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April 2031
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Luna LeBlanc


Luna LeBlanc: Her Civilian Identity in the 21st Century
30 (Physically)
Crystal Empire
Face Claim
Janelle Monae
Royal Advisor for the Crystal Kingdom
  • Cell Phone: Given that she must maintain some sense of normalcy while operating as a civilian, Luna has managed to purchase the latest technology -- an up to date Cell Phone that allows her to be able to not only communicate with the rest of the Senshi but also keep up with her daughter as she still sometimes sees her as her precious little kitten, often being unable to stand a few days not hearing from her as a maternal instinct

  • Tablet: This is not an ordinary tablet as this contains the exact same details and workings that are often found on the Super Computers in the command center and is kept in a safe place so that no one other than herself and Artemis can access it; She uses this to keep up with the working data that may come in when she's away from her command post.

  • Card Key -- Pretty self-explanatory as this grants her access into the command center(?) as means to keep unwanted visitors out.


Light Manipulation
  • Shapeshifting: As a part of her Mauian Lineage, Luna can shapeshift into her original form -- a black cat with a Lunarian symbol donning her forehead just as it would in her civilian form.

    • Shapeshifting: As a part of her Mauian Lineage, Luna can shapeshift into her original form -- a black cat with a Lunarian symbol donning her forehead just as it would in her civilian form.

    • Weapon creation: A skill granted to her by the Former Queen herself as an advisor for the Outer and Inner Guardians, Luna has the ability to create new items ranging from weapons, telecommunications, and wands for them.

    • Mental Restoration: Another skill that was granted to her by the Former Queen herself as an advisor for the Outer and Inner Guardians, Luna is able to restore the memories of individuals that may be dormant and/or locked away in their minds.

    • Moon Beam: An offensive technique primarily used in times of distress, Luna is capable of unleashing a beam of light from the crescent moon on her forehead.

    • Mauian Protection: A defensive technique that Luna is capable of using with the element of Light as her home heritage, summoning an iridescent-like barrier that covers her and others around her to protect them from incoming attacks.

    • Royal Imprint: As an advisor to the Outer and Inner Guardians; Luna has developed a primary link to the girls that allows her to be able to not only sense their presence but also determine whether or not the girls have been gravely injured or worse..



The glittering ray of hope that kept everyone going since the day Luna took to awakening this beautiful spirit had finally done the ultimate deed, she had done something that she didn't believe she could do herself -- nearly allowing the fear of loneliness and defeat cripple her until the voices of her beloved friends echoed in her mind; cheering her on from the distance until the end of time as the blossoming feminine had now slain her powerful equivalent: Sailor Galaxia - a feat that granted not only the universe's restoration but the end of a tumultuous chapter while unlocking a new one. One that resulted in this Mauian feline not only reobtaining her stance as the Royal Advisor of Neo Queen Serenity but also beginning life anew as a human being...to be able to experience human nature when it came down to not only survival but also love.. as she and Artemis had grown closer and eventually acted on those feelings that had long lingered within the two of them during their time together as advisors but also...as unrequited lovers...

She would also bear witness to the entwining of Serenity and Endymion as the two would, at last, make things official -- becoming forever bound in marriage while also unlocking the sheer power of a new millennium... bearing witness to the beautiful light that basked the entire region of Crystal City as the intricates of luminescent blues trickled about the city; setting the tone and the mark for what was now known as the Palace of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo King Endymion...but such a change did not come without its own trials and tribulations as this only beckoned forth what was a new bundle of trouble, a change that Luna felt would either make or break the royals of the Queensguard and mark what was a horrendous beginning to an unpredictable journey that not even she had ever foreseen coming...

It began with reports of anomalies flooding into the command center with an accumulation of data flowing in from the mainframe system, leading Luna to worry with concern as she and Artemis were met with fear that the time for peace was now beginning to wane and chaotic synergy was soon set to return...but there was a sense of familiarity that she couldn't place on the reported anomalies -- choosing to look further into the matters as data scans were running one after another while past scans were being pulled up for comparison matters as there was a pit of uncertainty swirling into her stomach not to mention a rising temptation that what was once old had risen anew; what was once left in the past may have possibly blossomed into a new and more potent form than anyone could ever imagine; one that Artemis swore to look into and left poor Luna in fear of the unknown -- fearful that she would perhaps be left alone if something were to happen to him and that the court would be without an advisor as Deimos and Phobos also appeared to be away as well. Even if it was a mission that needed to happen in order for them to inform the court of both the King and Queen? It did not take away from the hesitancy that was present amongst the two felines as they were met with a decision of whether or not to investigate before sending any soldier and/or knight off without solid proof.

This also came on the hinges of Serenity's abrupt decision on announcing the truth to the world: That she was Sailor Moon and she was the reason why civilians managed to prosper peacefully and have their lives spared of any tragedy and/or trauma was because of her and her fellow soldiers -- an idea that she was not exactly keen on considering the rise of violent crime amongst the denizens and the constant detection of unusual energy but one that she knew Cynthia felt fairly compassionate about..but a part of her wondered what benefits would come from it beyond the mere fact that she was being transparent with her people? That she was allowing them the benefit of the doubt when the behavior that was displayed by members of the community towards those of Chaotic aspects were out of fear, confusion, and not to mention the lack of acceptance? It was a pondering thought of what would happen once that was revealed and honestly? She feared for the worse and hoped for the best... but it appears as though she couldn't have been any more WRONG.

The announcement had reached areas far and wide within several communities, enticing riots and wars that not only shocked royal family but also members of both the Queen and King's Guard as it became more difficult for one to express some sense of calm and give promise to those who chose to remain close-minded and judgemental; to those who chose to disrespect and shun members of the Sol System's Court rather than to accept and embrace that there was a new ray of hope and leadership -- one that wanted nothing more than to see her people flourish and live in peace... and that didn't seem to be the only worries that she had to deal with...

In the midst of the chaos, Artemis decided that it was best if they launched an investigation into the reported masses of dark energies that were popping up throughout the city as its signal continued to expand and intensify along with the fact that it was revealed that Black Moon and several other evil entities that were once defeated had now been revived? It only intensified what she had only hoped to be a hunch into something that she simply refused to accept: a reality...

It was from this moment forward that Luna, as well as Artemis, would both fly under the radar -- maintaining contact with a selection of sailor soldiers for the sake of keeping in touch and informing them of their findings as times getting bleak and it seemed as if though this was just the beginning of what was to come...

Writing Sample

She was a familiar face that had not been seen in the coming months -- perhaps since prior to the start of the investigation into the dark energy that was beginning to appear on the radar of the White Moon Kingdon, encouraging the Mauian advisor to focus her attention on the developing reports that were not only accumulating on the news but also happening within the Kingdom itself. She had also gotten wind of the disastrous events that have been piling one after another since her investigation began...plagued with guilt and remorse of not actively being present for Neo Queen Serenity and Neo King Endymion and their respective Guardians to be able to give some sort of guidance and assistance but had only kept the hope in her heart that perhaps, perhaps as the Sol Guardians had aged? They were a bit wiser with their decisions and used their head sufficiently to solve the problems that may have been thrown their way as discoveries begin to come to fruition...beginning with the return of Queen Metaria as readings on the power monitor went through the roof upon her arrival, witnessing the blanket of darkness that stripped Crystal City of its light and joy along with the energy needed to power their respective electronics. This made her point of contact with Diana and Pluto fairly difficult as their access to technology was voided and communication was spotty at best when she managed to get through with intermittently weak signals, worrying the maternal nature that possessing Luna LeBlanc before her own duties as it would anyone who was away from their child...but she realized that Diana was older now, she was much capable of taking care of herself...but that did not prevent her from being so concerned, serving as an encouragement to complete this investigation in a thorough but timely fashion as her presence was needed now more than ever before.

Next came the return of former enemies that were alive and well, taking the vessels and forms of common civilians to blend in with the Gaians of Earth that raised the alarm for Luna as she was now discovering she had been away far too long; matters becoming increasingly dire as her last phone conversation with Pluto not only churned the pits of her stomach as the acid within became hot with intensity but it rattled her entirely. She was not pleased to learn of Neo Queen Serenity's erratic behavior -- from seeking or should she say choosing to abolish the laws and regulations that were put in place by the Legendary Queen Mother for over 6,000 years down to the dismissal and/or resignation of Sailor Mars to the blatant disrespect from both the Outer and Inner Guardians. What good was it for Jupiter and Uranus to be in charge when the job would not be done in the most appropriate fashion?? What good would it be to have a queens guard when none of them were even attempting to place their differences aside for important issues? What good was it when there was not a single compromise made? Disappointment. That was probably the only single adjective that could be used to describe the emotions that Luna was feeling -- beyond outrage and absolute disbelief. Those girls were in no shape or form to be able to defend themselves and protect the denizens of Crystal City or each other...nor did it seem as if Serenity was behaving in a rational manner; even with her learning about the scolding that she had been delivering on top of lashing out on people who were undeserving of the energy presented. The caramel complexion woman sat with the perfectly arched brows furrowed at the long message that she had received from Pluto as an update on the happenings and softened her features when two things, in particular, caught her attention: The first being that Cynthia was able to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon...sort of? The second? There was an appearance of a "new" Sailor Moon? Someone who resembled the Current Lunarian Queen herself? And apparently Pluto knew exactly who it was? It was such a telling release of information that what was in the next line of statements stunned her entirely, prompting her to take a deep breath as Pluto swore her to secrecy about it as such information could not be revealed....that this "new" Sailor Moon was the daughter of both Cynthia and Mason, leading to a strong sense of urgency for the both of them. This only added yet another entanglement in her puzzled research as she had simply made up her mind that it was time she returned home and showed her face -- realizing that this chaos wasn't going away and that it was only intensifying.

It was almost as if Luna had not only stepped into the role of a mother for Serenity but for all of the girls that she was advising as Queen Mother was no longer with them but she had also done best to serve as their confidante when they needed one..and it was clear that...a more conscious, unbiased mind was needed aside from Mason's own as she was well aware that that King himself had also made his return. She took the moment to just take in everything, her nostrils flaring as her lungs began to fill with oxygen until it reached its compacity before being released from the lips and immediately made a few arrangements for travel that would opt for her to arrive there as soon as possible as she also was informed of them having another meeting and its location -- of course not without Pluto informing her that she was opting out of attending..which was fine...but still not something that she'd usually miss over..trivial matters but perhaps there was more to this than Luna was being told and that was why she was making an effort to surprise the lovely group with her presence.

She managed to arrange a ride with own of the royal drivers to pick her up from her location and informed them of the location that the meeting was being held as her phone remained in hand, peering at the time as there was nothing wrong with being fashionably late -- especially at a time like this when her presence was unexpected and quite frankly, unwarranted perhaps? It didn't bother her in the slightest bit as her being gone can be a conversation at a later time -- THIS was more important than anything, conversations that were meant to be had with several members of the Queensguard, sliding inside of the backseat as soon as details were shared with the driver and immediately closing the door just so that she could cross her leg, one over the other as her posture straightened in a fashion that was regal in nature. There were a few strands that were tucked behind her ear as her luminescent greens focused her attention ahead -- her features composed despite the rushing emotions that were swirling through the course of her heart and mind, closing her eyes as a silent prayer was said to the Gods above just before opening them as the ride inside of the limousine felt like ages as the shift of car movement would come to a complete stop and the sound of a car door being opened and closed caught her attention.

This was it. The moment that one has been waiting for since her absence...

Sun rays beaming into the car as her own door was now being opened by the driver and slender legs slipped out into the open -- one after another as the Mauian advisor rose from the dark depths of the backseat; sporting a pixie cut with a trench coat dress and heels as shades donned her features to block the reflection of sunlight from hitting her eyes as she took the moment to straighten herself and her clothes -- her eyes scanning the environment to take it all in before making her destination inside to where she'd quietly wander the halls of the beautiful crystal chateau until she was finally standing in front of the entrance of the meeting chambers; peering at the decor and intricate details that made of the surface as her hand lifted to lace around the beautifully colored knob -- gripping her clutch purse in one hand while the other gripped the door. "...Here we go..." She muttered before pulling the door ajar as the gush of air immediately collided with her features; following the hanging lights as her attention soon landed on the crowd that was present as well as the visual of -- could it be...? Eternal Sailor Moon? Her lashes fluttered with surprise as she took the moment to quietly take a few steps inside before closing the door behind her; she was delicate with her moves as cat-like reflexes still remained prominent as the instincts of a feline ran rampant within her core. Her footsteps were barely audible as she took the moment to approach as her features remained at awe -- standing only but a distance away from Saturn -- clearing her throat a bit before speaking up.

""Surely, you did not think that this wonderful news was going to go unnoticed by me, did you?" She remarked as there was a pristine smile pulling at those features as her eyes fell on each and every individual that was present in the room. "That I would not get wind of this...beautiful occasion and not bare my eyes upon this...incredible display?"


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