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April 2031
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Guihua zhi Liuxing


Guihua; translates to osmanthus; the imperial House of Kinmoku, and the surname she adapted to adapt to Terran culture.
zhi; translates to of.
Liuxing; translates, roughly, to shooting star. She is the sixth to hold the name within the imperial family. Her given name.

Fireball; a nickname given to her when she was young, but now'adays is only really allowed to by used by the Starlights.
Traditionally, she is only addressed as Queen by her subjects, although in the Terran Court, she is most accepting with how others address her - such as Queen Fireball (typically by Galacticans and Starlights) or Queen Liuxing (typically by Terran-natives).
Face Claim
Yang Mi
Queen of Kinmoku
Advisor to Neo Queen Serenity
Extra-terrestrial Ambassador
× Cellphone; Liuxing possesses the newest model of iPhone, in a shade of rose gold.
× Incense burner; A copper burner, that is typically never too far from her person. Upon traveling to Earth, she brought several - many of which are seemingly constantly going in her private chambers.
× Kinmokuseian Crystal; the lifeblood of Kinmoku, and thus the planet's most holy artifact. The Crystal binds with the female heir of Kinmoku upon coming to age - and removal of the Crystal would result in a complete death to Its' host. Currently, Liuxing has fashioned a ribbon necklace to hold the Crystal in while on Earth - although, traditionally, the Kinmokuseian Crystal would be a centerpiece on the Imperial Veil, the planet's holy crown.


Queen Fireball
Flora, Starlight, Healing & Purification


× Kinmoku Fusion Tempest; Placing a hand in the air, she summons flowers from around her, which spin in a flurry around her person. She can either channel the flowers to form a defensive barrier, or shoot it towards an opponent.

× Starlights Royal Straight Flush; Summoning celestial cards, Sailor Fireball imbues them with energy, and hurls them at an enemy, which cut through the air at a rapid speed. This attack is considerably more powerful - both in speed and execution - when she is in the vicinity of her guardians, the Starlights.


× Healing; Liuxing's most powerful ability is that of healing - be it injuries or purifying those possessed by demons. This ability typically takes a channeling time, and one of concentration and meditation. Interestingly, her healing gives off the scent of lilacs - a quirk that she is, admittedly, embarrassed of.
× Buffing; After much practice, Liuxing unlocked the ability to buff the magical and physical abilities of her personal guardians. Doing so requires her to channel her abilities into her guardians, which can oft require somebody to personally defend her during these channels.
× Travel; there are two ways that Liuxing is capable of traveling - be it either through levitation-based flight or through teleportation. Flight is physically strenuous, while teleportation is mentally strenuous.
× Sensing; owing her life to this ability, Liuxing is capable of sensing Chaos. The closer or stronger the essence, the more clearer she is able to sense. When the Golden Soldier first invaded Kinmoku, it was this ability that allowed the planet and her guardians any semblance of preparation. The ability manifests itself as a tingle down her spine, a general feeling of dread.

* As of 02/07/2031 in Act VI, Liuxing has begun training as Sailor Fireball. While she has immense raw power, she is very much so a rookie, and while may be able to hold her own in certain scenarios, will most likely struggle with extended fights or uneven fights.


Princess. That's what Liuxing was born as - a name not even completely her own. Princess of a faraway planet in a distant galaxy, destined to rule just as her mother and grandmother before her. The planet was called Kinmoku, one with three satellites orbiting around it. The planet would be Liuxing's greatest pride, and her gilded cage.

From her first breath, the babe was betrothed to a little boy, her mother eager to continue the imperial line. From her first step, the girl was reprimanded. A brute stomps her feet, a princess glides effortlessly. The words would ring in her head. She was not her own person, merely a vessel hosting it's title. It was stifling, suffocating. But truly, what could she do? This was her destiny, her fate.

As a young girl, Liuxing had the best education one could have within the Star System. She thrived in her education, her tutors speaking nothing but praise for the princess. Her yearned to learn more about distant galaxies - about foreign planets and their cultures, and longed even more to visit them. The planet of Earth fascinated her - a planet so diverse and vast, so remarkable, yet so closed off. What if she fled to Earth, and left this all behind? She likened herself to that distant world - a songbird trapped in a cage.

Despite being surrounded by young ladies-in-waiting in her youth, Liuxing truly felt alone for most of her formative years. She was practically untouchable, only to be admired by others. Boys wouldn't even look at her, least they face some kind of penalty from her mother. She desperately tried to reach out to someone, anyone, for any kind of true friendship - but the Queen's cloud hung over her head like the night overtaking the sun. It was not until the introduction of a certain young lady-in-waiting from Healer did Liuxing truly start to taste what she had been craving for so long. It was her that Liuxing secretly coveted to be - so boldly unafraid of uprooting familial norms, so sarcastically honest with herself. And slowly, like ice thawing over a lake, Liuxing's true persona began to emerge. Warm.

She was no longer as terrified as her title or mother as she once was. She realized how truly strong she could be, how much of a voice she truly had. Her mother was not pleased, of course, but technically, Liuxing was doing no wrong. She still studied wholeheartedly, still attended to her royal duties. One such duty included her appearance at various events - such as galas or fundraisers. Shortly after officially being introduced to the public, Liuxing began to attend Kinmoku's national sportsgame, Commetball. It was a sport that was male-dominated, although the emergence of one girl from Fighter caught her immense interest. It was inspiration from her that Liuxing gained the nerve to stand up to her mother, to fight for herself. While this incident with her mother could've gone so many bad ways, instead it worked out in the princess' favor - as finally, Liuxing had shown she would stand for what is right, for herself and for her kingdom. On the final game of the Commetball League's season, Liuxing had requested the girl from Fighter join her in audience, where she made sure to speak of how much of a role model the athlete was, how inspirational and strong she was. How from her, Liuxing learned to be strong.

Despite her growing independence and taste for life, she knew there was still one fact that she could never escape - her commitment to her kingdom forbade it. As she began to creep into her tween years, the cloud above her head returned, this time in the form of a certain boy she had never even met. Her betrothed was a young lord from Maker, who truth be told, was attractive to her in every single way. She refused to let herself fawn over him, simply for the fact that her very agency was taken from her. In a moment of weakness, Liuxing had fled from the meeting with him on Maker, her anxiety taking the better of her. It was here, in her betrothed's familial estates, she met the boy's twin sister. While Fighter had pushed her for independence, and Healer for romantic freedom, it was the little lady of Maker that suggested that perhaps this was the best choice for both. From Maker, Liuxing learned the most important aspect of a potential ruler - sensibility.

From all her ladies-in-waiting, Liuxing selected these three, each from Kinmoku's moons, to be her most personal ladies. In turn, they would all blossom to show their real potential - that of the Sailor Starlights. Their time together would be cut short - like a chill creeping over one's skin, Sailor Galaxia invaded the galaxy. The soldier of legend offered a single proposition - surrender and live, or fight and die. Her mother refused, and thus Kinmoku was plunged into war. For a few battles, the guardians of Kinmoku were able to hold their own - but quickly, fatigue set in. Even Liuxing - not yet awakened as a Sailor - aided in the efforts, but was struck down when attempting to heal her betrothed. Her last moment of consciousness was watching her betrothed die.

In a moment of desperation, the princess instinctively began to teleport to that far away planet that had given her peace in the past. As she fell to Earth, she could only hope and pray that her Starlights were safe - despite the pit in her stomach. Coward, she would chide herself, as she landed in the on the foreign ground of Earth. All she felt was pain - her body and mind exhausted beyond their limits, struggling to recover. The last thing she would remember was a light shining over her, and then darkness. The darkness was not heavy, but rather light and airy - she felt safe, safe enough to allow her body to go into stasis to recover itself. Safe enough to allow the walls around her to protect her. It was the child-like form of Sailor Cosmos that protected her for many months, carrying her about within a copper incense burner.

Memories are scarce from this short period of time, aside from the soft melodies she would be pulled towards. She would later discover that her Starlights were, in fact, alive, and were searching for her on Earth - but she could not yet bring herself to follow their voices. She was terrified, brought back to a place she had been as a child. Instead of her mother, it was now one of the most powerful senshi in the universe. Not yet could she emerge - not until she found the soft Light she had come to Earth to find. But fate had it's own way of intertwining - as Sailor Star Fighter got closer and closer to Sailor Moon, Liuxing began to realize that the latter was that Light she was searching for.

Pleading for her Starlights to join Sailor Moon in her crusade, it was Liuxing who guided them to the very creation of the universe - the Galaxy Cauldron. It was in this heart that Liuxing could do so little but watch as her Starlights were executed in front of her eyes. At that moment, it would've been so easy to retreat back into safety, but she decided she would make a stand at that moment. It was then that she would awaken as Sailor Fireball - and would fight against Sailors Phi and Chi, who had taken her Stars from her. Her overaggressive efforts would prove her downfall, and she would be stabbed in the back by Sailor Chi just as Sailor Moon was about to finish off Sailor Phi.

As she lay dying, she couldn't help but feel her life was meaningless. She did nothing - her life was worthless. Tears streaming down her face, she prayed that one day, there would be only peace. No more fighting, and she would be happy once again. The songbird had finally broken her cage, and now she would die for her arrogance. And then, the world went black.

Surprisingly, this would not be the end of her existence. With a chance for another life, Liuxing finally, truly, totally reunited with her Starlights, and bid them to return to Kinmoku with her to rebuild. She was no longer Princess of Kinmoku, but now Queen. Marrying her betrothed, Liuxing would ascend the throne. It took hard work, but for once, Liuxing felt at ease. But she knew that her Starlights had connected with Earth, just as she had. And she knew, truly, that Kinmoku and Earth's destinies were intertwined. She felt selfish, denying them - especially Sailor Star Fighter - their truest desires. It was a chill down her spine, the faintest whispers of Chaos, that prompted her to call for return to Earth. Truthfully, she was happy to return, to see the soft waves of the Terrian oceans and their guardians.

It was her decision to pull in the Galactica alliance to come with her, despite the protests of her personal guardians. It was their joint arrival that only caused more turmoil - as she became distinctly aware that Terrians were still not accustomed to extra-terrestrials. Nevertheless, Liuxing offered her support to the now Neo Queen Serenity, happy to assist in guidance where needed. As time went on, however, she couldn't help but feel dread constantly, her eyes scanning for any semblance of Chaos. She knew Star Healer's suspicions of the Galactica, but Liuxing had faith that none of her allies would ever fall victim to corruption. If they did... she's not sure what she would do.

Writing Sample

Time moved differently on Earth.

On Kinmoku, the days were long, and rarely was there a time without one of her three moons in the sky. On Earth, she found herself in constant awe of the clear skies, of the sun hanging so far out of reach. At times, it was easy to forget she was a foreign body on the planet - easy to disregard how quickly she could be seen as an invader. The thought pained her heart, a twinge in her chest that never quite went away. Tensions were high, and although her mere presence had exaggerated the situation, she knew in the end, she would be a greater asset here than millions of miles away. The Queen refused to allow herself to merely stand on the sidelines once again. No, never again.

Her intensity would be admired, if it didn't oft cause her to lose sleep. Time was ever so fleeting on Earth - the night coming much quicker and for much longer than it ever did on Kinmoku. Thus, she often took to roaming the grounds of the Crystal Palace during her sleepless nights, her feet gliding over the glass-like floors like a mouse. None of her Starlights knew of her late night escapades - and if they did, they never spoke to her about it. She supposed that she had grown more stubborn as she aged, and that there was little they could truly do if they did indeed speak to her. Perhaps it was arrogance, but within the walls of this artificial palace, she felt safe.

Maybe that would be her downfall.

In a trance, she found herself pulled into one of the gardens near her private chamber, full of exotic Terrian flowers. It was a place she found herself drawn to frequently - flowers were always a fascination of hers, full of strange colors not found on Kinmoku's typically warmer color palate. The scents were fresh in her nose, her fingers brushing along various petals and vines. Above her, the new moon hung in the sky. New beginnings, and new futures. It took a few moments for her to realize that she was not the only one enjoying the night, as her eyes grew more accustomed to the darkness.

The Queen's first instinct was to leave - a flight response instead of fight, and a desire she constantly had to fight against. Taking a breath, she allowed herself to step forward, her head tilting forward to identify who shared the new moon with her. "Good evening," She called out, her voice soft. Such was typically how her voice carried - soft, yet regal. Strong, but not merciless.


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