Kesatria Bintang



  • Kesatria Bintang: The original name given to her at birth, meaning "knight of the stars".
  • Kes: An affectionate nickname only used by fellow Starlights.
  • Cesario Bennet: Formerly; Her human, male idol alter ego.
AGE: 36
FACTION: Inactive
ETHNICITY: Kinmokuseian
  • Ambassador for Kinmoku
  • Leader of the Sailor Starlights
  • Former lead singer and musician
  • Former model
  • Former actress
  • Athlete (professional in Kinmokuseian standards; amature in human standards)
FACE CLAIM: Tao Okamoto


  • Fighter Sailor Crystal: The Sailor Crystal of the moon Fighter, located within Kesatria's body. It is the source of her powers as a Senshi, and constitutes a part of her soul. If the Sailor Crystal were to be removed from her body, she will end up dying.
  • Star Yell: A little white, star shaped broach, decorated with the three Starlights' respective theme colors: blue, purple and green. The Star Yell is not required in most of Kesatria's attacks, but it can be used to amplify their strength. In the attack Star Courageous Blade, Kesatria's Star Yell can turn into a sword, and in the attack Star Dazzling Slash, it can turn into a ninja star. Kesatria keeps her Star Yell within reach at all times, because she wants to make sure that she can make her abilities stronger.
  • Sailor Change Star: A winged, star shaped broach that enables Kesatria to transfrom into Sailor Star Fighter. Kesatria keeps it within reach at all times, for one may not know when her intervention will be needed. Once she is transformed, the broach becomes a winged ear piece, that resembles a wireless microphone.
  • Cell Phone: Just like pretty much anyone in this day and age, Kesatria has a cellphone, which she uses to keep in touch with the people around her, namely the new friends she has made since coming to Earth. Kesatria's device of choice is a Galaxy, which she thinks is rather nifty, considering her Senshi identity.
  • Commet Ball: As Kesatria was a renowned champion of the Commet Ball game back on Kinmoku, she still posesses the ball that was used to play it, even though she doesn't have the time to play nowadays. It is roughly the size of a volleyball, and colored in a galaxy pattern.
  • Trophies: Both on Kinmoku and on Earth, Kesatria has won various awards for both her sportive and musical careers. Ever the competitive person, she keeps every trophy she has ever recieved in a special cupboard in her chambers, and often shows them off to guests.


NAME: Sailor Star Fighter
ELEMENT: Starlight


  • Star Serious Laser: Fighter summons a beam of dazzling laser and unleash it towards her foe. At its utmost ability, this attack is capable of killing, but Fighter rarely uses it to its full capacity for two reasons: it would require her to use most of her energy, and also she has learned to respect the Solar System Senshi and their Queen's healing powers. Rather, she'd use the attack in order to harm her enemies, or dazzle them and prevent them from seeing for a few seconds.
  • Star Fighter Kick: Sailor Star Fighter creates a star-shaped beam of light that is roughly the size of a soccer ball, which she then kicks towards her enemy. When the star is kicked, a train of light forms behind it, similar to a commet.
  • Star Fighter Punch: Sailor Star Fighter creates a star-shaped beam of light, that is roughly the size of a volleyball, and punches it towards her enemy. In a similar manner to her Star Fighter Kick attack, when the star is punched, a beam of light forms behind it.
  • Star Fighter Upper: Fighter aims her hand upwards, which results in the creation of various star shaped beams in the sky above her. When she reaches her hand forward, the stars fall from the sky towards her enemy. The ammount of stars that are created when using the attack changes according to Fighter's ammount of strength and energy at that moment, but it is always more than one. As in her previous two attacks, when the stars are falling from the sky they are followed by a train of light.
  • Star Fighter Attack: Sailor Star Fighter creates a pair of lightning bolts. When she points her finger towards the enemy, the two lightning bolts spiral around one another and eventually hit them.
  • Star Courageous Blade: Sailor Star Fighter holds her Star Yell as an elongated, thin blade made of starlight forms out of its top, turning it into a sword. Using the sword, Fighter can attack her enemies and cause severe cuts and wounds. Since the blade of the sword is made of starlight, using it would dazzle everyone within sight range for a few seconds, enemies and allies alike, unless they somehow protect their eyes.
  • Star Dazzling Slash: Sailor Star Fighter holds her Star Yell horizontally, as from each of its five tips a blade made of starlight is formed, turning the Star Yell into a ninja star (or as it is known in Japanese, a shuriken). Fighter then throws the ninja star at her enemies, which can either dazzle them or, when used in full power, cut through their skin or clothes. Like in the Star Courageous Blade attack, since the blades of the ninja star are made of starlight, having the blades touch the enemy would dazzle everyone within sight range for a few seconds. The ninja star is supposed to return to Fighter's hand like a boomerang once the attack is finished, but it obviously will not if the enemy manages to catch it while its floating in the air.
  • Gender Manipulation: An ability that the three Starlights possess, and one that has helped Kesatria in the past when they were looking for their Princess. Kesatria has the ability to change her physical appearance to that of a man. This ability can be used only when Kesatria is in human form, for Senshi can only be female.
  • Projection: An ability that the three Starlights possess, Kesatria is capable of using the light of the stars in order to project holographic images. In order to use this ability, the three Starlights are needed - Kesatria would not be able to use it on her own.
  • Singing: Kesatria has a beautiful singing voice, in both male and female forms. But her singing has more to it than just a beautiful voice; it actually enables her to locate other people that she wants to find, and send them a subliminal message. However, when singing, Kesatria activates her Sailor Crystal's energy, and thus whenever she uses this ability she puts herself at the risk of being found out by her enemies. When she is especially full of intent while singing, Kesatria's body is sorrounded by a blue aura of light, which would also aid those who want to discover her.
  • Flight: As Sailor Star Fighter, she is capable of growing a pair of white angelic wings on her back and use them to fly.
  • Martial Arts: As the leader of the Sailor Starlights, Fighter has been training in various martial arts, in order to protect the Queen as best as she can.
  • Physical Fitness: Not exactly an ability per se, but due to her background as an athlete and her training in martial arts, Kesatria has developed strength and agility, which could surely become handy in a battle.


Kesatria Bintang was born in the faraway planetary system of Kinmoku, on the moon Fighter to be exact, to a respected family. Her father, Pengawal Bintang, was the commander of the Kinmokuseian Royal Guard, coming from an ancestry of honorable officers who governed the moon Fighter. Her mother, Wanita Bintang, was a lady in waiting to the reigning Queen. Needless to say, the family was wealthy, and since Kesatria was an only child, her parents pampered and nurtured her, overflowing her with material goods and attention.

Both of them had high hopes for their daughter. Since she was a girl, it only made sense for them that she would follow her mother's footsteps and become a lady in waiting for the Princess. Thus, they made sure to hire the best tutors to give her lessons in the arts that every honorable lady in waiting should know: caligraphy, Kinmokuseian history, dance, singing and most importantly, embroidery. While young Kesatria did seem to have a musical ear and the agility required to dance gracefully, she couldn't care less for the other subjects she was being taught. She found history classes boring and unneccessary, her attempts at caligraphy were unredable and messy, and her embroidery was miserable. The subjects that required sitting still and concentraining, namely history classes and caligraphy, became the ones she hated the most. More often than not, the young girl would wander around the mansion or even out of it instead of attending these classes, causing the entire staff to look after her.

It was in one of these times that she stumbled upon a group of boys her age, playing a game that seemed like fun, in which they had to pass a glowing shpere through a ring. When she asked them what they were playing and pleaed them to allow her to join, they were hesitant at first, but the girl's stubbornness didn't leave them any other choice. That's how Kesatria discovered Commetball, and fell in love with it. When she eventually returned home, she asked her parents to give her lessons in this new game that she learned. At first they were unsure that this activity was suitable for a future lady in waiting, but they eventually couldn't remain indifferent to her requests, and they agreed, in one condition - that she takes her other lessons more seriously.

Kesatria had no other choice but to accept their condition. She continued studying all the subjects she despised, only to be allowed to play Commetball. At some point, she even had a field buit especially for her in the mansion, where she could practice. As time went on, her ability has improved, and after a lot of pleading she was allowed to play professionally, joining the team that represented her moon, Fighter, in the Kinmokuseian League. There, she proved to be a great player, and became well known around Kinmoku for being the only girl in her team. She even won various trophies for her participation in the league, ones that she still cherishes to this very day.

On the outside, life seemed bright for Kesatria, but inside she was rather worried. While she did enjoy playing Commetball very much, and she did do well in her dancing and singing classes, the truth was that Kesatria was anxious about the future that her parents had planned for her. As a matter of fact, she didn't bother at all about becoming a lady in waiting. It's not like she had anything against the princess - by this point she had seen her once in the balcony in one of her games - but she didn't want to be obliged to do all the things that were a bore to her. As a matter of fact, she would much rather be like her father and join the royal guard, but up to this point they have never accepted a woman before. The only fighting women who were considered legitimate were the legendary Sailor Senshi, and Kesatria knew that the chances of her to become one were even more slight than the chance that a wish she makes at a shooting star actually comes true.

Only one day - a day that Kesatria would never forget - it happened. It was in the midst of the final game of the league, and much to her surprise, the Princess, who was to watch the game, had requested an audiance with Kesatria. In that brief meeting, that was held in privacy by the Princess' orders, she told Kesatria how she appreciates her abilities, and hoped that she will be able to serve as a role model for other young girls who dream of becoming strong and independant. At that moment, Kesatria felt as though something inside her shifted, and a strong urge to win the game at all costs has emerged in her. During the game against the team of another moon, when Kesatria jumped in the air in order to pass the commetball through the ring and earn her team the points that would provide them the victory, she could feel the urge to make the princess proud of her throbbing through her heart, stronger than ever before. It was at that moment that she was awaken as Sailor Star Fighter, in front of the entire stadium. At first, when the revealing outfit appeared, the newly awaken Senshi was confused, and somewhat embarrassed; but one thing she did know for certain was that from this moment onward, her life will never be the same.

Soon after, Kesatria has moved to the royal palace of Kinmoku, not as a lady in waiting like her parents had hoped, but rather as the first of the legendary Sailor Starlights to be awaken. As soon as she moved into the palace, she was told very clearly what her life goal is going to be from now on: to protect the Princess, at all costs, no matter what. It was a task that Kesatria was willing to perform, not only due to the new affection and respect she had towards the princess who inspired her so much. For the newly awaken Sailor Star Fighter, becoming a Senshi was an opportunity to do what she had always wanted, a dream come true. In order to perform her role as best as she can, she started practicing all sorts of martial arts from every corner of the Kinmoku Star System. She had also practiced her Senshi abilities, and slowly learned to control and monitor them. At first she practiced on her own, but after some time she was joined by Sailor Star Maker, who was the second Starlight to awaken, and Sailor Star Healer, who was the last to complete the trio. A short time after their encounter, Kesatria started to develop a great affection to the two other girls, who were thrust into the same situation as her, in spite of their differences. Both Maker and Healer agreed that since she was the first to awaken, Fighter should be the leader of the Starlights - a role which Kesatria was hesitant to fulfill at first, but after much insisting on Maker and Healer's side, she agreed to accept it.

A short while after that, the newly annointed leader had to face a challenge unheard of before. The Shadow Galactica, led by Sailor Galaxia, declared war on the Kinmoku Star System, demanding their complete surrender or else she'd show them no mercy. The Princess refused to surrender, and Fighter, just like her name, knew she was never going to allow anything bad to happen to her Princess. She tried to protect her as best as she could, but her strength was no match with the abilities of the strongest Sailor Senshi in the universe. She and the other Starlights had lost the fight, the Kinmoku Star System was destroyed and conquored, and if that wasn't enough, the Princess disappeared. The trails the Princess left behind her led to a distant planet called Earth, and seeing no other choice the Starlights decided to follow them.

On Earth, the Starlights decided to form a band and use their singing in order to search for their lost Princess. It was suggested by Maker that the three of them use the guise of male humans, so that the songs about looking for a beloved Princess would make more sense to the crowd. Healer was not a fan of the idea to say the least, but Kesatria didn't really bother; she had never felt particularly feminine, anyway, and she didn't mind putting her singing and dancing skills to the test in order to find the Princess. Under the human pseodonym of Cesario Bennet, Kesatria served as the male lead singer of the band they formed, a band which grew infamous rather quickly, and gained a sheer number of fans - most of which were adolescent girls. As the lead singer and the most well known member of the band, Kesatria also participated in various acting projects, as well as some modeling campaigns.

With time, Kesatria had become used to teenage girls gushing over her and treating her nicely only because they wanted something from her, which was the reason why one girl in particular caught her interest when she met her at the airport. Her name was Cynthia Lunette, and the reason that Kesatria grew interested in her was because she frankly didn't know who Cesario Bennet was, much to her surprise. The fact that Cynthia and her friends ended up enrolled to the same high school as Cesario and the other members of the Three Lights made them meet rather frequently. As time went by, Kesatria and Cynthia grew closer and closer, despite Cynthia's clumsy nature and Kesatria's tendency to make fun of it. For a reason unknown to her, Kesatria felt a strong urge to protect Cynthia. It was similar to the urge she felt towards her Princess, but somehow different in nature, and harder to explain.

The fact that Cynthia was revealed to be the legendary Sailor Moon, a Princess in her own right, and that the Shadow Galactica had followed the Starlights to Earth, didn't make Kesatria's life any easier. Maker and Healer's pleas to remain focused on their mission were all futile, as were their constant reminders that this wasn't their planet, and therefore they shouldn't get involved in anything that happens to it. In spite of their mission, in spite of her loyalty to her Princess, in spite of the fact that Cynthia had a boyfriend that she kept mentioning over and over again - in spite of all of that, Kesatria knew that she had to protect Cynthia, at all costs, come what may.

Cynthia's friends were killed by Galaxia and her followers one after another, and all hope seemed lost, until seemingly out of nowhere, their prayers have been answered, and the Princess appeared again. It was then that the Princess explained that she had escaped to Earth in order to look for Sailor Moon and ask for her help - an explanation that Maker and Healer found hard to accept, but not Fighter. She knew all along that Sailor Moon had something special about her, but didn't know what, and now it all made sense. When even Maker and Healer said they'd help Sailor Moon, they all flew together to the center of the galaxy, the Galaxy Cauldron, in order to face Galaxia once and for all. Kesatria didn't manage to face Galaxia as she had planned, though; she and the other Starlights were killed by Sailor Phi and Chi. Kesatria's last words were an expression of her faith in Sailor Moon, before her Sailor Crystal was stolen by Galaxia, and she disappeared. Even in her last moments, though, she had faith in Sailor Moon, and knew that even if she doesn't get to see it in person, Cynthia will be able to restore peace to the galaxy.

Which is exactly waht happened eventually. Once Galaxia and Chaos have been defeated, Guardian Cosmos caused a miracle that made all of Sailor Moon's friends be reborn, the Starlights included. Having peace restored to the galaxy, it was finally their time to go back to Kinmoku and repair their kingdom. It also meant that Kesatria had to say goodbye to Cynthia, but she knew that they will eventually meet again, sooner or later, and was willing to wait patiently to that day, no matter how long it would take.

It did take a while, but eventually the Princess, who by now became the Queen of Kinmoku, gathered her three guardians and announced that they will be paying a visit to their old friends from Earth. Kesatria could hardly hide the spark of excitement that appeared in her eyes at the sound of the news, even though the Queen announced that this wasn't going to be just a friendly visit; she had sensed the presence of Chaos on Earth, and felt obliged to go there and help. Kesatria felt the exact same way, and even though Maker and Healer had their reservations, it was the Queen who had the final say.

As soon as they arrived to Earth, Kesatria realized the planet has changed tremendously since the last time she was there, as did her beloved Cynthia, who was now Neo-Queen Serenity, and goverened the entire planet from a crystalline palace. Another notable change was that that said boyfriend of hers was now present, in the character of her current husband, King Endymion. Although Kesatria had never thought any good of him before, she tried to keep her feelings regarding the man subtle, as he did allow them into his realm and his palace; and besides, he did make Cynthia happy, in a way that Kesatria couldn't really understand.

But Kesatria didn't really have the luxury of dealing with Endymion, not at the moment. Just like the Queen had warned them, this wasn't going to be a friendly visit, and as soon as they arrived Kesatria could feel the presence of chaotic energy, which only grew stronger since the rise of the Alliance. Serving as a formal ambassador of Kinmoku in court means that Kesatria is rather a public figure in the court of Crystal City, and she knows that she would do anything in her ability to protect Neo-Queen Serenity and her planet, even at the cost of her own life. She doesn't know why, she just knows that she would.

Writing Sample

The squeaky sound of sneakers on the wooden floor could be heard as the dark haired athletic figure ran through the field and dribbled the orange ball in her left hand. She ran and dribbled until she was about to reach the basket, and there she knew exactly what to do. Kesatria took a deep breath, jumped as high as she could, through the ball in the air and. . .

Missed it.

"Ugh!", she exclaimed in rage as the ball slipped out of her hands and didn't enter the basket, but rather hit one of the corners and fell back into the ground. The athletic woman cluntched her hands into fists as she could feel the blood inside her boiling with anger. This was already her god-knows-how-many attempt at a jumpshot, and no matter how much she tried, she just couldn't get the damn ball into the basket. No matter how much she had tried, she just couldn't get her goal.

"Well, that much could be said not only about basketball", she couldn't help but think bitterly. If someone asked her, she'd probably say that it's been a while since she played and she was rusty, and that's all there is to it. But deep down, Kesatria knew that this just wasn't the truth.

The ball kept jumping in the far end of the field, lower and lower until it stopped completely, but Kesatria couldn't care less. Her mind was occupied withh something else, or rather with someone else, someone she just couldn't stand from the moment she had sent her foot on this planet for the second time. Endymion. As much as she hated to admit it, she just couldn't stand seeing him around Cynthia, around her Cynthia. Where was this man when she needed him the most, when her friends were falling apart one after the other? Does he even know what precious treasure he holds in his hands? Does he know how to cherish it? Does he treat her well? From the little that Kesatria could see, it appeared that he was rather indifferent, which made her all the more furious. He doesn't know, he doesn't appreciate - not as much as she would, had Cynthia been hers.

Only that for some reason, whatever it may be, he was the one that Cynthia wanted by her side. He was the one who made her happy. And if there was one thing that Kesatria had learned to appreciate more than her own happiness and wellfare, it was the happiness and wellfare of Cynthia. It was the reason she had come here again in the first place - she could say that it was to respect her Queen's command all she wants, she may be able to fool others, but not herself. And if that is what Cynthia wanted, Kesatria was obliged to respect that.

Even if it did tear her apart from within.

A sigh skipped the Kinmokuseian's lips, as her deep blue eyes gazed at the orange sun, that was currently sinking, and the sky that was colored in various shades of gold, pink, yellow and orange. It was getting late. She ought to get back to the palace soon. They hold a reception at the embacy this evening, and such an event just couldn't be complete without the official ambassador, right? It just wouldn't be the same without that dazzling presence of hers. And besides, she didn't want to leave the guests alone with Saariyah. That wouldn't be very hospitable of them to do.

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