Phoebe Llewelyn



ALIAS: Sailor Mau, Mau, Phoebs, Phoe
AGE: 28
FACTION: Galactica
PRONOUNS: She/her/hers
FACE CLAIM: Amber Riley


  • Cell Phone: Phoebe's primary form of communication on this planet, she has it on her person at all times, using it for both business and pleasure.
  • Cat's Collar: A small cat's collar with a bell on it that she has on her person at all times. In her cat form, she wears it around her neck.
  • Whip: The weapon that Phoebe uses as Sailor Mau is a whip; she can access this weapon in her untransformed form as well. It's normally tied around her whip.
  • Mau Crystal: Sailor Mau's star seed and sailor crystal. It's technically in the shape of a cat's paw whenever made physical, but actually resides deep within Phoebe's soul.


NAME: Sailor Mau


  • Invisibility: Using her ability to control light Sailor Mau is able to, effectively, bend the light around herself and others near her to make them effectively invisible to the naked eye. This doesn't affect sound or smell or any of the other senses, but it does render her invisible to cameras as well.
  • Lumokinesis: Lumokinesis is the ability to generate and manipulate light. Phoebe's lumokinesis allows her to create blasts of light, change the direction of light, and other aspects. She is also able to change the way that certain colors are perceived under the light, use her control over light to allow her to fly, and etc.
  • Hardlight Constructs: Using her lumokinetic abilities Sailor Mau is able to create hardlight objects - for example, she can create a construct of a chair that has entirely been made out of pure light. Her constructs often pack a punch, though they're not indestructible.
  • Mautian Aurora: Mau generates and fires off a highly dangerous laser at her enemy.
  • Mautian Light Whip: Mau imbues her whip with light energy and uses it to attack her enemy.
  • Cat Claw Frenzy: Mau generates claws made out of hard lights and uses them to slash at her enemy at close range.
  • Fist of the Feline Queen: Mau either fires off a blast of light that is in the shape of a lion's head or uses that energy to energize her actual physical punches.


Phoebe Llewelyn's story starts on the planet Mau, 28 Earth years ago. She was born as the youngest daughter to the longest running Sailor Guardian that the planet had ever seen: Sailor Mau. Her mother was a storied hero with plenty of adventure and accomplishments under belt - effectively, the original Sailor Mau was the most popular celebrity on the entire planet. Even for a young child such as Phoebe, growing up in her mother's shadow was difficult; how did you measure up to the woman that secured an alliance between the Lunarian Silver Millennium and Mau, for however fleeting it was? But that wasn't where Phoebe's story ended, no, of course not.

Phoebe was still a child when Sailor Galaxia and her Shadow Galactica swept through the galaxy, taking Mau as one of their own planets and killing Sailor Mau - replacing her with an individual that was a shade of the soldier's true self, Sailor Tin Nyanko. As a little girl Phoebe was helpless to watch as it happened, and ultimately orphaned as the wave of destruction that was the Sailor Wars swept through the universe. Of course she was hurt by the loss of her mother, but there was something inside of her that told her that everything would be okay and, even at her young age, to keep going.

After the defeat of Sailor Galaxia at the hands of the Sol Galaxy's Sailor Guardians, and specifically Sailor Moon - the reincarnation of the legendary Princess Serenity, daughter of Queen Serenity, the woman that her mother formed an alliance with and the reason that she herself wore a crescent moon on her forehead most times. Though the majority of the soldiers that whose lives were taken by the Shadow Galactica were restored to life and to their parents, Sailor Mau was not among them; this was for one very specific reason. The Star Seed of the planet Mau, the Sailor Crystal which gave her mother her power had passed on.

Phoebe, young as she was and still in training, was Sailor Mini Mau now. For the next few years as the Galactica itself was formed, with the Kinmokuseian Queen Fireball at it's head, Mau would learn how to harness her abilities and become a fully fledged Sailor Guardian alongside amazing guardians such as the Starlights, Sailor Cocoon, and the other members of the Galactica. Before long she was a fully fledged soldier, and it was only a short time after that when the Galactica found themselves following Queen Fireball and the Starlights to the planet Earth, where Neo Queen Serenity and her Crystal Empire were learning to be royals.

To be honest, Mau felt like she was still learning herself, but she was psyched over the idea of meeting the daughter of the woman that her mother idolized. She felt like she would relate a lot with the Neo Queen, even if she herself wasn't a galactic empress in the same way that she was. Since arriving on Earth Sailor Mau has worked closely with the Galactica and the Crystal Empire in their efforts for peace - for what good or what ill that's actually done. She's created a life on the planet under the guise Phoebe Llewelyn, though her identity as a member of the Galactica was a public one.

She currently works as a vocalist, both with her own solo career and working alongside a music group.

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