Annie Winchester



ALIAS: Aventurine
AGE: 32
FACTION: Dark Alliance
PRONOUNS: she/her
ETHNICITY: White American
OCCUPATION: Former Tobacco Farmer
Other Odd Jobs
FACE CLAIM: Miranda Lambert


Cell Phone
1985 Ford F250 Pickup Truck
On the Gun Rack in her Pickup Truck:
-- Remington Model 870 Pump-Action Shotgun
-- Mossberg 500 Tactical Pump Shotgun
-- Remington Model 700 Rifle
-- Colt AR-15
-- Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Handgun, usually carried in the back of her jeans.
Toolbox Behind Truck Seat Feat. A LOT of Parts and Tools Specifically For Her Ancient Truck
Vine Switch - A thin piece of wood, with a wet green interior that makes it impossible to snap. She uses this in combat as a weapon. It leaves a stinging, thin red welt.


NAME: Aventurine


Chlorokinesis: Annie can control and manipulate almost all plant-life that is on Earth. She can make it grow rapidly, or wither and decay on her command.
---Blossom Season: Releases a torrent of petals and razor-sharp leaves, blinding and attacking the enemy.
---Poised Forest: Animates nearby fauna to attack on her behalf. Can also adjust and manipulate it's size.
Toxikinesis: Annie also has control over various plant and animal toxins and poisons, which she can use against the enemy in various forms. (Liquid, mist, gas, etc.)
---Poison Nimbus: Creates a mist of slow-acting poison, that poisons the enemy, causing them to weaken throughout the fight.
Expert Marksman: They didn't nickname her Annie Oakley for no reason. Annie very rarely misses a target, be it with a powered attack or a gun.


TW:: Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Murder/Suicide

West Pepper, North Carolina was a small town by small-town standards. It had about twelve buildings on Main Street, the tiniest post office on the face of the Earth, and around 700 residents in the harvest season. That number dropped to 550 once the harvest season was over. Most of the 150 or so harvest workers were migrants from Mexico, and they generally all worked for the Winchesters on their farm. They had repurposed and renovated the old slave quarters into decent little apartments, and the workers tended to take advantage of them for the duration of the season.

Bill Winchester had inherited the farm from his father, who had inherited from his, and so forth, and so on. When he was in his late teens, he married his junior high school sweetheart, Ellen. Bill had dropped out of school in the 10th grade, and Ellen had dropped in 12th grade to get married to Bill because they had a little bun cooking. Jeffery was the firstborn, and Ellen would go on to have six kids in total, who all grew up on the farm, helping work in the offseason.

Bill was a stern father, who had a mean temper, especially towards his boys. They'd often be seen with bruises and cuts, and at one point, Jeffery was nursing a broken arm. He was worse when he was drinking corn liquor that he traded tobacco for from an old man that made moonshine in his shed. Ellen sported her own set of scars of abuse, and some of them ran the house with the pitter-patter of feet. She smoked cigarettes and drank too, wine mostly, but she numbed herself through her marriage as well as she could. She dragged them all to church on Sunday for service, praying that Bill would get right with the Lord and stop his violence.

Annie Lynn Winchester was born in 1998. She was the youngest of the six, and her momma damn near died giving birth to her. She was also the only girl, and from the second Bill saw her little blue eyes he was smitten, and she was absolutely Daddy's Little Girl. He never made her do any of the work her brothers did, but she eagerly went out and did it anyway, learning out to work the fields despite her brother's protests and insistence that she couldn't do it because she was a girl. Annie was always determined to prove them wrong.

And prove them wrong, she did. She learned to work, to fish and hunt, and shoot well enough that people took to calling her Annie Oakley. She knew more about guns and ammo than some of her brothers and took every opportunity to rub that in their faces. Ellen was happy that her girl had found her place, but disappointed because she'd always wanted a daughter to play with makeup and wear pretty dresses, but Annie had none of it. The only time she'd be caught in a dress was at church and funerals.

Annie picked up a guitar for the first time at church and it seemed like she never put it down after that. She took to music and singing, sitting on the front porch in the swing strumming away, playing old Hank Williams songs. When she got older, she'd play and sing in the bar downtown for tips. She stashed it away in a fund she'd started to get herself out of this small town. One of her brothers, Carson, had gotten enough money from grants and loans to get into college and was well-read enough to pass the exams to get there. Bill was angry as hell when he'd been told, and had it not been for the gun in Carson's hand, he may have found himself in the ground instead of a cab.

Bill wasn't the same after Carson left. He got more physically abusive to the other boys, and for the first time almost raised his hand to Annie. She began stuffing that fund jar more and more, trying to get out of there faster. About four years later, she'd gotten in touch with Carson, who had finished his degree and was working, who offered to let her come to Florida and stay with him. She'd begun packing a bag when her mother came in. Ellen gave her daughter an exhausted look through a black eye, and began to help her.

Bill came home as Annie was walking down the front walk with her suitcase and her guitar case. He lost his mind, worse than he'd ever done, ripping the suitcase away and sending Annie's things flying into the front yard. He smacked her across the face, punching her in the head and kicking the girl while she was down. Ellen came running down the steps, grabbing at him and pulling him away, long enough for Annie to hear her yell, 'run!'. And she did. Annie went running as hard as she could, tears stinging her face as she tore through the tobacco fields, and stopping dead in her tracks at the sound of a gunshot. And then another, ringing through her ears and pulling her heart down into her gut.

Two days later she was sitting in the bar, smoking a cigarette and seeing on TV that all crime and violence had mysteriously ended. By the time they held the service for her parents, there was nothing on the news but good news, no murders, no robberies, nothing. Jeffery took over the farming operations and Annie stayed on to help with the push to back to normal for them, but the atmosphere of home was smothering. She couldn't walk up the front walk anymore. And some of her brothers blamed her. If she hadn't been trying to leave...

Time moved on, three years of it, and the persons responsible for the peace stepped into the light and took over. They took over everything. The woman declaring herself 'Queen' of the Earth, and displaying power and ability that no one should have outside of God himself. Her crystal palace rose from the seas, and people folded and welcomed their new leader. Annie was disgusted with the whole thing, thinking back to the beginning of this peace that had been brought on. Two days earlier, and everything would be different for her, for her family. But no. They were too late.

Annie was sitting in the bar again when the news station had a person on a talk segment, claiming to be one of the heads of something they were calling the 'Black Moon Clan', a resistance movement against the new queen and her crystal tower, and for the first time in a long time, Annie had a bit of a spark light up in her soul. They seemed to be based near the capital city, in Florida, which was coincidentally where Carson had moved to. She gave her brother a call to see if his offer still stood, and when he confirmed, she began to pack her suitcase again, slowly, wishing that Mama was here to help her again. She left out the back door with a suitcase in one hand and a guitar case in the other and got in her daddy's old truck and headed south.

She sought out this Black Moon Clan once she got there, demanding that she be brought in so she could fight. She was given powers, powers based on the green grass and earth she knew so well, and assigned under a commander - Green Emerald.

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