Seraphina Woodward



ALIAS: Sera, Cere, Flower Girl, FiFi
AGE: 26
FACTION: Future Moon
OCCUPATION: Florist, Plant Doctor, Princess Body Double
FACE CLAIM: Emma Watson


Cell Phone
Sera carries with her a new model phone with plenty of space for bells and whistles. Of course, it's handy for keeping in touch with the other Future Guardians, but it also holds her music, lots of pictures and several apps for color theory, plant identification, and reminders.

Amazon Stone
Sera keeps her stone for sentimental reasons, and to remind herself to never go back to those times. While she doesn't keep it on her all the time, the dark stone sits in a small jewelry case on her vanity table.

Sailor Crystal
The Ceres Sailor Crystal lies within Sera's body and had waited dormant until she was truly awakened as Sailor Ceres to shine bright with her power.

Transformation Wand
Sera keeps her transformation wand on her at all times, just in case it will be necessary. Sailor Ceres' wand also doubles as the method for her to transform into a copy of Princess Lady Serenity and Sailor Neo Moon.


NAME: Sailor Ceres
ELEMENT: Flowers, Plants


Radiant Petal Hurricane
Sailor Ceres creates an army of flower petals and swirls them around herself until they become a barrier around her, lifting her arm to the sky. When she throws her hand forcefully forward the petals fly towards her opponent and trap them inside the thick whirlwind of petals.

Hypnotic Fragrance
The plants around Sailor Ceres release a potent pheremone that funnel towards her target(s) and when inhaled will stun them until the toxin works its way out of their system.

Verdant Thorn Burst
While not all plants produce thorns Sailor Ceres' connection with all forms of greenery allows her to manipulate pieces from the plants around her and shape them. With this ability Sailor Ceres can take those sharpened bits of plant and create one large thorn to hurl at her opponent, or a hail of thorns at one or many opponents.

Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss
An attack performed by the Quartet and Sailor Neo Moon together to blast and freeze an enemy with thier combined powers.

Other Abilities

While not a skill entirely suited for battle, Ceres' ability to communicate with plants can still be very useful outside of her garden. The flowers and trees are far more observant than most people would think and they will happily tell Ceres where someone went or what happened in an area they could see or feel.

Vine Manipulation
Ceres can command vines to grow and form things like walls, weapons, shields, and platforms, and use them to hold her enemies in place. However she cannot generate these vines from nothing, and this ability is limited by the amount of plant life nearby.


Life had been a strange sequence of sleep and waking for Sailor Ceres. Vague images of the Dead Moon Circus and her powers being awakened too soon and in a strange form seemed more like vivid dreams than memories of something that really happened. But the stone Seraphina kept was proof and reason enough to be the master of her own destiny.

After more than a thousand years of deep sleep, Ceres and her sisters felt the call again - the true call - to awaken in the time they belonged. Strangely enough, life seemed fairly normal in the 40th century. She and her sisters became fast friends with Cidney, and even when Seraphina awakened properly as Sailor Ceres her connection with all of them as a team only became stronger.

There was peace for a long time.

One of the benefits of immortality is that you have plenty of time to decide what you want your life to be like, and mistakes don't seem as daunting to fix. Thankfully for Seraphina the choice was not difficult. She stayed close to the city, to her sisters and to Cidney. Because they lived in an era of peace there wasn't often a need to use their powers outside of training and a handful of incidents which gave Seraphina plenty of time to explore her passion - her huge garden and her flower shop. She dreamed of one day being able to make the most beautiful decorations and bouquets for Cidney's wedding someday.

All good things must come to an end, they say. Chaos began to spread over the world, figuratively and literally, erasing the peace the earth had enjoyed for centuries. Sailor Ceres gave up her shop, believing it would only make her and her clients targets of the growing unrest and dove all her attention into her training and protecting her best friend and Princess. As the chaos turned the people against one another and the Guardians, Ceres was given a new task - to act as Princess Lady Serenity's double and keep her from danger in that way.

The fighting went on for what seemed like an eternity.

When Lady Serenity asked the Quartet to travel back in time, Ceres was initially hesitant. What if they only made thigs worse? But, if they succeeded they could prevent any of this fighting from happening. With the stakes so high, she had to go not only to fix the past, but to protect her sisters and Cidney.

The past seemed odd to her, and there were a number of things to adjust to. But even if they were here for duty Seraphina had to go back to also doing what she loved - growing and arranging flowers. She got a job at a cute little shop close to the center of the city and found a wonderful community garden to grow any plants that needed more sun that her apartment window boxes and balcony could afford. The work to prevent the chaos of the future would be difficult, but for the sake of all the Guardians, Knights and citizens of Earth, they would do what needed to be done.

Writing Sample

Somehow it just didn't feel right going to work at the flower shop so often every week considering the mission that needed to be completed here in the past. But ultimately they did all need a way to survive and blend in and being able to work with plants in more than just her own garden kept Seraphina sane. Besides, Kabloom was a great place to work. It made this all feel normal compared to the chaos she'd left in the future.

In fact, it was difficult not to let being able to lead a semi-normal life again distract her from the duty at hand.

The real question was whether or not they could prevent all of that from happening. In her heart, Seraphina wanted to say yes. She knew Cidney wouldn't take no for an answer to that question but a nagging voice still tugged at the back of her mind, asking 'can you really stop it without revealing forbidden knowlege? can you stop it at all?'. Cidney's relentless positivity and determination usually made that voice shut up. But it kept coming back.

But, she had her sisters. She had her best friend. And they all had a chance to make everyone's futures brighter and peaceful. Seraphina could not let any lingering doubts hold her back or restrain her efforts in any way. This would take everything they all had.

"Seraphina, dearheart?" The shop owner's sweet voice brought her back into reality. "Are you alright? You've been staring at those daffodils for a while now...."

Seraphina blinked down at the flowers, gently touching the light blue petals. "Oh...I'm so sorry Miss Elle, I must have been daydreaming." She turned and smiled to the older woman, picking up the watering can next to the pots trying to look like she had something in mind she should be doing. "But it looks like the dry rot was only contained to the two stems, so we didn't lose much to pruning this time.

Elaine smiled, offering a subtle nod. "Thank you for looking after that one, dear. I'd love to have your help tomorrow making the bouquets for the holidays. You're always so good with color."

"I'd be delighted to!" Sera beamed. "We have plenty of those long cinnamon sticks, I think they'll really pop the whole thing."

"Perfect. Well, for now why don't you go get some lunch. I find daydreaming often means you need a break. And when you get back, we'll go tend to the orchids in the greenhouse out back."

"Thank you, Miss Elle." Seraphina placed the watering can back down and headed to get her coat and bag before leaving the shop. She'd been meaning to try a new cafe down the road. And the reviews on their tea were appartly very positive according to their profile so she made a mental note to bring back a cup for her boss. And then maybe stop again later to get a cherry blossom tea for Cidney.

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