Act 7, the Return of the Pantheon.
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The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play, rated L3/S3/V3 and self-hosted utilizing MyBB, a software identical to JCink. We use Member Profiles for our application process and focus on a story act system. We have a plethora of canons available including many popular ones. We’re set after Sailor Moon, merging the 90s anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal into one game. We accept original characters and use real life face claims.
March 2031, Spring

Danica Love



ALIAS: Dani, Sailor Aphrodite, Queen Urania, Goddess of Passion, Amethyst, Lady Cytherea, Nini
AGE: 25 (Physically) ; 408 (Chronologically)
FACTION: Dark Alliance
ETHNICITY: German American
OCCUPATION: Model | Member of The Shades; Dark Alliance
FACE CLAIM: Jasmine Sanders


Cellular Device
A modern-day technology that is used amongst not only the denizens of Infinity City that is necessary for Danica to maintain contact with her agent in regards to future bookings as well as relatives and certain friends that she chose to maintain contact with due to her busy career as things were beginning to take off for her.

Aphrodite's Scepter: The Staff of Vanity
A weapon that is often seen at the stead of Sailor Aphrodite but also presentably used for certain attacks as well as a possible energy source. Its rod is golden in nature; the crown of its vessel dazzled with a beautiful accumulation of roses that were also scarlet in color while a visible view of a crystallized orb sat in its center like some sort of "stigma" that remained hidden and only within view when it begins to 'bloom' from the remarkable release of power or absorbs a profound energy source that it has captured so that its host may absorb it. It is said that such an item was symbolic of the nature of Aphrodite as it allowed her to flourish in pride.


NAME: Sailor Aphrodite
ELEMENT: Dark Energy Manipulation


Dark Energy Manipulation
Due to the manipulations of Wisemen and Black Moon's Influence, rather than developing the love and beauty as her realm of influence, Aphrodite has picked up the ability of dark energy manipulation, which is a more destructive and violent source in comparison to her counterpart: Sailor Venus. With this ability, she is able to not only able to manipulate and shape the element of choice but she is also able to create it by either drawing from inter-dimensional sources and also channel to a variety of effects such as the absence of light.

Using dark energy, Aphrodite is able to transport herself as well as others from one destination to another; often using this ability during combat scenarios as well as getting herself to point A to be point B to reach her destination if necessary.

A skill of communication that is used not only with her fellow teammates but also with multiple members of the Black Moon Clan.

Aphrodite's Rage
An Offensive attack where Aphrodite is channeling the energy that taints her soul; various of spheres containment of dark, destructive energy manifests around her form as her arms are positioned in the shape of an "X" over her chest as surges of energy begin to explode from the spherical objects before being released to her targeted enemies. These objects will explode upon contact, potentially leaving behind a devastating imprint in its wake due to the nature of energy -- depending on how long she allows those energy spheres to charge up before sending them off.

Aphrodite's Dance of Passion
Another Offensive attack of Sailor Aphrodite as her form illuminates of a bright but eerie shade of purple as the source of energy outlines her form in its entirety, pools of energy immediately exploding from the course of her figure with waves of it slamming against those who were 5 - 10 meters away from her; its effect prompting the very source of light to be absorbed from her target's bodies, sapping their energy by half of its source.

Aphrodite's Rose of Vanity
Aphrodite summoned a golden rose betwixt the thumb and index finger of her right hand, taking a moment to bring it close to her nose just so that she could smell it as an explosion of energy would transpire surrounding the shoulder. Such a moment would prompt for the very rose in her hand to become illuminated with toxic energy before rising into the sky; muttering out her attack's name while the glowing petals plucked themselves from the stem of its host one after another -- firing off towards her targeted opponent while each one takes the shape of a needle with the intent to pierce their flesh.

Aphrodite's Delicate Allure
Using her own energy, Aphrodite would summon scepter-like weapon as the massive rod suddenly found itself illuminating in rich, dark energy, and its rod suddenly extended outward to take shape of a whip where she could easily swing it towards an opponent that if successful? Its body would coil around its captive victim in forms of a snake and leech a portion of her opponent's energy source for her to absorb and weaken them in battle.

Aphrodite's Protection
Calling upon the energies within, Aphrodite is able to summon a glass-like barrier of protection that shatters upon the impact of her opponent's attack; falling into several little shard particles that could be used as an offensive attack. The barrier can be manipulated by size and often requires more of her energy to manipulate hence its limited usage time, however? The bigger the barrier, the more shards there are. She also can absorb the shards back inside of her as an energy source to regain what was lost as well.


The name of Danica Love was a name that often sent chills down the spine of men as their gaze was locked with her own should she bother to offer them the slightest bit of attention while the wives and girlfriends looked on with jealousy and rage, shunning her name to the likes of explicit slurs that would make their mother's blush as the woman was notorious for being simply drop dead gorgeous the moment she blossomed into puberty well into adulthood -- an keen observation that her parents took to their advantage as she eventually became invested in pageants and competitions that would eventually mold and shape her into the dreams of becoming a positive role model to the generation of tomorrow; preferably the young women who aspired to procure the exact amount of self-confidence that she held with pride, strutting her heels with her head up hide as the sound of its harsh clicks were all that one could hear before gazing to see the graceful strides that were taken by the beauty that made the most insecure spill vicious rumors that was emotionally and mentally harmful to Danica as a person rather than her reputation as so much had been done for her to establish herself that those who uttered a terrible statement found themselves on the brink of ruin and mental devastation from her "fans" as her best friend, Leanna would call it; something that fueled her sense of belonging and vanity while also defining her as a modern day version of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Growing up, Danica was the youngest of three daughters with her eldest sisters having their own dreams and aspirations while all maintaining good grades -- which Dani did not stray too far from as she made sure to make good grades and maintain a reputation that was kept pristine at the hands of doing charitable things, proper upkeep of her physical appearance, and also keeping up with the sports of each institution she attended -- earning herself a name as Head Cheerleader in during her final years of grade school before eventually venturing off to college to continue the trend as she found herself greatly immersed in the idea of being in the spotlight, receiving praise as a means to boost up her own ego, and solidify her stance as a person who enjoyed doing great things for the purpose of feeling pretty content with herself and who she was as a person; not realizing that this was an underlying insecurity within herself as she actually struggled with self-confidence more than she was willing to admit. Eventually, such command in grace caught the eye of one of the most popular jocks in school -- one whose mother actually happened to be an agent for a modeling agency who saw the potential in her beauty and felt that she would go further in life if she would activelyy pursue a career in the fashion realm; believing that Danica would be doing herself a disservice if she didn't. It was in that moment where she'd gain the highest form of popularity that she could muster -- one that consisted of her dating one of the most respectable figures of her peers while also developing a niche that would soon mark the beginning of her journey as a model, something that did not come without its own negative qualities on top of dealing with a sudden change in the environment that she once considered safe became toxic and the community that she once adored as beginning to increase with criminal mischief and dangerous entanglements... a pivotal point in her life that drastically changed her in a multitude of ways..

While the conflicts within the city began to arise, those within the Love Household also started to rise -- a divide amongst her siblings Eden (aged 435) and Hazel (aged 425) along with their father Leo (980) who stood against the idea of White Moon and their monarchy rule in the world while Danica and Olivia (930) stood for the idea as these were people who may have been in a blessing from God that was hard to explain but must be accepted. They figured that the Lord was sending mysterious signals that were not meant to be understood but acknowledge at best as "demons" were walking amongst them in the guise of a human vessel and they wouldn't even realize it. It was a nightly topic that often spiraled arguments between her mother and father -- screaming matches that involved vicious slurs, expletives, and hurtful comments that should never EVER leave the mouth of a husband and wife...especially when they love each other and spoke their vows before the powers that be; its after-effect hitting Danica pretty hard as the woman would even hear her father shun her name, stating that she nor her mother should ever bother to behold the family name if they were just going to disagree and disrespect his views, that they lacked the intelligence that was needed to comprehend the mere fact that White Moon was simply brainwashing them both and that ignorance was continuous, in fact it didn't stop there. The emotional love and support that was once felt within their home was shattered into a thousand pieces, her eldest sisters choosing to ignore her presence whenever she came into the room -- often resulting in hurtful phrases that were untrue in reality but painful for Dani to hear as these were supposed to be the very girls who she looked up to, the ones that she was raised with and spent all of her childhood with. Her mother often resulting in reprimanding as it was disrespectful but they didn't care, they refused to allow Dani or her mother's ignorance to be something to accept when it was the very catalyst that was breaking this structure apart, this very catalyst that shattered the once strong connection between her parents in exchange; prompting the young girl to wonder if her own views were nothing but clouded judgment? It also did not help that some very powerful forces within the political world were coming in to help Leo garner the attention and trust that was needed to help him secure a win; powerful forces that consisted of a few undercover Black Moon politicians.

Things continued to escalate as Dani witnessed a change in her father; his everyday conversations no longer consisting of questions that pertained to his relatives and their day but a twisted obsession -- vocal spills of Malicious Propaganda against the Kingdom while soft eyes that were once protective and loving to his children and wife were now dark and filled with hysteria as if something dark had possessed him so, it worried her, concerned her even as there was a twist his personality, one that she was uncertain that she was fond of - one that often scared her mother for fear that her husband might even do something drastic. It didn't even help that her sisters were idly by with him, supporting his weird obsession with the White Moon slurs and theories as it appeared as if the common notion was that they were stripping the world of their freedom of reign, their freedom to make their own decisions instead of having to answer to a higher authority who consisted of a monarchy. There were even talks of trust betrayal amongst fellow peers who felt the same as her own father and siblings as common notions spiraled about the White Moon being aliens from afar who slipped in and worked their way into the hearts of hearts, allowing the mortals to conjure up special memorabilia as a tribute to them and allow the children to hold dear to the spirits of their favorite superheroes...a memory that became a distant thought by many whose parents over the years turned them to the side of negativity, prompting the many sobs of children that she could still hear to this day that didn't understand the reasoning when she was growing up. But now? Now it seems like things have gotten worse than she had never anticipated, her hopes of crime being completely demolished shrinking as the decision became... should she too also feel this way? Should she try to understand things from her father's perspective? It appears that answer would soon come to fruition on the very day her father threw a rally with the support of Adrian Peterson and Theodore Offerman.. a moment that would forever spark the change that she never suspected as her own best friend tried to reason with her on supporting her father...even there were things that she could hardly begin to understand about this self-proclaimed hatred that became a political driving force.

"Go ahead...Support your father Ni. I know it's a hard pill to swallow..and even with all the harsh things that he said to you, I'm sure that it would mean a lot to him that you showed him forgiveness in form of support." Those words the words that were spoken by her best friend that consistently echoed in her mind, but a part of her couldn't shake the feeling, the feeling that something was terribly wrong with every portion of this situation -- including her father's twisted obsession. However, in the midst of the crowds chanting and the speech that her father began to give, Danica was beginning to feel a little woozy -- pang hitting in her chest as the center felt hot with heat as the words that were being chanted in the midst of his speech became a bit hypnotic in nature that Danica was unaware of, her thoughts for the White Moon twisting and changing as her mind was coiled to blame White Moon for the changing dynamics of her family -- marking the beginning of what was shifting tides for the poor Love child, aggravating a pit of negativity that was bubbling inside of her to his advantage as the support for her father had only increased dramatically to where Danica also began to experience changes that were even more twisted than her father's -- becoming loyal to the likes of his propaganda and despising White Moon for her own personal reasons versus political stance but simply because she hated them...something that Wiseman would continue to abuse as there was a unique aura about the girl that he wanted to have for himself, his army.. He wanted to gain another soldier...

It was in this moment where Dani was beginning to feel as if she belonged somewhere, even if it was on the side of darkness.. it was the mere fact that she was embraced more than anything in the world while also still being accepted for who she was, a mentality that was manipulated into believing that the world was undeserving of her kindness, that her sisters and former friends were just jealous of her accomplishments as the world around her began to transition into a sense of unfamiliarity -- whispers of the dark clouding her mentality as spoken words that sounded foreign to her was the last thing that she could even recall as her body grew intensely hot to the point of explosion; a dormant crystal becoming visible to the eyes of Theodore which brought him great pride as that very unique aura was confirmed to be one of a sailor soldier -- a Venusian crystal illuminating within her heart with golden aura spiraling about with its twisted beauty; prompting the following words to slip from the lips of the Black Moon Commander. "It is your fated destiny, soldier. You have finally answered the calls from home, accept it. Embrace your true nature and awaken as the soldier you were destined to be.. Awaken Venusian Soldier." And with the summoning of his own magic twisting around the very crystal, its luster began to shift into one of a more destructive nature as its golden luster transitioned into that of a dark one before retreating back into her body; prompting an explosive amount of energy to surge around the portion of her body as her eyes fluttered open as the once vibrant blues became dark like a storm brewing in the midst as a smile curled at those lips. "I feel...incredible.." were the first words that were uttered by the now awakened Soldier. "...I feel like a new woman..reborn with a newfound confidence..I feel as if power is brewing inside of me..unlike anything I've ever felt..and I own it all to you -- Master." She announced as her frame leaned forward to give him a bow like the respected man that she had come to learn and dedicate her loyalty he had given her all that she deserved and brought about what has been hidden inside of her soul all along into the light. "You have my loyalty, my strength, and on your command, I will obey." The woman that was seen days prior was no longer the same, her eyes wicked with tempting delight to create chaos, to create destruction and force those who did not treat her like a queen she was deserving of to make them remember the newfound alias that she had now taken on: Sailor Aphrodite. And It Begins: Sailor Aphrodite has been born: A new Life, A New Mission!
A new "star" had been born, alas after lying dormant for so many years and experiencing vivid dreams of a majestic return: Sailor Aphrodite had finally awakened on the whim of someone recognizing her beautiful potential as someone special and it wasn't even her own family members who chose to outcast her on opinionated views! The nerve, but it was their loss as it would be the last they'd hear from her..even if she had grown to take on the very views that were similar to their own. It was as if the air had dramatically changed and the former shell of Danica Love had completely shattered into a million pieces as her status as an official Black Moon Member, the former Venus symbol peeling off her forehead like torn flesh as an inverted Black Moon Symbol took its rightful place; marking the official change and her life anew.

It was in this moment where she'd spent several days under the rule of Black Moon, remaining in her position as a famous influencer while utilizing it to voice her views and support towards the politicians who opposed the White Moon's rule with specific wording that almost sounded hypnotic in nature; channeling the guise of temptation and seduction that Aphrodite was rightfully known for to recruit more members for the Kingdom and also help find potential soldiers that would be worthy of Wiseman's grace, worthy of being a fellow comrade whose desire and purpose was meant to be fulfilled for a greater world order -- all while still maintaining her pristine reputation as one of Infinity City's beloved faces. She'd even be seen participating in political events that were in favor of Adrian Peterson, whether it was through arrangements or simply just being a pretty face on his arm to boost his morale with the targeted audience necessary; she was willing to make sure that their message was loud and clear just as she wanted to be seen and heard with no blemishes in the way, spreading their darkness in massive waves as her end goal was to soon be the entire world.

Soon, she'd earn her way up from a mere recruit to the commander -- standing stead with seven other girls as Wiseman summoned them for a briefing and a major task along with the introduction to their gracious leader, a woman who he addressed as Nemesis -- a stunning beauty and potential friend that Aphrodite had no problems developing a relationship with.

His announcement brought about a series of tasks: To maintain communications with one another, ensure that new followers maintain their loyalty with their allied faction and eliminate those who fail to comply with them and their plans, and finally...put an end to the Future Moon Court...even if it means dire circumstances that may result in tragic endings.. An announcement that brought a smile to the face of Aphrodite as the nine beings of corruption illuminated with their respective hues; its color violently radiating with destruction before vanishing off to Present-day 2030, sparking the beginning of what was meant to be a twisted fun fest for her.

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