Andy Kovak



ALIAS: Pockets:
Called by his friends that have seen him hard at work in hacking or study, he'll have empty hot pocket cartoons all about his room.

Vackian :
A joke on the philosopher Machiavellian, it takes his last name 'Kovak' and is often used when hes stating his opinions on people, with a tough love angle.

Words of the enemy! A way of expanding his name in order to inject unwanted authority into his life. Commonly followed by the words 'Matthew Kovak'.
AGE: 23
FACTION: Future Moon
ETHNICITY: Irish American
OCCUPATION: College Student
FACE CLAIM: Tom Holland


  • Flash Drive:
  • A full terabyte of information that he can access with tons of networking data, worms, and codes. It's designed to be more durable since integrating his power can sometimes fry a system.
  • Stocked Mini Freezer
  • True, he doesn't carry it around...but hes always thinking about it. He literally has a picture of it in his wallet, and named it Margret. Inside is a wide assortment of hot pockets, each labeled with the different dilemmas in life that might rise up.
  • Phase In Shades:
  • If anyone else puts these glasses on, they'll just look stylish. You need a X-Box remote controller to activate it. But, it's a projection of his computer screen in his dorm room allowing him to work no matter where he is. And since it's a controller, he can also play by activating steam games by sending the signal to his dorm from his phone. This allows his iphone to act as a home computer in capacity.
  • Iphone:
  • Not much to look at, it's more bulky than most iphones because he needs the processing power to keep an active call from himself to his home computer, and receive the information fast enough to be able to use it. Lifted from the back, anyone could see the small fan keeping the system cool. This means his phone does not have to worry about throttling.


NAME: Juno Knight
ELEMENT: Lightning.


  • Data Integration:
  • At the cost of paralyzing himself, Andy can project his consciousness into electrical systems. From inside he can hack almost any database, avoid firewalls, and interfere or spy on all electric based systems. Though paralyzed, he can still send a signal back to brain allowing him to communicate while jacked in.
  • Current Assimilation:
  • When transformed, his body becomes a large conductor which he is fully capable of allowing outside sources into it. Power lines, light-plugs, and even lightning is drawn to him, charging his power and attacks. Since he cannot produce his own energy, hes near powerless even transformed if there are no currents for him to absorb. He can tap all the energy from that source, and lights will flicker just before hes done so.
  • Taranis:
  • Though powerless, that doesn't mean defenseless. Transforming bequeaths him with a sword forged in lightning. It's swings release the sound of crackling, and if charged by Andy's Current assimilation can project bolts at his opponent. This energy will be spent over time and he'll need to absorb more, which normally means shorting out the fuse box.
  • Repulsion Discharge:
  • Once a Knight, his body becomes positively charged in a field that covers about 10 feet. Anything entering that field with large velocities have their kinetic force also turned into a positive charge, making it more difficult to hit with a great deal of force as the two positive charges repel one another.
  • Charged Projection:
  • Sometimes Andy knows hes outmatched, so his abilities are designed to bolster his allies. Charged Projection allows him to drain his own power and infuse it into someone else as long as he maintains focus on them. Once charged, they too can repel attacks and energize their own assaults with some extra umph. This process can also help healing, by making the cells more potent in their own attempts to relieve damage. It's not amazing, but it is faster than normal human healing. This process will wear him down, knocking Andy out if he maintains it too long.


While it did happen in his past, for most people these events aren't even close to happening yet. As a kid, he was a leader and depended upon by his friends to be the one to entertain the entire group. Though independent by nature, his charisma had a nasty habit of attaching more people to him. While he was insulting, it was never received in the vain of offence, but rather a bad attempt to be alone. All of his friends were male, which meant their hormones drove them toward his older sister, Selest.

And then he became important, turns out Andy was Superman, well - more Static Shock. While working with common computers, he began to lose himself in focus and more or less lose consciousness with the world. His awareness stretched inward and he understood all the mechanics and workings of the inside of the CPU's, and the data streaming from one hyperlink to the next. In fact, he was fully capable of riding the lanes of information to decipher and assimilate it into his own conscious.

Being a kid, he used this for nefarious means such as pranks, getting free pizzas and getting to play video games from outside terminals. That's where he started to stumble onto information that wasn't meant for his eyes, information about much more nefarious sources than himself; humans who darn near worshiped darkness. Being a good Samaritan, he took this information to the authorities... they didn't know what to do with it, but the Moon Kingdom certainly did.

Andy came to find out he'd been a knight, and his power awakening was a form of fate in order to join the court of Neo Queen Serenity. Terrified at the idea of fighting, he politely declined... Until finding out that protecting the Kingdom meant being in the presence of some of the most attractive women the universe had to offer. Then, he signed the dotted line and became Juno Knight.

Over the next year he was taught how to make better use of his powers, and he also learned that most of the girls in the kingdom could decimate him in battle. It didn't harm his pride though, that was unshakable and he never considered himself some ultimate warrior. Even his fellow knights used the word 'warrior' tepidly when referring to their ally.

And then he stopped being useless. True he was terrible in physical combat, but put him in front of a computer and Katie Bar The Door. Andy worked hand and hand to help the Moon Kingdom find the most dangerous of enemies that made use of social media. Bad guys still needed to recruit and accumulate money, those types of actions left foot prints that could be tracked. Finding evil was easy, fighting it was harder than concrete covered female intuition.

Guarding Cidney seemed out of place, considering in everyone of their sparring sessions she'd almost ended up needing to raise up a new Juno Knight to replace his nigh corpse. Perhaps she 'wanted' to go easy on him, but Andy was a man that had a hard time keeping his mouth shut - and her fighting partner seemed to think that flirting and fighting were identical words, Cidney took exception to that perspective. To be fair, he only did it because it was fun; but he was certain the words 'off with his head' seemed at the edge of her lips more than once.

At some point, he was deemed ' Good Enough', and since they needed as much help as they could get - Juno Knight went with the rest of Cidney's Guardian's to the past.

If they made rules, Andy was quick to break them. He set to work finding a place to set up his data-base, and a local college seemed to do the trick. From there, he could interface and make false ID's for any of the other soldiers that needed them ( and sell a few fake ones to other students for easy cash). He set to work getting information for Cidney and the rest of the crew, keeping them updated on potential Black Moon forces, and their schedules so they could isolate and take them down.

... And then there was the 'other' half of his life. Andy made friends again, normal humans guys of breeding age that enjoyed gaming and more gaming. It didn't take long for Andy to get into his rhythm, and start to become overly attached to 2030. Within a years time he'd become a Game Master for DND 7e, accumulated video games, action figures and turned his entire dorm room into a giant man-cave. And this didn't even include dear sweat Margret, Margret...the woman of his dreams. A fully stocked mini freezer filled with all his dinners and thinking food. They were even labeled based on the type of problem he was facing.

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