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AGE: 27
FACTION: Galactica
PRONOUNS: she/her
OCCUPATION: "Sports Entertainer" Athlete
Professional Wrestler


Sailor Crystal
Cell Phone


NAME: Sailor Coronis
ELEMENT: Volcanic


Pele's Kiss: Blows a kiss with a wink, creating a lava ball that is sent hurtling towards the enemy.
Volcanic Ash Storm: Raises a hand high in the air, clenching a fist and summoning clouds of volcanic ash, which rain down rain-sized droplets of lava. The ash also acts as a defensive fog, obscuring the line of sight.
Wartime Eruption: Stamps her foot onto the ground, causing a rumbling as the earth beneath her begins to crackle and break. Lava begins to shoot and spew out of the cracks in the ground, melting and setting nearby things ablaze.
Tūtū Pele's Rage: Flings her hands into the air and curls her fingers into fists. Summons various size chunks of earth, targeting the enemies and sending them flying.
Magma Stream: Holds her hands to the side, pressed together, before moving them out in front of her, sending a stream of magma blasting towards the enemy. (very hot Kamehameha blast.)
Force of Pele: Hands straight up in the air, creating a large, round ball of lava that's surrounded by rocks and earth. It crushes open when it hits its mark, exploding lava all around.

Physical Grappling: Being an experienced and talented fighter, Kala also tends to fight with her hands and fists as well as her sailor powers. Using the full size advantage, she will often use her own momentum to slam or smash her enemy.
---"Samoan Drop": Gets her enemy up onto her shoulders and holds them across her back, before flinging herself backward and sandwiching them between the ground and her body.
---"Spine Buster": Grabs a running enemy, spinning and using their momentum to slam them against the ground.
---Various Power Slams: Any movement that involves hoisting the enemy up and then flinging them back down, using her own strength and gravity against them.
---Hard Right Fist: When in doubt, knock 'em out. ---"


Coronis was never as elegant as people thought she should be. Big, brash, loud, and most of all - unapologetic - were all traits that were unbecoming of a princess. Hot-headed and quick to throw the first punch were traits unbecoming of a Sailor Senshi. The princess of her small, red planet felt nothing like a princess. Rather than learning the ins and outs of nobility, or even pretending to do so, she spent her time out in the village, fighting with the 'commoners' and blatantly ignoring every attempt to get her in a dress.

Coronis transformed into her Sailor form for the first time in her teenage years, standing in a dark red and yellow sailor fuku as she trained her abilities. Little thought put into warfare tactics, preferring a simple approach of simply overpowering and decimating her opponents with sheer force and strength. She was effective at this, for the most part. She also trained in physical combat, again focusing on strength training and simply being the more dominant opponent.

This training came into play after a few years when Galaxia's forces invaded and Sailor Coronis had to stand in front of them and defend her homeworld. She failed. Sailor Lead Crow's forces overwhelmed her, and her sailor crystal was stolen. Coronis died that day, and Lead Crow took her power and ability. Her soul lay dormant and powerless.

Until it wasn't. A snapback, everything was back to normal. It was as if some great power had smiled on them, reversing Galaxia's damage to the Senshi of the extended galaxy, and Sailor Coronis and her people stood firm on the ground that had long been rubble. And no one remembered a thing. Coronis and her people went along with life as if nothing had happened - because to them, nothing had. Coronis connected with her sister planets and they began to form a team.

It was shortly after this that Queen Fireball reached out to them, wishing for them to go to Earth to offer their thanks and support to Neo Queen Serenity. Coronis wasn't very open to the idea - she didn't understand why this 'Earth' was such a center of the universe when so many planets existed, but she didn't want to disrespect Serenity - especially when so many of her fellow soldiers held her to such high regard - especially those of Kinmoku, the central planet. She came to Earth with her team to provide support to the Sol Senshi in their fight against the dark forces.

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