With Time Comes Forgiveness...
Tag: Cynthia Lunette // February 4, 2031

So much has happened with so little time that even the poor Guardian of time was unable to grasp the sheer idea of things crumbling apart... despite her own reservations towards the pending events that have led up to this moment of unravel, beginning with her making her presence known to Green Emerald and her subordinate… down to the mere fact that she is aware of who the "mysterious" fake sailor moon is and has chosen to keep such an intimate yet transformative secret to herself…

Now she had other worries to attend to as the previous meeting had unrevealed that Sailor Star Healer had been kidnapped and corrupted by a member of the dark alliance while also learning that it appears that there was another unwavering affiliation that most, if not, all sailor guardians were unaware of...the existence of the Planetary Knights who stood as the protectors of the nine planets respectively. Something that she never knew would ever be the case as her eyes peered at the walls of her private chambers -- arriving a short time later with the rest of the members as a buddy system was created out of safety concerns as it appears as though danger lurked right under their noses...more than they could ever imagine…

She needed just a moment to gather herself of this madness, her eyes fluttering shut as her fingers fiddled with each other and her mind churned with unease. The stars spoke of a devious journey ahead...but what they did not tell was the truth of how devious it would be...how decisions to act accordingly would be crucial and that bonds would be fragile to the point of threatening to shatter… a reflect of her own with Cynthia Lunette in particular… which is what prompted her next move as the Time Guardian stood up from the bed and quietly made her exit from the internal chambers down towards the office of the Neo Queen herself, where four gentle knocks would be given against the surface of the door...soft enough to pose no threat but loud enough to be heard.

"M'lady...May I be allowed to speak with you a moment, if you have a bit of time to spare an interruption..? It's Layla."

She announced casually, awaiting her summoning as her fingers interlaced between each other and her posture straightened itself in the process.


Cynthia realized that she should have anticipated a visit from Layla since the meeting as it was long overdue, but the truth of the matter was, was that Cynthia greatly wished that all of the visits from those who went astray were ones that she wished came later.

But Cynthia had realized that this was also a very, very crucial time for those of the Crystal Empire and Galactica. They were stronger together than divided, and Cynthia needed to ensure that the Galactica were with the Crystal Empire as well through thick and thin. Layla, on the other hand, was no exception to the rule – and neither was Kasidhe, all things considered.

Cynthia had been reading over documents in her office pertaining to recent meetings with Lilith Rey, trying to figure out just where they went wrong, what she or someone overlooked. It was unfortunate to say that there was absolutely nothing within those meetings that they could use for evidence beyond recent interactions with Jeremiah. Those stones…those were incriminating enough, weren’t they?

And the fact that one of those stones was Beryl…did that mean that she was back? How was that possible when they killed her once before?

Cynthia was overthinking things, that was absolutely certain, and Layla’s visit was admittedly a welcomed distraction.

“Layla,” Cynthia murmured softly, her baby blues gazing towards the Guardian of Space-Time. “I…wasn’t expecting you. Is everything alright?”

Just no more bad news, Cynthia internally whined.

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She was for certain that a visit from her was not exactly something she anticipated..or desired really due to their last encounter and how things were left in the end -- considering that the rolling train of events also did not help the situation due to the nature of what was happening between Crystal Empire and the Dark Alliance itself. She was also fully aware that the poor Queen was under a great deal of distress as a result of the overwhelming meeting that Jeremiah called everyone to. Needless to say, she wasn't the only one who was affected as Layla's mental train was mostly chugging along with the idea of there being a planetary knight of her own home...and an even deeper thought as to whether or not the two would clash for a variety of reasons...as it appears as though the Outer Guardians may have their own battles to cope with in regards to their respective Knights...

Her mental state did return to the task at hand as her name was called and the door was immediately pulled ajar with a graceful tug and the brown beauty made her entrance within the perimeter. Hazel-colored eyes were peering at the Queen herself as silence was all that was bore around them, allowing the girl to speak since she seemed far too surprised by the fact that she had made her presence known to her -- leading a piqued interest as to why such an entrance would be classified as surprising, to begin with? Was it because she felt as though Layla was going to be stubborn and keep her distance? Or was it because the woman was notorious for choosing business over personal affairs? Which was usually the case but..the words that Luna spoke struck a heavy chord inside of her that she was sure to believe was the same for everyone else...some more than others anyway.

"I come bearing no bad news at all...just..a request."

She began.

"I wish to have a moment of your time to issue a formal apology, m'lady. A formal apology for the way that I've to behave during the course of these difficult times..."

She mused as the door came to a close behind her once she stated those words so that not a single listening ear could pry into the depths of their conversation as this was something that was a bit personal and perhaps unusual for the time guardian who was usually silent and calm during any moment of visitation.

"Not to mention the inability to separate my own frustrations and anger from the issues at hand..in regards to everything that has happened after said event...I feel solely responsible for not being present and helping out as I should've been. I should've been more aware...more present. It is my duty as an Outer Guardian to ensure that nothing comes within reach and yet I've remotely failed to do even that."

Her eyes glimmered with a hint of sorrow and disappointment, more or less for herself rather than anyone else as she felt simply like a failure to not only her comrades and her queen...but also the Late Queen Mother herself.

A request?

That was strange. Cynthia wasn’t used to being asked for requests from the Outer Guardians, at least, not as of late. Her own curiosity was piqued as she listened to what Layla had to say.

….An apology?

Baby blues fluttered in surprise from the statement. Apologies were uncommon amongst the Outer Guardians, so this…this was unanticipated, but perhaps when Jacqui had approached her, she should have anticipated this.

A nod in acknowledgement, Cynthia’s features softened as she shook her head. “No, it’s okay, Layla,” Cynthia informed her reassuringly. How could she ever remain mad at Layla? Jacqui was easier to remain mad at, but not Layla. Layla was someone who she had always looked up to as a motherly figure, sought guidance from…and helped nurtured her into becoming a fitting Queen, just like Violet.

“I shouldn’t have lashed out like I had, I know I’m partially to blame,” Cynthia acknowledged her own mistake. “I know that this isn’t what you’re used to, and it’s not what I’m used to. But we all need to start coming together and working like a team, striving for a future we desire to shape. Now more than ever, we cannot be separated…”

Cynthia grimaced as a memory resurfaced of her failing to aid Saariyah, which eventually led to a divide with the Galactica. “We can’t afford to repeat mistakes, and Queen Metaria…is finding every possible way to undermine us…”

@Layla Dawson

Of course, it would be unanticipated -- simply because apologies from any of the Outers were simply deemed rare and hardly a function in their vocabulary let alone their demeanor as no mercy was shown upon outsiders who felt compelled to tread the borders of the Outer rim; or even more so attempted to gain access to the Time Gate -- which none had the luxury of doing let alone going back to speak about her existence for Pluto would strike them dead as ordered by the Late Queen Mother herself.

The mysterious gaze that often lingered within the hues of the Plutonian guardian landed on Cynthia's own in silence as she simply allowed the Neo Queen to make peace with the mere idea that she had done something out of the ordinary, for she felt as though it was the most helpful and necessary action to do given the circumstances surrounding all that played a hand in the demise of Crystal City which also aided in the domino-like effects that would also be felt in Infinity City and Elysion itself -- her brows furrowing for a moment as there was this temporary look of contemplation which lasted all of ten seconds when Cynthia's lips parted to began its expression of the wielder's mouth. Her features even softened at the utterance of forgiveness and responsibility that simply would've made her own heart smile with content at the amount of spiritual and physical growth that the young Queen had endured over her years as the Earth Monarch.

"I agree. There are no exceptions to the matter, Cynthia. But no longer, will I idle by and allow her to undermine us any longer...I have a feeling that it is for the best that the Outer Guardians assemble and plan accordingly...as it has always been our birthright to commit to protecting you and now Endymion as well..." She replied, her lips giving way to a faint but rare smile. "And it would be wise if the Inners do the same...but first....your issues with Jacqui...they must be addressed and at some point princess, you're going to need her just as much as she needs you...no matter how upset we choose to be with each other...We will always need one another and now? Our presence is more important than we'd ever known for time is precious and waits for no one..."

Her eyes fell shut as she decided to take in her own words, opening them with a look of seriousness embedded within those hues of hers. "For time is all we have to spare during moments like this as one of our own remains under their control along with the Planetary Knights themselves..the sooner we remove their shackles, the further along we are in advantage."

“Thank you.” Cynthia nodded her head, taking a deep, calming breath as she reflected on her own youth. It was hard to imagine how she narrowly got by as a teenager fighting a war behind her parents’ back, and now here she was, with them at her side facing a revival of that war. She realized then that this was no different to the Outer Guardians, who hadn’t been there the second time that they’d faced Queen Metaria….only to be there for the third time.

“I know that it’s difficult for you four as you aren’t as knowledgeable on Queen Metaria’s tactics, but we are stronger now that we are working towards unifying our parties and have even the Heavenly Kings fighting with us.” Cynthia’s voice trailed off with a murmur, listening to her companion as she spoke about Jacqui.

Jacqui had come to her two days prior to apologize, and while she was a concern at first, she wasn’t so much so now as Kasidhe had become. Where had her best friend gone? That was frustrating to think about on its own as she realized just how much time she had lacked to spend with her friends and family just doing fun things together. It wasn’t what she had ever expected when she took the throne, but here they were.

“Jacqui isn’t a problem right now to me. She came to me and we talked about things…the past few days have been overwhelming.” Cynthia informed her, taking a deep breath as she tried to garner her thoughts on Kasidhe. It was hard holding back the tears that she so desperately wanted to release, but she needed to remain calm and collected, as a Queen should.

“I feel like we lost Kasidhe, I don’t think she’s the same person that she was with the same interests as all of us. We fought and spoke our grievances. We will continue to stand firm and move forward with or without her, and she has a lesson to learn just as much as the rest of us do… Lucy will continue to perform her role as leader of the Inner Guardians, and Jeremiah will act as my body-double during Kasidhe’s absence.”

It was a tough remark to swallow, but she had nonetheless come to terms with it.

“We at least now know who to observe. We didn’t have any leads before, and I think that that’ll only help us be more vigilant. Our number one priority is that no one, no matter who you are, if you are outside that you are with someone. We cannot risk letting our enemies have an advantage over us.”

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