Zeldrina Lastryth



ALIAS: Zelda, Rin, "Soul Hunter"
AGE: 37
FACTION: Galactica
ETHNICITY: Cocoonite
OCCUPATION: Professional dancer, choreographer and teacher
FACE CLAIM: Sasha Banks


Cell Phone
A new sort of technology for her, but Zeldrina seems to have taken to it quickly, and now has an app for just about everything.

Zeldrina carries her planner with her everywhere, keeping track of lessons, performances, meetings and reminders to keep in touch with the Galactica through it all. Even though her phone has plenty of calendar apps, she finds an analog system easier to remember to use.

Sailor Crystal
Once stolen from her, she keeps it safe within the small butterfly shaped broach she uses to transform.

Saggitarius Stardust Vial
Zeldrina keeps a small vial on her at all times containing a sample of the stardust from the Sailor Graveyard in her solar system, to keep her connected to it while she is on earth.


NAME: Sailor Cocoon


Chrysalis Soul Empowerment
This ability allows Cocoon to use soul energy to empower her allies around her, giving their own abilities greater strength

Bright Anima Wave
A direct attack that concentrates soul energy into a wave that repels what it's directed towards

Galactica Scales
With this power, Sailor Cocoon calls on the souls in the Sailor Graveyard to judge her foe. Those that answer the call and find the soul of her enemy unworthy will appear as ghostly butterflies, attacking the target and weakening them

Other Abilities

Spirit Energy Weapon


Planet Cocoon had always chosen to keep to themselves through the history of the Galactica system, and each new Sailor Guardian born was content to consider her main responsibility the care of the graveyard on the edge of the Saggitarius Zero Star. Princess Zeldrina was no different. It was an honored tradition and to her, the most important role of any of the Sailor Guardians who existed. After all, she was the last line of defense before the Galaxy Caulron and any breach or corruption would spell disaster for the universe. And so Zeldrina kept herself mostly isolated from the others, focusing on her duty to her planet, and to keeping the secret of the seat of Sailor Guardian rebirth.

But when Galaxia came, Sailor Cocoon was unprepared. Galaxia promised anyone who could defeat Zeldrina would inherit her Sailor Crystal and her power. While Galaxia's army ravaged the planet there was one person willing to answer her call - Zeldrina's own sister Liadrin. There had always been an unspoken jealousy and Galaxia found it easy to manipulate. Liadrin's betrayal shook Sailor Cocoon to her core before her ultimate defeat, and Liadrin became Heavy Metal Papillion.

And then there was only darkness for Sailor Cocoon. Her soul floated aimlessly through the grayveyard she swore to protect and there was no telling for how long. Until suddenly she felt herself being pulled back by a mysterious force and there she stood, back in the wide flowery fields of her homeworld as if the Sailor Wars had never occured. In fact Zeldrina seemed to be the only one who remembered the war and her sister.

When the other Guardians discussed forming a team to keep this from happening again, Zeldrina wasn't certain how effective she could be but understood the necessity of it. But she felt she was only starting to form connections and friendships with the others when Princess Fireball asked them all to travel to Earth. How could she possibly do that? Who would guard the graveyard in her stead? And what was so important about Earth? But the princess seemed convinced that important things were building there, and that thier presence could not only help their planet but perhaps prevent another event on the scale of the Sailor Wars.

Zeldrina took some time to make her preparations and left for Earth, nervous but excited for what she would find there.

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