ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Cidney Lunette


Small Lady, Cid, Pink Lady, Serenity
Future Moon
Face Claim
Lili Reinhart
  • Illusionary Silver Crystal: Effectively, the Silver Crystal operates on multiple levels for Sailor Neo Moon; it is the legendary Silver Crystal of the 31st Century, and is ultimately the object that gives Sailor Neo Moon her power, making it her Sailor Crystal. It is also the star seed of the moon. The Silver Crystal doesn't often take shape as a physical object unless Cidney has transformed into Sailor Neo Moon, wherein it exists inside of her brooch. Otherwise it is normally located within her actual personage. At times the Silver Crystal is able to manifest itself as a physical object on other, special occasions, where it takes the shape of a lustrous lotus flower. In comparison to the silver crystal of the 21st century, the one of the 31st century has taken on a hue, and is sometimes called the [b]Pink Moon Crystal.
  • Luna P: Luna P is a device with multiple facets and abilities. It takes the shape of a small floating orb with the shape of her mother's adviser Luna's head when Luna is in her feline form. Luna P is capable of transforming into multiple different items and objects when Cidney uses the spell 'Abracadabrapon.' Luna P is also capable of speaking to Sailor Pluto within the Space Time Corridor, and reaching out to other members of Cidney's court.
  • Space-Time Key: A key that Cidney stole from Sailor Pluto when she was a girl that allowed her to traverse the space-time corridor safely, Cidney is now the rightful owner of the key. Again, it allows her and those with her to safely travel through the space time corridor without getting lost in the space-time void.
  • Cell Phone: A typical communication device of the 21st century, Cidney's phone is a method that allows her to keep in contact with her court in a simpler and less conspicuous manner. Given that it's a smart phone it also allows Neo Moon to have access to information on the go, alerting her to when the Black Moon or Dark Kingdom attacks, allowing her to react even quicker.
  • Eternal Tiare: The Eternal Tiare was once, and still is sometimes, the tiara that Cidney wears when she is operating as Sailor Neo Moon. The Eternal Tiare has the ability to change into numerous things as necessary - it's current default form is that of the staff that Neo Moon uses to perform her attacks, but it can also change into a domino mask or a pair of goggles as necessary, a sword, a tiara, and what have you. Effectively, it is a magical utility knife.
  • Moon Kaleidoscope: A kaleidoscope that was gifted to her by the past version of her father during the events of the Dream arc, it was transformed by Helios into an actual weapon for her to use as Sailor Neo Moon.


Sailor Neo Moon
  • Pink Crystal: The Pink Crystal is Cidney's version of the Illusiory Silver Crystal, having at least partially merged with the power of the Golden Crystal. As Princess Lady Serenity and one day, the newest Queen Serenity, Cidney is capable of using the crystal to it's fullest potential. This allows her to heal others as necessary, to purify them, and even granting people new life at the cost of her own life. Cidney can also possess the powers of the Silver Crystal offensively in the form of pure magical blasts.
  • Psychometry: Cidney is able to access psychometric powers through the uses of Pink Crystal, much like her father with the Golden Crystal.
  • Dreamwalking: As the result of what has been referred to as having a pure dream, Cidney is able to access the realm that is known as the Dreaming willfully. Using the Pink Crystal she can also manipulate the realm within reason.
  • Abracadabrapon: A skill that Cidney is able to use both transformed and in her civilian form, Abracadabrapon is the spell that allows Cidney to change Luna P into what objects she needs it to appear as.
  • Moon Tiara Action: Cidney turns the Eternal Tiare into it's tiara form, imbuing it with magical energy with which she uses to make it into an energy disk that she throws at the enemy.
  • Pink Sugar Heart Attack: A small beam of light fires from the tip of Neo Moon's staff. When she was first starting out this attack was nearly useless, but since becoming more and more of a warrior this skill has become a basic and useful first measure in fighting monsters.
  • Supersonic Waves: Sailor Neo Moon emits a loud frequency from the headpieces that she wears in her hair, injuring the enemy and frankly the ears of anyone nearby.
  • Moon Princess Halation: One of Sailor Moon's basic attack skills, Sailor Neo Moon uses her Cutie Moon Rod to send heart shaped energy beams at an enemy.
  • Moon Gorgeous Meditation: Sailor Neo Moon uses her Moon Kaleidoscope to perform a powerful physical attack against an enemy.
  • Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss: A group attack with Sailor Neo Moon and her Sailor Quartet that freezes their enemy.
  • Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss: Using the Eternal Tiare, Sailor Neo Moon emits a powerful blast of light that heals, injures, or purifies an enemy entirely depending on what is necessary to do with said enemy.
  • Moon Rose Rapier: Sailor Neo Moon turns the Eternal Tiare into a rapier and uses that to fight with, or potentially to fire off waves of energy.
  • Luna Ascendant: An attack similar to the outer Sol Guardians' energy attacks, Neo Moon channels her powers over light in order to form a pure orb of magical energy that she tosses at her enemy to devastating effect.
  • Moonlit Tears: Cidney uses the power of the Silver Crystal to summon a magical rain, which heals and purifies anyone it touches.


It's a little unfair to call Cidney's past 'history,' because the majority of it hasn't actually happened yet. Cynthia "Cidney" Lunette II, Princess Small Lady Serenity, was born and raised in the future of Crystal City and of the world entirely - the 31st Century. As the first and only child to Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, Cidney was the first in line for the throne, kept close and guarded from prying eyes. She wanted for nothing, as the future queen of the world would be, apart from friends. It was that need for friends and companionship that led her to act irrationally as a girl, leading to the first time that she overlapped with the past timeline.

Cidney fled into the past from the agents of the Black Moon Clan first, seeking the aid and the power of the legendary Sailor Moon. She was only about seven years old then, lost and alone until she gained the aid of the teenage Sailor Moon and other members of the Sailor Guardians. Though she initially doubted the ability of Sailor Moon, it eventually became clear that Sailor Moon was the past version of her mother, and even after being transformed into the evil Wicked Lady Cidney was able to help the 21st century Cynthia Lunette, both becoming Sailor Moon to use the power of both Silver Crystal's to stop Wiseman.

In the end, though she had stayed in the past for months, Cidney was sent back to her time. She stayed there for the next few years, beginning her training as a Sailor Guardian among her peers there; however, due to the relative peace of the future Cidney's training was incomplete. It was decided by her mother, Neo Queen Serenity, that she would learn how to be a true Sailor Mini Moon back in the 21st century. So she was sent back again, and in the time that she was in the past she would help in the conflict with the Witches 5 and the Dead Moon.

Following the defeat of Queen Nehelenia and her Dead Moon, Mini Moon completed her training and was sent back to the future, where Neo Queen Serenity resurrected her own Sailor Quartet, but that would not be the end of things. With her quartet by her side Mini Moon was sent back in time one last time, to help Sailor Moon and the others defeat the Shadow Galactica. They did, and relative peace was restored to the timeline... for a while.

Years passed and Sailor Mini Moon eventually graduated into Sailor Neo Moon, and peace continued. There weren't very many fights in the future of the White Moon kingdom, but that didn't mean that Neo Moon was content to sit and wait around. As her coronation quickly approached,, ripples struck the time stream again, Cidney went back once again, with her entire court in hand, to the past of the year 2030, with a promise that she would do all that she could to protect the timeline from further harm.

When she arrived, she had not expected to find what she did. Agents of chaos in the form of the Black Moon Clan arriving earlier than expected, Queen Metaria and other villains that she knew that she and her mother had defeated had risen once again, throwing Crystal City into torment, and without Sailor Moon to help them back to their feet.

With the Pink Moon Crystal at the ready and the rest of the so-called Future Moon at her side, Cidney was ready to protect the present. Even if it meant breaking her promise.

Writing Sample

The future. The past. The present? Cidney wasn't sure. Sometimes traveling through time and through space was a little difficult to wrap her head around; she had gone to the past, but not quite as far back as she was used to, coming from the future - which was her present? There was a reason that it was so easy to get lost in the space-time corridor, and a reason that she had a key to guide her way. She hadn't known what to expect when she arrived in 2030, but absolute chaos wasn't it. This was supposed to be the beginning of their utopia. A golden age.

Instead, things were... shockingly similar to the way they were when she was even further back in time just a few short years ago. The Black Moon Clan had made themselves known, and talk of an upcoming ball at the Crystal Palace elicited talk of if they - or some other shadowy organization - were going to make an appearance. Cidney remembered her mother mentioning the ball as it was upcoming, and that she told her to go, though she didn't entirely understand why. She had implanted herself as a student at one of the local, accredited universities. She was majoring in journalism.

That meant that all it took was a little bit of work and impressing her professor, and she had a pass to the ball in order to write an article for the school magazine. She was sitting in front of her vanity mirror in the small studio apartment that she was renting in the present, and she looked down at the domino mask that was sitting on it. It was identical to her father's. She hadn't planned on wearing it unless she was going to be forced to transform in this time, but... What was a better time than a masquerade?

"I can't believe I'm actually nervous for this," Cidney said out loud, though to no one in particular as she lifted the domino off of the vanity and peered at it. She was already dressed, wearing a simple and yet elegant short ball gown, paired with a pair of simple white heels. She contemplated wearing gloves, but hadn't entirely decided yet. It wasn't like anyone at the party was likely to know that she was who she was; and even if they did she'd be wearing a mask, and she had cut hair short since arriving in this time.

But... It wasn't like this was her first party. It wasn't even her first party at the crystal palace! She was raised there!

Cidney bristled at her appearance in the mirror, pursing her lips and scrunching her nose before shaking her head and standing up. Her dress bounced, and she gripped the domino mask before nodding. She applied it to her face, set gently atop her nose. "It's just a party. You can do this." She glanced at her phone and saw the time, and realized that she needed to be going. She shoved it into a small black coach bag and turned for the door.

As she walked out the door she took a deep breath. "It's [i]just[/i] a party."


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