[Blackout Event] A Bad Omen
// July 22, 2030

Min chuckled softly. Cynthia's optimism did not change and it reminded her of when they were fighting Galaxia. She kept that hope high even when things looked grim. She got this. The Lunarian Queen has a new form but it was not going to stop her from serving her people. It gave Min a little more confidence in getting to the heart of this problem ahead of them. And if there were any issues, she would be there to take care of the rest. It felt like a good idea and Min rolled with it. There was no way to convince Cynthia otherwise. Her compassion won this time to argue any further.

When Cynthia explained her history, of her mother not being able to fight and the changes they undergo once they became queen, Min still didn't understand why their powers shifted like that but at least Cynthia was willing to be open about it. She appreciated that much. That would be a discussion for another time. There was urgency in this darkness taking over Orlando that needed to be addressed. Now.

"Of course," Min smiled, clutching her brooch tighter. The second part to the brooch, a headset with a microphone and star-shaped earbud, formed around her ear as she stared at Cynthia with a wider grin.

"Fighter Star Power, Make Up!"

In a flash, Min transformed into her Sailor Star Fighter form. She winked at Cynthia and looked forward to where they need to go. Outside the kingdom, in complete darkness, that sucked the light out of nearly everything. Min nodded and turned back to Cynthia.

"Let's do this."

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