Kaiya Dulivan



ALIAS: Neptune Knight, Resonance, Kai, Covellite.
AGE: 32
FACTION: Inactive
OCCUPATION: Body Guard ( Was a Lt. in the military.)
FACE CLAIM: Summer Glau


  • Guitar:
  • Pyro Kinetics need an existing flame just as Kaiya needs an existing sound. Her father gifted it to her when she was 12, it originally belong to her mother. Shes very protective of it.
  • Pair of Glock 17's:
  • Typically tucked behind her back at the waist line, these two guns were used to take the lives of friend and foe alike before, and after her power awakened. They originally belonged to her commanding officer.
  • Sound Recorder:
  • Different people Kaiya had dated, before she had them killed she recorded their most passionate expressions of love for her, then converted it into Alexis voice.
  • Aqua Marine Android:
  • Used to track Liliths appointments, and allows her to communicate without transforming. She also monitors the police reports of people she killed to make sure they aren't getting close to finding her.
  • Make-Up Bag:
  • She may not say 'make-up' to transforms, but she does use it to keep up appearances and look older or younger. While no expert, she has the talent of a typical teenage girl.
  • Ear Piece:
  • She pretends to be listening to other security detail, but really she taps the piece in order to filter out sound to pick up whispered words or filter boundless cacophonies.


NAME: Neptune Knight
ELEMENT: Sound and Ocean Manipulation


  • Sound Control:
  • While Kaiya cannot change 'what' a sound is, she can intensify, restrict, or remove it. Shes fully capable of speaking in any voice shes ever heard, and making someone else do the same. She can turn a whisper into a shout, and a scream into a whimper.
  • Vibe:
  • She can also channel sound to a certain location, causing it to focus as a projectile which is fed by the more sound it receives. It works as a barrier and kinetic attack, blasting with the full power of a sonic boom if she accelerates it.
  • Mendacitic Awareness:
  • The reason for her hate and cruelty, the power to detect someones intentions. She can predict attacks by hearing how bones are positioning themselves, blood is flowing, and heart rate. It allows her to sense lies and true passion. It also works well to assist in medical analysis.
  • Ocean Song:
  • Putting sound pressure beneath the waves, she can manipulate large tides near the ocean. The more intensely she plays, the larger the wave. If she stops playing, she'll lose control the water. As long as shes playing, it is very difficult to swim through, almost acting like a grabbing hand of ocean water.
  • Terra Molding:
  • Using the salt in her body,as long as she remains in contact with water she can mold her essence into liquid and blend in. She need not breath in this form, though is subject to the weakness of all water.
  • Voice:
  • This is what allows her to speak again while in knight form, it's a constant mending of a deaden voice box which gathers pressure. However, if she chooses to scream, her voice and transformation will be lost. But in the process, a huge swath of pressurized sound will crumble whatever it comes in contact with.


Duty, an unyielding word that brought with it all the obligation and guilt that it was meant to. Cassandra had two younger brothers, it was her 'duty' to help them grow up to be men. So she learned what it meant to make a boy into a man, what morality and responsibility she should be teaching them. Her father was grateful for the help, he'd grown up with an oppressive older brother and didn't believe his life lessons about her uncle would guide the two boys anywhere.

So they became men, strong soldiers in fact in their planets military. Their recommendations helped accelerate Cassandra through the same offices; and eventually the planet itself revealed to her that she was worthy to be the Knight of the entire kingdom. With Nerissa gone, she had become the sword and shield to keep them safe. With her power fully realized, she was positioned well to play the part the Solar System had paved.

It wasn't that this power went to her head, so much more than it took away her ability to trust. People became unnerved to be around her because she called out their lies, informed them of potential medical issues in the future, and even pried into their private lives that they were seeking to conceal. Nothing remained a secret around her, their bodies told everyone's story. Their distance started to dig its way at her core, chipping away at the concept of loyalty.

Eventually, someone with truly malicious intents toward her delivered a report and she confronted them on their motivation. They felt cornered and entrapped, afraid to answer in lies because she'd know they were...or truths, because they were treacherous. But she kept pressuring him for an answer, and he snapped.

He ran out of the barracks, stumbling over his own feet and tumbling in the center of a group of soldiers. Cassandra followed in a slow walk, and ordered that he be detained for impending trial for malicious intent on a superior officer...

And then she felt his murderous intent again, except this time it wasn't just him - it was a large portion of her own troops. Feeling surrounded by people who sought her death, she pulled her sword - intensifying the feeling.

Unwilling to surrender herself to her fellow soldiers, the only outcome that could happen, did. She began to defend herself and people began dying. The more she killed, the more they attacked. She was forced to use the full extent of her power, and in a scream that cracked and shattered her own voice box - Cassandra took out her entire platoon as sound and fury shook their bodies apart.

Falling to her knees without hope, sanity or voice...she wept silent tears, burying her face into the sand and blood of the very people who she was supposed to lead into battle to defend Neptune. Her lessons learned too late, people needed lies. What happened next could hardly be called a 'war',

Thus concluded the Silver Millennium for Neptune. When it all ended, there wasn't much left to destroy; Armageddon had very little to finish off."

_______________________________________________________________________________________ Kaiya Dulivan was born at the price of her own mother, an emergency C section had been Dayna Dulivans final choice in life to save the life of her unborn daughter. And in Georgia hospital, she was born becoming the only daughter and only child ever of Nick Dulivan. The only problem was, the baby that was handed to him was crying, but it could not be heard.

The life she inherited was worth it, compared to the previous. Pouring all of his love for a lost wife into his single daughter, the two became partners in facing the world. Nick raised her like the soul of his own wife had been transferred into this small girl, spending every minute he could with Kaiya; his Angel of the Sea. Her lack of ability to talk made her almost completely reliant on him as well.

Having the encouragement of her father, she had confidence when trying new things; and his unflinching support in helping her explore her interest meant they became team efforts. Like in her previous life, she was profoundly moved by music and it became a great way for her to express herself. Nick bought her better and better guitars as she grew up, never taking up a new girl friend. He also became protective of her, scaring off boys that snooped around at an early age.

They couldn't be separated, they didn't want to be separated. Her rebellious stages were minor, it wasn't easy to have friends at school when her only means of communication was texting, sign language and a erasable marker board. Despite being mute, she smiled often and was blessed with the famous beauty that Neptunians were known for.

Eventually it had to end, on February 4th 2020 to be exact. She was 22 now, in college and (despite her disability ) perfectly able to get friends and boyfriends alike. With Iphones, the lack of a voice wasn't nearly a detriment as someone might believe. Her current studies were in music, and she was a backup guitarist in an all girl band called List Of Sweet Nothings.

Her dad didn't like said boyfriend ( what dad did?), and she hated to disappoint her father...but she did need to start growing up. Living in a dorms had been hard for them both, but she eventually started to become independent. They still kept in close contact, face time and texts. He'd stated multiple times as a joke he was running a police background check on this 'Jimmy Mills' ( if that's his real name).

On the night of the fourth, she been parked with Jimmy flirting and texting about events in their life. Before they could begin taking it to the next level, she typed out ' I bet you've taken tons of girls up here.' He replied she was the first, and they began...

He's lying.

Of course he was lying, she'd known that before they started. But this was different than offhandedly thinking someone was lying, this was ' I know hes lying.' and it caused her to pull back. Jimmy confused pursued, and a combination of hits she'd never knew she could perform struck him; kicking him back against the door. "You're lying." She typed in the phone, and Jimmy promptly told her to leave his car and drove off.

As his car roared away, screeling out dirt like the car too wanted to distance itself from the new side of Kaiya; she saw the shape of a near transparent man behind her. Somewhat unaffected by the appearance of someone out of thin air, the man who revealed himself as Danburite encouraged her to start taking more control of her life. To use the new power and awareness he'd just bestowed (in the name of Queen Beryl) on Kaiya sparingly. To understand that her true self was coming to the surface, and he'd been sent by her to give Kaiya her original identity.

"Just remember that the Dark Kingdom are your friends. If you're ever in a bind, come find me." He seemed to understand that she wouldn't immidaitely be following him, no doubt he'd done this before and most people in her position needed to reach the end of themselves before turning back to the source. Still, she'd remember the name. Thinking she'd be the exception, she started off away from him.

After walking down to a payphone, she noticed her clothes had changed to that of deep black with teal tassels. None of this seemed strange, they were floating around with new memories that seemed perfectly content with allowing Kaiya to remain dominant. What she didn't expect was when she picked up the phone, her voice went through to the other side. "Daddy..."

When he arrived, ( taking hardly anytime at all ) he could barely stay in the car as he left it on the side of the street and ran to her. He couldn't even say how he knew it was Kaiya's voice, since neither of them had heard it - but they did both know and neither could stop smiling to the other, as they tightly embraced.

After getting home, having been talking for the sake of talking and him trying to figure out 'how' it had happened, something odd started to happen. Kaiya noticed that when her father said "I love you so much."... there was no reaction from his heart or pulse, those words were -- hollow to him.

In fact, for the next few weeks ( after learning his tell for lying) she started noticing a lot of her fathers words seeming more hollow. Nothing changed with his expressions, they all looked fully committed to things he said, but the subtle ques of authenticity were not rooting them to his heart. She started to hate to hear the words, and finally lashed out one day he said it too many times. " No you don't! You don't love me, I can tell you don't love me. Why? Why don't you love me daddy?"... He tried several times to deflect, but Kaiya wasn't having it - she forced him to reveal all his heart.

" You took her away from me..." She'd finally got him to say it, and the words hurt far too much to tolerate. Apparently, he'd tried to get her aborted and talk her mother out of having the child, but she was insistent that both her and the baby would be fine. She'd been wrong, and that resentment had never left her father no matter how much he had tried to smother it away with affection.

She ran away from home that night, trying to stay with friends until she'd worn out her welcome. Each time she tried to survive on her ability, she seemed to fail. But when she relied on the advice of Covelite, things turned out well. The entity inside of her, her true self was a survivor.

Kaiya started surrendering more and more to Covelite, until she became background noise. And by doing so, all that radiated was a strong sense of wrath for a magnificent violionist, she couldn't say what enraged her so much about her... But, Covelite began following and tacking her with skills from another time, how to step, move, where to stand when observing. None of this knowledge had ever been taught to Kaiya Dulivan, but to Covelite it was second nature.

Violet was never alone either, making it more difficult to get as close as she'd preferred. There was always a woman around her, a powerful, beautiful woman. Nothing false radiated from her, she was genuine in all she did. This was a body that was full of truth and passion, Covellite could read in her movements and expression loyalty, strength and passion.

And soon enough, the person she was following wasn't Violet...but Alexis. So infatuated with her, she'd become careless in her awareness . She never heard the silent 'honks' from a car that had veered off the road to miss another car which had stopped abruptly. Even during the impact of 40 mph metal slamming into her midsection, she still tried to hold the image of Alexis while being shot forward; barreling a few times against heavy concrete before coming to halt with her face pointed heavenward.

" Hey, hey, you alright?" She'd heard the voice before, it was a soothing escape from the near limitless pain in her bones. She barely opened her eyes to see Alexis, who had taken her up in her arms and was running to the near by hospital. Her heart beat was just as perfect from a distance as it was up close.

As a gurney was brought out to them, Alexis final remark before setting her down were ' "maybe next time hitch a ride with me instead of getting hit by one' and with a wink, Kaiya's eyes closed off. All her imagination about this girl had been profoundly shallow, the pure ocean of the magnificence that was Alexis -- her heart had not known the barest kernel of. She was too good for this world, she was the only thing on it worth having.

"And I will have her."

After recovering, it wasn't long before Covellite took the lead again. She'd gone into the army where she found that her lack of ability to talk was easily accommodated for, people were far more real and they'd earned the right to judge her with their hearts because her performance was now being weighed against theirs.

More than a few times she made use of her knowledge in a previous life to get ahead, but she'd already been a commander once which meant it was hardly any surprise when she'd become a Lt. quite quickly. Her job was to teach soldiers to assemble and respect their weapons, and even without her powers active - she was very acute to hearing subtly differences in sound which made diagnosing a pistol rather easy.

She'd volunteered for front line combat, and since few really wanted to be where the bullets were being exchanged ( not to mention her performance record) she was given her request. And this is when it began, Kaiya leading men into unwinable fights that she was able to turn around. She'd purposely give commands that would get her own soldiers killed that showed the signs of distrust she'd come to associate with potential treachery. She became cold to the idea of men dying, Covellite and Kaiya alike stopped caring.

Rumors of her tactics started to fill her own base, how some men say they saw her take out her own troops and ignore openings to kill enemies. She was confronted and told she'd be brought to a tribunal to find out if it was true. There was no need, she confessed to it all and smiled while telling them.

When she resisted, 10 guns were pulled on her from all sides; and it was far too late to even considering trying to transform. Any twitch would be considered an attempt for her gun, but Kaiya had no intention of going quietly, she'd been 'quiet' far too long in her life.

When her hand shot toward the guitar pick, there was no confusion on any of their faces why that was her weapon of choice. The action itself was spontaneous and sudden, which meant they were in their rights to fire. She knew what the sound of bullets meant, she'd had them dig into her skin before. This time, they weren't going to settle with wounding, this was the kill. At least 8 of the weapons fired...

And then stopped, everything stopped. There was now a man she'd seen before interposed between herself and the gunmen on the other-side. " I think it's time to come home, my dear." None of the 10 soldiers had a chance to react as their own intentions to kill became the very effect that brought about their own death. Aster had a precious to his work, that was worth admiring.

Before the two remaining soldiers could react, Kaiya ripped the pair of Glocks from her dead commanders hands; turning the barrel in an X formation at her chest, the left hand shooting the man on the right, and the right shooting the woman on the left. Both never got a chance to fight...

Kaiya slipped both weapons beneath the back of her waist line, looked to Aster and nodded. She joined his side and was taken up to the Kingdom she'd been under the employment of, yet not serving for the last 7 years. Her kills going forward wouldn't be just for herself, but also to ensure the prosperity of the faction she actively served.

It was now 2027 and she was 29 years old. A total of 214 men died at her hands in that time, and she was pretending she'd died with all her other soldiers in her own massacre. But, getting back to Florida wasn't hard when she could tell when people were lying... and if anyone was silly enough to get violent, well their cash and vehicle were forfeit. She'd only needed her military merits to last a couple weeks, and even when those failed the Glocks never did.

After getting back home, her distance away from Alexis had built up pressure to see her once again. So she started dating, men and women that had a similar build and hair and eye color to Alexis. None of them sounded right, but Kaiya was able to record their voices in a way she could shift them to that of the sound of Alexis herself. In this way, she would hear comforting and flirtatious words from her Alexis all the time. Eventually, she'd always get bored of fake versions of her perfection and take them on a date at night of the ocean.

Once there, she'd put a gun to their head; have them say one last written line she wanted Alexis to say; and put a bullet in their skull. Then, she'd use her power over the ocean to drag the body deep into the depths were all kinds of fish could devour the fake Alexis.

Currently the police are hunting a serial killer dubbed Resonance, all victims matched a certain description almost always being English or Austrian in origin. No bodies have been found, but they are all assumed dead.

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