to all the plans we made
mason, post shot dark // January 31st, 2031

It was as everyone was clearing out, those of the Crystal Palace lingering about outside the meeting room, that Dion approached Mason. "I'm stealing away your husband for a little bit, Cynthia," said Dion to his daughter and then promptly did just so. (Obviously, Mason did have a choice in the matter, but Dion would simply wait until the King was willing to do so.)

Once they were walking down the hallway--away from those that lingered--Dion would begin to speak. "Certainly learned a few things," his tone was very conversational despite the serious expression on his face, "and had a new perspective brought forward." The one that came from the chance that many of those in power could be agents of the Dark Alliance.

"Not that we should really be talking about these things out in the corridors right now." The smile on his face was not a particularly happy one, more sardonic and somber than anything else. Dion led them through the Crystal Palace, coming to the large meeting room that had been converted to his workspace as Communications Director. With the doors closed behind them and no one else present, the older man began to talk once more.

"I thought we might immediately get to work on what we can, make sure I put the focus where we want it," said Dion, moving towards the large monitor and immediately calling up what was basically a to-do list of things they needed to do. "Before we get to that, however ..." He turned back towards Mason, expression definitely gone displeased father(-in-law). After all the years around him, Mason thankfully would be able to determine it was not at him.

"Was that normal behavior for Akari?" Oh, yes, that bow was definitely noticed among other things.

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