Eternal is a Sailor Moon roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since July 10th, 2018.

Late March 2031 - April 2031

Layla Dawson



  • Lala: A Nickname for her in her civilian guise
  • Puu: An affectionate nickname that was given to her by Small Lady Serenity when she was younger and is still applicable to this day.
  • Sailor Pluto: Layla's Sailor Guardian Alias.
  • Guardian of Time: An Epiphet for her as Sailor Pluto
  • Guardian of The Underworld: Another epiphet for her as Sailor Pluto.
  • Keeper of the Door of Space and Time: A title given to her by Her Father Chronos.
  • Persephone: A term of endearment.
  • Noxia: Her Princess / Queen Name during the Silver Millennium.
  • Goddess of the Underworld: An Epiphet for her as Sailor Pluto.
AGE: 36
FACTION: Crystal Empire
ETHNICITY: African-American | Plutonian
OCCUPATION: Space-Time GateKeeper | Owner of Dark King Towers | Part-time Astrologist
FACE CLAIM: Robyn Fenty (Rihanna)


Cellular Device -- In the modern Era, Layla has come to get a proper understanding of the way modern-day technology works, having to have purchased a cell phone as the 'normal' way to communicate with not only her fellow comrades but also friends that she made during her college days. She figured that it was best to get one considering that way the world was evolving and it could be used as a secondary source of communication.

Plutonian Sailor Crystal -- The source of Layla power and ability to not only transform into Eternal Sailor Pluto, but to also harness the power of time, space, darkness, and the underworld. This item can be found on top of her transformation wand and inside of her brooch on the center of her front bow. It takes the shape of a heart like the rest of her fellow comrades, only that hers is encrusted with garnet stone while donning the shape of her planetary symbol in its center.

Garnet Orb -- A special talisman that belonged to the Plutonian princess that is always seen on top of her rodded staff. The Garnet Orb along with Neptune's Deep Aqua Mirror and Uranus's Space Sword are the three talismans needed in order to awaken Sailor Saturn and her destructive power; something that is often done when all other options have been completely exhausted and they are left with no other choice. This special weapon is also an aided source for many of Layla's attacks whether defense or offense as seen with Chronos Typhoon, Dead Scream, and Garnet Ball. She has also used this ability to manipulate time and space with this orb and traveling through time.

Space-Time Key -- A magical item that only the Space-Time Guardian herself possesses as those who are to receive such a key is granted access to the Space-Time Door, enabling them to travel across multiple timelines and also call upon her if they need her assistance. She has only given one other person this sacred item and that is none other than her beloved friend, Chibiusa - better known as Small Lady Serenity. She has sworn to the Late Queen Serenity that she would never allow anyone special entrance besides those of the Royal Court and that she would never allow these keys to fall into the wrong hands as it could bring forth dangerous repercussions. The item shares a striking similarity to her garnet rod, often seen hanging from the chain of her Sailor Fuku that is wrapped around her waist or in her pocket for safe-keeping as a civilian.

Garnet Rod -- Her main planetary weapon that holds the Garnet Orb (Pluto's Talisman) that is only seen when she is under the guise as Sailor Pluto. The rod often acts as her own personal space-time key and is often used to not only attack and demolish her enemies but it is also used to maintain control over the space-time Continuum. Layla can also use this item to time travel and also commit one of the there forbidden taboos: stopping all of time. She also has the ability to perform her attack -- dark dome close.


NAME: Sailor Pluto
ELEMENT: Time, Space, Darkness, and the Underworld


Chronos Typhoon -- The scenery around her began to twist into a purple, lilac-like haze as the Guardian of Pluto's eyes fell shut, spinning the garnet staff between her fingers before raising it into the sky -- the planetary symbol for Plutonian flashing briefly in its lilac hue before dispersing as wisps of wind energy emerged from the hazy cover below her feet, spiraling around her frame into the garnet orb; dark green tresses fluttering where the wind was its guide, swiping the weapon in front of her as her frame began to spiral in a complete 360-degree angle before centering herself before her opponent. The soldier of the Underworld whispered her planet’s name before opening her eyes briefly as a pool of smoke covered her entire figure with the final ending ‘Chronos Typhoon’ leaving her lips cueing the vivid waves of chronal energy being sent towards her opponent.

Dead Scream - The appearance of black and purple haze spiraled about as the scenery behind her took a dark turn -- the orb of garnet emitting with Plutonian power before highlighting the staff it sat upon. She’d raise it into the air as the howls of the underworld overpowered the sound of Pluto’s voice; her command was nothing more than a whisper as the words dead scream left her lips -- her eyes opening in the process before spiraling about with her hands releasing it briefly. The rod remained hovering in place as the woman gripped it again; an abundance of energy shaping into her planet exploding from the rod before giving a final spin and firing it off towards her enemies.

Garnet Ball - Using the power of the mystical garnet orb, Pluto calls out the words Garnet ball -- summoning the energy from her planet to form a garnet-colored orb over herself as well as others who may be near. This attack served as a defense against enemies and wide-spread attacks that may be hurled the Guardian’s way.

Dark Dome Close - An attack that was last used to seal off Pharaoh 90 on the command of Sailor Saturn; The Plutonian princess bent on one knee, kneeling before the underworld deity (possibly her father) before her; uttering a prayer as the winds of chronal energy fluttered about: Guardian deity of space and time, our father Chronos. Grant me power! Shut the taboo door that was wrenched open! -- thus sealing the door as requested.

Time Stop -- A forbidden taboo that goes against the terms and regulations set between the late Queen Serenity I and the legendary Father Chronos, calling upon the powers of Chronos to cease all travels of time for only but a short period...but not without a price: Her life.


Blessed with incredible power at an extremely young age, Layla Dawson was prepped and trained for the very day that she would not only lead the congregation of her fellow Plutonians but also serve as the passage that served as a bridge between the past, the present, and the future.

A bright and intelligent young woman also known to be the apple of her father’s eye and respected amongst many of her peers but also feared because of the fact that the child not only had the ability to control both time and space but she also could manifest the powers of the underworld as well as its chronal waves -- an ability that struck fear as some felt like the child was a spawn of some sort of satanic deity rather than Chronos’s seed. That she was a creation of chaotic deeds. It was something that prompted a struggle within Layla, the lack of understanding as to why some were more accepting of her than others while fewer were even willing to befriend the child through grade school as it didn’t matter to them whether or not she was a princess, it mattered that she was nice despite carrying a heavy burden of social introvertism along with the weight of royalty upon her shoulders.

It made her sad, distant as the lack of company aside from her very own father who was hardly seen given that he was known as Father time and had to be away quite often. It also didn’t help that she didn’t seem her mother much or was fairly aware of them -- believing that her mother may have abandoned her as a child or simply may have perished shortly after her birth, leaving more questions than answers about her whereabouts as there had to be some sense of matriarchy rule right? Given that the Moon Kingdom and several other neighboring planets served under the rule of not only a guardian but also a Queen. She could feel herself becoming more and more consumed with the nature of solitude, believing it to be her life’s destiny as the older she became the more lonely she felt, wondering why she was cursed with such overwhelming means? Why did no one wish to be her friend? Was it her looks? Her demeanor? The fact that her father was an incredibly powerful man that no one wished to cross? She could never understand the mystery.

However, it wasn’t until a budding light shined into the now twelve-year-old’s life. It was a day that she would never forget what she declared was one of the most memorable and special times of her life. The young princess was graced with the first appearance of feminine energy, a figure primed with grace, beauty, and eloquence as the very sight or sensation of her presence commanded the room and turned all eyes on her royalness. It was none other than Queen Serenity herself, standing alongside her father Chronos as a smile graced the woman’s features at the sight of a beautiful, yet budding soldier that held a bright future ahead of herself.

This marked what was not only the beginning of a budding mother-daughter relationship between Queen Serenity and the Guardian of the Underworld, but it also marked the beginning of what was a long-standing duty as guardian of the time-door that resided within the walls of Mare Serenitatis. It was then when Pluto began to age, growing accustomed to the life of solitary, upholding the rules and regulations that were set in place for the Space-time door while also observing the outer rims of the Sol system for potential intruders.

She wasn’t prepared for the ill-fated day that would result in the demise of the entire Silver Millennium, including her beloved Queen Serenity as well as the princess and prince of both the Moon and Earth. The Millennium suffered total annihilation at the hands of Sailor Saturn, the goddess of destruction and rebirth -- a fate meant to bring death before blessing the world anew as Pluto along with those of the outer court, Neptune and Uranus fell with them while also leaving them with their final memories of succumbing into the arms of death.

Little did she know, the woman would be reborn anew to experience a reattempt to protect her princess….protect her in a way that she should’ve done her royal highness before her downfall -- an emotional burden that she would carry on with her for the rest of her days as she stood guard at the sacred chambers, not realizing that the overwhelming sense of solitary and silence would shatter with a budding friendship with the current queen’s daughter: Small Lady. She would find herself returning to the past to support her fellow outer comrades -- Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune...not realizing that she would not only be prompted to change her perspective of the Solar System’s traditions; carrying a more liberal stance about matters but also feel an overwhelming need to sacrifice herself for her friends... A feat that resulted in her breaking all three taboos while also realizing…

She had finally satisfied the longing desires that had long existed inside of the Plutonian Princess… She had friends, her life mattered, and no longer was she forced to remain confined to the door as the days of her days remains well-spent protecting and fighting alongside the legendary Sailor Moon...finding herself in awe more and more by the mere strength and compassion that the future Queen exuded from her spirit, that she was truly someone who had endured the toughest of the tough while also remaining strong for her friends - holding true to the legendary title as the light of hope..

Writing Sample

Layla had returned to her duty for a brief period, standing before the entrance that remained as a catalyst between the future and the present for eons; her posture straightened as gloved digits curling around the lilac-colored staff that held the pomegranate-colored globe within its heart shape limbs. She’d keep her eyes straight ahead for impending intruders who dared to attempt to tread within the waters of danger -- knowing that many who speak of her, utter that she was one who never allowed her visitors to return to their homes...due to the fact that her presence being acknowledge denied everything that her father and Serenity worked to lay out before her, considering that it was risking not only the lives of those who swore and protect the royal family (the Inner Guardians from neighboring as well as several Lunarian soldiers and magicians who may bore the lunar forehead symbol as well as its crest) but also the royal family themselves.

A tedious task but one that was nevertheless an enjoyment for her as she was now more relaxed than before, but still maintained that stoic and soft-spoken nature that she was known for as Guardian of the underworld -- taking her duties as the traditional Plutonian warrior seriously.

Her eyes fell shut as the memories of Queen Serenity began to flood her mind, remembering the time where the woman had embraced and treated her like a young girl was deserving to be of -- as a daughter. She even recalled the look in her eyes when Pluto nearly allowed an intruder to get past the gate, having the royal heiress come to her rescue with the moon scepter as tears welled up within her eyes from sheer embarrassment and the overwhelming feeling that she had disappointed the woman before her -- wanting nothing more than to make her as well as her own father proud.

After a few minutes of receiving a scolding from the other, Queen Serenity would eventually soften her features before brushing those falling tears away.

“Youngest Pluto, I know it has been a difficult process for you...transitioning into a moment profound state of solitude...having no friends and your father being away...I know it has been no easy feat but please remember. I will always be here to accompany you..whether it is to simply just say hello or come to your steed.”

The younger form of Pluto, appearing to be only sixteen years of age peering up at the other as she gave her a faint smile before nodding her head quietly. “Yes, M’Lady...I will not let you down a second longer. That is never in my intention. I will serve and protect the moon kingdom as I see fit while also preventing intruders or those without royal orders to exit the perimeters of this holy ground. You have my word.” She announced before kneeling before the queen with her head bowed. “On behalf of the Plutonian Empire and my father Chronos, you have my loyalty, my dedication, and my strength. It is and always will be yours to utilize as you see fit. I am sworn to protect and serve you.” She said, respectfully remaining kneeled before the woman as the other gave her a warm smile for the prominent eloquence, chuckling a short time later. “And your work and dedication shall not go unnoticed or unrewarded, young princess. Please rise.” Queen Serenity replied, prompting Layla to rise to her feet in a slow fashion -- straightening her posture just as the Queen came to pull her into full embrace instead, catching the poor teen guardian off-guard.

“Do not be so formal with me just because we are a family that you mean just as much to me as Little Serenity does...and if there is anything she taught me about her actions towards you all when she would come to visit..? It is the fact that she truly cares for you all..she does not view you as soldiers but as loyal companions and beings that are her matter how much I may ask her to be proper and respectable amongst the eyes of the public. But the point is, please know that you are just as special as we all are…..we are all meant to protect one another and maintain connections and bonds with each other for the sake of the world’s peace. You are not just a soldier of the Moon Kingdom, Pluto...but you are a well-respected who I look at like a daughter...along with the rest of your comrades…” She spoke with a smile.

Layla chuckled quietly as such memory was one of the many that remained close to her heart, simply because it was not only a moment that she got to see Queen Serenity in her rarest form but also because the words that were spoken from a place of tender care. It was in that moment where Layla felt as if she had a mom, even if the sensation was not as long as she would’ve desired. It was one of the many reasons why she strived to be the best soldier and companion that she could be for their beloved queen because she owned it to the woman who brought them all together and taught them things that they could hardly dream of before -- uttering words of wisdom that even she could never think of, an admirable trait that she strives to accomplish.

However, the memory was short-lived as the Guardian detected an intrusion that made the pits of her abdomen churn with instability, brows furrowing together as her features twisted into a serious state. “Hm..? Something is wrong…” She uttered gently before turning her gaze to where the unnatural sense of urgency was coming from, eying the empty space ahead that would soon become occupied with a black mass that took the shape of a human’s figure -- one of a feminine nature. She’d pick the staff up from its idle state and spiral it from the side of her as her stance was now defensive; standing sideways as her back was turned on one side and the other was occupied with the sacred weapon.

“You are not welcomed here, intruder! I command that you show your face or leave at once! By the orders of the Honorable Queen Serenity -- I am to eliminate all sources of unknown entities that wander these sacred walls!”

The mysterious figure chuckled, its vocals dripping malice and chaos just before it spoke aloud. “...Great Guardian of the Planet Pluto...I seek no need to bring least for now fact, I come with a message...a warning even.” Layla’s jawline clenched as the words ‘warning’ rolled off its tongue, forcing those brown hues to narrow in anticipation of what was to come next. “WHO ARE YOU? I will ask again, Show your face or face elimination by the Order of Serenity.” Her usually softened vocals rising in power as the garnet globe illuminated with power.

The shadowy figure smirked in the delight of striking a nerve before speaking up with its message.

“Tell your royal highness that we have returned...and we’ve every intention of retrieving what rightfully belongs to us. She took from us and we will allow her to taste her own Chaos will return and our mission will finally be completed. You have been warned, Plutonian Guardian.”

Layla’s heart nearly sunk at the mentioning of chaos and fired off a wave of chronal energy in hopes that she could get a good look at the aforementioned ‘messenger’ only to find that the being leaped into the air -- dodging the attack entirely, hovering in mid-air with a bit of distance separating the two. Her eyes narrowed in kind as teeth gritted against each other idly as a habit of irritation from failed attempts. The figure could only laugh to taunt the guardian further, leaving her with final words before disappearing.

“Again, Sailor have been warned...this will not be the last you see of us…”

The Guardian watched as the figure disappeared and took a moment to register everything that had transpired before her. She knew that Peace would cease to exist as Chaos would return someday...but to receive the dire warning in the manner that she had just now? To be confronted within the walls of the sacred chambers? This was incredibly alarming to Pluto and only prompted her to move immediately, running towards the hazy mist as her figure became less and less visible -- rushing to see out Neptune and Uranus to see if they were okay and if they too had received a visit and also inform Serenity of the incident immediately.

It was time for the Guardians to gather again.

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