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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

The Aftermath
Hyun nodded, a way to show his appreciation towards his queen and her feedback. He listened in on everyone else and they all brought up great points. Serenity had to be cautious but not let her compassion for this planet falter. It was a tough role to try to being warm and kind but still be firm in maintaining order. It was something that Hyun would struggle with if he was leader.

The mention of Kunzite didn't make Hyun flinch, for he would be the better person to go to. After all, Kunzite was Endymion's right hand man and he would be most available should the King not be. Hyun was aware that his fellow knight was busy being the ambassador to his nation but that wouldn't stop Kunzite from helping out when needed.

"I agree with you there. Kunzite would be the next best person if Endymion is not available. I would suggest contacting him, assuming he's not too busy with his own affairs."

The other woman who spoke made some great points, as much as Hyun did not want to admit. Her words were sharp but they resonated with him. Hyun made not have known of what happened with Asteria's planet but he knew that war could ravage a planet. When he served under Beryl...yes, he knew all too well of what that could do.

Hyun's eyes narrowed, trying not to let his mind wander too far into the past. That was not necessary to get into, not right now anyway.

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<> Luna would remain quiet as the others offered their own advice to the queen.  It was good that they too were giving it and for now at least it didn't seem to be falling on deaf ears.  And as the queen made plans.  Speaking with Kunzite was a good choice, she doubted he had anything more on those that had caused the chaos in the market but they had more enemies than those that needed watched as well.  Another surprise would be a very bad thing indeed. 

The thought to have the Galactica be at the conference had two purposes in Luna's mind.  The first it was a show of strength to the enemy.  They had to appear strong in the face of this disaster.  The other was a show of confidence in those that stood with them.  The people had a need to know that this group were trusted by those in power.  It would hopefully benefit both the queen and those from outside the solar system, let the people see that they were peaceful.  She gave Asteria a grateful look at the agreement that she would be there if the queen wished it.  And it was up to the Queen, the one who would give a message of reassurance and compassion with her allies (and security) beside her.  There was no reason to make herself a target, and no one would expect her to face the press alone.
She would however speak to Aletheia.  "No one here wishes for a war though we will bring one to this group if it is necessary."  The comment on more public appearances didn't go unnoticed either. "Hopefully we can arrange some that are for more pleasant reasons." 
Her words then turned back to Serenity.  "You have much to do but make sure you get some rest today as well.  It will do you no good to bring yourself to the brink of exhaustion."

Serenity knew firsthand that her love for her people was what brought everyone together, primarily her friends. Serenity was not one to hate, but to embrace everyone around her. To give everyone a chance. Serenity wanted to believe that those who joined the Dark Kingdom and the Black Moon were merely misguided. But bringing them to see the light was hard.
Turning towards Asteria and Aletheia, Serenity listened to them both, grateful that Asteria had her back.
“Thank you. We need all the support that we can get, and hope that we can change the mindsets of everyone. This is not only our fight, but I believe it is yours as well. You and everyone else need to start showing everyone that you are not a threat. We know that, but they don’t.” Serenity informed them. “I would be grateful if you would also say something at the conference, Asteria. In representation of the Galactica.”
After all, part of the battle was informing Earthlings that extraterrestrials were not a threat. This was also what their enemies were trying to prove, that they were.
“Aletheia, I am not ignorant to war as some might believe. I have fought alongside my Guardians in battle, I’ve died alongside them and I would do the same thing over again if given the chance. I refuse to let the Earth fall to ruin a second time. I believe that Endymion and I have what it takes to truly make a difference and I’m going to start fighting for change.” And they were doing it, weren’t they? Insofar, they’ve made change amongst their Guardians as everyone was working together rather than apart.
That was different than what her mother had done in the past.
“Hyun, if you can speak to Kunzite for me if you have a chance, I’d like to arrange a meeting with him. Or Nephrite, if he is unavailable.” Serenity smiled. “I trust all of the Heavenly King’s judgment in this, and I’d like to further discuss what you might have in mind as well.”
Serenity made a point to ensure Hyun that she wasn’t leaving him out of this, but it was difficult to consider the youngest of the Heavenly Kings as he was the least experienced with the Dark Kingdom. Looking down towards Luna, Serenity nodded her head.
“I’ll get a little more sleep, but I really wanted to find out what was going on. A battle against the Dark Kingdom is unavoidable, isn’t it? Beryl…must really hate us if she’s willing to form her group again.” She murmured. “I just hope that everyone stays safe after this. Especially you and the Heavenly Kings, Hyun...”

Aletheia's harsh words did bring a small wince from Asteria. Queen Fireball was used to her abrasive attitude and it wasn't unlike the Lethian soldier. But it still didn't mean that she wished that she could have a little more tact when it came to such a sensitive matter. She should have known better than to say such a thing. They all knew that war was a terrible thing. They had all lived through it when Galaxia had declared war against all things good and kind. Aletheia had been one of the guardians that had pledged herself to Galaxia. While she had seen the error of her ways and now was trying to repent for her sins, she wished the younger guardian would realize her words were not welcomed at the moment.

And the reaction that the redhead seemed to have towards the queen also made Asteria make a mental note to speak with her later personally and privately. It seemed as though the abrasive young guardian might just end up making things worse if she didn't keep her mouth shut. But at least she was willing to work alongside Serenity and her people.

It was the small things that matter most sometimes.

"Something you mentioned before that may be a good gesture going forward is making appearances at charitable events. Or simply just showing yourself to the humans more. It may not seem like much, but often I find it is the small gestures that add up quickly. It won't solve anything, but public opinion might be improved even if minutely." Asteria said thoughtfully.

She needed to speak with the other Galactica about these developments. It was going to be important to make sure that they were all on the same page, otherwise this was never going to work. On the mention of Serenity getting some more sleep, the queen of Kinmoku smiled. "I think that is a wise idea. If you have need for my council in the coming days before this conference, please, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to aid you in whatever ways I can."

<> Aletheia barely knew Hyun or Luna. They both seemed to be very loyal to their queen which was good for her given how many people hated her out in the world. She knew that the humans were afraid of what they didn’t understand and that was a sentiment that she could understand. But as much as these people could say that they understood how devastating a war could be to a planet, they hadn’t been so deeply born and raised into it the same way that she had.

Her hatred for war was part of the reason that she had even decided to side herself with Galaxia in the first place. The woman had claimed that she could rid the universe of war for good and that was a tantalizing thought. No one else would have to suffer the way that Mnemosyne and Lethe had. The war had waged between the twin asteroid planets for so long that no one could remember why the war had really started in the first place. Maybe it was some misplaced insult one ruler had thrown at another. Maybe there had been some kind of injustice on one side that the other had taken offense to.

She didn’t know and didn’t care to ponder it over. The White Moon had battled their fair share of wars but they had not been steeped in it the same way that she had. She could only hope that this war wasn’t going to go that way if the enemy they were facing really weren’t going to be able to be handled discreetly.

Sometimes violence was the only way to end a conflict. Asteria wanted to give them their aid, so she was going to follow after Queen Fireball. She wasn’t exactly in a position to argue with her, regardless.

”Forgive me for being so forward, but while you may have experienced war, you have not seen how it can utterly consume and destroy a planet from the inside out. I have seen that kind of war. So if I can do what I can to prevent that same fate from befalling your planet, I will.” There was a harsh edge to her voice. She wasn’t as complacent as the queen of Kinmoku or even as Imira was. She can be ruthless and even downright cruel if the situation called for it.

And she was willing to do that now in order to stop the worst from coming to pass. If the humans ended up being afraid of her, then so be it.


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