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April 2031
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Diana LeBlanc


  • Diana Hunter: Her civilian identity in the 21st Century.
Future Moon
Face Claim
Laura Harrier
Advisor, Journalist Intern
  • Space-Time Key: Let’s be serious here. Diana is probably the one who’s responsible for it, since she once guarded the Space-Time Door herself for Puu.
  • House Keys: Diana keeps a keychain with her containing all of the Future Moon Guardians house keys.
  • Cell phone: Diana has enough money to have an older version of the Android.
  • Cat Collar: Diana’s very clingy to her collar from when she was a kitten and probably insisted on her newer collar to have a bell.


  • Shapeshifting: Diana can shapeshift into her original form, a grey cat, which is now an adult. Her cat form has a crescent moon on its forehead similar to her parents. Don’t be fooled, though – she’ll still happily claim the top of someone’s head out of habit.
  • Weapon creation: A skill she obtained from her parents, Diana can create new weapons and gear (e.g. communicators) for the Future Moon.
  • Mental Restoration: A skill that she obtained from her mother, Luna. Diana can restore the memories of an individual, but as she’s still in training, she can only restore the most recently lost memories – not ALL of them.
  • Moon Beam: An offensive technique primarily used in times of distress, Diana is capable of unleashing a beam of light from the crescent moon on her forehead.
  • Lady Senses: Diana is capable of detecting whether or not Lady is still alive. For example, during Infinity arc, she quickly sensed from afar that Mini Moon had lost her Silver Crystal and was slowly passing.


Diana was born in 2081, 920 years before the 30th Century in the same year that --- Lunette was born. She is the only child of Luna and Artemis, conceived when they were in their human forms. However, contrary to what one might assume, Diana preferred the form of a kitten growing up because she thought it was cute. Not to mention, it saved her a bundle of energy that she preferred to use to learn and grow as an advisor to the Princess she was sworn to serve.

Having been born around the time that Lady was, Diana and Lady formed a sisterly bond. Diana was there for Lady when she was in the mood to be mischievous, tell secrets, or just in general, talk. She would do her best (as an advisor should) to provide the best advice, using every opportunity she got to develop charisma.

Diana had also developed her own curious tendencies from Lady, as she was one day wandering around the Crystal Palace and stumbled upon the Space-Time Door. From there, she met the mysterious Sailor Pluto, who she would also form a close bond with, and more comfortably so after finding out that Lady knew about it. Together, they would keep the Space-Time Door a secret, until knowledge somehow reached the King and Queen that they knew.

When war broke out with the Black Moons in their timeline, Diana wasn’t nearly as active as she’d have liked to be after her parents fell to the Black Moon. It was the reveal that Lady had become Black Lady where Diana would make her own move, urging Pluto to leave the Space-Time Door while she guarded it in her absence to help the Sailor Guardians.

Since then, she was there with Lady as she grew as a Sailor Guardian in present times up until the point where they fought Pharaoh 90. While Diana didn’t lose her life during the Sailor Stars arc like many others had, her crescent symbol on her forehead was severely damaged after she took an attack from Sailor Iron Mouse for her parents. The damage to her crescent mark disabled her ability to shapeshift and talk.

Eventually, the timeline was fixed by Guardian Cosmos, and after Lady was revived Diana would also join her and the Amazoness Quartet in the future. Diana regained her ability to talk and shapeshift and took advantage of her studies ever since returning to the 30th Century. However, she now had to take charge of not only Lady, but also Lady’s own Guardian court. The responsibility weighed on Diana heavily, but she took it pridefully as she once again grew as an advisor and learned more techniques from both of her parents.

Diana was present when Sailor Mini Moon ascended the role of Sailor Neo Moon, and even when her team pledged their allegiance to Neo Moon. Diana had also pledged her allegiance once more, promising to aid Lady.

When the timeline began to shift and the Dark Alliance appeared on Earth once more, Diana attempted to aid the Future Moon as much as she could. She would stand by Lady in her decision to return to the year 2030, where she would tagalong through Lady’s journey as a journalist intern.

Diana is less active as an intern and in general than Lady is, as she’s afraid of being caught publicly. Diana’s powers are still rather new to her, having developed them within the recent years from training with her parents. She frequently uses makeup and other means to hide her crescent in order to not deplete her energy.

It should also be noted that recent activities with the Future Moon have left a bad taste in Diana’s mouth. She’s a firm believer that friends should remain friends, and she’ll do whatever she can in her power to help mend those friendships and properly guide the Future Moon once more.

Writing Sample

OOC note: Vii ripped this from an old Diana post. Bear with me. :D

The longer that Diana had stayed at the park, the more it became evident that she needed to find Pluto and Small Lady soon. Infinity park wasn't safe any longer and Diana needed answers. Space-time shouldn't have distorted like that for so long!

After she'd overheard civilians discussing the distortions in Infinity City experiencing similar ailments that Diana had experienced, Diana had to take her leave. There was no other option. The distortions in space-time within the vicinity made it difficult to stay there for prolonged periods of time, but it was also one of the safer places for refuge as it wasn't nearly as populated at night. She'd spent all day yesterday wandering around Infinity City trying to find a better hiding spot, but the only place that Diana felt was the most accessible was Sky King Tower's parking garage.

Not too far from Sky King Tower was the train station, which would have come in handy if she ever made enough money without stealing it. Diana knew that as desperate as she wanted to find Small Lady, Pluto and the others, the people here needed the money more than she did.

So that evening after a little reconnaissance within the area, Diana decided to settle down for the night as sunset was approaching within the next hour. She scurried across the street and headed for Sky King Tower's parking garage, but as she approached the building as a kitten her pink hues widened and gazed upward in awe. The last time she was close to Sky King Tower was when she was a human.

Wow! I never realized how big this place was! There's so many stories!

With a little wiggle of her tail, Diana braced herself for the climb up to the top and began. From what she saw from outside, the upper floors were the least occupied and probably the safest area for her. But Diana also wasn't sure she'd be able to stay there each and every night, as while she ran across the ramps to the upper levels, it was proving difficult. She wanted water and there was probably no water up there!

Maybe this was a bad idea! Diana thought as she turned back to look back down at the lower level of the ramp. There was just no turning back now, not when she was so close to where she wanted to rest.

Once she reached one of the lesser occupied levels, Diana hadn't even dared to question just how high she was. She didn't want to know, she felt it in her body and it would've made it so intimidating to climb down later that night.

"I think this is okay...." Looking around intently, Diana glanced at the vehicles lined up. They looked so expensive! Just what type of residential complex was Sky King Tower? But after that climb, Diana was too exhausted to even consider looking into that.

Without much forethought on the vehicle type, Diana made her way to the front end of one of the vehicles and curled up to rest, revealing her crescent in order to save that energy for the trip back down. After all, if someone was coming she should've been able to hear them coming as she slept...right?


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