Crystal City - January 2031

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.

Meeting of Like Minds
Malin Bishop
If there was one person in the city that understood how Malin felt about the “benevolent” king and queen of the Earth, it was Lilith Rey. The two of them didn’t always get along, but they did have somewhat similar personalities. And they both felt the same way towards the White Moon. It wasn’t as though the chief of police was quiet in her distrust of the king and queen and how they apparently had crowned themselves as the rulers of the planet. It was almost as though they didn’t care about the pre-existing governments in place. Who did they think they were? She didn’t give a shit about who they may have been in the past. They had no right to crown themselves as the rulers of the planet.

And now that her memories had come back of her previous lives? Her hatred for Endymion and Serenity had only grown in intensity. Now she realized why she had always hated them so much. She knew why she hated the guardians as well. Even before she had remembered that she was Queen Beryl, she had hated that the guardians thought they were above the law and could act as vigilantes.

They were dangerous.

But everything going on in the city meant that she needed to address these matters with the mayor personally. She strode through the government building and was heading towards the mayor’s office, her heels clicking as she kept her head held high. She wore a business suit and she had her firearm on her hip. It was concealed beneath her jacket. While firearms were strictly prohibited on the premises, she was one of the sole exceptions given her role as the chief of police.

As she reached the desk of the secretary, the woman nodded to her and let her know that Lilith was already expecting her. Good. She didn’t want to waste any of her time. After the explosion in the city center, she needed to sit Lilith down and they needed to address the violence going on in the city. While she hated the Black Moon for her own reasons, she still had a job to do in protecting the city.

A city that was one day going to be clouded in her darkness.

”Mayor Rey, I’m sorry to intrude.” Malin said as the secretary allowed her into the mayor’s office. This wasn’t a somber affair and it was going to be a long discussion, that much she was certain of. She moved to sit down across from the other woman. ”I think we need to discuss the act of terrorism in the city center and our response to the… intervention of Neo Queen Serenity.”

There was no hiding the disgust in her voice. Seeing that bitch flaunt her power and using the Silver Crystal… her desire to take the crystal for herself was powerful.

Ever since the explosion, Lilith found herself in an uncomfortable position where she was duty bound to the city, but also in an internal conflict where she felt that she could no longer hide her dislike for the Sailor Guardians. She publicly hid her dislike for them for very, very personal reasons, and primarily for her own personal gain. But would she have been able to hide it for much longer in order to protect her city? 

The Black Moon’s attack on the marketplace was a low blow. It was uncalled for, and led to the deaths of many people and injured dozens. Lilith had visited the site many times, and she was still trying to process everything in order to make the best decision for her city. As of now, there was only one conclusion that she could come up with: and that was to ensure that the Sailor Guardians had less of a public presence.

However, that hadn’t necessarily meant that she wasn’t open to other opinions. She was fully willing to hear what others had to say, which was why she had agreed to meet with the Chief of Police today. 

As Lilith typed up emails on her laptop, she welcomed Malin to come into her office. But what she hadn’t expected was her opening statement. Lilith arched a brow, gazing narrowly at her as she spoke. Did she not realize just how difficult that was? Intervening the absolute ruler of Earth?

Lilith stopped typing on her laptop, closing the monitor as she gestured for Malin to sit. She then folded her hands on top of her laptop. “What you’re asking me to do is treason against the crown, to intervene in the actions of Neo Queen Serenity, unless it goes against the former constitution and laws of the United States, which she still adheres to. However, I will be willing to discuss the acts of terrorism that the Black Moon have initiated. I have revisited the site a dozen times and I’m having a difficult time processing the situation myself.”

”You need to learn to choose your words carefully in politics, Malin.” Lilith advised.

Malin Bishop
"No. I'm not asking you to commit treason." Malin said bluntly and she tried not to roll her eyes. When she had first figured out what side of the conflict that Lilith was on, she really hadn't been that surprised. While the woman never was outspoken about her dislike for the White Moon, there was just something about the way she governed Orlando that had given her the idea that she had never been fans of the Sailor Guardians. And go figure that she had been right the whole time.

Of course, the messy part came with the fact that they weren't allowed to come out and say it. Sure, normal humans had that right if they wanted. Freedom of speech was still very much a thing in the United States, even if there was now a king and queen over the planet. But people that were in places of power? They were expected to be respectful of their new rulers, even if they didn't necessarily agree with or like them very much.

Malin had been outspoken back when they had still just been the guardians. She had vowed to try and put them out of business. After all, they had been interfering with her business. But now it was so much worse. She was expected to keep her mouth shut.

She hated them.

"But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't somehow come up with some kind of response. I don't care if they are the guardians of our queen. They need to work with law enforcement." Malin's frustration was written all over her face and etched into her tone of voice. She hated Serenity and Endymion. Her real reasons for hating them so much was something that she couldn't say to anyone but the other members of the Dark Kingdom.

"That's why you're the one in politics and not me." She muttered and then her eyes darkened. She wanted the world for herself but she knew that there was nothing that she could do. As much as she wanted the world for herself, she didn't want to fight against it or destroy it. "I... understand. I am still trying to wrap my mind around what happened. And if there is anything I and my people can do to stop something similar from happening again."

As Lilith sat in her chair, she rubbed her eyelids as she listened to Malin. She was putting her in a difficult position. She understood her points, the King and Queen needed to start relying more on the city’s law enforcement as well as first responders during times of emergencies. Instead, they send in their Sailor Guardians to become the heroes of the day.

It was a well-played act. Even the Queen this time had gotten involved, healing the wounded who could be saved.

Lilith wasn’t pleased.

“I understand your concerns. I’m not saying that I don’t agree with you, but the situation is very complicated. I am in the process of setting up a meeting with Charlie, the Queen’s Head of Security.” She informed her nonchalantly, placing her palms back on the table as she clasped them. 

There were instances where Lilith wondered what Malin had against the Queen, but Lilith hadn’t entirely bothered to ask. She didn’t care. Lilith’s own was personal, she wasn’t given immortality. She was declared impure. She was also against the idea of a constitutional monarchy, in whatever form it existed in–she strongly desired the return of presidential elections and the right to vote. It wasn’t fair to Earthlings who were forced to put up with an immortal king and queen.

“Did they do anything against your team while they were out in the field? Because they should not have ignored your team’s presence at the marketplace if they had. Let me make that very clear.” Lilith said sternly, gazing at her sharply. If they had done that, then Lilith would certainly inform Charlie about this during their meeting.

Lilith’s facial features hadn’t changed when Malin rebutted.

“We must increase security around the city, and it starts with putting the Sailor Guardians in their place. Their duty is to their Queen now. Our duty is to our people. I intend on coming to terms with Charlie in our meeting....

Malin Bishop
There was a reason that Malin hated Serenity and Endymion. But she could never say that out loud. She could never say to anyone other than the other members of the Dark Kingdom why she wanted to see them burn in hell. And even then, she certainly didn't trust any of the knights to reveal the whole truth. The only people that knew why she hated them so much was the White Moon and the Shitennou. But they thought that she was dead and didn't know that she had been given another chance at life.

She wasn't intending on telling them that Queen Beryl was back in business. Well, that wasn't true. They knew that the Dark Kingdom had returned from the darkness and was operating in the world once more. Which meant that they probably knew Beryl was back. But they had no way of knowing her civilian identity.

She had made sure of that. That was why she hadn't told even Lilith her connections and who she really was. She didn't trust the mayor for that kind of information. Maybe she also hated the White Moon, but that didn't necessarily make the two of them friends. They were usually just forced to work together because of their jobs. Lilith wasn't the worst person to work for, and she appreciated that.

"The situation has been damn complicated ever since that bi-" She stopped herself and she pinched the bridge of her nose. She needed to keep a handle of her temper, especially since Lilith mentioned that she was going to be having a meeting with the head of the Queen's security. Her sharp eyes locked on Lilith and she leaned forward a little bit. "I assume you intend on holding this meeting without your chief of police?"

The chance at getting rid of one of Serenity's guardians... it was almost too tempting to pass up.

"As far as I am aware, they did nothing to interfere with my team's work. But the fact that they seem to think they are above the police does quite a bit against us in terms of respect." Malin growled a little bit. She was going to begin setting more of her officers out on patrol. It was strange because she now had something to cause about other than herself and her doomed love to a man that would never care for her. The people of Orlando actually mattered to her, which was a strange feeling.

Arching a brow as Lilith caught Malin speaking inappropriately, Lilith remained poker-faced in front of her chief of police. Although she was on friendly terms with the woman, Lilith had learned that as the Mayor, it was best not to show signs of emotion during important meetings unless absolutely necessary.

Showing emotion usually worked against your favor, at least in Lilith’s opinion, unless it was appropriate to do so, e.g. to show concern for another’s feelings. 

“I know it has. I’m not too happy about an abruptly crowned King and Queen of the Earth, I’m not sure many people are. It isn’t fair to the people to have a ruler who is immortal, and gets to dictate who is immortal.  However, I do fully intend on having this meeting without you, Malin. It’s between me and Charlie. Period.”

She wouldn’t have anyone intervene in that, when she intended on making things right, as they should have been. A Sailor Guardian shouldn’t have been permitted to own a business, let alone be away from the Crystal Palace. It caused turmoil in the city, and they were perfect targets for terrorism. But even Lilith knew that she had to work in baby steps. “If everything goes well in this meeting, I intend on making it work in our favor. No matter how much we may hate the Black Moon, they have proven to us that the Sailor Guardians do not believe in first responders or our police team, and jump at the chance to act as a hero.”

“We may be human, Malin, but we get the job done just as well. Do remember that.” Lilith informed her nonchalantly, not even slightly intimidated by Malin’s sharp eyes or leaning forward. 

“I am aware of that. And I will be damned if I don’t inform Charlie of her and the rest of her team’s place.”

Malin Bishop
Malin had a hard time curbing her tongue sometimes. What was she supposed to do when she hated King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity more than she hated anyone else. She knew the kind of threat they posed and she wanted to do anything she could in order to kill them both. She didn’t care about her love for Endymion anymore. She knew that he was never going to love her in return and that meant that there was no point in trying to save him. He was going to fall into ruin just like the rest of the White Moon.

She was going to personally see to it. She hated them and wanted them to pay for the things that she had lost in her life and the pain that she had lived through. With Metaria gone, she didn’t feel the need to worry about any of the old queen’s machinations. She only cared about her own desires.

”So I can understand.” There was a little bit of a dry tone taken but she knew that there wasn’t anything that Malin could do in order to talk Lilith out of what she was going to do. She knew that this was a meeting that needed to happen and even though she hated that she wasn’t going to be there to tell Charlie exactly what she thought of her, she was wise enough to know that was a good thing.

She didn’t need to make anymore enemies than she already had. She wasn’t ready for the White Moon to know who she was just yet.

”I’m glad that we are in agreement.” She hated that the guardians thought that they were above the law and didn’t need to abide by the rules like everyone else. Vigilantes were strictly prohibited and in her mind, that was exactly what they were. If they were supposed to keep their damned queen safe, then why didn’t they worry about keeping the dumb woman alive rather than sticking their nose where it didn’t belong? She didn’t want to see the guardians on her streets and trying to butt in where they weren’t wanted nor frankly needed.

”I am aware of that, Mayor. My concern isn’t about us but rather the aliens that think they have the right to be above the law. I am glad that you are planning on setting the record straight, because someone has to.” She said with a serious tone. She took all of this very seriously.

“At the moment, that is my absolute concern, rest assured, Malin.” Lilith informed her calmly, albeit tiredly now. Uncharacteristically, she even yawned, and batted an eyelash from her own actions.
A small ahem escaped her lips, trying to brush it aside. Her troubles were her own, not anyone elses, so she wasn’t about to apologies for her own actions as they weren’t about Malin’s. Malin after all, wasn’t exactly the oversensitive type about these things, at least in Lilith’s opinion. Was she?

“My job as Mayor is to keep the integrity of the American people. Not abide by what the aliens believe, and implement their ways of the Lunarian monarchy. I’m wholly grateful that the Queen hasn’t implemented her government into our society, even if she is governing in a….unique fashion, as I would have expected her to at least keep the presidency.”
Or was it too much for two governments on the American soil? Lilith had many, many questions—she was certain that many Americans did as well, along with why the American government kept their ancient past a secret, if they had a history under what was known as the ‘Golden Kingdom’. Just how old were humans, and what was their relationship with the Lunarians as a whole? Was their a legit reason that they chose not to interact?
As Lilith thought about those questions, she briefly considered investigating more on the subject herself, if time permitted it.

“Now, do you have any other concerns for me that need to be addressed to them, Malin? This is your chance. Remember that, because I do not schedule a meeting with Charlie often.”

Malin Bishop
Malin hated wasting her time and that was what this little meeting was starting to amount to. Usually, her meeting with the mayor was a little more productive than this. If Lilith really did have the same concerns as Malin did, she sure as hell didn't seem like she was all that worried about it. She knew Lilith didn't really care about her. It wasn't like they were friends, but often enough they were able to be cordial with one another.

"Be sure it is, Lilith. The world is changing and soon humanity won't have a place in it if the queen continues to change our whole way of life." She said somewhat bitterly. She had her own reasons for hating Serenity and Endymion, but she wasn't going to give those away just yet. The only people that were currently alive that knew of her feelings had no idea she was even still alive. Or rather, they knew that Queen Beryl was back, but they didn't know that Queen Beryl was also Malin Bishop.

Hiding in plain sight had its perks.

But something that really bothered Malin was the fact that there were so many humans that blindly loved and followed after the king and queen. It made no sense. Why would you choose to follow aliens that had invaded the planet and were breaking down the government and replacing it with their own? These false monarchs were taking away their way of life. They were breaking down the very government that the humans had put into place in the first place.

Her thoughts and feelings had changed somewhat since her last life. She still wanted the damn crystal and she wanted to kill Endymion and Serenity. But there were other things that she also cared about. She wanted to keep Orlando safe. It made no sense with her own history. She wanted to protect the people. Perhaps in a way that was why she wanted to get rid of the king and queen. Well, that aside from her usual reasons for hating them.

But she knew the truth. King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were not what the humans needed. They had done just fine on their own. She hated Serenity. She hated her so much. She grumbled angrily. "Her disrespect of the American government says it all. If she thinks everyone will blindly take her rule, then maybe she should pay a little more attention to the protests and the terrorists."

She didn't condone what the terrorists was doing, but she could at least understand their point of view.

Lilith disagreed wholly with that statement, but she wouldn’t rebuttal. The Earth first and foremost always belonged to humans. Neo Queen Serenity and her Guardians were only a dime in a dozen, unless they brought in more of their alien comrades—just how many aliens were there? Was there enough to form an army, to put humans into enslavement? Was that ultimately what Malin seemed so afraid of?
Lilith remained nonchalant as she gazed at Malin. She’d known that Malin was always outspoken against the Queen within people of similar opinion, but Lilith liked to believe that she was of neutral grounds. But Malin? This was a different side to her that she hadn’t expected.

So much hate.

What was her relationship with the Queen that she'd missed? Just how much of this affected Malin since they’d originally met? Lilith knew now to observe Malin carefully, and to ensure that her Chief of Police wasn’t going to lose contact with reality. Doomsday wasn’t here yet.
And Lilith would be damned if she’d ever let it fall upon an alien’s choice. She’d known that the Earth would indeed fight back. She would, too.
“Malin, I’m going to ask that you go home and get some rest. We all need it, I myself do, too. But remember that this isn’t entirely the Queen’s kingdom; she is the consort of a King who has much more experience than she. I would be damned if I abided by the Queen’s judgment without it going through the King first. American society has always had a male president,  therefore the King in my perspective has more power over the Queen.”
The only reason Lilith saw the Queen having more power over the King was because she was an alien who possessed the unlimited power of the Silver Crystal. Without the Silver Crystal, there would be no war, wouldn’t there?
“But enough of this. Go home and get some rest, Malin." Standing up from her seat, Lilith prepared to escort Malin. "We'll meet again after the meeting with Charlie. Agreed?"

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