ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Leandro Jameson


  • Mister Jameson: Most often heard while working and his preference.
  • Lee or Andro: To those that are close friends or family, though he isn't fond of the names.
  • Spectrolite: Former title when he was part of the Dark Alliance. While he will still respond to this name, it isn't one he currently enjoys.
  • Mitra: The name of who he once was, now returned to him in full.
Crystal Empire
Brazilian American
Face Claim
Maiko Andara
Double Agent
  • Cars: Don't ask how he has access to so many very nice and extremely fancy cars, he just does. When you drive people around for a living, it's kind of a necessity.
  • Electronics: The most current cellphone model, a tablet, and other assorted things a person might have to keep them up-to-date and informed.
  • Scythe: A weapon that, in another life, was considered a traditional weapon of those in his line of work. In this life, it's merely a tool to carry out the work that needs to be done. As it's presence is kind of damning, Leandro keeps it hidden and summons it when necessary.
  • Death Mask: While others like him might not mind their face being revealed, it is a bit problematic for Leandro. He instead opts to wear a cowl with his uniform and a golden death mask upon his face to keep his identity hidden while 'working'.
  • Combat Training: Mostly because Leandro is often always prepared and has the right tool for a job, never mind the training to carry it out. (The real question is where do the items come from but that's his secret.)


Saturn Knight (Spectrolite)
  • Destruction Manipulation: Now purified, Saturn Knight has complete control over his ability to both destroy and renew. While he is still quite capable of encouraging destruction within a target, he is more inclined to encourage renewal and see damage, injury, or otherwise done away with. Please note that while he can affect multiple targets at once, exert influence over a great distance, he is not capable of world-shattering destruction.
  • Silenced Presence: Saturn Knight can seemingly disappear as if he never existed in the first place. He has absolute control over this particular talent, being able to adjust--on the fly--how much of him can be sensed at any given time. While corrupted as Spectrolite, he made use of this ability to hide his corrupted state from those of the Crystal Empire. Now, mostly he uses it to exist within the Crystal Palace as a ghost, unseen and undetectable save for when they have need of him.
  • Silenced Power: Locking gazes with an individual, specifically a Powered individual, enables Saturn Knight to effectively silence their ability to attack. He must maintain eye contact, not letting it break, to keep them from attacking. The individual under the influence of this power is also silenced themselves and experiences sound deprivation, both mute and deaf until eye contact is broken.
  • Ruin Blast: Capable of channeling a physical manifestation of his power, Saturn Knight casts this as a directed blast. When directed at non-living beings, it creates cracks, faults, and more within its very structure. At a living being, whatever part of the body it hits experiences weakness and a temporary sense of fatigue.
  • Destruction's Boundary: Creating an invisible boundary around an area he is within, Saturn Knight is able to not only keep track of the damage within but also ensures no one can perceive the fight via sight or sound. Crossing the boundary does not hurt anyone, though it might be disconcerting to pass through and discover the destruction on the other side. With this in place, Saturn Knight is able to return the area back to its previous state before it was destroyed.
  • Waste and Renewal: Channeling his power through his scythe, Saturn Knight causes a storm to envelop the battlefield. Those aligned with Chaos will experience all the aches and pains from their battles, while those who aligned Cosmos will find themselves feeling rejuvenated and able to ignore injuries temporarily. Saturn Knight can only call upon this ability while armed with his scythe as it operates as a focus, is completely open to attack while casting, and generally has a big fat target on his head but at least he's helping out others, right?
  • Death Shroud: Mitra--the spirit of his previous incarnation--has settled properly within Saturn Knight. With his ghost properly settled, Saturn Knight has had all of his memories and more returned to him. This gives him an uncanny awareness of the Silver Millennium, the Pantheon that ruled it, and a large repository of knowledge gained over countless centuries while serving as both defender and knight. As an additional boon, and something that was common to those of Saturn, he is aware of the lingering presence of spirits (and otherwise) and is capable of speaking with them.


For most that lived upon Saturn, they knew only that their Princess was forever in a deep sleep. A sleep, the stories told, that she went into willingly to ensure their world would be forever prosperous.

Mitra, a Knight of Saturn, knew the truth: that should their Princess awaken a terrible fate would befall them all.

It was something that had been told to him in hushed whispers, an explanation that had come when he watched as the young Princess--a young girl he had protected and looked after as dutifully as a father might--had been made to sleep. At that moment, Mitra understood the true purpose of his training: everything he learned, everything he had come to be able to do, was to try and stop the Princess.

He did not like it, though not nearly as much as he disliked having to keep watch on a young girl that would never be able to live her life. Mitra dedicated himself to protecting Saturn (both Princess and planet) as best he could, wondering if this was the best way of things. When he could, which was as often as he managed it, Mitra would sit beside the young Princess of Saturn and read to her stories.

If she was to sleep, to never awaken, then he would at least help ensure her dreams were beautiful. When nightmares came, Mitra would hold the Princess's hand and smooth a hand through her hair. At some point, though Mitra would never be able to pinpoint when, he began to look upon the Princess as his own daughter.

Which was why, when the end came for all of them, Mitra only made the token effort to try and stop the Princess that had awoken. Yet she could not be moved from her calling, for what needed to be done, and she cut him down with tears welling in her eyes.

The wound struck upon him was not meant to be a mortal one, though it seemed to be such to the Princess. She perceived Mitra as dead, a loss that could not be recovered via her powers.

That, like the truth of Princess Saturn, was not at all what it appeared to be. Mitra died proud of his Princess but also sad that he had not been able to ease her burden.

Born the only child of his parents, Leandro Jameson grew up in a hard-working middle-class family in Florida. His parents instilled a healthy work ethic in him (his mother from Brazil, having come to America to work as a teacher, and his father eventually coming to own his own coffee shop near where his mother had worked). It was that work ethic that carried him through school.

There was only one other thing that had helped him but it was something he did not talk of: Leandro was haunted. He had learned, once old enough, to just not bring it up. Imaginary friends eventually disappeared, after all, and this was definitely not imaginary. After all: sometimes he could somewhat understand the garbled whispers the ghost spoke, other times he could barely make sense of them.

Never mind the dreams.

Those dreams were what guided him to enlisting in the Navy, making his way through and eventually becoming a SEAL. It was the ghost, however, that helped him survive all that he did while enlisted. Leandro might have stayed within the Navy were it not for the fact that he got injured during one of the missions, something he just barely lived through in thanks to a disjointed whisper that told him to move.

The physical therapy and otherwise that he went through to recover--as he had nearly lost the use of his legs through the injury--was not what almost did him in. It was the flashes of what appeared to be memories from the ghost that did it, somehow triggered by the near-death experience.

Jumbled pictures of dark hair, purple eyes, a searing pain, and then the absolute ruin that followed. None of it made sense and, while in recovery, he made the mistake of mentioning his dreams. An honorable discharge followed, despite the fact he was on his way to a full recovery. Leandro was not sure what to do with his life, eventually settling on doing odd jobs here and there.

Before he realized it, he had made a name for himself as something of a problem solver with a penchant for being able to handle a situation no matter how bad it got. It meant that, for a time, Leandro worked as a bodyguard for those that needed it. What he was not expecting, however, was for himself to be triggered while protecting someone.

Someone almost died, Leandro barely remembering and only knowing that he had done what was necessary. What mattered most, however, was that he was found afterward by someone who seemed to understand a great deal.

More than that: he was granted that same ability to understand, to put together all the clues that had been given to him by that ghost. With the growing presence of magical girls, strange beings from outer space, and so much more, Leandro was not the least bit surprised to learn there was more to his life.

That one of those beings might have corrupted or influenced his life in some manner. Why else would he be haunted, after all?

The problem is that he only has parts, not the whole, and all he knows is that he has to put an end to a certain Sailor Senshi--who shares features with the one that cut him down in those foggy memories--if he wants to avoid another bad end. Not just for himself but for others as well.

With his powers growing under the careful guidance of Chaos--taking on the name of Spectrolite--Leandro was finally able to prove himself and was given a long-term job: to ingratiate himself with the Sailor Starlights and feed the Dark Alliance intel. Any chance he saw to twist things in their favor, he was to do so without giving up his true alliances.

Leandro just wasn't expecting what it would be like to get so close to one of the Sailor Senshi, let alone the familial affection he feels for Saariyah Bhasin. Worse: the ghost is louder than ever but he does his best to not listen.

Nothing must stop him from his mission beyond that of being a spy: Sailor Saturn must die if he wants to secure the future they are fighting for.

... but he can't quiet the whisper in the back of his mind that this path may not be the right one.

There are so many mistakes that he has made, so many that he cannot take back, and now Leandro is painfully aware of them. It had built-in him, a paranoid awareness that something was happening to Smokey Quarts--to Saariyah--and he had acted without thinking, barely taking the time to include Moon Knight with him.

They had her, they were taking her, and all Spectrolite could think was that it could not be. So he swept into action, an order given to Moon Knight to take Smokey Quartz as soon as she appeared, and ignored the screams that came from Mitra. All that mattered was they did not get her, did not-

Looking back, there are only regrets. Perhaps he should have held to Saariyah, not simply swap their places, but there is nothing to be done to change it. They had meant to take back Saariyah, to purify her and save her, and instead, they were left with her corrupter.

A man who had lived as a ghost for his entire life not even realizing it, the Chaos that flowed through him further hiding the truth from him. Leandro has so many mistakes to make up for, awakened now to the truth of who he really is.

Yet all he can think of is Saariyah, still caught within the Dark Alliance, and worse, his lover ... There are so many things that have gone wrong and all he can think of is what needs to be done to make it right. If he is even allowed to right them.

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There was a writing sample here but it didn't get to be reborn. Like Mitra shouldn't have been.

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