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sevik // January 31, 2031

Not long after skulking out from the meeting--most certainly not with her proverbial tail tucked between her legs--Kasidhe had sought out Sevik. Once upon a time, when she had been a teenager, she had taught the stoic Golden King to be attractive (though never anything more than that), albeit unfortunately evil. She had remembered the truth of the matter, who the four men Beryl had taken truly were, but it was something that had been hard to explain.

Now, however, all she could think of was how much the presence of the Golden Kings--at least in the case of Zoisite--was a pain for her.

Which was exactly why she had sought out Sevik.

"Hey, Sev," called Kasidhe, catching him as he was turning a corner. Definitely not thinking about her track record with using nicknames today either. "Do you have a moment? I really, really need to talk to you about something." The absolutely most put-out expression was on her face; as if she was truly troubled by whatever it was she was going to speak about (frankly, it was the truth).

"You might be the only one that can help me with it, in fact."

Things lately seemed to get more and more tense lately and Sevik’s to-do list grew longer than he knew what to do with. He turned when he heard his name. Kasidhe appeared by his side and he frowned. No doubt she wanted something. He could tell by the way she asked if he had time. He didn’t really have the time. He was already late to another meeting, and he knew he’d already be told about his tardiness. Whatever this was about, he didn’t have time for it.

Sevik turned to face Kasidhe fully and groaned internally at the face she gave him. This wasn’t the first time he’d seen that look, and he doubted it would be the last time. Kasidhe asked to speak with him about something. She made it sound urgent and while he didn’t have that much experience dealing with her as some others did; he wondered if it was really as urgent as she made it out to be. When she went a step further and said he might be the only one that could help her, he raised an eyebrow.

“Alright, let’s see if we can find an empty office or conference room.” He didn’t want to, but he figured it would be best to just get this over with. Besides, she piqued his curiosity if nothing else. The first door they tried was an empty conference room. He led Kasidhe inside and closed the door. “What is this about?” He wanted to know what he was getting into before he promised anything.

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