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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

Eye for an Eye
"Fuck the Dark Kingdom." Lena hissed angrily as she stabbed into the practice dummy, the tip of the Holy Sword impaled into it. She was angry. They had fucking started this whole thing. Everything. If Beryl hadn't allowed herself to be twisted by jealousy and her love for a prince that she was never destined to have, then maybe none of this would have happened. Serenity and Endymion could have fallen in love and been married. The precious princess would have been able to take the throne and Queen Serenity would have been able to see her daughter alive and well and happy. That was the version of history that should have happened. But instead, they had all died and been forced to be reborn.

When she had woken as Sailor V, Lena could never have known everything that had happened in the past. It wasn't until later as she kept battling the Dark Agency that she realized just all of the tragic shit that she and the others had been forced to live through. Her life had never been the same after that moment and a part of her regretted that she would never have that innocence back.

Not that it mattered now.

Lena took a few steps back and she raised the sword in front of her. Her brows were knit together in concentration. She's pulled her hair back and she wore athletic clothing. She was alone in the training room, but she was glad to have the peace and quiet. None of the other senshi had come to bother her. She needed the time to clear her head. She felt like she had failed to keep her queen and best friend safe.

"Fuck the Black Moon Clan!" She said as she pranced forward, swinging the sword down in an arc across the chest of the training dummy. She had just as much anger towards them. They were two very separate groups. She had a history with the Dark Kingdom. She knew them and she knew them better than any of the others, even more so than Cynthia herself. Her experience with them was even more twisted and messed up than even some of the other senshi.

She let out a slow exhale as she took a few steps back and she held the sword in front of her. She almost didn't hear the door open and close behind her. She was so focused on what she was doing that she didn't quite notice the arrival of someone else until she heard the footsteps.

"Who is- oh. Hey Charlie." Lena said, her eyes sliding over the head of security. She liked Charlie, despite their differences. Once upon a time she had been in love with her like she had been in love with all the other idols. Now she respected her as someone else who was as devoted to their queen as she was.

Charlene Araceli
<> The past forty-eight hours had been hell. Between reviewing the scene of the explosion, going over security footage, and checking in on the sleeping Queen whenever Charlie had a spare minute, she was exhausted. But even more importantly, she was pissed.

Cordelia could have died. If it hadn’t been for the Deep Aqua Mirror, (and Charlie could remember few times that she was ever so truly grateful that the Talismans existed, but this was certainly one of them) she would have died. That knowledge alone was enough to shake her to her core, far worse than she had felt in the heat of the moment. Let alone with what had already happened to the Queen. She wasn’t hurt, per say, but the sight of Serenity laying pale in what could only be described as a self-induced slumber… it hadn’t helped.

Trying to sleep hadn’t helped either; the attempt only succeeded in her rolling around restlessly and at this point, Charlie was enough of a bundle of stress and tension that she just needed some form of relief.

That is what lead her to stalking down the corridors of the Crystal Palace in the middle of the night, paired in a tank-top and sweatpants, with her white-knuckled grip over the hilt of the Space Sword.

In hindsight, it was probably a good thing Charlie didn’t run into anyone on her trip from her office to the training room. It was dark and she might have been radiating a bit of murderous intent.

True to form, however, that luck was bound to run out. She heard the sound of activity coming from the very place she was headed towards before she saw who was causing it. Truthfully, she very nearly turned right back around. It was only out of pure determination for some form of relief that she pushed onwards.

In the end Charlie was glad she kept going. The face that greeted her as she got to the room wasn’t an unpleasant one.

Out of all of the Inner Guardians, Lena was probably the one she got along with the best.

She was already toeing off her shoes and stepping onto the training mat by the time the other woman properly noticed her. Focused entirely on her own thoughts and actions. Charlie could relate to that.

That, and her natural proclivity towards silence, was what prevented her from announcing her arrival until Lena noticed Charlie’s presence on her own.

“Couldn’t sleep either?” It was less of a question than a statement. What else would lead the other woman to practicing drills at this hour? That or she just hadn’t noticed the time, but with the way the Palace had been a flurry of chaos and disorganization as of late it wouldn’t be surprising. Everyone was working themselves to the bone and only grabbing the minimum amount of rest as required.

Luckily Charlie could relate, and Lena really didn’t have to confirm or even answer if she didn’t want to. Silence rarely bothered her. Placing her sword down on the edge of the mat, Charlie started her warmup routine with stretches, focused intently on going through the familiar motions. It was only after she found her limbs sufficiently loose that she stopped, picking up the sword again and rolling her hand around to re-familiarize herself with the weight.

Taking a glance back at the the other blonde, an idea sparked in the back of her mind that had Charlie unable to suppress a wry grin. The glint of the Space Sword reflected the sparkle in her eye.

“You ever get tired of practicing with the dummy?”

Lena was awake and she was pissed off because of everything that had happened. The explosion had been a tragedy that should have been avoided. They should have been able to stop all of those people from dying. That was why they were guardians, right? They were supposed to protect the people. But they had failed to know what was going to happen and so many people had died because of it. Lena couldn’t forgive herself. She knew that she couldn’t always know the future, it wasn’t possible.

Especially when even Cordelia and Izumi seemed to be having so many issues seeing the future and trying to get a read on the people that had been behind these attacks. The only thing that they knew that the terrorists were a group of radical humans known as the Black Moon Clan. They had inverted moons on their foreheads and they had powers that weren’t natural. They didn’t know who was behind them nor did they know where they got their powers from. They certainly didn’t come from any natural source, that much was for sure. And it seemed they were hellbent on turning humanity against the queen.

And the worst part was knowing that it was working. There were people before that had been unsure of how to feel about the White Moon but were now firmly against them because the queen hadn’t been able to protect them. Nor had her guardians who were supposed to protect them from the forces of chaos.

Lena was exhausted but she also found that sleep was evading her. It wasn’t the first time. She usually was able to fall asleep without too many issues, but she found that ever since she had learned of Beryl’s return and the return of the Dark Kingdom, she was plagued by nightmares. She was afraid that he was back. Adonis. Danburite. A man who had been obsessed with her but she had never truly been able to bring herself to love him.

He wasn’t Kunzite. Her heart and eyes wandered but the one constant would always be her love for the leader of the Heavenly Kings. He would always hold her heart, even if it seemed as though he might be hesitant to rekindle their romance from before they had died during the Silver Millennium.

So to say that Lena was stressed out was an understatement. But having a familiar and friendly face here so late at night did bring some small measure of comfort. She wasn’t overly close with Charlie, but the two of them had almost always gotten along. They had both been fully committed to Cynthia for years, and even when the Inners and Outers had been at odds, she had still respected the soldier of wind

”Yeah.” She said in confirmation, her blue eyes dark as she swung the sword again, not even bothering from trying to stop herself from taking off the head of the dummy. It wasn’t like it couldn’t be easily replaced and she needed something to do in order to calm herself down. She stood up and she faced Charlie curiously.

Huh. A sparring match with Charlie? Actually, that wasn’t an awful idea. She smiled a bit, a teasing glint in her eyes. ”I could use that, actually. But hey, I actually know how to use this sword now. I’ve been training with it since the last time we sparred.”

Charlene Araceli
<> “Good, then you might actually put up a fight,” she responded, but the amusement was clear in her tone. Charlie was goading the former pop idol.

In truth, she knew just how dangerous Lena could be with her sword. After all, if memory served her correctly it had been how Beryl had met her end the last time around. Before Charlie had even come into the picture. Lena wasn’t - and hadn’t been, even by the last time they’d sparred - an amateur.

But to claim that there were no differences between their skill levels would also be a drastic understatement. That was only to be expected. Charlie had an entire lifetimes worth of experience on her. And not only of being trained in the art of the sword and how to properly wield it, but also actively using and honing those skills in live battle for years. When things weren’t peaceful at Uranus’ post in the Silver Millennium, all she did was fight. There was nothing else to do. Not only that, but her Talisman wasn’t just any ordinary sword. It may act and appear that way to anyone else, but the item was connected to her. Created specifically for her usage and tailored to best amplify her innate abilities.

She’d been using it for long enough now, in both this lifetime and the last, for the weapon to have become an essential extension of herself. Whenever she fought, the proof was there in her fighting style.

That didn’t mean Charlie would ever underestimate a worthy opponent, and what Lena didn’t have on her in experience she was still far more than capable of making up for in other ways. Even just subtle shifts in technique and quick thinking - it was more than enough to keep Charlie on her toes and made for a good round of practice for the both of them.

Far more effective training than a standing target, if anything.

And so she moved into position, starting at her default stance with both hands on the sword raised in front of her. Assessing. She wouldn’t move until Lena made it clear that she was prepared as well. As far as the ex-racer was concerned, after the match had officially started everything was fair game, catching your opponent off-guard in particular. Up until then, however, she wouldn’t make a move.

“Ready whenever you are.”

Regardless, the Uranian soldier had never been all that fond of remaining still, and things hadn’t changed. After a moments pause where Charlie was ready to defend if Lena started with a quick attack, she went on the offensive. Rushing at the other woman, the first few strikes were meant purely as a warm up. Easily blocked and fairly predictable. But she didn’t let up, and a few turned into many as she continued her barrage. The power behind each strike only increased with each blow. Lena would need to break a line in Charlie’s offense before she was able to do anything else.

And Charlie fully intended not to let up until that happened. She was here to get a workout, after all. Distract herself from her thoughts. That wouldn’t happen if she only went halfway. Not that her intent was to hurt the other blonde, but Lena also wouldn’t gain any experience from this if Charlie went easy on her. Whatever the other woman did in response to her attack, she was prepared to switch on a moments notice and defend if the situation called for it.

Lena gripped the sword in her hands tightly. She had been practicing with her sword a lot lately so that she could be an even better guard. While Sailor Venus was powerful in her own right, she still needed to be able to protect her queen. And she had learned that the holy sword was the perfect way to protect her. She could keep up with many of the palace guards now and she could even beat them. She had started to push herself farther because she wanted to be able to become the best. One day she might just be able to beat Charlie.

One day.

"I'm not just a sad little girl that loves and fawns over celebrities anymore." Lena said as she raised her sword. She didn't want to be seen as the lovestruck little girl. She wasn't that woman anymore. She had grown and had been through an unknowable about of tragedies. There were things that she had suffered that she hadn't told any of her friends about. She hadn't told them about the curse that Adonis had put on her. She was destined to die alone without someone to give her heart to. She knew that wasn't totally true because she was able to fall in love with people pretty easily. The problem was that her love for other people was only ever going to end in heartbreak.

That was why Kunzite wanted nothing to do with her, right? She had seen him a handful of times and that was about it. As far as she could tell, he was avoiding her. She could deal with Adonis hating her. She could deal with many of the other men she had fallen for drifting away. But Kunzite? No... that was almost too much to handle. She couldn't think about him anymore.

She was the soldier of love. She was supposed to be able to find and keep the love of her life but he wanted nothing to do with her. Her heart was breaking the more and more she thought about it. So she put all of her energy into training and keeping the queen safe. Cyn was all that mattered. She kept a brave smile on her face when sometimes all she wanted to do was break down and cry.

She knew she wasn't going to be able to beat Charlie. Hell no. She was going to need to take her time and she knew she was going to get beat. But she was going to do what she could to put up a fight and maybe if she focused on their sparring match, then she wasn't going to need to worry about too much. She wouldn't have to think about him and the way that he wanted nothing to do with her.

What if he doesn't love me anymore?

Lena's mouth tightened and the look in her eyes hardened. She didn't want to think about that and she lunged forward, trying to bring her sword down against Charlie's. She knew that the older woman would be able to protect herself without a problem. Her only concern was action and moving. The less she thought, the better she would feel.


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