Crystal City - January 2031

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.

Unavoidable Responsibilities
Strangely, Serenity began to feel as though as that’s what her real family had become like. Mama and Papa weren’t always around the Crystal Palace as much as she’d like, even if they had apartments here, they were free to come and go as they pleased. Even Sammy, in spite of how much she used to fight with him, she actually began to grow to miss him.
Life wasn’t the same. Not since the formation of the Crystal Palace. It was as if…people had moved on with their lives, or were busier than before. Serenity looked away from Kali, gazing back towards the balcony of her office and out towards the city.
“There are times I wish I could just live with my Mama and Papa, but I know it’s too dangerous. You girls have raised Sera so well, and I’m really thrilled to have been able to watch her grow alongside you all. She has a much more positive life than she did with her old Papa, I think.” Not that she’d ever say that directly to Sera. She wasn’t sure if she felt the same, nor was she exactly as close as she’d like to be with her. Charlie and Cordelia on the other hand, she was much more open with them.
“The point of being a home is to relax, isn’t it? Maybe that’s what you’re not used to? You can’t…let your guard down at the Space-Time Door like you can at home.” Serenity inquired, tilting her head slightly. The Crystal Palace provided so much protection for the girls that it was possible to drop your guard altogether. It was strange, in a way, and she couldn’t wait to learn more about the crystal walls.
Serenity nodded her head at Kali’s questions, albeit hesitantly. She’d known that the Outer Guardians would have had a dissenting opinion, but….it was very personal to Serenity. “Yes. Our goal is to prove that we care for this planet, that we care for its people and want to protect them. While they might have gained power from someone or something, they are still humans and we are not adhering to our mission. Mankind could see us as attacking them when attacking the Black Moon….or Dark Kingdom, for that matter…”
 Serenity moved to sit down at her office chair, rubbing her eyelids briefly. “I’m still learning what I can do with the Silver Crystal. When I use it to its fullest potential, it….drains me significantly to the brink of death. It’s not nearly that simple. I’m….not even sure if Endymion’s Golden Crystal would provide much aid in this. I hope that by visiting the Golden Palace ruins that we’d be able to uncover more information on it to help us with this. We cannot destroy it any more than it already has been.” Serenity informed Kali, reminiscing briefly about the images that she’d seen from the archaeologists.
“I fully intend on holding the battle elsewhere and away from civilians if I can help it. We need to ensure their safety as much as possible. My own…should be irrelevant.”

Kali Portner
"When things calm down more, I'm sure there will be time that you can take a vacation with your family." It wouldn't be in the near future, if the two rising groups were going to continue making themselves a priority, but it would eventually happen. Kali had seen a happy future for the Crystal City, and while she couldn't discuss what she had seen, she knew that what she saw was inevitable. Things would get better, people would stop rising up against the royal family, and peace would return. Unfortunately, there was no time table on exactly when that would happen, so all they could do was stay positive and tackle one day at a time.

"What do you do to relax then?" Perhaps it was just that Kali was doing things wrong, but it was definitely different now that Sera was grown. Kali could remember chasing after Sera as a toddler and never feeling like there was a moment to relax. She was a handful of a child, and when it came time to begin training her, things didn't slow down any further. As an adult now, Sera took care of herself and needed a friend more than she needed a parent. The dynamic had changed and Kali hadn't really figured out how best to live on her own again.

It wasn't like Kali could really relax much anyway, not with everything going on. None of them were truly relaxing in their personal lives, not with the fear spreading around the country like wildfire. What was worse was that there were no easy answers to any of it. The Silver Crystal seemed the easiest answer, but even that wasn't an easy answer, as the queen pointed out. It was the one thing that Kali could never relate to, because she knew if she used her powers to their full potential, it would cost Kali her life, and she had promised never to even attempt it, but the Plutonian could empathize with what the queen was saying.

"I really do believe that it will all work out, soon enough. You will figure out the best course of action before things get bad." One could argue that things were already bad, but Kali was certain they hadn't truly seen bad yet. After all the foes they had fought, this was far. "I trust that you will come up with a plan, and as always, I will be happy to carry it out." At least, as long as the Outer Guardians didn't need to take matters into their own hands again and do what the queen and the other guardians couldn't bring themselves to do, but Kali hoped those days of being split teams were behind them, so long as they stayed together physically.

Watching as the queen rubbed at her eyes, Kali took a few steps backwards, giving the younger woman more space. "I think you are overdue your own opportunity to relax, before we meet the Prime Minister later. I'm sure the kitchen still has more ice cream." Smiling to the queen, Kali didn't want to take too much more of her time. In a few weeks, things would become much more clear about what they should do, as they learned more about the two factions rising up against them.

"Talk to his majesty, I'm sure he has very good answers as well. You can summon me if you need me." Bowing slightly to the queen, Kali left the chambers, closing the door behind her and leaving the queen to herself to relax again. There would be more time to be serious later.

Yes, in the future.
Serenity needed to remind herself that she was a Queen, that she had more responsibilities and couldn’t be selfish. Taking a vacation was selfish, and with a luxurious palace such as the Crystal Palace as her abode, Serenity knew that nowhere was truly a vacation. One could easily get lost behind the crystal walls and never see the light of day, there were new rooms to explore nearly every day that Serenity hadn’t even had the chance to uncover.
“Me?” Serenity asked at Kali’s question, albeit surprised by it. “I used to play video games, but I don’t do that a lot lately….nowadays, being on this laptop is relaxing for me, I guess. Other times I try to spend it in the gardens, they’re really impressive.”
It was a hard question to answer. As much as she wanted to say that she relaxed, Serenity really hadn’t had much of an opportunity to these days. It was why she’d been prone to feigning illness when she had the chance for political meetings.
“No, I’m okay, I think.” Serenity attempted to reassure Kali with a smile. “This conversation was enough of a break for me. I need to take care of my responsibilities first, I can’t be leaving Endymion to handle all of the meetings on his own. But….ice cream does sound really good!”
Serenity beamed, her eyes quickly darting towards the direction of the kitchen on the opposite side of the palace. Serenity was just as tempted to leave her chambers and head for it, perhaps making an excuse that she needed to eat would suffice.
“Yes,” Serenity nodded. “Thank you so much for your guidance, Kali. I feel a lot better, and I’ll do my best during the meeting with the Prime Minister. I’ll come and get you when that happens, and I’ll let you know how the meeting with Endymion goes.”
Watching as Kali departed her chambers, Serenity began to move towards her wardrobe to get ready. There was no relaxing, now.

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