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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

Advisory Warning
”Welcome, Lady Kali.” Asteria bowed her head in respect to the woman as she came into the room. She’d been expecting the queen’s advisor for some time while the tea had been steeping in the pot. She wasn’t being attended to by her Starlights this afternoon, so it would be a very relaxed meeting so that the two of them could talk. Asteria found herself wanting to speak with someone else who was as calm as she was. She found many of Serenity’s guardians to be very bombastic and full of life, and while there was nothing wrong with that, she still found herself wanting to be in the presence of someone calmer.

And Kali was about as calm as she could be, considering. There were very few people that were aware of who and what Kali really was. She wasn’t just an advisor to the king and queen. She was actually a guardian in her own right. She was a very powerful guardian and her power wasn’t to be reckoned with. The ability to manipulate time and space itself was awesome and it was a power that Asteria was never going to truly be able to understand. She also couldn’t fully comprehend the kind of sacrifices that Kali had to make to be the guardian of time.

”I wish that we could have met sooner to have tea together, but I didn’t want to distract you from your work, Kali.” She said with a gentle smile and she waited for Kali to sit down across from her at the table. While there were servants in the palace that could serve them tea, she preferred to do it herself. She took hold of the teapot gingerly and she poured herself a cup and then one for her guest. She made sure to prepare it just as Kali wanted and handed the cup over to her.

”I had a discussion with your queen only a short while ago. It seems that she is worried about what the people think about her.” She said with a sigh and curled her hands around the cup. She wished that there was more than she could say to help Serenity, but first, the queen was going to need to realize that she needed to be the one in authority.

”It seems as though she isn’t comfortable being firm with the Inner senshi. I fear that she will never truly be able to become queen until she is willing to remind them that she is their queen and they are not to rule her life as they dictate.” She said, her eyes sliding over to Kali to gauge her reaction to that. She figured that if the guardian of time disagreed with her, then she would tell her quickly.


Kali Portner
<> Stepping into the chambers of Asteria, Kali nodded her head in acknowledgment to the person who had showed her in, then left the two of them alone. "Hello your majesty." Smiling to Asteria, a queen in her own right, Kali hadn't had time to properly sit down with her before. Things around the palace were busy, especially now that there were two terrorist groups rising in the streets, and keeping cordial relationships was not Kali's top priority. It was everyone's top priority to try and find the terrorist groups, but it didn't mean that they shouldn't continue living their own lives either.

"I should have reached out sooner, but things have been busy." Normally Kali was happy to meet new faces, especially friendly ones. Her only family was here, in this palace, unlike the other guardians, she was not reborn on Earth with a new family to turn to. At the same time, it made things that much more special when they all worked together, and when they were all happy with each other. Divides between the Inner and Outer Guardians was large at times, especially when there was no longer peace.

Sitting across from Asteria at the table set up for tea, Kali gently raised a hand as she poured Kali's cup. "Plain is perfect, thank you." There had been so much stuff to experience when Kali first came to Earth, and while she felt like she was still learning new things about her new home, she had grown a fondness for certain tastes. Cynthia had been the one to show Kali just how delicious cakes and sweets were. Some people even added sweeteners to their tea, but Kali had learned that she preferred it without. Tea held its own calmness and Kali didn't need it to taste like dessert.

Picking up the cup, Kali took a small sip of the hot liquid. There were hints of a flowery taste from the tea and was satisfying to drink. Of course, one thing that Kali knew was that people didn't just meet to sit and drink tea, there was usually something else. When Asteria started talking, Kali listened quietly, sipping the tea slowly as she heard the queen out.

The more that Asteria talked, the more obvious it was why she had wanted to speak to Kali specifically. Kali was different than many of the other guardians, not only had Kali lived most of her life in solitude, but she was an Outer Guardian too, her mission was broader than that of the Inners. It was part of the divide between all the guardians.

Setting her cup down on the saucer, maroon eyes focused on Asteria. "I am sure that you can appreciate how complicated of a situation this is. The Inner Guardians have sworn to directly protect the queen, and there is no safer place we know of than the palace. The queen herself has come into her power by dedicating herself to helping others and she is very concerned about not disappointing anyone. Together these goals make it easy for everything to remain the same in the palace."

"The queen's power comes from her belief in not just herself, but others as well. When she believes in herself, she can do anything, as proven by all of us still being alive. She wants very much to be remembered like her mother, but Queen Serenity was a very different person. I can only encourage Neo Queen Serenity to follow her heart, she is never stronger than when she cares deeply about something."

Kali seemed to be one of the more respectful members of the queen's court. That wasn't to say that Asteria disliked any of Serenity's guardians, but Kali was on a whole other level. She had lived eons and that was something that Asteria respected. She had lifetimes worth of experiences and as wise as she was often called, that didn't mean that she held a candle to the wisdom that came with Kali's age. It was something impressive and she had half a mind to sit down with her one day and get some stories about her experiences. The things that she must have seen and witnessed.

It was awe-inspiring.

"Good morning, Sailor Pluto." Asteria smiled gently. They were within safe walls and no one was going to hear her say that. She was one of the few that knew of Kali's real purpose, even if she didn't know the full extent of what her mission was. She knew that she was the guardian of time and that her existence was need-to-know information only. The only reason she knew was that she had fought alongside the Sol guardians back when they had been fighting against Galaxia.

She shook her head and she raised her hand. She didn't blame Kali about how busy she had been. She couldn't imagine what she had to do on a normal day's worth of business. And that wasn't any peace. The riots were still going strong outside and she was very aware that her presence on Earth, as well as the other Galactica, was part of the reason that there was an uprising. The humans didn't like the idea of there being aliens on their planet. They probably thought the Galactica and Starlights were invaders. But that couldn't be further from the truth.

"No, you don't need to apologize for anything. I understand that you are a very busy young woman and I can't blame you for that. Your business should always come first." She smiled and once the tea was poured, she nodded for Kali to go ahead and begin drinking it if she wanted. Asteria also tended to enjoy her tea plain but she also didn't mind adding a little of sugar here and there.

"I can understand exactly how complicated things can get between yourselves and the Inner Guardians. I have spoken with a few of them as well and I cannot doubt their love and support for Serenity. But I also believe they are enabling her and need to allow her to step out and make her own decisions. She will never be the queen she is destined to be until they allow her to stretch her wings." She said seriously. She could see why the two groups of guardians would see things differently.

"I believe Neo Queen Serenity has the capacity to be greater than her mother. Forgive me if that sounds disrepsecftul as I did not know the woman personally, but I have heard stories. Your current queen is pure of heart and cares too deeply. That can make for a great ruler. But she also needs to learn to stand on her own feet and her own decisions, and not rely on the others to make them for her." Asteria sighed and put her cup down. She knew she sounded disrespectful, but Serenity needed to learn how to do that, or she was never going to be able to become the queen the humans needed her to be. "She can still rely on her guardians, but they cannot shape who she is to become if they want her to be a real queen."

Kali Portner
<> It was unusual to hear someone call her Sailor Pluto these days, where Kali had to pretend to be just a normal person. It was a pleasant thought, thinking of who she truly was and her mission and how she continued to protect the time gates from the palace, but it was also a struggle. Not so much to keep herself hidden from the world, she had done that her entire life, but to watch her friends and family run into danger, knowing that anytime Kali joined them was a risk she might be found out, and so, the time guardian needed to be very careful when it came to showing herself publicly.

Things were so obvious why Asteria had invited Kali, specifically, to meet with her. She couldn't invite any of the Inner Guardians, because the Inner Guardians were rather defensive about their relationship with the queen. There were other Outer Guardians of course, but as much as Kali loved Charlie, and to some extent, Sera, Kali knew that those two could jump to conclusions quickly at times. Neptune was of a similar temperament as Kali, both women tried to remain calm, especially in situations where strong emotions didn't do any good, but if anyone ever crossed the Guardian of Time or the Guardian of the Seas, they would be facing extreme trouble.

"I understand your frustration over the situation, but as pleasant and uncertain as the queen can be, she is also very stubborn and set in her ways. The first time I ever met Sailor Moon, there was an intense divide between the Outer and the Inner guardians. Part of our mission as the Outer Guardians was to prevent the awakening of Sailor Saturn...unless there was no other option. We were put in a difficult situation, we could allow Sailor Saturn to destroy the whole planet, or we could destroy Sailor Saturn. It was not an easy option, but above all else, our mission is to protect the universe, and so Uranus, Neptune and I decided to destroy Sailor Saturn. Sailor Moon refused to let us, standing in our way the entire time, certain that she could save Sera's life and destroy the evil that was controlling her. It was a fool's mission, but Sailor Moon was willing to sacrifice herself to try, and in the end, she did it. That was when I realized that once she set her mind on something, there is very little that can change it, which is why there will always be a divide within us. The Inner Guardians will always stick close to her, while the rest of us are so grateful to have Sera with us today, know that we cannot always remain in line with the queen."

Taking a sip of tea, Kali closed her eyes for a moment as she recounted the memory of her first battle alongside Sailor Moon. It had set the tone for their friendship going forward, and while Pluto had been determined to do the hard things to save the planet, she had to admit that she had been wrong in that instance. They all had been. Opening her eyes again, Kali smiled at the thought of the queen's mother.

"Queen Serenity was a magnanimous woman. I met her first when I was a little girl, and then multiple times afterwards. As a child, the queen appeared strict, but as I grew and the more I learned, I realized that she was handed a very difficult task. It was all on her to keep her planet safe, everyone looked to her, and she had this young daughter to protect, as well as the other planets and the young princesses of those planets. Queen Serenity was a very independent woman and ruled on her own, but her daughter is very different. Neo Queen Serenity will never be that same type of queen, ruling alone. For one, she has King Endymion, and then the Inner Guardians."

"If you want to take on the task you're talking about, you have to start with the Inner Guardians first."

"I am here on Earth because I want to pay back the debt that I owe to your queen as well as yourself and the other Sol guardians. If it were not for you all, I would be dead now and Chaos would have wholly consumed Kinmoku and likely the rest of the universe. That is a debt that I cannot really ever truly repay, but one of the ways I can do that is by helping your queen become the leader that she is supposed to become." She said as she curled her fingers around her cup and she looked down at the liquid inside of it. This was a very serious conversation and she wondered if she could even have a conversation like this with one of the Inner Guardians. There were very passionate and they reminded her so dearly of Star Fighter.

But the difference was that Star Fighter had never enabled her. She had never stood in her way and stopped her from doing what was best for Kinmoku. That was part of the reason that she was so close to the leader of the Starlights. Star Fighter knew that Asteria had duties that she had to see to and could not be interrupted in doing them. She was the queen of Kinmoku. She was the planetary guardian as well.

Serenity was no longer Sailor Moon, but that didn't mean that she was not capable. She didn't have the offensive power that she once did, but she was a woman that was going to change the world for the better and she knew it. She wanted to try and help Serenity achieve that goal in whatever way that she could. And if talking to the Inner Guardians and telling them that they needed to learn how to let go was ultimately how she was going to go about that...

Well, she was just going to have to do it.

"You have far more experience dealing with and speaking to the Inner Guardians than I do. How would you suggest I go about doing this?" She asked with a small frown on her face. Asteria was a wise woman but wisdom was not always enough. Sometimes you needed something that spoke louder than Wisdom. She needed a way to make her point, but she didn't know how to go about doing it.

Kali Portner
<> Tilting her head slightly to the side, Kali smiled softly to Asteria. "Your appreciation and alliance is enough of a repayment. I also appreciate your discretion in keeping my identity a secret. You do not need to hold yourself to any sort of obligation. That being said, I do think that the queen can benefit greatly from others who are in similar situations to her, and by far, no one can deny that you have plenty of wisdom to share with her."

Whether the queen listened to Asteria, now that was a different question. It wasn't that Cynthia ever purposely blew people off, but she was very good at thinking of her own ideas and running with them, whether or not everyone else agreed with her. Kali was grateful not to have to be in the queen's shoes, it was a lot of pressure, but she had advisors for a reason and the queen would surely need to exit her comfort zone sometimes to make progress. That was what Asteria was proposing, and was looking for an ally to help her out.

"I appreciate what you're trying to do, and I will help you if I can. The Inner Guardians though...that is a tricky situation." Kali had grown to just address the inner guardians without any worry about what they thought, but this was a delicate situation, and Asteria was in many ways, an outsider. More of an outsider than even Kali herself. Of course, Kali had also proved herself to the inners, and while Asteria certainly proved herself on the battlefield, Kali wasn't sure if Asteria had proved herself on a personal level to the inner guardians, Kali wasn't sure what relationship they had.

"There are options. You can talk to Lena, she is the leader of the inners, but she is also closest to the queen and may not like what you are proposing. Change is not easy for some people, and we all have the queen's interests in mind. The other option would be to speak to Sailor Mars. She has always been willing to challenge both Lena and the queen, and if trying to speak logically has not worked, then it sounds as though you need challenge the way things are currently."

Asteria smiled sadly. While she was thankful that Kali believed that simply being here was enough to repay the debt that she owed Serenity, she knew that it wasn't true. If it wasn't for Serenity, then she would not be alive now. She would have been killed and Chaos would have achieved its plan. While she knew that Chaos would forever cause mayhem in the universe and could never be truly destroyed, it also meant that life could prosper. It was a law in the universe that balance needed to be maintained. Where there was chaos there was order. Where order was reigning, chaos was needed to keep it all balanced.

That was an idea that a lot of people didn't agree with. They wanted to think that Chaos was something that could be destroyed. But given everything she had lived through and had seen with her own two eyes, it was something that they needed.

"I have fancied with the idea of speaking with Sailor Venus personally, but I am unsure of how well she would take my opinions. As you said before, she is very protective of the queen. She may think that I am trying to overstep my boundaries. Which is hardly my goal." She sighed and she rubbed the bridge of her nose. There were a few different people that she could approach. Perhaps even going over the guardians and speaking with King Endymion was a possibility. He surely had strings that he could pull in order to get his wife a little more freedom.

Diplomacy was something that she was well versed in. She knew that there was going to need to be compromises made. She knew that she wasn't going to be able to get the queen the freedom that she really needed in order to blossom into a proper ruler. What she did know was that even the smallest step in that direction was going to help her grow far more than the guardians were allowing. They were holding their queen back because they were afraid for her safety. She could understand that. She could feel for them because that was often how her own Starlights felt about her.

But Serenity needed that push.

"My own experiences were very different. I was able to learn from my father and the other courtiers. I was able to see the mistakes that they made and I was able to learn from those mistakes long before I ever took the throne. Serenity doesn't have that same platform. She is having to learn as she goes." Asteria sighed. She was trying to help in whatever ways she could but that was easier said than done...

Kali Portner
<> Regardless of what they decided together, Neo Queen Serenity was destined to become a great queen. That was a fixed event in time, and a century from now, she would be more beloved than she could imagine. Of course, a century from now, Kali had foreseen complications in her reign, particularly a deep sleep, but none of that mattered in this moment. Time would carry on as it always did, and the events of time that had to be would be. Kali also couldn't speak of any of the possible timelines she knew about, and there multiple possibilities, but to prevent people from trying to alter the future, they had to remain unaware.

All Kali could do was gently advise and guide, staying careful not to try and alter the future herself even. Love of the queen was fixed in time, Kali couldn't think of a possible future where the queen wasn't loved, but that didn't mean that she didn't need guidance in the present to get to that point. "Unless you can show Lena that this current way of being is not in the queen's best interest, then it might be best to wait to approach her. I'm not entirely certain that you can prove that at this moment, at least, not to Lena's belief."

Starting an argument within the Inner Guardians was not always the best plan, but Kali wasn't entirely sure that there was a better plan at the moment. The Inner Guardians were who the queen looked to for guidance and answers, as well as the Outer Guardians in many ways, but not to the extent that she consulted with the Inners.

"I know that Sera recently had a disagreement with some of the Inner Guardians over how the queen was being advised and protected, and while I love my daughter, I don't need to have been in the room to assume that perhaps the subject wasn't broached very delicately from Sera's frustrations following it. I have also had the good fortune to find the queen alone more lately and talk with her, in ways we do not get to talk very often. Perhaps approaching her directly again would be a better first option. I would be happy to join you, and if Neptune is not busy, perhaps she could join as well, and we could all sit down and discuss both your concerns, as well as the queen's reasonings against them. Sometimes her aversion to change has a deeper reason behind it."

Kali did agree that things needed to begin to change, the queen needed to take a more active role, and Kali was trying to nudge the queen towards just that in each of their interactions. At the same time, Kali knew that the queen needed to agree with the changes, or else she would never go through with them, and that was where it might have been best to sit down together and try to understand the reasons behind each side.


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