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April 2031
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Azazer Hawkins


  • Azzy: Mostly by those he's close with.
19 (physically)
Crystal Empire
Pretend Human (Actually Lunarian)
Face Claim
Nils Verberne
  • Barista: It lets him work around people and Azazer loves people.
  • Beauty Personality: Burgeoning beauty/stylist personality on them there intarwebz.
  • Drag Queen: There's nothing Azazer loves more than dolling himself up and putting on a show! Though he's still looking for the right place to really shine.
  • Being Mom's Hecate's Favorite: Even if it isn't true, Azazer believes it and does everything in his power to not disappoint her.
  • Hawk's Eye Stone: A pretty piece of Hawk's Eye, wire-wrapped and often attached either to a bracelet or a necklace. It just means so much to him.
  • Clothing: Despite being only recently revived, no one is able to figure out just how Azazer has such an extensive wardrobe of stylish, expensive, and pretty clothing.
  • Make-up: Much like his wardrobe, Azazer always seems to have the perfect pallette to make you into the most pretty princess ever (because gender is NONSENSE and everyone is a pretty princess in his eyes).
  • Cell Phone: Small, compact, and just as cute as he is. He may have asked Mom Morrigan for one (because she's the best EVER).
  • Talons: What usually look like very pretty rings on his fingers are actually just a cover for the Hawk-like talons that his nails can be transformed into. Being trapped as a hawk for years made him somewhat used to having them, though he is mindful of when they come out (and it's a quick way to tell he's agitated).


Hawk's Eye
  • Fire Manipulation: Able to both summon and manipulate fire, Hawk's Eye usually uses it for tricks and showing off. In a fight, however, he can use it to both attack and defend himself.
  • Fire Storm: If forced--and things are going poorly in combat--Hawk's Eye can summon pillars of fire to surround his enemies. The attack, however, leaves him completely open to attack and likely to bail.
  • Shapeshifting (Hawk): A long time ago, he was a man granted the form of a hawk. Then, when that beloved Queen he served was locked away, he became trapped in that form until he was once again granted human form. To be honest, it's all a little murky in his mind but all that matters is he can go 'caw, caw, mothereffer' for funsies. There is one problematic aspect, however, and that is that sometimes--when agitated--certain avian features can bleed through such as talons or small feathers.
  • Dream Beasties (Lemures): While Hawk's Eye could rely upon the more traditional youma, he instead prefers to make use of the beasties he can create from the stolen dreams and otherwise from people. They're infinitely more fun, in his opinion, and listen better anyway.
  • Dream Manipulation: Able to manipulate dreams to inspire both sweet dreams and horrifying nightmares in individuals, Hawk's Eye must be near the person to start. Most often this is triggered by a conversation with the individual but he can--though it takes more time--simply focus upon them to alter their dreams that night. Once he has affected their dreams, however, he need not be around them. This is most often used to make an enemy doubt themselves, or their comrades, or subtly encourage an ally through their dreams.
  • Dream Mirror Stealing: Hawk's Eye is able to steal the beautiful dreams of people, manifested as Dream Mirrors. They can be used to create Lemures or simply keep a hold of for whatever nefarious purposes he might have.
  • Teleporting: As one of the Amazon trio, Hawk's Eye is able to create and move through portals that he creates to travel. Each member of the Trio has a different flair to their portals, for Hawk's Eye this means his portals disperse into feathers after he goes through them.


Once upon a time, there was a pretty prince who did not understand why he couldn't be pretty as a princess. Well, that and he wasn't actually a prince either but as far as he was concerned, being one was all about frame of mind. If he thought he was a prince, then he was a prince, and he'd make sure everyone else believed it. The young man sought not the light of the moon but the dark and beautiful Queen that ruled within the shadow of it.

The beautiful, dark Queen saw the promise in the young man, helping him learn and hone his talents in service to her. That included being able to turn into a hawk, finding freedom in the skies, and using that ability to spy upon the Nether Moon's enemies. The problem, of course, was that his Queen had her Court fell and when that happened ...

Well, Azazer cannot remember what followed. Only that time passed, his awareness waning as he became trapped within the form of a hawk. Eventually, his human form was returned to him, seeing him become a part of the Dead Moon Circus. Even then, things did not go as planned and he was killed trying to do right by the those that revived him.

Even if there was something alluring about the dreams of the Sailor Senshi; a spark of hope and light that he very nearly coveted before he realized that it would never be so. It was just too late.

He was no longer a man, no longer a hawk, just dead bones.

Until he wasn't, the beautiful face of mother there. Alive once more, all Azazer--Hawk's Eye--cares about is doing the best that he can, serving his Dark Queen to his best abilities. If he just so happens to enjoy himself as well along the way, it's that much better.

Writing Sample

There was nothing until there was something.

It was not a light at the end of the tunnel, something Azazer would have turned away from no matter what. Instead, something brilliant and dark glittered ahead, a sweet croon that promised if he followed then he would find all that he sought.

So he did.

When he reached out and touched that darkness, finding that where he expected a wing to be there was once more a hand, he breathed out the harsh breath of death and breathed in the warmth of life.

As his eyes opened, for the first time in countless years, it was his beautiful, dark Queen that stood before him. Azazer took his knee, smiling widely at her.

Hawk's Eye was reborn and this time ...

... this time he would do everything that he could to serve his Queen.

The problem, of course, was reacquainting oneself after being dead. Yet there was so much that had been missed, so much that he wished he had been there to see.

Then again: maybe it was better he simply got to bypass all the bullshit that happened while he was gone. After all, now people wouldn't look at him as funny when he dressed up pretty as a princess (eat your heart out, Princess Neo Queen Serenity).

More importantly: even Fish Eye was able to be everything she was meant to be. (Hell, if Tiger's Eye wanted to be extra pretty himself, he could be too! Hawk's Eye would help!) As far as Azazer was concerned, the Amazon Trio had returned to a world that was far better for them than the world they had left behind.

"This," he murmured to himself, settling in for a night of reading up on what he missed (starting with fashion, of course), "is going to be fabulous."

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