Eternal is a Sailor Moon roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since July 10th, 2018.

Late March 2031 - April 2031

Alexis Tanner



ALIAS: Alex, Lexi, "Lightspeed"
AGE: 36
FACTION: Crystal Empire
PRONOUNS: They/them, She/Her
ETHNICITY: Australian
OCCUPATION: Crystal Palace Security Chief


Cell Phone
Alexis carries a state of the art phone that they make sure is updated with software and new models when they release. They don't have a particular affinity for technology, but it's not only the best way to stay in contact with their biological family but their new family as well. Keeping up to date ensures that there are no communication hiccups when performing their duties.

Sailor Crystal
Alexis holds the Sailor Crystal born of the planet Uranus. Like the other outer senshi it takes the shape of a faceted heart, glowing a deep yellow. It allows them to become Sailor Uranus, and once transformed the crystal is housed into the brooch on their bow. It is an item they carry with them always; there is no telling when the need for it may arise.

Space Sword
This is the talisman that Sailor Uranus was blessed with, charged with its protection and the responsibility of knowing when to use its greater powers. While when combined with the Aqua Mirror and Garnet Orb the Space Sword can awaken the terrifying power of Sailor Saturn, it also grants Uranus that Space Sword Blaster and Heaven's Blade Whirlwind abilities. And, it's also pretty effective at just being a sword.

Though Alexis gave up their career in racing once they took on the duties of palace security, they still keep one treasure from those days - their Ducati Diavel 1260S motorcycle in a custom royal blue and gold.


NAME: Sailor Uranus


  • World Shaking
    Though it sounds as if it were a power from the earth element with this ability Sailor Uranus calls upon the fury of the sky to coalesce in their hand and hurls it to the ground, creating a devastating wave of power

  • Space Sword Blaster
    Uranus calls upon the power of the sky and channels it into their blade. The energy builds within the talisman before they powerfully send the concentrated slash towards their foe.

  • Space Turbulence
    Similar to World Shaking, Uranus first reaches into the air and gathers power into their hands. However for this they need to reach beyond the atmosphere into the vast sky of the galaxy itself to call upon a solar wind. Once they are filled with this power Uranus releases it, beams of this energy shooting out around them.

  • Heaven's Blade Whirlwind
    Uranus grips their sword in both hands and summons the power of the sky from each of the planets in the system, each one but their own becoming an energetic copy of the talisman while the power of their home planet lives in the blade itself. The energy blades spin around Sailor Uranus until directed to strike at one or many foes.
  • History

    Long ago in the days of the Silver Millennium the Princess of the Planet Uranus, Celeste, was charged with a lonesome task - protect the solar system from threats that might invade from outside it alongside her partner Princess Neptune. Little did she know the threat that would destroy the peace of all the kingdoms was building within it. By the time she learned of Beryl's treachery and rushed to the Moon Kingdom, it was too late - the Earth's army was already upon them. Guardian Uranus died regretting her failure to see the threat right under her nose. With the last of her power, Queen Serenity granted each of the guardians new life in the future.

    Alexis was born to a happy couple in Melborne, Australia, the daughter of a pair of highly respected technology entrepreneurs. By the time Alexis was born their parents were already well on their way to creating a worldwide empire in the development of cutting edge computer components and software.  Though technology and science were a consistent part of their life growing up, Alexis was not nearly as fascinated by it as their parents. Thankfully they were present enough to encourage their daughter's interests but still hoped Alexis might one day decide to take on a role within their company.

    However much to their disappointment, as Alexis grew older their focus became more and more concentrated on athletics. During the later years of primary school, Alexis practiced track and field, quickly becoming one of the top sprinters by the time they were competing in secondary school. The feeling of the wind in their hair and the world blurring by was a rush, and each time they were on the track Alexis felt as if one day their feet may rise off the ground and fly instead of run. Medals and ribbons decorated their home as more and more competitions piled up. As Alexis reached the later years of secondary school, running suddenly wasn't enough anymore. The wind was becoming too fast and they feared their feet would never take them fast enough to catch it. The moment Alexis had the legal standing to drive on their own they practiced precise control of the vehicle and tested speeds and techniques, feeling in their heart this was destiny - they would finally fly alongside the wind. A few months before graduation Alexis entered and won an amateur racing competition earning the nickname "Lightspeed".

    With graduation came the expectation of college, and Alexis' parents pushed them to consider a field of study in technology but Alexis was not so sure that was where they wanted a career focus. In fact the whole of their final year was burdened with strange dreams that recurred more frequently as time went on. Among the stack of acceptance letters there was one that stood out - an athletic scholarship to UCF in Orlando. Something Alexis couldn't quite put a finger on was drawing them there. And besides, it would be a great fit since their parents often had business trips that took them nearby to Atlanta not to mention give them some needed space. After tearful goodbyes and a few long days of packing and shipping belongings, Alexis was on the long, long flight from Australia to America.

    The first few months went by normally; Alexis trained with the track team, and made sure to fill the spare time from not really studying to get back on the race track. But barely after settling into a routine in this new place, the dreams became more frequent and vivid. A figure began to appear within them, a woman with green hair and holding a very peculiar looking mirror, calling Alexis to come with her. It was difficult to shake off the dreams but Alexis threw themselves into their hobbies and study, hoping it was just a matter of the stress getting to them. After a few months Alexis noticed a girl who looked oddly like the figure in the dreams watching the races, but when she began talking about their shared destiny it became a bit too much. In fact the whole thing was a bit unsettling. Alexis dismissed her as having too vivid an imagination for a fan. The next time she came to the track Alexis was about to tell Elanor to get lost when they were both attacked by some strange creature and in that moment Alexis' memories from the past they shared with Elanor came flooding back, and she was awaked as the soldier of the sky, Sailor Uranus.

    Alexis and Elanor became close very quickly after, and Neptune helped them adjust to this new reality. However it wouldn't be long before their partner's prophetic dreams became more urgent and disturbing, and they knew they both had to find the soldier of destruction, Sailor Saturn, and stop her at all costs. Crossing paths with the reincarnation of the Moon Princess and her guardians was an annoyance to Uranus - they didn't understand the gravity of the situation and that sacrifices would have to be made to keep the world from destruction. Uranus was harsh with them, hoping it would convince the princesses and her guardians to give themself and Neptune a wide berth. It wasn't long before they discovered the third talisman and the identity of Sailor Saturn and set out to destroy her despite Sailor Moon's mournful objections. As the situation continued to progress out of hand, Uranus was surprised the turning point of their battle came at the hands of Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn, using their power and the Holy Grail to seal away Pharaoh 90 once and for all. But in the aftermath of the battle, the guardians learned that Sailor Saturn had been reborn after using her power. Neptune kindly asked Uranus if they and Pluto could take care of her since she was all alone now, and though Uranus had little desire to become a parent, they couldn't bear to say no.

    The next years were a whirlwind of threats from what seemed never-ending sources. Between raising a child and trying to keep up with a normal life, it seemed their job as guardians were never done. It culminated in the invasion from what called themselves the Shadow Galactica, and a set of three other senshi who Uranus was convinced were untrustworthy. After all, this new enemy also appeared to be guardians, so what reason was there to trust they were not working for this new enemy as well. Not to mention they seemed awfully interested in getting close to the Princess and their partner Neptune, and this was absolutely unacceptable. The battle escalated over the months until Uranus gave their life and sailor crystal to protect the planet and the other guardians against Galaxia and Chaos. Once they were defeated, Guardian Cosmos used her power to bring each of them back, giving Uranus an opportunity to finally live a normal life.

    And of course, the first thing that meant was a proposal. Uranus and Neptune would finally be married, and they were pleased to share their vows with friends and other guardians at the beach, the place where the sky meets the sea. Alexis and Elanor finally met each other's families and helped their daughter continue to blossom into a beautiful and capable young woman. It would have been wonderful if things had stayed that way.

    Nobody had expected that with the wedding of Serenity and Endymion on earth it would suddenly birth a monarchy with both of them awakening as king and queen, not to mention the fallout of a castle suddenly sprouting up out of the ground. In trying to control the damage the Queen wanted to ease the fears of the people of the world, and felt she needed to reveal the identities of the guardians to the world. Uranus strongly objected to this course of action, but Serenity would not be dissuaded. Alexis' role as a guardian became more complex now, as not only a guardian soldier but also a Princess in their own right, and responsible for overseeing security for those who lived in and visited the castle. For all Uranus' talk about sacrifice early on, it seemed it was their turn to sacrifice. To help ease this stressful transition for them all (not to mention that it might seem unfair to have a guardian competing), Alexis gave up her racing and athletics competitions to focus on their new role. But, would they be up to the challenge? Only time would tell, but with the support of their wife and the other guardians, they had to be, or consequences had the potential to be most dire.

    Writing Sample

    So much had happened in so short a time. Just when it seemed things were settling down and they could all begin to enjoy having a normal life, everything became upended. Uranus and Neptune barely had enough time to finally enjoy life as a married couple before the face of the entire city had changed, and suddenly they all had a King and Queen to protect. It was bittersweet to give up their career, certainly, but Uranus was no stranger to making sacrifices for the greater good. But, this was more responsibility than Alexis was prepared for. Fighting monsters and supernatural forces was one thing, but politics was something else entirely. The guardians all worried to some degree they would see new dangers start to rise, but Alexis also had to worry about angry governments who might strike at them, ambassadors to the city who may have ill intentions, and dealing with the fact that now everyone knew their identities. It was a great deal to adjust to.

    A sudden crescendo of drums and a clarinet startled Alexis from their moment of being deep in thought. After a moment of coming back to the present they realized it was a familiar ringtone coming from their back pocket. [i]"Do you come from a land down under? Where women glow and men plunder. Can't you he-"[/i] And the other guardians accused Uranus of not having a sense of humor.

    "Lexi!" Their mother shouted happily from the other end of the FaceTime call. She was almost always smiling even when things were stressful. It reminded her a little of Cynthia.

    "Hey mom. How's it going?" Alexis leaned on the edge of the balcony, holding the phone up. They hoped mom couldn't see the dark circles under their eyes in the light.

    "Good, good. What about you sweetheart, you look tired. Are you getting enough rest? I hope you aren't working yourself too ha-" Her voice was cut off by another one off the screen.

    "Holly, don't forget to ask her." Alexis' father quickly made room for himself in the small frame. "Lexi, Lexi. We're gonna be heading nearby in a few days. Is it alright if we come visit?"

    Alexis raised an eyebrow. Why would he think he couldn't? "Of course you can come visit. I'll even give you a tour of the palace personally."

    "Beauty! And, hey while we're there maybe we can take a look at the security systems you've got there. I bet some of the new stuff we've just got the prototypes for will be useful."

    Alexis took a deep breath, giving a big sigh as they exhaled. Ever since Uranus became in charge of security here their father was always on about trying to get the company tech in the palace. He meant well. But trying to explain to him why it wouldn't work was like talking to a boulder. And as hilarious as it might have been, they did not wish that headache on Mercury either.

    "I'll think about it, okay Dad?" Alexis rubbed her temple. "I promise to at least let you show me the new stuff, but I can't guarantee we can use it. Fair trade?"

    "Your father says that will be fine." Holly gently pushes him out of the way, smiling all the while. "And of course we want to see your lovely wife and daughter too, okay?"

    Alexis nodded, trying their best to smile back. "You got it mom, call me when you get in. Love you guys."

    Once the call had ended Alexis drags a hand down their face with a small groan. Thankfully today's stack of paperwork was relatively light - perhaps it was a good time for much needed distraction. Elanor must have been up by now, though with any like they'd catch her in the shower. But today seemed like a good day for a ride and a solitary picnic somewhere responsibilities couldn't bother them. At least for a few hours.

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