Poppy Asherah



ALIAS: Sailor Poseidon
AGE: 19
FACTION: Dark Alliance
PRONOUNS: she/her
OCCUPATION: Unemployed
FACE CLAIM: Moriah Pereira (Poppy)


Hadal: Poseidon's trident, made from enchanted reef materials. Its points are extremely sharp, and it stands above Poseidon's head by almost a foot. It is extremely durable, having never been broken in battle. It is covered with barnacles and seaweed, and occasionally a stray starfish can be seen clinging to it.
Cell Phone: A modest model, ocassionally used and often forgotten.


NAME: Sailor Poseidon


Brittle Star Vortex: Holds Hadal in front of her, moving it in slow circles, as if stirring a pot. This movement summons cascades of water that swirls around the enemy and creates an ever-growing whirlpool of water around her enemy, with a downward push that puts pressure on them, preventing an easy escape through the top of it. Fangtooth fish emerge from the whirling waters and attack with vicious bites.

Viperfish Hurricane: Begins to twirl Hadal above her head, slowly at first, the wind and rain being summoned and pulled in, forming around her as if she were the eye of the storm. This escalates until it creates hurricane-like conditions for the immediate area, winds blowing the enemy off their feet and rain pelting into their skin. Viperfish begin to come down with the rain, biting and smacking against them. If she is able to continue spinning, the conditions will escalate further and further, creating harsher and harsher conditions.

Physalia Surround: Ripping open a portal to the sea with Hadal she summons a group of Man o' War, who sting and shock all those around with their long tentacles. Though they usually are directed by Poppy's intent, sometimes that intent is absent, and then they will attack indiscriminately. She can summon up to eight of these at a time.

Tsunami Protect: Swinging Hadal in a manner akin to a golf club, she summons a huge wall of water that will protect from attacks and then crash down on the enemy as an offensive maneuver as well.

Ocean Manipulation

Aquatic Adaptation


The ocean sometimes loses its reputation as the horrible thing that it can be. Storms wrecking through the water don't catch attention until they hit landfall. The floating city of Pacifica Island was somewhere that faced these terrors daily, not just during a storm season. Man-made, created by the people who felt the ocean calling, it was advertised as a tropical paradise that boasted all the perks of a cruise ship, while offering the space and freedom of a city. But when it ventured off into the deeper seas, tourists didn't come with it.

Poppy was born on the island, only daughter to the mayor and his wife. She was strange, ever since birth, quiet and almost as if she was completely vacant. Her voice was high pitched, but soft, with a haunting sound to it, no matter what she said. Even as small as four or five, she'd be gone, found near the edges of the city, looking into the water, as if she may walk off and join the dolphins that followed. She was never afraid of the storms that threw the city around, which threatened to tear everything down. She found comfort in the chaos, peering out of glass that was built to withstand the hurricanes that tore across the water. The wind, the lightning.

She never felt at home on top of the ocean, but the depths of the abyss chanted to her with a hundred soft voices at once. The dancing lights of bioluminescence that she found in the aquariums taunted her, begging for release. She'd go often, hands on the outside of the tanks, peering in with a sadness in her vacancy. Release. Freedom. Water pouring onto the floor as she quickly pulled the creatures into her baskets. She'd broken in to release them. The more that were captive, the more she herself felt captive. Freedom came at each piece of shattered aquarium glass.

Security came swiftly, and she ran, bare feet against broken glass, pads leaving bloodied footprints as she ran to the edge of the city, to the railings that kept the people contained. She threw the fish, hearing the hit the water with a plop, and soon she was on the railing herself. A half dozen guards held their hands out, please for her to step down falling on vacant eyes. And then, for the first time anyone had ever seen, Poppy smiled. The ocean screamed at her, and she fell backward, body hitting the water with a splash.

That was the last time that Poppy was seen by the people of Pacifica Island. Her body floated, a bright white spot of reflected moonlight, her eyes and face facing upwards to the stars. Arms out to her side, feet trailing just under the water's surface. Beneath her a horde of Man-o-War, holding her up with the soft parts of their heads, tentacles swirling around but never touching her. She laid there for quite sometime before the darkness enveloped and she let herself sink, deeper into the abyss. Her lungs cried for air while her hair floated around.

She was pulled away as she began to slip into silence. A force reaching down, pulling her back to surface. She struggled, desiring the aphotic depth below, but it was simply not something she could overcome. She broke through the water, air filling her lungs once again. The darkness ahead seemed to be void of its own, and she swam towards it, disappearing into its embrace. She was the bearer of a Sailor Crystal, she was told, after it had already been tainted by the darkness. She couldn't be allowed to die, the voice said. Great plans for you, it cooed. She didn't need persuading. She took her trident wordlessly.

The Crystal City became her home then, the shrouded figure that had pulled her from the water the leader of a group that was meant to destroy the system in place, one they found unjust. She hadn't noticed the particular things they shouted and talked about, but now that she was here, it was expected that she would agree and rally against the White Moon's rule. She agreed to, though the only dog she had in this fight was destroying as many of them as she could, now that she was able.

Poppy's self-isolation wasn't because she simply didn't want to be around other people. It was because she hated them. The calm, quiet, unnerving exterior was simply the only way she knew how to front. She'd met very few people she cared anything about being around, and even fewer that she wouldn't drown if given the opportunity. That opportunity was now, and she was eager to quietly slip in and do so. She trained herself, mostly alone, though the one called Wiseman offered assistance on occasion, as well as some of the others like her. Corrupted. Malevolent. Maybe not all of them, but she was as indiscriminate with her disdain as the very waters she commanded.

The true mission, falling back in time to dismantle the governing forces before they took sure footing, seemed an interesting take. The ability to do so - that was the thing that interested Poppy more than anything. She found it strange that this Wiseman had the ability to send so many back in time, to do his bidding there, and yet the Queen's power exceeded his own enough that it was found to be necessary. What sort of force she must truly command.

The past was certainly a culture shock, arriving in such an old, sad world, filled with animosity not just towards the Queen, but with each other as well. So many of the forces written about as adversaries to the Moon that had all gathered together. And so small a death toll to account for all of it. Poppy follows her orders. She silently waits for her time to make such the impact that the toll rises. Oh, how exciting.

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