Crystal City - January 2031

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.

Uncertainty Clouds the Mind
With the upcoming press conference in a matter of hours, Serenity was anxious. It was a bold move on their part, but they had to do it. They had to reassure their people that they were fighting for them. But Serenity had no idea how to handle this.
Serenity sat in her office chair, her palms covering her forehead as she leaned against the computer desk. She didn’t know what to do. She’d talked to others about it, about what she should possibly say. But she didn’t know what would and wouldn’t provoke the Dark Kingdom or the Black Moon.
She was hoping for wouldn’t.
Pulling out her communicator from her desk, Serenity had hoped that Kali would answer and plan to meet where convenient for her. “Kali? Do you think you have a little free time today, before the conference? I’m…I’m so nervous.” Serenity confessed, but this time she wasn’t embarrassed.
She’d known Kali had given her the ‘talk’ about these sort of meetings. But when things involved the fate of hundreds of people, Serenity wasn’t that confident when she was given time to think on the matter. Of course, this was also a matter that she’d ought to drag Asteria into, but she wanted to hear Kali’s thoughts first. She’d hoped for an unbiased opinion, knowing how the Outer Guardians felt about ‘outsiders.’

But the Galactica were their friends, weren’t they?

Kali Portner
It had only been two days since the large explosion had rocked the entire city, and even parts all around the world. The news had traveled quickly and media had descended upon not just the explosion site, in hopes of getting a glimpse of information, but the palace as well. Taking a day to focus on the aftermath of the explosion, the queen had scheduled a media conference for today, and Kali, like most of the palace staff, would be watching the conference.

Until then, Kali would continue her duties around the palace, and doing her best to keep unnecessary people away from the queen. It wasn't Kali's job, but the older guardian had learned well enough that the queen could often lose focus when she wasn't allowed to prepare by herself. The queen's lineage was blessed with an extended lifespan, but Neo Queen Serenity was still at the very beginning of her life, and there was much she still needed to learn.

Sitting at her desk, Kali hardly called it her desk, she didn't like spending time in the office she was allowed to use, but in reality, no one else used the desk, so it was Kali's. It felt so foreign to Kali, to use an object like a desk, rather than simply being a constant presence. However, Kali couldn't just hover over the queen all the time, that wouldn't do any good, so Kali had to have a space of her own in the palace when she was there and not actively working.

The communicator sat just inside her purse, with her time keys, when Kali could hear it vibrate against the metal keys and the queen's voice. Reaching for her purse, Kali removed the communicator. "Of course, I'll come right now. I have something for you too."

Resting on the edge of her desk was a white box, something that Kali had been working on for the queen for the past couple weeks in her spare time. Pushing the communicator back into her purse, Kali set it on top of the box and picked up the box, leaving her office space and heading towards the queen's office.

Reaching the office, Kali balanced the box and her purse on one hand as she knocked on the door before opening it slowly, poking her head in and smiling to the queen. "Have I missed the ice cream time?" The last time that Kali had spoken to the queen in regards to an important moment, the queen had been eating ice cream, a distraction from the intensity of everything else.

Stepping into the office, Kali closed the door behind her, heading towards the queen and setting the box down on her desk. Brushing any stray wrinkles out of her black pant suit, Kali grabbed onto her purse and removed it from the box, gesturing towards the box. "I couldn't help myself, I saw the fabric and just thought of you." Kali had found a passion for sewing when she came to Earth, and while she didn't get to focus on her hobby as much as when she first came, now that she had responsibilities at the palace, Kali still tried to fit in her hobby. The white dress had just come to Kali as an instant inspiration when she felt the soft fabric in the store, and she couldn't get the image out of her mind until she finally sat down at her sewing machine and brought it to life.

Things would have been so much easier for Serenity if she’d known that Endymion was at her side. Unfortunately, he’d been tending to many other palace matters, which made things a lot harder for the young queen. She’d grown reliant on her friends, her ‘advisors’, but the comfort that they provided wasn’t like the gentle touch that Endymion gave.
Even while she’d talked with the Heavenly Kings about matters at hand, Serenity still felt like she was overstepping her boundaries. Kali was wise, reliable, and someone she’d known she could trust absolutely on her sound judgment, even if at times Serenity believed otherwise if it went against her morals.
Kali’s response on the communicator was met with a sigh of relief, capable of being heard on the other end. “Thank you Kali.” She said calmly, shoving her laptop away gently. As a child growing up, Serenity was never skilled with computers, and she still wasn’t. But just how much of a necessity it’d become since her coronation was astounding to her.
“Not yet! Ice cream sounds really good though… Do we have any left in the kitchen?” She teased back when Kali entered her office and placed something on her desk. Azure hues fluttered in surprise as Kali talked about fabric, and briefly, she forgot all about the conference. Kali made something for her, and the mere gesture made her get up from her seat to hug her without even opening the box.
“Thank you Kali! I can’t believe you made something for me, you’re so kind!” Though internally, it made Serenity feel a little guilty. Her friends had done so much for her, yet she hadn’t gotten them anything in return lately. Maybe on her next ‘outing’ she’d consider it if she was able to sneak it.
Soon, Serenity would move to open the box, revealing the white dress and slowly pulling it out. Serenity would twirl slightly with it in hand. “It’s gorgeous, Kali. You put so much work into it, do you think I can wear it for the conference today?”

Kali Portner
Coming to the office with gift in hand, the memory of ice cream only popped into Kali's mind as she knocking on the door. "I haven't checked, but I'm sure that there is ice cream around." Smiling to the queen, Kali understood how food could make people feel better. It had been the queen who had shown that to Kali, when Kali first came to Earth. Everything was so new and different for the time guardian, and while she remained hyper-focused on her mission to stop Sailor Saturn from awakening, Cyn had also been the most welcoming of the Inner Guardians in showing Kali a new way of life.

Watching people enjoy their gifts was truly the most rewarding part of giving gifts, knowing that one small gesture could bring happiness to someone else, even if it was brief. Before the queen even opened the box, however, she was out of her chair and hugging Kali, just for the gesture of making her something. Wrapping her arms around the queen, the dark-skinned guardian gently squeezed her. It was about more than just a gift, it was the anxiety that Kali could hear in Cyn's voice when she requested the older woman's presence. That was what made this the perfect time to deliver the dress, to distract her from those nerves and shift her focus to something else.

Releasing her as the queen moved to open the box, Kali chuckled slightly at the question. "I'm not as media-minded as Lena, but I'm sure there would be no harm in wearing that dress today." Appearance and image was everything when you were a public figure, that was something that Kali often had to defer to Cordie or Lena when she was still getting used to being in the public eye, even if Kali was often overlooked for just being a staff member and not a guardian. Still, Kali had made the decision to return to wearing black, the color of her home planet, just as she did when she was the Princess of Pluto. It was Kali's way to represent her planet, since her identity remained a secret she couldn't very well walk freely when transformed.

"I hope you were not trying to write your response today." Though Kali knew that it was important to distract the queen from what was making her nervous, to help her calm down, there was also no help in ignoring the business at hand either. Maroon eyes focused on the laptop, before shifting back to the queen and speaking again quickly. "You are the most compelling when you speak from your heart. I often found myself very torn in our early interactions between listening to you and doing what I knew must be done." Kali had hated those times, knowing that she was disobeying her future queen, but keeping time and space safe and flowing correctly was an utmost priority and that couldn't happen if Sailor Saturn had been allowed to destroy everything. Kali knew there was a future to get to, a bright future, and she knew she needed to help protect that.

"Should I request some ice cream and we can talk about why you are so worried?"

When it came to living in a palace, particularly one as massive as the Crystal Palace, food was almost always in abundance. Not just for the royal family, but also for those who worked and lived here. Fortunately, everyone knew of the Queen’s love for sweets, so it was likely that Kali was right in that regard.  Somewhere in the Crystal Palace, there was bound to be some ice cream lying around for the Queen to have.
It made her feel a whole lot better, and she briefly considered having a mini freezer in her office for such an occasion.
Kali’s warm, returned hug, combined with the gift that she gave her no longer made that a desire. Her Guardians knew just how to cheer her up, and she wanted to do something in return. “I’m sure Lena wouldn’t mind, the dress is beautiful. I think the media might even question who the designer is!” She beamed, hoping that that would be the case.
Kali was very skilled in sewing, and she wondered why it was only a hobby. How come she never pursued it as a career? Was…was it because of her? She hoped not, because she wanted her Guardians to pursue their dreams.
Unfortunately, she’d known that her Guardians always had a habit of choosing her over their personal lives, such as the case with Charlie. She was extremely grateful for Charlie, but she wished that things hadn’t come to that.
Azure hues gazed towards the laptop when Kali commented on it, her shoulders lowering. “Eheheh, I was trying! I thought that…having something prepared would make me sound a little more professional.  I know it isn’t me, but….” She gazed downcast, clinging to the dress a little. “I’ve been feeling like I haven’t made very good choices lately and I thought that it would help. I never know what to say to the press… and after talking to someone from outside the palace gates, I really don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore… People are so determined to make their opinions right that they won’t take one that isn’t theirs. But it’s okay, I don’t think I need ice cream right now unless you want to have some!”

Kali Portner
Though Kali hadn't been actively looking for a reason to make the dress for the queen, she had known once she found the material what it was meant for. The dress had a hint of the Silver Millennium style to it, and while Kali had not actively been a part of people's lives back then, it was a time that she had cherished dearly. Everything was peaceful for so long, it was the world that they all desired to get back to, and so, Kali couldn't help but draw from the Silver Millennium as her inspiration. One day, they would regain that peace again, just as they had started to do not too long ago.

"As nice as that sounds, I doubt they will ask about your clothing when the topic is so important." Sure, it would be nice to get recognition for making the dress, but Kali didn't need any sort of notoriety or fame. In fact, she hoped for just the opposite. Kali didn't want people looking into her and trying to find out too much information about her, there was too much at stake if the world found out that prior to very recently, Kali didn't have a history. At least, not on Earth.

Shaking her head at the thought of writing up a speech, Kali knew that it would never work, and somewhere deep down, the queen must have known it too. It just wasn't the kind of person she was. Iseul was the type to benefit from preparing a speech ahead of time, but not the queen, she was more spontaneous.

"Things do not sound so natural when you prepare them ahead of time." There was no amount of preparation that the queen could do to prepare for questions, those would always be random, but she knew how she felt about the attack, and she could speak about that.

Green-hued eyebrows came together in a look of confusion, prompting Kali to gesture towards the sitting area within the office. "What do you mean talking to someone outside the gates? Why don't we sit down and you can tell me what happened."

It was clear that something deeper was tying the queen up in knots and it wasn't something that ice cream would fix. Moving to one of the couches available to rest on, Kali sat partially side-ways, with one arm resting on the back of the couch so that she could face the queen. "What is it that has you so bothered?"

Serenity felt that Kali was just being modest. While she was a hobbyist at best, the quality of the dress was impressive to Serenity. It was a beautiful, white dress, and she could already tell it was down to her own personal measurements. Which wasn’t hard to achieve. Her ladies-in-waiting had often had to take her measurements in order to have custom gowns made for special occasions. 

“It really is a nice dress though, Kali. Thank you so much. I’ll be sure to wear it today!” She beamed, wanting to give her another hug, but remained seated instead. “And the press are always curious about who designed royal gowns, don’t you know? I get asked who designed my signature gown a lot... but it’s kind of hard to answer.”

Serenity couldn’t even inform them how old the gown was, or if it formed simply magically due to her status. But Serenity adored her gown, and it was a memory of the Silver Millennium fondly.

Blushing out of embarrassment, Serenity knew that Kali was right after she saw her shaking her head. “I tried. Do you want to read it?” It wasn’t much, a paragraph at best, commenting on events. But Serenity knew that it sounded forced, like a homework assignment gone awry.

Serenity’s eyes widened a little bit when she realized that she told Kali about what had happened. Her head turned away, uncertain of what to really tell her in detail. She hadn’t talked about it much to the other Guardians, but she wondered just how much word had gotten around.

“Mhm. I went outside to one of the public gardens one day, and I met someone...who seemed actively against us. I felt so much pressure, so much desire to run back to the palace...just because I was afraid of saying something wrong to him. He was just a civilian, nothing more. I don’t remember ever meeting him if he was a political. But our conversation....spooked some of the civilians who were watching, especially a little child.” Serenity gazed downcast then, grabbing her own left arm and squeezing it tight, mostly for comfort. 

“I felt like everything I said was...wrong. And I feel like that’s going to happen at the conference.”

Kali Portner
Kali had never intended to use this conference to put her name in the spotlight, she had made the dress to make her friend feel better, and it appeared to be doing just that. That was what made Kali happy, when those around her were happy. So many years she had spent all alone, she finally got the chance to play a bigger part of people's lives, and she loved every moment of it.

"Tell them your mother made it. Queen Serenity planned ahead for a lot of things, and you and your future were certainly one of those plans." Kali missed the former queen, though it didn't take away any love she felt for the new queen. They were very different people, Queen Serenity was much more of a politician, whereas her daughter put love before anything else.

The offer to read the forming speech might have tempted some, but not Kali. Shaking her head from side to side, Kali wasn't interested in what the queen had begun to write. "I would much rather hear what is on your mind. Unless you sort out what it is that is consuming your thoughts, then you will never be able to speak well and clearly today."

Kali might have been an advisor to the queen, but she wasn't in charge of the media, that was best left to someone else. Kali could speak well publicly because she remained calm in situations and she wasn't bothered by the way others perceived her, but the queen was different. She cared what people thought of her, and it was her wide range of emotions that made her such a lovely person.

Listening to the story of her time talking to some people outside the gate, Kali sighed. There would always be those who questioned the new ways, but that only meant that the queen needed to rise up and show them that she wasn't bad. "And if you did say something wrong, what do you think would have happened?" Consumed with being perfect, Kali had learned that trying to persuade the queen from being her mother wasn't going to work, but perhaps she could get to the source of her fears.

"What do you really think about the explosion? Politics aside, how does it make you feel?"

Tell them that Queen Serenity made it...? Didn’t she realize what that meant? That the dress was thousands and thousands of years old! The dress shouldn’t have been worn, it should have been in a museum. Granted, that was most likely the case that it should have been. But Serenity knew that it would never happen.

“I can’t tell them that. It’s...just better for them not to know anything about it.” Serenity shook her head. Sometimes things were better left unsaid, and this was one of them, wasn’t it?

“What’s on my mind?” Serenity asked, lowering her head as she clasped her hands together. “It isn’t right. It isn’t right for the Black Moon to attack innocent people simply to attack at us. I’d rather them attack us than them. Is it wrong? I don’t want to put your lives at risk either. But I don’t want to see anyone hurt in senseless acts of terrorism....not again...” 

That, was how Serenity felt about the situation. But Serenity didn’t feel like it was very ‘political’ to say it to the press. “I feel like the press would respond negatively, and that everyone else would follow. It would be provocative towards Endymion and myself. I really don’t want to make things harder for him...”

Kali Portner
With even the origins of a dress bogging down the queen's mind, it was no wonder why she was so confused now and didn't know what to say or do. The queen was worrying about far too much stuff and Kali wanted to help her friend get through it, but before Kali could do anything to help, she needed to know exactly what it was that the queen was thinking and worried about.

Pressing the queen further for her thoughts, Kali found herself shaking her head back and forth. "There is nothing that come for us that can break us, we are strong enough to take on the Black Moon. Do not worry about us, worry about the people outside this palace." It was the Earthlings that were vulnerable and likely to get hurt, as was evidence by the explosion. Many of the guardians had some form of shield, and those that didn't were incredibly strong and relied on their wits to keep them safe.

"His majesty can take care of himself. I would not be upset if you publicly challenged the Black Moon to bring their fight to us if it would keep others safe, and I am certain that none of the other guardians would ever be upset about it either. However, if you fear that there will be negative backlash, then perhaps you can invite them to take responsibility for their actions and turn themselves in, and you can offer to have a conversation with them if they do."

The public did not want to see the queen acting tough on the people, they didn't want to feel as though she was oppressing them, so inviting her enemies to have a conversation and turn themselves in surely couldn't make her look bad, right? "You can offer to have a conversation with anyone who feels as though you are not doing a good job. Allow them to speak their mind and express what it is that is angering them, and then you can take steps to improve their views of you. Of course, those responsible for the explosion must be brought to justice, but it sounds as though you may be more concerned about those who were not responsible for the explosion, but still are against you."

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