Estrella Vacía



ALIAS: Sailor Galaxia
AGE: Appears 29
FACTION: Dark Alliance
PRONOUNS: she/her
FACE CLAIM: Thea Trinidad (Zelina Vega)


Two Smart Phones, Newest Models. One for Business, One for Personal Business.

Galactica Bracelets - Once used to pull the soul out of someone's body and replicate the bracelets themselves on said person, they are now only used to send energy-based attacks from the gems on them, and for blocking attacks.

Sapphire Crystal - Galaxia's sailor crystal, and the ultimate force of destruction, this crystal allows Galaxia a vast reserve of energy, and the ability to cause destruction.

Galaxy Star Sword - A handsome article of war, Galaxia's sword stays by her side and aids in many attacks. It is proven to be almost unbreakable.


NAME: Sailor Galaxia


Galactica Wake - Generates a massive amount of cosmic energy from her body, which she can direct at the enemy with her body or her hands.
Galactica Tide - Generates a field of dark crackling lightning around her, using it to attack as she rushes her enemy, overwhelming them with dark, negative energy.
Galactica Rapid Storm - Sends rapid multiple strikes of her golden lightning at the enemy, quickly enough that the enemy doesn't have a chance to move or strike back.
Galactica Echo - Generates a shield of energy that absorbs the enemy's attacks and sends them back at them twice as powerful.
Galactica Strike - Shoots balls of energy at enemies, rapid-fire in varying sizes, usually with a rather bored expression on her face.
Infinite Abyss - Summons huge amount of power to open a black hole around the enemies sucking them into nothingness.
Galactica Starlit Sword - Using her sword, she attacks the enemy with a wave of black and gold lightning and energy.
Eternal Instant - Transports herself and whomever she chooses to a barren star that is nothing but eternal night.
Chaos Degrade - Causes targeted guardians to de-transform, rarely used during a fight as it takes a lot out of her, as Chaos didn't bring her back fully powered. More used as a mind game power move at the end of a fight. The more powerful the guardian, the less likely this is to work.


Sailor Galaxia was born on a small, trashy planet in a far off galaxy. Unhappy and disgusted, she drifted through the universe until awakening as Sailor Galaxia. She grew powerful, far more powerful than other Sailor Guardians, and despite of this, she grew hungry for more power, which she found by combing the galaxy and taking the Sailor Crystals of other guardians. Chaos had given her this power, and she was obsessed with finding the most powerful Sailor Crystals of them all - the Silver Crystal, and the Golden Crystals on Earth.

Galaxia had built an army of false Sailor Guardians, and a few chosen that deflected from their duties and pledged their allegiance. Her false guardians attacked and stole the Sailor Crystals from some of the Earth's guardians. The rest, Galaxia took out herself, until no one was left except Kakyuu and the Starlights, who went to her palace at Sagittarius Zero Star which would be the final battleground between herself, Sailor Moon and Chaos. When Galaxia wavered in her conviction to taking Sailor Moon's power for herself, Chaos destroyed her.

Estrella Vacía was the daughter of Alecía Vacía, who began as a journalist at the bottom floor of Pureza TV, owned and operated by millionaire mogul Todd Hunter, a brilliant but sleazy man with a history of infidelity. Alecía dug up all of the dirt on him, carefully filing it away for use at a later, more opportune time. She worked her way honestly through the ranks, until she was one of the most influential people on Pureza TV. And when she finally had access to the boss, she lay a stack of file folders on his table.

He folded. He was brilliant, but he couldn't get out of this one. Alecía was squeaky clean, nothing to hold against her, and everything to lose if she took her proof to the public. Payoffs, escorts, prostitutes - some underage - drug use. If it could have been done, she had proof of him doing it. Soon, Todd was in the Bahamas, retired, and Alecía sat in his chair. She ran and took Pureza TV into the new times, and prepped her daughter Estrella to take over. A revamp and rebrand saw it become Ginga TV, and when Alecía retired, Estrella sat in her chair. As ruthless and cunning Alecía had been, Estrella was a hundred times worse.

And she hated the new 'Queen of the World'. She hated the entire show. Her broadcasts began to focus on nothing but the unrest, the anti-White Moon propaganda, coverage glorifying the resistance and talk shows with one job - to stir the pot. To sow the seeds. Press passes got her and her people everywhere they needed to be, security clearances, everything. She worked with the resistance leaders who reached out to her to strategize.

Then the blackout happened. All the light gone during the famed ball, one that Estrella found herself leaving as it happened. She'd not been feeling right all night, and after the blackout, she was gone. The person who stood in her place was the warrior known as Sailor Galaxia. A weakened state, not as powerful as she had been before, but just as smart. Just as strategic. Just as dangerous a general. Galaxia took to Estrella's life and position like a fish to water - no one even questioned her.

Writing Sample

This planet was trash, not unlike her home planet. Interesting trash, though, especially with all the goings on. The White Moon had ascended, and Chaos had begun to put its pieces back together. That had been the foolish naivity of Sailor Moon, to think that Chaos could stay in the bits and pieces that she'd spread across the galaxy. It had all been true, that as long as the light that shown so bright from the Moon existed, so too would the darkness. it was just basic law of balance in the universe. And she had thrown off that balance.

Galaxia's quest had been for power before, and when her path faltered, Chaos had removed her. She wasn't bitter about it. It's what she had done to her underlings as well, and what she had instructed anyone to do around her. Lethe and Mnemosyne had suffered that fate, for being weak. Weak enough to not even act against Sailor Moon and the others. And, to be completely fair, Chaos did bring her back - albeit not quite as powerful - but as far as she was concerned, that made them even.

She looked out the window of the office, the towering building that she owned, and her media empire operated in. Estrella was a good vessel for her to have taken. Strong, powerful, even in the human sense. People stopped talking when she walked by and they listened when she spoke. That was all Galaxia needed. A foot in the door. And with the news channels following every tiny bit of unrest or misstep of the White Moon people, soon she'd easily have an army of pawns at her disposal. No crystals required. Fingernails tapped against the glass as the intercom on her desk buzzed.

"Miss Vacía, your three o'clock is here." The voice chimed over the speaker, and she looked over her shoulder at it, before moving and holding down the button.

"Send them in."

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AGE: 29
PRONOUNS: she/her
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