ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Dion Lunette


  • Dee; a nickname. Used mostly by his wife and very close friends.
  • Queen's Father; an official title. Not often used but is his title as part of the Crystal Empire.
  • Director Lunette; a title. Most often heard when he is working as Communications Director for the Crystal Palace. If he is at the Crystal City Chronicle, it is more likely to be Mister Lunette.
Face Claim
Michael Justin
  • Editor-in-Chief: Owner and Editor-in-Chief of the Crystal City Chronicle, his pride and joy (that comes after his family, of course).
  • Communications Director: Dion handles such affairs for the Crystal Palace (and wouldn't let anyone else handle it).
  • Glasses: While Dion can--and sometimes does--wear contacts, he always has a pair of glasses on him. Mostly he needs them to see anything up close and they're a necessity when he's working (and also tinted to help protect against blue light and eyestrain).
  • Electronics: Not only is his phone the latest model, but it has also been improved upon by the brightest minds of the Crystal Palace to ensure it is secure. Dion also has a tablet, a laptop, and a few other high-end electronics that are a necessity for someone in the information business.
  • Camera: The camera on his phone just isn't enough. Dion keeps an advanced, high-end camera to capture both video and pictures. They're not just for work, he genuinely loves photography.
  • Press Badge: Dion has some of the highest credentials possible thanks to not only being part of the press, as the Editor-in-Chief of Crystal City Chronicle, but because he has been given access to places the general public cannot be due to his position as Crystal Palace Communications Director.


Lunarian Descendent
  • Nether Moon Descendent: In a twist of fate, it turns out that the Lunette family has ties to both ancient Lunarian Courts. In Dion's case, when his magic manifested, it was that of someone from the Nether Moon. This gives him basic magic, though it typically shows itself in the form of minor scrying and remote viewing capabilities. Oh, and the fact that Hecate's paredri will listen to him (when they want to anyway).
  • Darkness Attacks: Dion can manifest darkness in limited amounts to strike back and get himself out of a bad situation. It's nothing like what actual powered individuals are capable of and is more for just in case.
character strengths
  • Organized: There is no doubt that Dion is incredibly organized. It's a necessity as someone who runs a newspaper and Communications Director. Even when it looks like it is a cluttered mess--which is rare but happens during some projects--there is a method to the madness.
  • Photographic Memory: Despite the fact that Dion cannot picture something exactly how it was within his mind, he has photographs and video for that after all, he can recall facts, numbers, and other assorted details with startling clarity.
  • Well-Traveled: Although he no longer is a globe-trotting photojournalist, Dion has traveled the world and been all over. He is well-educated when it comes to the histories and customs of places some have never heard of. (It is also why he is so very interested in those that are part of the Galactica, wanting to learn about the worlds beyond our own.)
  • Self-Defense Training: Obviously Dion is not capable of fighting like any of the powered individuals can but he is formally trained in Krav Maga. As this is primarily defense--as he considers it--Dion only makes use of it if he has to, genuinely preferring to not get into fights (as he does not want to upset his daughter).
  • Tech Savvy: It may take him time but Dion is incredibly tech-savvy and was--when they still lived within their home in Infinity City--tech support for the family (and some of his friends). This isn't the case anymore, not with those like Sailor Mercury, Luna, or Zoisite around, but he knows his way around technology and wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Over Protective: Having spent so many years of his life looking out for his daughter (and her friends to a lesser degree), Dion is incredibly protective of her. Some might think it is to the point that he doesn't even consider the fact she is one of the most powerful people in the universe. The fact of the matter is that he is more than aware of it but just because she's invincible does not mean she can't be hurt in other ways. In short: Dion works as hard as he can to ensure her heart is protected. This applies to all those he cares and loves.


Even if his wife does so enjoy telling the stories of her husband’s wilder days, when he was a globe-trotting photojournalist who got into anything and everything he could for the chance for the scoop of a lifetime, Dion himself will say that his youth is of little consequence. What matters is what he did with his life as an adult.

Not content with just one degree, Dion pursued two during his college years. It was his dual Masters in Communication and Journalism that helped paved the way for his rising star career within an up and coming magazine within Infinity City. (Let it be known that as he got older, he also got a Bachelor's in Anthropology. That’s because Dion always prided himself on the fact that not only did he know people, he often knew their history as well. Just, you know, their cultural history.)

It was during the early years of his career within the magazine--known as the True Stories of Infinity City; a publication that prided itself on spreading awareness, keeping its readers informed, and making the jump to digital before others to continue offering its readers knowledge about the city they lived in--that he eventually met [Tsukino Ikuko]. From the very first moments that their eyes met, Dion knew he was smitten.

Just like he knew he was lucky that she returned his feelings.

Even though they fell for one another, fast and hard, the pair did not marry until Dion had secured his position as the future Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. A little more than a year later, coincidentally after they had just bought their home, [Tsukino Ikuko] told him she was pregnant. Nine months later--and just a few days after his twenty-eight birthday--his daughter was born.

For a little while, Dion had been concerned, he was what one would refer to as a fire-breathing liberal after all, that his wife needed to not dedicate her life to being a stay-at-home mother. Any and all of his attempts to encourage her were gently rebuked: she was happier doing. More than that: it was what she wanted. (It did not, however, stop her from indulging in hobbies and otherwise. Things that Dion happily encouraged because if she ever decided she wanted to not be a housewife, he would encourage her.)

A handful of years later, Dion and his wife would have another child: a boy. Those early years, with both of his children terrorizing the house, still stand out as some of the happiest moments in his life.

However, Dion did have some concerns. His daughter did seem to have problems when it came to learning and dedicating time to studying. (In fact, the few fights that Dion and his wife had were often over the fact that she would lock Cynthia out of the house when her grades were poor.) Dion simply thought that they were not approaching it right, that they had not found the way to make education interesting to Cynthia.

Eventually, however, Cynthia would make her friends and--with their guidance--she would make it through school. It was during this same time that Sailor Moon made her appearance. Dion found himself fascinated by what her appearance could mean, especially as it seemed to coincide with the arrival of fantastical monsters and otherwise. It was an article about Sailor Moon within the magazine, an informative editorial piece about the mysterious heroine and her fellow Sailor Guardians, that eventually saw Dion win a Pulitzer Prize.

Of course, in investigating Sailor Moon Dion began to notice things. What had started initially as thinking the Guardian of Love and Justice simply reminded him of his daughter started to turn into a growing suspicion. More and more often he found himself with video, footage, and photographic evidence that pointed towards a truth that could not be denied: his daughter was Sailor Moon.

What happened next was a tear-filled conversation with his daughter who, the moment he revealed his suspicions, confirmed all his theories. While Dion was not entirely enthusiastic about the fact his daughter was in constant danger, there was no denying that this was her calling. From that moment forward, Dion worked as hard as he could to support her daughter (and her friends) in the only way he knew how: handling public perception and trying to filter the information that did get out about them.

More and more time was spent within the magazine, working and helping foster a good public opinion about Sailor Moon and her cohorts. Dion could not to anything else, now understanding why he had felt a need to look out for Sailor Moon. Even if it meant publishing articles within the magazine about her that were little more than fluff pieces sometimes, it was all done to support her and her cause.

Although Dion would prefer to say that his children’s teen years were uneventful (other than one of them being a super heroine), he cannot. In fact, not only did his son give him more than a few causes for concern with his dating habits, so did Cynthia.

There was never really a problem with [Chiba Mamoru) so much as no one was good enough for his little girl. It did not matter that he had his suspicions about the identity of Tuxedo Mask (Dion never did make Cynthia confirm identities, his theories were enough). Yet eventually, after more than a few conversations and making it clear that he would use every bit of power and clout he had to make [Mamoru] miserable if he hurt Cynthia, Dion gave the couple his blessing.

He just did not expect them to get married so young.

... and he certainly did not expect that the marriage between his daughter and her boyfriend would lead to the arrival of a new era for humanity. While Dion would say that that moment was what caused his hair to turn almost entirely silver, the real fact was that it was merely a culmination of all the years he had spent looking out for Cynthia and her friends in his way. Stress was a real and present thing in his life that was, in some ways, nothing compared to the argument that he got into with [Tsukino Ikuko] because he had kept Cynthia's secret for so long.

After all the arguments, tears, and otherwise were sorted--and Dion apologized to [Tsukino Ikuko] for not telling her (though his defense was that she, much like their daughter, was not the best at keeping secrets; the real defense was that the less who knew the better, for their safety)--Cynthia informed them that she was more than just Sailor Moon. She was Neo Queen Serenity and [Mamoru] was King Endymion. The two of them together were, and would be, the rulers of their planet, of Earth.

Immediately Dion knew that he would have to jump into action. So much would need to be done to help out his daughter and son-in-law as they ascended to the throne. If they wanted to do the best they could, to present their best face to the world, then they would need someone who could help make that happen. So it came as no surprise, as they began to plan and work things out, that Dion took up a position as Communications Director for the Crystal Palace.

What has become more important is that Dion is no longer a magazine editor. Not missing an opportunity, especially with the appearance of Crystal City, he finally achieved his true dream: running his own newspaper. With his time split between the Crystal Palace--For your protection, Papa!--and his paper (The Crystal City Chronicle), Dion has found himself with more than enough to keep himself occupied.

After all: public opinion matters, now more than ever, and Dion views it as his job to help improve the public perception of the Crystal Empire and those of the Galactica that have come as well.

They are, after all, the guides to their future. Plus he does not care if they accuse him of being biased. Dion reports the truth and he will never stop doing so.

(P.S. Dion is still quite happily married, enjoys the fact that he can spend more time with his family since everyone is located within the Crystal Palace (they still own their house in Infinity City but only visit it for security reasons). The only thing that truly drives him batty is when they tell him he has to work out of his office within the palace.

(It just isn’t the same but he has never been able to tell Cynthia no when she gives him that look with those blue eyes of hers. His wife just tells him it’s karma for all the times he used that exact same look on her.

(Dion can’t really argue with that.)

Writing Sample

Dion had been good.

In fact, he was still being good. That he had not just bulldozed his way through the Crystal Palace and demanded to see his daughter showed incredible restraint on his part. Yet he could wait no longer, especially since he would have to cover what happened with Elysion as soon as possible. Dion had already given the go-ahead to release an update with what they knew so far but ...

They had to provide the people with the truth.

Of course, that was only part of what had him practically storming his way through the Crystal Palace. The other part was that he knew what had happened to Nasir. More than that: he knew that Cynthia, [Mamoru], and those Golden Kings had also been hurt in the process!

That he had not just kicked open a door and demanded answers was a miracle in of itself. Though the fact he had dedicated time to reassure his wife and son that their daughter and sister (respectively) was alright had helped secure that miracle. (The texts he had exchanged with Cynthia, as well as the short phone call, had just barely been enough to keep him from showing up.)

Now, however, that did not matter.

Anyone in his path was ignored, politely moved past, and not paid any attention. Dion headed straight for where he knew his daughter would be, once again just barely resisting kicking the door open. He did practically throw it open, mouth opened to ask for answers.

Only for him to blink rapidly at the sight before him.

His mouth closed with a resounding clack, Dion continuing to blink over and over again. There was not one person but two people behind his daughter's desk. While it was not entirely out of place, the fact that both individuals looked like his daughter was.

Raising a hand, Dion slid his glasses off to clean them and then looked once more when they were back on.

... there was still two of his daughter with matching expressions.

"Papa? Are you okay?" asked the Cynthia on the left side. Even the worry in her voice and look in her baby blues was spot-on.

"Yes, I'm-" started Dion before quickly shaking his head. "No! There's two of you! That isn't even why I am here but let's cover that before we begin discussing what happened with Elysion and if you're alright." His gaze flicked between both Cynthias, looking for not only some sort of tell but trying to spot the differences. (So far, of course, there was not any.)

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