Crystal City - January 2031

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.

Uncertainty Clouds the Mind
“Yes,” Serenity lowered her head at the mere thought that all they could do was their best. If that wasn’t enough to defeat their enemies, then what could they do? They needed to gather and come up with a plan, but it was hard knowing that now it wasn’t them combating their foes, but the whole world. Serenity wasn’t sure if that made things easier or harder.
Well, that wasn’t totally true. Serenity had known it certainly made it harder knowing that humans were engaging in combat, fighting enemies with powers and trying to survive. It made it hard knowing that they could get hurt or worse, die. Serenity wasn’t sure if she’d be able to bear it watching more people die in what was supposed to be their fight. But when the entire world demanded to partake in the battle, how could they say no?
It was a never ending conflict.
“It’s a daily battle, isn’t it?” Serenity murmured, wondering what they could do to minimize future casualties. In the end, was it really justified to reveal their identities at that cost?
Serenity was grateful to hear that Kali thought that she could restore peace once more. For a brief moment they had it, but it seemed that it was quickly taken away from them moments after she brought back immortality.
It hit her then. Azure hues widened briefly at the mere realization. “A suggestion? Kali….what if the Black Moon are right? When all of this chaos began, it was sometime after I granted immortality to Earthlings. What if….what if that wasn’t wise? Do you think I should revoke it once more, is that even possible? My family would always have immortality, as would Sailor Guardians….but….”
The mere thought was troublesome. Serenity hadn’t even begun to think of what the consequences would be if she’d revoked it, the possible riots that may ensue afterwards.
“Is it fair to Earthlings if we’re the only ones who have it?”
No. There had to be another way.
“A temporary location for the marketplace will help, and we should do whatever we can to help them rebuild. Some of those businesses were their livelihoods. But my decision on going to the marketplace still stands, Kali. I don’t want anyone to come with me, even you…. We can’t risk it until we know if they know you.”
It was a reasonable decision, wasn’t it? If Kali’s identity was compromised it wouldn’t have benefited them in the long-run. And the more that Kali talked about what she’d done to bring her back to safety, her azure hues widened in shock. She did….that? And Saturn? Why was this information kept from her until now?
“Kali, we need to figure out a way to answer this. What if I’m asked this at the conference? That was too much of a risk to take. What would Mama have done if she’d found out you used that power? Kali, you can help us in many ways aside from using space-time abilities, can’t you? Like…..Dead Scream. Chronos Typhoon! Those are all safer abilities than summoning the door, isn’t it?”

Kali Portner
"You can't punish the majority for the actions of a few. This isn't about the gift you gave people, this is about people who are full of hatred and evil and can't see past that. Everyone had the same opportunity to receive an extended lifespan, but it required that they be pure in their hearts, and not everyone could do that. That happened before you even bestowed that gift on people. Those who did not receive it, were already bad. And is it really any worse than using medicine and science to extend the life of people? The world changes, it progresses, and humans must progress too. It isn't your fault if some are against that."

It wasn't an easy topic, everyone was allowed to have their own thoughts on the matter, but Kali had lived a long life. She had seen several lifetimes pass during her one life, and she had used that time to learn more, to grow, to hone her skills and train. Time did not just pass her by, nor did she take it for granted. Hopefully, as the people of Earth learned more about their new lifespan, they could make the most of it as well too.

"Wouldn't it make an even bigger divide if we kept that power to ourselves while others watched their loved ones die of disease?" It wasn't the right thing to do, to make everyone on Earth lose their loved ones while the guardians didn't have to.

"You should set that up with the palace media personnel, so that you can get the word out and try and make a temporary market successful. I think we owe it to those people." Kali couldn't exactly rebuild buildings, that was more Cynthia's power, but they could help raise money and set up ways to build back their business.

Nodding when the queen insisted she go alone, Kali couldn't exactly tell her queen no. Kali was a firm believer in following the queen, it had been all Kali had known under the rule of Queen Serenity, and why should Neo Queen Serenity be any different? Of course, exceptions had to be made when the world was in trouble, but this situation was not so extreme. "Just take your communicator."

"I may not understand everything about the media, but I am certain that there would be news coverage if someone had a feeling about me, they wouldn't keep it secret until the conference. That isn't to say that information won't come out eventually, but I don't believe anyone is hiding this just to ask you first. And if Queen Serenity was here...she would have stripped me of my powers long before this, when I broke the first taboo of time and left the time door. She was very adamant about the taboos not being broken, and what the consequences for breaking them were." Kali could remember, looking up the queen as a child, hearing her tell Kali just what would happen, and if she ever broke the third it would cost Kali her life. "Regardless, none of my other powers could have returned you to palace, and without knowing how ill you were, I couldn't take the chance of not getting you back right away. You are the only one who can bring peace back to the universe, and without you, then it will all fall apart, and everything will have been for nothing."

Serenity wasn’t sure whether or not it was just about the people’s hatred. Could people really be that vengeful if they hadn’t received the gift? Serenity knew that it was risky giving only a selected majority of people immortality, but Serenity didn’t want a world that was fueled by people with impurity.
It simply wasn’t how the Silver Crystal worked. That was enough of an answer, wasn’t it?
“Thank you for clearing that, Kali.” Serenity smiled as she gazed towards her once more. “Originally I had thought the same too, I thought that….the Silver Crystal would benefit those with pure hearts, and maybe even later on if someone managed to purify themselves….it’d benefit them too. But the people that are acting out of vengeance it’s really hard for them to see past that. I wonder what we could do to encourage people and guide them towards the path of Goodness, so that way they too, could probably obtain the gift?”
Was that something to consider addressing to the people as well? That at the end of the day, immortality was achievable through your own actions? Serenity had known that during the conference there would be many topics to address. This happened to be one that needed to be clarified, it seemed.
“I think so,” Serenity nodded in agreement. “I wouldn’t want to watch Endymion die….not again, and I’m sure that Mama  and Papa wouldn’t want to watch each other die. I’m sure there are others who think the same, but it’s also hard knowing that there are some who will absolutely die….based on their own personal choices and desire for vengeance.”
“Of course. I’ll ensure that the marketplace is our top priority, I promise. There’s a lot of livelihoods at stake, and we need to show them that we’re here for them too.”
Serenity would then gaze towards Kali with reassurance, bright azure hues tried to ease the situation. “I promise. I’m sure Charlie would scold me when I get back to the Crystal Palace for not having it on me!” She teased.
“And I promise Kali, if someone tries to start prying information about a mysterious Sailor Guardian…. We’ll keep it under wraps. Maybe we could say it was Min-Ji or one of the Galactica?” Though as Serenity had thought about it, maybe saying it was someone else dressing as her own Guardians wasn’t really a good idea. It would lead to some controversy.
“I know that Mama was really old fashioned with the way she governed the Moon Kingdom, but that’s not our time now, Kali. If you would have been punished, then Charlie, Neptune and Seraphina would have been too for just being around us all. I think that….maybe it was meant to be this way, when we were all reborn, to give us all a chance at our dreams of being with each other!”
But as Kali further discussed the need for her to continue living, Serenity turned her head away then, wondering if it was time. Every Queen tended to have a duty to their King, and Serenity wanted so badly to bring a child into this world during a time of peace. But would have it made things less difficult if she’d started trying to conceive?
“…..Do you think that I should take the risk and start trying to conceive in order to ensure a peaceful future? We’re not at peace now, but….all of you are trying so hard to keep me alive with the future in mind.”

Kali Portner
Sitting with the queen in her office, Kali felt for the younger woman. She didn't ask for her destiny, and while there was no escaping just what her destiny was, it didn't mean that everything she was facing was fair. Cynthia now had to speak for an entire planet, and there was no way of pleasing everyone. Even in a time of peace, no one unanimously agreed on things.

"Unfortunately, I believe that things will be out of your hands until we can stop the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom. So long as they are around, they will continue spreading hatred and finding ways to convince regular people to their cause. What I am curious about though, where do their powers come from?" People didn't just have powers, they had to originate from somewhere. Kali drew her powers from Pluto, while the queen drew hers from the Moon. But what about the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom? Where did Wiseman's powers come from? Getting to the bottom of how the groups came about might be the only way to go about dealing with them.

In the meantime, the queen had the unpleasant task of trying to calm the masses. "If someone asks, I believe you should answer their questions. But perhaps for this conference, you try to focus your talking points on the people who are suffering from the attack specifically. People are hurting and scared right now. I think they want to be reassured about right now, not thinking about how to achieve immortality if they don't already."

Maybe the queen wouldn't agree with her, but Kali just wasn't sure that if she were in the shoes of the people who lost their livelihoods, or worse, lost a loved one, the last thing on her mind would be immortality. If anything, it would upset Kali more, knowing she had nearly a millennium before she could see her loved one again, or wonder just how many years it would take her to recover her business.

When the queen went to visit the site, that would further help her realize just what the people needed in this moment. Of course, that wouldn't help much for the conference, but people loved anything having to do with the queen, and when she spoke publicly, people listened. It was part of the reason that Kali worried about the queen staying in communication if she refused to go out with any guardians, because so many people took notice of her. It really wasn't that much different from Queen Serenity, though Kali knew that most people didn't remember those times.

"I have to believe that if anyone had seen something by now, they would have come forward to the media." Kali hoped, at least. She didn't want to be exposed, to protect the time door, but without the queen, there wasn't much time left to protect anyway. It had been a tough decision, but without knowing how hurt the queen was, Kali didn't feel like there was much of a choice in the end.

"Queen Serenity took my mission particularly seriously. I knew you would say this, about me using my powers, but the universe needs you alive." Perhaps the other Outer Guardians would have gotten in trouble as well, but Kali could still hear the queen's words echoing in her ears, forewarning Kali about breaking taboos. There were still two taboos that Kali had not broken, but Neo Queen Serenity didn't need to know about the other two, she didn't need more to worry about.

Closing her eyes as Cynthia asked her question, Kali held a stoic face, even as the angelic and often childish smile of the Princess Lady Serenity crossed her mind. There were an infinite possibility of futures, depending on each decision made in the present, but there were consistences in the different futures. In every future where both the queen and king lived long enough to conceive, their heir was Princess Lady Serenity. Her face, her hair color, her smile, it never changed from future to future. She was a set point in time, her existence was critical, that was what her presence in so many futures told the Guardian of Time.

Opening her eyes to meet the queen's gaze, Kali had to choose her words carefully. She could not give away the future, even if she knew that something was as finite as the Small Lady's existence, Kali couldn't let on about it, because if anyone else learned about the future, it actually became easier for them to alter it negatively. "You're right, we are not at peace right now. The times we are in, though, are not so bad. I enjoyed the days of true peace, just like everyone else, but that does not make our present a terrible time to live. If you are holding off on an heir strictly because there isn't true peace, then I fear you may wait far longer than you would want to. Any heir of yours will have the blood of the Moon in their veins, they will be protected by the Moon just as you were when you were the princess."

It was hard. Harder than Serenity had ever dreamed it’d be when two enemies came into being at once. Serenity thought that facing one enemy and their subordinates was hard, but this was insane. They’ve never, ever had to do this before and it was going to be a challenge as more people were brought into the side of darkness.
It made her even more worried than ever, how could they possibly put an end to something when their numbers weren’t even?
“I hope we can put an end to them soon. Who knows how long this could last….what it could trigger.” Serenity shivered at the mere thought. Could their other enemies revive too? Serenity hoped not, but when they were facing Queen Beryl again for the third time it made her worry.
“I don’t know. It’s so strange…. The only ones who should have power are those who possess the powers of the planets, our Sailor Crystals. Queen Beryl obtained her power from someone else. Could it be the case with them too? Who is the one truly motivating them?” Serenity asked.
“I agree with you Kali. They need to be reassured that our city is still safe. We need to try and increase our security and ensure them that they don’t have to be looking over their shoulders at night as they fall asleep.” Serenity had heard of the recent murder rates increasing, and she’d hoped that it wasn’t in affiliation with either factions. But their people needed protection, they needed to be reassured that they still had their Guardians.
And they did. It was just a lot harder now, especially when she couldn’t transform.
Serenity shuddered at the mere thought, wondering whether or not all of this could have been avoided if she’d been able to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon.
Serenity therefore couldn’t rebuttal against Kali. She’d known she was ultimately right, that the universe needed her alive, but surely she couldn’t be the only one who could shine the light once more on their kingdom. Just how many people had to die for her protection? Serenity didn’t think it was worth it, and she’d known that the Black Moon would use that against her in order to sway civilians to joining their cause.
It made her heart ache.
Her body tensed at the thought that she’d been making a wrong choice towards conceiving a child. But this was not the world that Serenity wanted to raise her child in, she wanted them to be able to enjoy true happiness just like she had when she was young. She wanted them to grow up and have a childhood, to make friends, but was that truly possible in the eyes of their people? Would they treat her  child any differently?
“I will talk about it with Endymion.” Serenity gazed downcast then, wondering how to even address the issue. “I don’t want to risk the possibility that something could happen to our child. It would be so difficult to raise them during times of war…. I wish there was a place that they could grow up in peace.” Serenity gazed upward, towards the direction of where she believed the moon to be in the sky. “Like the Moon Kingdom. Our enemies can’t access it, and it’s been a retreat for Endymion and myself. But I would love to be able to bring it back to the way it was, with people living there.”

Kali Portner
The future contained an infinite amount of different possibilities, and they were ever-changing at any point in time. It was the task of Kali to keep time in order, but just what events played out and when, were flexible in time. Even if Kali could talk about the future, the most likely scenarios that she foresaw, it would likely be a moot point because a single action could change everything. How long this war continued, that was impossible to predict.

"We will all do our best to stop these threats. We have been successful in the past, there is no reason to doubt that we will be successful now." Except for the queen's concerns over the fact that both groups were here at the same time. And then the Dark Kingdom, which seemed to have grown exponentially, that was a new concern. "I'm sure Luna will figure out where the powers come from. I am also curious as to how Beryl found so many to aid her this time. Before she only worked with King Endymion's Heavenly Kings, but now there are enough to match our own numbers, if I have kept track of them correctly."

It was hard to say how many Dark Kingdom members there were, they didn't exactly show up to places as a whole group, and there were mostly just rumored sightings and vague descriptions. None of them had truly stood out, and it didn't seem like Beryl was rallying them together all that much. "We can only take things one piece at a time. Eventually we will learn about one of them, and then they will lead us to the rest. The same with the Black Moon."

It sounded easy, but anything that sounded easy never truly was. Of course, Kali was mostly trying to reassure the queen at this point, and dispel her insecurities and fears. It wasn't easy, she had the weight of the universe on her shoulders, but Kali knew what kind of Queen she would become, and Kali didn't doubt that person one bit. Getting to that point, that was a bit more difficult.

"The decision to have children is not a light decision by any means, but I think you will eventually find it is actually much easier to raise a child than you believe now. Not everything must happen at the perfect time, and whether you decide to wait or not, it will not change anything, not truly. Your child will be destined to be just as remarkable and unique as you." Choosing her words carefully, Kali couldn't talk about the face she knew to be the heir, a face that looked practically identical to the queen herself. Or the guardians that the Lady herself would command, her own team of very personal friends. Or how proud the Lady would make her long as her mother remained healthy enough to see it. There was the possibility of the queen becoming injured and never awakening from that injury, but that future wasn't the most possible, in most of the possibilities, the queen did awaken.

“Yes, but in the past we also operated in secret. We didn’t have to worry about having to work with the police. I hadn’t really thought about that when I revealed our identities.” Serenity confessed, even though she’d known it was for the betterment of their people. They had to start a reign without secrets, just what would those secrets have unraveled during the war? Would it have sparked more hatred towards them?
Serenity believed so. It made her shiver a little bit.
“I want to know that too, especially how our enemies now have powers….it seems so strange, doesn’t it? They were all ordinary people recruited….and they had their powers awakened.” Serenity placed a palm against her chin at the thought. Did this mean that anyone would be able to obtain powers if they were given to them? Serenity believed that it was based on their Sailor Crystals, but that didn’t seem to be the case here.
Not unless….not unless they were somehow affiliated with the Silver Millennium.
Serenity wondered just what that possibility was. They’d recently discovered that there were more people affiliated with the Golden Kingdom, so then what then? Did that mean that there were potential people out there who could have their powers triggered at any moment under the right conditions? Or were they being forced powers?
There were so many possibilities.
Serenity nodded her head in agreement when Kali mentioned that not everything could be perfect. “I know it’s silly, but it’s just something that I believed would happen at the right time. I don’t think Mama ever planned on raising me during war, I don’t think I’d be able to properly raise a child under those circumstances…but thank you, Kali, your advice means so much to me.” Serenity insisted reassuringly.
“You and Neptune….I’ve always admired your motherly instincts. How you were able to raise Sera in spite of the challenges.”
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Kali Portner
"As a guardian, it is frustrating to have to work within narrow lines. As a queen, there is no choice but to work with your people, some things could never have stayed secret. Continuing to allow people to act as vigilantes, it doesn't instill much trust in people."

There were pros and cons to Serenity's decision to reveal their identities, but it was done now, and there was no going back. No one knew that better than Kali, how the consequences of time always caught up to you if you dared to try and alter the path from the past. Moving forward, and without regrets, was all they could do now, as a team.

"Perhaps Charlie or Luna could figure out a way to continue monitoring security footage from around the city. Residences, abandoned commercial buildings, these groups have to go somewhere when they aren't attacking." They would find them, and when they did, then they could track them, and hopefully learn more about the origin of their powers.

Standing up and moving towards the queen, Kali placed a hand on her shoulder. "Your mother trusted in the system she built. She trusted the Inner Guardians to keep you safe. With the amount of new guardians we are learning about from beyond our solar system, I have no doubt that there will be plenty to pledge their allegiance to your heir. Remember, you will not be raising your child alone, just as I did not raise Sera alone. Sera had her parents, but she had all of you as well."

[/b]"Now, you have just enough time to get ready. This is your moment to shine and show the world that you were born for this. I'll be watching with Luna."[/b] Smiling to the queen, Kali squeezed her shoulder before heading out of the office and towards Luna's command room.

Serenity was glad that Kali understood their predicament. It wouldn’t have looked well at all if the public discovered their identities on their own, would it?
“I’m so glad that you think that, Kali.” Serenity smiled. It meant that she made the right choice after all, and out of anyone, Kali was the one who she could trust the most when it concerned decision-making. She was wise, wiser than anyone amongst their team.
“I think that’s doable,” Serenity nodded her head. “I think it’d require hiring a team of people in order to gather more intel from the cameras. Not unless the Crystal Palace’s own technology has the ability, but I’m not sure…. Endymion knows a bit more than I do.”
He was also more well-versed in computers than she was. If it wasn’t for Iseul or Luna, Serenity wouldn’t have ever learned how to use them.
Serenity looked away when Kali began to talk about her mother. Her mother was also wise and knew how to make sound decisions. But there were a lot of things that she personally disagreed with during the Silver Millennium that she’d done. Nowadays, things were much more different, and they weren’t operating from the Moon Kingdom anymore—they were operating from Endymion’s planet.
“Mother knew what was best, yes. But we’re also at a different time and age, and we need to take into consideration what’s best for us to prosper and our future. I believe that Asteria is the start of that future, where we can set aside old laws and become more welcoming.”
Serenity’s hues fluttered a little when Kali reminded her that she wouldn’t be raising her own child alone. Yes….that was very true, they would be learning a lot alongside her own Guardians and Endymion, wouldn’t they?
It was a lot to consider, something that she wondered would settle a lot of problems. Gazing back towards Kali then, Serenity tilted her head curiously. “You’d help me raise them, yes?”

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