ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Kasidhe Eliott


  • Kas or Kassi; an okay nickname. Used the most often but not her favorite.
  • Sidhe; best nickname. Cynthia started calling her it when they were teenagers and it stuck.
  • Bean Sídhe/Banshee; a sobriquet. Often used by those that either want to tease her or speak negatively about her.
  • Amarantha; a past life. Kasidhe's name during the Silver Millenium, with Amarys being one of the more common nicknames of it used.
    Crystal Empire
    Face Claim
    Sophia Di Martino
    Wayward Guardian & Protector
    • Venus Crystal: A manifestation of her power as the Princess of Venus.
    • Transformation Stick: The device that enables her to transform into Sailor Venus.
    • Venus Compact: A crescent shaped compact that Kasidhe always has with her. She uses it as a focus for many of her base attacks and also makes use of it for her Transform power (something she once used to double as Sailor Moon or Neo Queen Serenity).
    • Love Whip: Though more often seen while transformed as Sailor Venus, sometimes it can be seen in regular outfits. This is especially the case if she's out and about, concerned that there might be a threat.
    • Holy Moon Sword: The Sword of the Silver Crystal that can only be wielded by the leader of the Sailor Guardians. Kasidhe can summon it at will (or she thinks she still can).
    • Domino Mask: She may not wear it as often anymore but Kasidhe keeps it around due to nostalgia. (Sometimes it reminds her of someone she wasn't able to save.)
    • Electronics: Kasidhe has the latest model cell phone, tablet, and other assorted electronics that most people do.


    Sailor Venus
    Love & Metal
    Venus is capable of her standard Sailor Guardian attacks, such as -
    • Crescent Beam: This attack consists of the various forms of Venus' Crescent Beam attack that makes use of her Venus Compact. This includes Crescent Super Beam (a version that requires more charge time), Crescent Slender Beam (a focused version with less AoE but more damage), and Crescent Boomerang (a boomerang version of the attack).
    • Venus Love-Me Chain: Through magnokinesis, Venus can manipulate the chain around her waist and use it to attack her enemies. This can bind or destroy enemies, depending on how strong they are.
    • Rolling Heart Vibration: Calling out the attack, Venus holds her hands in front of her chest and a golden heart appears that is then thrown at her opponent(s).
    • Venus Love and Beauty Shock: Channeling even more power into her love chain, Venus uses it to lash out and hit an opponent with an explosion of bright light and hearts.
    • Venus Wink Chain Sword: With a wink, Venus summons the Holy Moon Sword and uses it as a focus to increase the power channeled into her love chain that she then sends flying at her opponents.
    • Sailor Planet Attack: A coordinated attack of all the Sailor Guardians, with Sailor Venus at its head, that channels all their energy together to be launched at their opponents. There is also an upgraded version of this attack, once used upon Zirconia of the Dead Moon Circus, known as Sailor Planet Power Mediation.
    • Guardian Teleport: Usually performed by Sailor Moon and the Inner Guardians with their hands joined as they stand in a circle. This enables them to transport to the desired destination on Earth or the Moon. (Whether or not this could be used to transport them further within the universe is unknown but still would require all the Guardians to be together and united.)
    She is also capable of the following -
    • Venus Martial Style: Not all her attacks consist of magical attacks! Venus is still quite capable of performing several of her signature physical attacks such as Sailor V Chop, Rolling Screw Sailor V Punch, Venus Iron Muscle Punch and others.
    • Metal Manipulation: Venus is capable of manipulating metal and bending it to her will. While typically this means her love whip, she is also capable of manipulating small metal objects. Anything of substantial weight and size, even if metal, simply requires too much focus and energy for it to be worth it.
    • Love Incarnate: Not only a Venusian, Sailor Venus is considered an emissary of Love herself. Typically this means that she is hyperaware of the emotional state of others--especially when it relates to romantic love--but also enables her to feel energized while in positive emotional environments (the flipside being negative environments can make her feel drained). She is capable of nudging another person's emotions, spotting a burgeoning romance from a mile away, and generally enjoys playing matchmaker. Venus is also capable of using this particular ability of hers to draw attention to her, helping distract opponents and focus them on her so that others can get away, attack, or otherwise.


    Born to Claude (an accountant) and Sine Eliott (a model turned photographer), Kasidhe did not particularly lack for anything growing up. Her life was fairly normal until, in her teenage years, she was discovered by a certain white-haired cat with a crescent mark on his head. From that moment forward, Kasidhe became Sailor Venus, better known as Sailor V in her early days.

    One of her biggest regrets happened during those days, Kasidhe facing off against Danburite and those of the Dark Agency he worked for. Things did not end well for Danburite and--with a heavy heart--she moved forward and onward to her true purpose.

    Everything was a whirlwind from that moment forward. Sailor V became Sailor Venus, temporarily the Moon Princess until the truth was revealed that she was the leader of the Sailor Guardians and protector for Sailor Moon (the true Moon Princess). They fought against the Dark Kingdom, the Death Busters, the Dead Moon Circus--there was a trend with using death, she noticed--and so many others.

    It was the battle against Sailor Galaxia that almost did them in but Cynthia--wonderful, beloved Cynthia--proved once more that their faith in her was not unfounded. Sailor Moon did what she always did: saved them all and granted them a new lease on life.

    The years marched on, Kasidhe chasing a career as a pop idol and finding middling success as such. It was her acting career that did better, especially as they were not as active as Sailor Guardians anymore. Yet all that came crashing down when Cynthia and Mason wed. Their marriage heralded the arrival of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, signaling that they were on their own path to creating a new Silver Millenium.

    No one expected that Cynthia would have them all give up their identities, shedding them an in attempt to put the world at ease. There was a tiny part of Kasidhe that was resentful--a part that has grown over the years--but she still carried out her duties. After all, she was meant to be the Queen's Protector and Double ...

    Except that Kasidhe still wanted to pursue her own life, to have her own career outside of being a Sailor Guardian. The last few years have seen her trying to balance being the Queen's Protector and her career. With Cynthia having to stay within the Crystal Palace--for security, as she cannot transform--Kasidhe thought she might be able to pull it off.

    Yet it is not that simple because Kasidhe has found her attention drawn away from where it is supposed to be, caught up in what she thinks is her dream life. Worse: it appears that Cynthia might not want to be like her mother before her. Kasidhe has found herself in a place where she has to make a choice: dream life or her duty?

    ... and she might have to eat some of the words she said, not thinking about how they would impact Cynthia and the others.

    Someone else might tell you that there should be mentions of the Silver Millenium; that that is an important thing to discuss. Kasidhe will be the first one to tell you that the Silver Millenium doesn't matter for all that they are still facing aftershocks from it thousands of years later.

    Just like she still remembers a young man that she failed. Not only in that life but this one as well. The real question is: Will she break this streak of failure before it's too late? Will she make the right decisions or lose herself?

    Writing Sample

    It did not matter--not one bit!--that she was not at the Crystal Palace as much as she used to be! She still came in, she still made sure and went on patrols as necessary, she still did everything that she was supposed to do!

    ... except, of course, working properly as Cynthia's bodyguard and double.

    Which was why she was sitting inside the office of the Golden King of Healing and Purification. Really? Not only was he trying to one-up her but he was also trying to one-up Cynthia? Did he not realize that healing and purification was the realm of the Queen? No, he probably was just a rude fucking copycat, that's what.

    Seeing the boomerang on his desk only reminded her of just how long he had been playing at copycat.

    The fact that she was even having to wait was also rude (because she was not going to acknowledge that she was twenty minutes early). Seriously, if he was meant to be doing her job then where was he?!

    (Oh, you know, probably with Cynthia like he's supposed to be, whispered a part of her mind that she summarily told to shut the fuck up.)

    Before her mind could get started on its inevitable war against itself--herself? was that the proper way to put it? whatever, the point was her mind was a shit--the door opened and in stepped Zoisite.


    Jeremiah Percival Mercer. Kasidhe liked to remind herself of his middle name because it was so ridiculous and anything that helped her feel like she had one up on the posh ass made her feel better. Part of her wondered if he was trying to copy Kunzite as well with that entire I'm part of the nobility bit of his. (Which he actually was, in this life and the last if she remembered correctly, but that did not matter at all when she was being petty and her ego was bruised.)

    "Ah, Miss Eliott? My apologies, I did not realize you were here," said Jeremiah, leaning on his cane with one hand and carrying a tablet in the other (with his focus more or less on the tablet than her).

    "What does that mean?" snapped out Kasidhe, who was definitely already on the defensive and probably should have curbed herself. It was hard to, however, when she was in a room with the man who was trying to usurp her position.

    "It means," spoke Jeremiah, finally raising his gaze from the tablet to Kasidhe, "that I was preparing for the meeting and needed to gather a couple of items from my office."

    Kasidhe's eyes narrowed. "I know all about the meeting but there's a more important thing to talk about than that right now!"

    "Is there?" She did not like the blank look and dry tone he was taking with her.

    "Yes! We need to talk about who do you think you are?!" She stood up, to her full height, which was not nearly as impressive as she wanted it to be compared to the silver-haired man but she carried herself like she was taller (or thought she was anyway).

    "Who do I think I am," said Jeremiah, his tone now flat.

    "Yes, since you think you can take my place as Cyn-"

    "Let me cut in," interrupted Jeremiah, "and tell you that I don't have time for this conversation right now."

    Dark blue eyes narrowed, expression set to a scowl. If that was how he wanted to play it, then game on.

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