Crystal City - January 2031

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.

The Aftermath
Hyun thought it would be reassuring to acknowledge Serenity's strength that she still possessed regardless of her current status as Sailor Moon. He thought that would shine through all of that but she still seemed doubtful of her abilities right now. He shook his head and was about to speak but heard another voice and peered over to see the black cat speaking to Serenity. He remained quiet and nodded in agreement with Luna. The advisor knew full well of the silver crystal's abilities, at least what she knew of them. Hyun still didn't understand the full extent of the silver crystal but he hoped that things would be better in the next coming months. He had hoped anyway.

He smiled as he saw his queen begin to make plans. However, Hyun blinked a few times at her request to him. It wasn't an issue and he wouldn't mind but she was basically implying that the Dark Kingdom threat was concurrent with the Black Moon. Great. He didn't want to make his discomfort known but he nodded in compliance.

"...Of course, m'lady," he bowed lightly. "I have no objections to that. We will lend as much support as we can. Especially to fight them as well..."

Hyun really hoped that they can get rid of both threats as quickly as possible. He really hated being on edge everywhere he went, afraid of what he could become. He was ruthless when under the guidance of Queen Beryl and basically bent over backwards for her... He did not want history to repeat itself once more.

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"You are learning, I believe that is clear to any who care to look.  And anytime something like this happens they DO look.  They seek to find flaws in the armor of the one that leads.  That you acted is not a flaw."

Yes Neo-Queen Serenity had her mother's peaceful nature to live up to.  A nature that had made the Moon Kingdom prosper, but this world was much bigger than that one had been.  The Earth was teeming with people on its many continents and the worlds outside it were so much closer to it all now.  There were advantages to that, even as it made it easier for those against them to hide.  She did have help if it was needed, the governments of the world would answer her call.  If they knew what was in their best interests anyway.   
It had to be in her favor that she hadn't just brought in military to control the situation, martial law could have been the outcome.  How would that have looked?  No to Luna's eyes Serenity had acted as she should.  The Crystal was a tool of peace just as they all were.  It could be used for acts that weren't but the intentions behind such had always been to restore balance and order.  As Sailor Moon she had done so, Luna believed that all she had to do was find the will to do so again.  When the time came that would happen, the strength was there.
These thoughts the cat kept to herself for the time being, with the current state they may cause doubt.  That was the last thing the world needed to see from their queen.  So instead she listened quietly as Serenity gave direction to Hyun.  Good, keep an eye out and make sure the two groups didn't try and one up each other now that one had acted. 
"Yes at least we know which group is responsible, though I question whether them leaving such an obvious calling card works in our favor.  I'm still searching what camera footage there is from the area to see if any managed to capture a face.  It would be nice to know what the enemy looks like."

Serenity was grateful with how cooperative Hyun was. Hyun wasn’t one of Serenity’s guardians and she felt uncomfortable overstepping her boundaries with the Heavenly Kings, but in this occasion she believed that they all had a common enemy.
Serenity rubbed her eyes as she prevented herself from sobbing. While she was indeed tired still as the hour was far too early, Serenity was more overwhelmed with everything. She had so much more responsibility as a Queen than she would have ever dreamed.
“Has…Endymion said anything?” Serenity asked, tilting her head curiously. She hadn’t seen Endymion in the past few days, but she’d known he’d been terribly busy with the Prime Minister’s visit. And now there was this terrorist attack.
Serenity moved to hug Luna, grateful for her reassurance. Even now, the feline’s wise words were a comfort. If there was anybody who Serenity believed that she’d be able to trust, it was Luna and Artemis, the closest advisors that her mother once had.

“But…me using the Silver Crystal revealed a weakness to them, didn’t it? And isn't our enemy human...?” Serenity asked, wondering just what the goal in this was from the Black Moon. Or was there no goal? Was it simply to make themselves more known? There was no way that they could have anticipated that she’d make an appearance.
Serenity hadn’t often left the palace, she could count on two hands how many times she’d left and it was usually for a good reason. Well, that wasn’t including her own adventures as Serena Rose. She’d made a point not to tell her Guardians about how often she’d been outside.
“I know you’re right, Luna. I think this is a very important moment for us, we need to reassure the people that we’re fighting for them, and that we won’t abandon them. The world’s going to turn to the Crystal Palace for sure.” Serenity nodded. “I’ll have to make an appearance today, to reassure them that I’m alright…”  

The terrorist attack had happened so suddenly and before Asteria could send her Starlights out to aid the other guardians. She would have wanted to try and help those that were hurt. Because it might ease the minds of the people that the Galactica Senshi weren’t here to harm anyone. They were only wanting to help. She had seen what happened when the people became panicked and were distrustful of their leaders and strangers. She knew they had no reason to trust her and her fellow Galactica, but she was going to do what she could to ease their minds.

What had truly surprised her was the fact that Neo-Queen Serenity had gone out against the wills of her guardians and she had used the power of the Silver Crystal to heal the damage. Unfortunately, there was nothing that she could do to help bring back the dead. That was the sad truth. From what she understood, bringing back the dead could be too much for the young queen.

”Aletheia, please stop pacing. You’re going to give yourself a migraine.” She said as she glanced at the red head who had her arms crossed over her chest and looked back at the queen of Kinmoku. She made a face and Asteria raised her brow at her. She knew that Aletheia had a tendency to be impatient, but she had insisted on coming.

The door was finally opened and she looked nodded to the servant that had opened the door and she stepped inside. She was pleased to see that Serenity was awake and wasn’t alone. Luna and Hyun-Jung had both come to see the queen.

”How are you feeling, Serenity?” She asked quietly as she stepped inside and she stepped closer to the queen, a soft smile on her face. Asteria was proud of Serenity for doing what she believed was right. She may have put herself in danger, but she had done what she thought was right and had saved people.

Aletheia was impatient. She hadn’t been there during the terrorist attack and it pissed her off. She hadn’t even known that the attack was going on before the queen was brought back unconscious. She had a lot of unresolved feelings toward the forces of Chaos and it seemed like they were already coming back in hordes. She had hoped that maybe after Eternal Sailor Moon had stopped Sailor Chaos and Galaxia, that would be it for awhile. Maybe they would be able to stop the horrible cycle for a short period of time.

She had been angrily heading toward the queen’s quarters. She wasn’t going to launch a tirade against Neo-Queen Serenity, but she wanted to know more about who had made these attacks and she would start looking for them personally. Needless slaughter pissed her off. She had been privy to doing acts of terror when she had worked for Galaxia, but never again. She was never going to let innocent people die on her watch.

Go figure Asteria was the one that found her.

When the door finally opened and the Queen of Kinmoku stepped inside, she wasn’t far behind. Her sharp gaze looked over the others and she stood off to Asteria’s left. She had nothing to say at the moment, but the look of sheer annoyance on her face was obvious. She wanted answers. She wanted to know who had done this.

She also had no idea what to say to any of these people.

Hyun remained quiet, seeing as there was no other reason to speak. Serenity had her advisor guiding her and he wasn't the only one she had to lean on for support at the moment. He felt some relief on his shoulders as the queen began planning how to approach this matter.

But concerning Endymion...Hyun was unsure. He had not seen his king since he arrived here a few days ago for his usual check in on matters here at the kingdom. Hyun understood if he was preoccupied with other matters, mainly in the realm of politics. Endymion had focused on that lately and Hyun could never get the chance to speak with him private. Regardless, he knew that his king was no fool and that he would still worry about his beloved by the end of the day. That made sense in Hyun's mind and nodded in agreement.

"While I haven't heard from him, I'm sure Endymion is worried about you. He probably hasn't gotten a chance to check on you just yet. But I'm sure he'll want to see you soon."

There was nothing more Hyun could add to this but he noticed the other two women who emerged. He kept a sharp glance on them and remained silent. He was not familiar with these two so he was naturally cautious. They probably meant no harm but he wasn't so sure about that yet. His eyes wandered, curious if anyone else would show up as well.

The cat had no problems with being hugged by the queen, even in public with others around that they knew less well than some.  All were on the same side in the palace.  It was something neither of them would do where the enemies could see it, it wouldn't do to give them anything they could use in any way.  As for the question Serenity asked...that was a bit more complicated.
"In a way yes.  You showed how much you value your people this tells them that will always be something they can use against you.  But to those people it also showed them that their lives hold meaning to you.  Anything else depends on if any of the enemy remained close enough to see that using it left you vulnerable after. "
Were she in human form right now her shoulders would easily have lifted in a shrug at the moment.  What was done was done, even if they wished to there was nothing that could be done to change that.  The other question was an easier answer.   "I have yet to see any reason to believe they are anything other than human."  Though how much did that really say?  The guardians and even the queen herself were human, but they were also more.
She would let Hyun reassure the Queen on the state f her husband, Luna too knew that the King had much on his plate at the moment just as the rest of them did.  She would nod along with his words in agreement, there was no doubt in the felines mind he would worry until he saw that all was well with his wife. 
The two Galactica entering brought Luna's attention to them and she'd give them both a nod in greeting to acknowledge their presence.  They were welcome here, at least as far as she was concerned.  As Serenity spoke of agreeing to make an appearance to reassure the people it had Luna thinking.  It might not be the best idea, it might not even be one that the others would agree with, but it might just show the people that these Senshi from outside the solar system were on their side.  "When you hold the press conference might I suggest you have ALL your allies beside you.  All that are known about anyway."  She wasn't about to blow anyone's cover after all, those that had it did so with good reason.  It wasn't necessary by any means though and if the others didn't agree that was well within their rights.

Serenity knew Hyun was right, and a small smile formed on her lips from the reassurance. Endymion was usually worried in situations like these, but she was more concerned for her people than herself. It just hurt a little bit when she hadn’t seen him in her chambers, waiting for her to awaken. But this wasn’t their youth, they had other responsibilities now and Endymion needed to be alert and get plenty of rest for his duties as King.
“Thank you, Hyun.” Serenity said warmly. “I’m sure Endymion’s a little worried, but…I want to know a little more about what he’s done so far with the attack. I really need to get with Charlie and Kunzite soon.” Serenity had never dreamed that she’d say that, that she needed to meet with Kunzite. But Kunzite was wise, and she’d known that he was the leader of the Heavenly Kings. If Endymion wasn’t around, Kunzite was the one to go to.
In this instance, she was certain that Kunzite would have gotten involved. Right?
“I think the only bad thing is me being vulnerable. I…I know I need to be a little more careful, and they’ll probably plan something bigger…so we need to be prepared. But I’m not going to let them use the people against me, that’s not right.” Serenity said calmly to Luna, before turning her attention to Asteria and Aletheia.
“I’m alright, don’t worry.” She smiled again, this time reassuringly, as she gazed back down towards Luna. “Even the Galactica? I…I don’t know, Luna. It might make them strike harder…it’s up to Asteria on this one. They hate aliens, but if we show them that we’re all on the same side and willing to fight for what’s right, I think it might help persuade the people that we aren’t bad. We never were when Endymion and I were just Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.”

Asteria had never met the man before, but she knew that he wasn't the queen's husband. Which meant that he knew Serenity somehow. She glanced over at him curiously. He seemed to be an advisor and he was giving some comforting words, which she knew that the young queen sorely needed. As much as Serenity was the queen, she was still a young woman who had emotional needs and it seemed she was more easily open to positive encouragement.

She just hoped that her other advisors also weren't afraid to tell her what she needed to hear. Sometimes you needed to be told the tough things that you didn't want to hear. That was something she had learned at a young age. You couldn't always have a tender and kind touch. Sometimes you needed to be forceful and firm in your decisions, especially when you were a ruler and someone that had to look over a large population of people.

"Serenity, your compassion and love for your people and the value that you place in their lives is no weakness. Your kindness is part of what has brought so many people to love you and it will be what brings the humans to love you as well." Asteria said firmly as she stepped closer to the queen. She knew that she couldn't just reach out a hand on her shoulder. She was a queen herself and she knew that she needed to be respectful of Serenity's personal space. And she couldn't overstep her boundaries here. She needed to be careful with what she might say.

She would do what she could to reassure her. Though the brief conversation about King Endymion did bring up a thought. Where was the king? He needed to be here for his wife.

Asteria clasped her hands in front of her and she smiled softly. What Luna was suggesting was a very wise idea and she was fully in support. "I can give you my word that I will be there beside you should you decide to have us there, my lady. You know that myself, my Starlights, and the Galactica are here to support you and the White Moon. You will have our full support and our military support as well."

Aletheia didn't understand why all of these people were gathering in the queen's bedroom. If she was needing rest then why were they bothering her? She still kept quiet and she crossed her arms over her chest. She had caught the queen sneaking back into the palace a week or so before all of this had happened. At the time, she had decided not to rat her out to her guardians. But if she was going to keep putting herself at risk like that then maybe it was a good idea for her to say something.

Then again, it wasn't her place to tell Neo-Queen Serenity was she was supposed to do. It seemed like she was getting enough advice from Asteria and the other two people. Well, one was a cat but still...

"You need to be more careful about where you go and what you do, Neo-Queen Serenity." Aletheia finally said. There was a knowing gleaming in her eyes. She was clearly talking about the fact that she knew what Cynthia got up to when no one else was around. If she was going to keep going out into the world without taking one of her guardians then she needed to take the appropriate measures. She needed to make sure that she wasn't defenseless. While she had that crystal of her's that allowed her to do some amazing things, she wasn't Sailor Moon anymore.

"I have seen firsthand what war can do and your planet will be consumed by it if you don't start pushing harder to make more appearances. The people need to know they can trust you. They can't trust an absent ruler." She leaned against the wall.

"But I'll follow Queen Fireball's orders. If you and she decide that you want us there at your conference, then I will be there." She shrugged.

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