Nemain De Lune



AGE: 56
FACTION: Dark Alliance
OCCUPATION: Business Owner, Artisan, Psychic

Owner of a Spiritual Shop called "The Owl and the Serpent" where she gives psychic readings, and creates candles and herbal blends for customers alongside crystals, books, clothing and other spiritual needs

FACE CLAIM: Michelle Gomez


Tarot Cards: Nemain has a well worn but beautiful deck she uses for readings at her shop.

Shop: Though not something she can carry, Nemain's shop is a crucial part of her everyday life. She sources her inventory with care, and any product she makes to sell are created right there in the shop. When closed, may also make a discreet area for meetings.

Morpheus: A Barn Owl that was long ago Zircon, her flying eyeball companion. He has his own corner within the store, and otherwise perches quietly on her shoulder.


NAME: Zirconia
ELEMENT: Leylines


Psychic: While Zirconia can't see the future, she can read a lot about a person just by looking into thier eyes. Her readings are frighteningly accurate, making her shop a popular place.

Magic Threads: This ability allows Zirconia to observe the lines of energy that run through people, animals, objects and even the planet itself. These threads can simply be channels of raw energy, or threads that connect people and objects together. Every interaction leaves a thread behind, and Zirconia can discern how and where they connect. Not only is this a useful divinatory skill, it can allow her to keep track of people and discern thier energy. With enough exertion.

Manipulate Threads: With enough of a hold on a strong thread, Zirconia can affect a person on the other end of it with nightmares or insomnia, or could work with another to send thier magic along that thread.

Redirect Magic: By connecting herself to the raw leylines, Zirconia can redirect a magical attack through herself and into the leyline, allowing it to swallow the attack for her.


Many thousands of years ago two Kingdoms existed on the moon; one bathed in light, and one mired in darkness. The Dead Moon's Kingdom had many courtiers but standing out above them was Zirconia, the advisor to the young and beautiful Queen Helenia. She treated the young girl as if she were her own child even before Helenia was coronated to the throne and was always happy to advise her on policy - but never contradict her wishes.

In her own right, Zirconia was blessed with the magic of a seer, making her value as an advisor to the royal family even more irreplaceable.

Zirconia could never truly dissuade the Queen from coveting her sister's kingdom of Light, even though all her visions could predict nothing but the deeper darkness of death - for their Kingdom and all its people - if Helenia should challenge her. Loyal to the very end, Zirconia died protecting her Queen and surrogate child.

When Nehelenia, still trapped within the mirror, found her way to earth, the Zirconia that led the Dead Moon's Circus was not the same advisor from their lost kingdom. Zirconia herself was long dead. Instead what had form in her name was both the memories Nehelenia still had of her and a reflection of the Queen herself, and the ugliness she feared she would someday become. And in that way, her loyal advisor still lived on.

Her plans ultimately failing, Nehelenia was once again trapped within her mirror prison. But this time when the seal was broken, the power of Chaos added a blessing - the remnant soul pieces of the ancient Zirconia of the Dead Moon Kingdom were given new life and form, using Nehelenia's memory reflection to make her whole.

It was an adjustment to Zirconia to be alive again after so long, and she's still learning the ways of earth in many ways. But…there is work to be done.

Writing Sample

This world was strange. It was nothing like the Dead Moon Kingdom, what little she could still remember of it. The sudden shock of breathing and feeling her own physical form after so long of nothingness still lingered. How long had she been dead? Truthfully, it didn't matter. Helenia… Morrigan was alive and well. They had another chance now.

The White Moon held power here in a budding kingdom of their own, a legacy that rightly belonged to Morrigan. But they would have to be careful to avoid repeating the same fate they met against the Elder Serenity. Now was the time to move forward.

Zirconia was grateful to discover her abilities were restored to this new body. It was an even greater boon to discover those abilities were popular parlor tricks to the people living on this planet. Hide in plain sight? Perfect.

Her shop seemed to spring up in the city overnight. An old building suddenly renewed, windows with starry curtains behind them framing displays of candles, crystals and statues. The carved sign above read "The Owl and the Serpent".

A quiet bell rang out in the dim light of the shop, catching Nemain's attention. She offered a slim smile to the days first customer. "Welcome, dear. Are you here for a reading?"

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