(Invitation)  No Rest for the Weary
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Sevik nodded when Cynthia stated they’d have to be clever to beat Metaria at her own game. “I can’t guarantee it will work, but it’s at least something we can look into. That’s better than doing nothing.” It gave them something they could look into instead of wondering what they could do. If they came across something they could use, that was even better.

He could tell by the look on her face that she understood his point. He was doing what he could to help. Things were bad enough at the moment that they couldn’t afford to waste time thinking about what they could have done better or what they shouldn’t have done at all. They’d lost too much to be thinking of other ways to torture themselves about it. He nodded when she said he was right and smiled back.

He wasn’t about to argue with Cynthia over who she thought she could or could not trust. He appreciated that she will confide in him. Actually, it meant quite a lot to him since she was important to Endymion and Jeremiah. While he’d never felt close to the queen, he wondered if that was changing. Maybe they’d develop a friendship of sorts. He cared little for the idea of opening himself up to another person, but the queen wasn’t just anyone. Maybe he could make an exception, just this once.

“It’ll be an exercise in trust when trust is being stretched thin.” He wanted to say that this would work, that everyone would just come together and have the same thoughts for what would be the right way of handling things and what would be right for the future of this kingdom, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t have his doubts. He didn’t enjoy being so suspicious and distrustful, but he knew from experience that sometimes trust could be manipulated to bring harm. Hell, he’d done it himself. At the time he thought he was doing what he needed to do to save his people and his prince, but that didn’t change the fact that he’d abused the trust others had in him.

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“I think we have an advantage now than in the past,” Cynthia contemplated for a moment. In the past, it was just her and her Guardians who were just discovering their identities…now…it was different. “We all have each other now, and we’re stronger united than separate… we even have you four, who have knowledge of the Dark Kingdom and Queen Metaria. I wouldn’t have been able to defeat Queen Metaria if it weren’t for you.”

That, she also supposed was something they all had to work on. At the moment they weren’t actually united, there was still a division that was being repaired. It was made even worse now with the capture of Star Healer, which Cynthia prayed they would be able to manage without angering Liuxing further. Cynthia looked up to the experienced Queen with admiration from afar, wanting to be able to be similar.

Then there was also the Golden Kings, who she valued their input most. She could not fault Jeremiah for his actions, not when she knew who and how he was. Sevik was, unfortunately, among those that she knew least, and his opinion, along with the other Golden Kings, mattered so much to Cynthia.

“We worked divided before,” Cynthia murmured. “There was a time when the Outer Guardians conflicted against me and my Guardians because of different beliefs. This is no different. We’ll work through this to the very end, and continue to remind ourselves that there is always light at the end of a dark path…”

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