me...this obstacle in the road."

She spoke aloud, inciting a prayer as her mother always said...there was no wrong way to pray.

"I ask that you give me the Wisdom and the Knowledge to be able to handle this as you once said that you would never give us more than we can handle. Please grace my friends with the love and kindness that you their hearts so that they may forgive me for my irrational their arms so that they may be able to embrace me as I would them...despite my inconsiderate and selfish mentality...please...please...I don't want to lose my friends...God please...give me the strength...Give me a sign that everything will be alrigt your heavenly name..I pray...Amen..."

Her vocals soften as she glanced to the side where the flames from the fireplace burned vividly, its dance of luminescence shifting in patterns as if being given a signal as her lips curled into a faint smile and her eyes glossed over with tears again.

"...Thank you..."

She whispered before bowing her head gracefully as it was a sign that things would soon lift up, things would soon change...she just simply needed to make peace so that everyone, herself included, could move forward to the bigger issues -- which was the darkness that shrounded Elysion as seen on the news, prompting her heart to sink inside of her chest as the guilt she felt that day was unlike anything..

It was in that moment that she vowed that she would never leave her friend in the dark without pulling her to the light ever again, that she would never neglect her duties over something so petty...that she'd remain as a pillar of strength for Cythnia forevermore...

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