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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

Bring Me to Life
"Cynthia." Lena said her name with a sigh. Yeah, she knew her friend's name was really supposed to be Serenity, but that wasn't how Lena always saw her. Right now she wasn't the queen of the White Moon. She was Cynthia Lunette, and she was the most important person in Lena's life. So while she appreciated what her best friend was saying, it was going to fall on deaf ears.

She sighed and didn't know what to tell her because she knew that her best friend wasn't really going to listen to her on this topic. She felt bad that her queen felt guilty about her giving up her career. Hell, it had been her own choice to retire and she didn't regret that decision. But knowing that Cynthia thought that she shouldn't have given up her career for her was just... it was wrong. She didn't want Cynthia feeling that way ever.

"I want you to listen to me, okay? Because it's very important that you hear me when I say this. It was my own choice to retire." She said as she kept running the brush through Cynthia's hair. She was taking her time as she brushed it. What more could she say to make her understand?

"I chose to do it because, at the end of the day, you are what matters most to me. My career? That's not what ultimately matters. I got to live out my dream and be on stage and be an idol. It was amazing and I loved it. But now I'm glad that I can fulfill my other dream to keep you safe." Lena said as she began to work on one of Cynthia's buns. She remembered doing this back during the Silver Millennium. She had liked being one of the young guardians to serve and protect the young princess.

It had been her duty even though Queen Serenity had wanted for Serenity and the guardians to live as normal girls, her duty was never going to change. They were normal and they were never going to be normal. They couldn't have normal lives. Lena knew that, so her personal life didn't matter. Only Lena's best friend mattered to her.

"So during this press conference, do you plan on being the one to give it? Because it might not be a bad idea for me to take your place and pretend to be you. Just in case." She said as she finished working on the first bun and she moved onto the second. It wasn't a bad idea in her mind in case someone tried to make an attempt on Serenity's life. That was one of her main roles in keeping her safe.

Serenity moved to grip Lena’s hand to squeeze it, mostly as a comforting gesture as she listened to what she had to say. She wasn’t sure if she approved of it or not, she knew just how badly Lena wanted to be a celebrity and be a singer when she was younger. But was it possible that she’d outgrown those desires to focus on her adulthood?
Times had changed. Serenity knew this all too well, and there was a gap between their friendships when she went with Endymion while he was studying in Harvard and everyone was doing their own thing. It happened moments before their marriage, but that gap…. There had been a lot that had happened there, a lot that made her friends decide what to do with their lives.
But this was Lena. Lena wasn’t the type to outright lie to her, so she’d ultimately have to face facts. Charlie had given up her own career for her own personal safety, but Serenity had chosen not to pry on her choices.
“As long as it’s your choice, I’m okay with your decision.” Serenity said reassuringly, gazing upward at Lena. “I just feel terrible at times that my safety seems to matter too much….when I have so many people now to protect me, even Endymion’s Generals when I need them most… I just want everyone to remember that they have lives too. I’m….trying to find some balance between my own duties and my own personal life too. There are times I wish that Endymion and I hadn’t rushed into things if it’d rush us into the Crystal Palace….but I so badly wanted to be a bride, you know?”
Serenity was sure that Lena had already known about Serena Rose, but she was still debating on giving up the charade in favor of abiding by Charlie’s requests for her safety.
“I haven’t thought about you going as me, but I really do need the practice of giving out speeches…so I think I’ll go as me.” Serenity beamed upward at Lena, tilting her head gently as she’d nearly forgotten that the woman was styling her hair. “I don’t think anything would happen at the conference, but I do think it’s a good idea for you or Charlie to be with me, don’t you?”

The idea of Cynthia giving the speech only made a knot of anxiety build in the pit of her stomach. She knew that there were going to be people that were going to try and use the situation to make an attempt on the queen's life. She knew how chaos worked and she knew that the Black Moon or the Dark Kingdom were going to be the ones behind it. The very idea of them coming so close to the Crystal Palace made her feel sick to her stomach. There was so much that she needed to try and protect her best friend from. She knew that she couldn't be everywhere at once. She couldn't vet and watch every single person that was in attendance.

She liked to think that there was going to be enough security in place to prevent such a possible attack, but that wasn't necessarily going to stop someone from trying something. Even if it was going to lead with them getting themselves killed. She didn't say anything at first as she continued to form the second bun on her dearest friend's head. She was focusing on the task itself at hand, trying to think of the right way to respond to this revelation.

She wasn't surprised by it at all. In a way, she was proud that Serenity was stepping up to act like the queen she was. That was something that impressed her and she was proud of her for making that important decision. But it was also a decision that put her in a lot of danger. And danger was supposed to be one of the things that Lena was supposed to keep her as far away from as possible.

But Cynthia was going to do what she thought was best.

"If that is what you want to do, Serenity, you know that I would never argue with you. The only thing I would ask is that you have all of us with you there. It doesn't matter what the rest of us may have going on. We are your guardians and we need to be there for you." She said firmly as she finished up on that second bun and pinned it into place. She backed up and she began checking to make sure that she had done a decent job. Deciding she had done some quality work, she grabbed the hand mirror and she showed it to Cynthia.

Serenity wondered if that was a good idea. She’d understand two Guardians at her side, but everyone?
How would it look if she had all eight of her Guardians standing behind her? Serenity knew that Charlie wouldn’t ever permit her to do the conference alone, but Serenity needed some independence. She needed to show the people that she wasn’t afraid to speak to them, and in Serenity’s mind all of her Guardians behind her was almost like a threat to her people.
She wished that Endymion was enough to be at her side, but even that was a little dangerous, wasn’t it?
“I’ll have to talk about it with Charlie.” Serenity decided, trying to sit still as Lena focused on her buns. “Do you really think that it’s a good idea to have everyone there? I was thinking something a little more personal, a bit more private…to show that we’re still standing strong.”
Or was it standing strong to show that all eight of her Guardians were beside her? There were so many takes on this that her people could have and Serenity didn’t like it.
“I just need to reassure them that everything will be okay.” Serenity said calmly, her gaze downcast as she fiddled with a string of her hair. When Lena was done with her hair and handed her a mirror, Serenity took it and smiled.
“It looks cute, Lena! Thank you.”

"I think that we should make a show of strength. We are here to stand beside you and we aren't going to let anyone hurt you. Obviously, Kali can't there as Sailor Pluto. But I believe that we need to make a show of our strength together. They tried to show that we are weak. I don't want anyone to believe that," Lena said with a deep frown on her face. She didn't want anything to happen to her queen and there was also an off chance that the Black Moon Clan might try to make an attempt on her life.

And fuck that.

"You know that I will listen to your orders, Cyn. And if you decide that you only want to have a few of us there with you when you make the press statement, then I understand. I will stand by you and I will follow your lead. But I also don't want us to get careless. Your safety is what matters most," She said as she squeezed her shoulders and then she stepped back.

Now that the queen was ready for the day, she liked to think that they could get on with their daily activities. There were a few things that she needed to see to that didn't involve being around the queen and she wanted to give Cyn some space. She deserved to have some room to breathe. But the paranoid part of her brain was telling her to not stray too far.

So she was going to change the subject. She just wanted to make sure that she didn't need her today. If there was anything that her friend needed her to do, then she would do it.

"So. What are your plans for the day? More rest or are you going to be seeing to some royal duties?" She asked curiously. Again, if there was anything that she needed to continue with her plans for the day, then Lena was ready to just drop everything on her docket and aid her in that.

Maybe Lena was right. Maybe she was looking at this the wrong way. Serenity thought that appearing as herself would have been enough, but to remind everyone that they still stood strong as a team of Sailor Guardians was far more important and sent a much stronger message.

“I think you’re right, Lena.” Serenity agreed. It was a shame that they had to hide Kali’s identity, but it was overall for the greater good—they couldn’t risk anyone trying to bend space-time by accessing the Space-Time Door. Through not only her interactions with Kali, as well as the small hidden passage deep within the Crystal Palace, Serenity became aware of the Space-Time Door’s very existence but refused to step foot in it, herself.

Not unless it was necessary and certainly not without Kali’s permission.

“Kali is a well-known advisor to us to the public, so I think it’d be okay for her to be there as herself. But she also did make an appearance as a Sailor Guardian at the explosion site…wouldn’t that have repercussions if someone saw her?” Serenity had been wondering about that and had been meaning to talk with Kali about who was around her. Just her making an appearance at the explosion was dangerous and unwarranted.

“I intend on having this appearance at the balcony overlooking the city, from the Crystal Palace.” Serenity informed Lena. “I think it’d be a little silly to have the conference anywhere else. At least if we’re near the Crystal Palace, people can still watch it from a distance…while being reminded of what sort of power our court has.”

When Lena decided to change the subject, she was rather grateful about it. More so because Serenity herself hadn’t really wanted to do the conference, she just knew that it was necessary. It just made her extremely uncomfortable doing so without Endymion by her side, but he’d been busy handling matters elsewhere….with the Golden Kingdom.

It still made the Crystal Palace awfully lonely.

“I would like to enjoy the day, but I don’t think I can ignore some of my appointments for today, either.” Serenity sighed woefully. “It was much easier being a Princess. I think I preferred fighting alongside you guys more as Sailor Moon than dealing with royal duties.”

"As much as I wish that Kali could be there as one of us, we all know that's a terrible idea. But at least she can still be in attendance as one of your advisors?" She questioned as she looked at her friend with a small smile. It wasn't the same. No one knew who the mysterious guardian was that had appeared to respond to the crisis, and she intended on keeping it that way. She didn't plan on letting that particular secret out. She had been asked a few questions about who it was, but she wasn't going to say anything.

No one was going to be getting that information out of her. In a world where the guardians no longer could hide their own identities, she was going to do what she could to make sure that Kali maintained some sort of privacy, especially with her role being such an important one. She couldn't even begin to think about what their enemies would do if they had access to the Time Door.

Nothing good, that much was obvious.

Lena nodded slowly, "You might be right, but part of the transformations have always helped hide our identities from people that would see us in both forms. More than likely, no one would realize that Kali is our mystery guardian. In which case, I think it's fine for her to be in attendance. I would rather she be there, just in case something does go wrong."

While she wasn't going to be able to transform to help them, it was nice to have that insurance. If Kali was there, she could slip away and transform and help them. She was really just hoping that nothing was going to happen at the press conference. They really had enough on their plates and they didn't need more of a mess on their hands. Not to mention that would directly put her queen's life in danger, and she was sick of that happening...

"That's the plan!" Serenity bounced, knowing that she didn't want to not have any of her Guardians present. Even the Galactica, while they were extraterrestrial Guardians, deserved to be there -- they helped defend the Earth from Galaxia. History books were being rewritten to reflect such, as their battles to save the planet were historical events.

Sure, it happened when they were young, but Serenity believed that age did not matter. They were trying to get their people to accept them, and that meant opening up their world to them. How Sailor Guardians functioned, their heroics, and more. Youma attacks used to be a near daily occurrence, and now they were dealing with a string of murders that they needed to resolve.

Either way the world looked at it, Sailor Guardians played a big role. They needed to become accepted, someday. Serenity wouldn't stand for the prejudice.

"I don't think so, either. At any rate, it may be possible for us to claim that one of Asteria's Guardians are the mystery Guardian that appeared there. The world doesn't know much about them, right? So I think it makes sense, and I'm sure Asteria would understand our need to protect Pluto's identity!" Or at least she hoped so. The Space-Time Door may have been accessible within the depths of the Crystal Palace, but on a normal basis most humans didn't know where it was. Not even the staff of the Crystal Palace, only the Sailor Guardians did.

It was something that no one needed to know about. Period.

But Lena's last remark surprised her. Azure eyes fluttered slightly, tilting her head gently. "Do you really think something bad would happen?" Serenity asked sincerely. "I don't think people would be dumb enough to attack us when we're all there…."

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