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Tag: Nasir // February 5th, 2031

Diana wasn’t ever expecting to get an opportunity like this, to go into the Crystal Palace once more during the 21st Century. Her mission didn’t allow it, but Diana eagerly accepted the opportunity that Mister Lunette gave her: to interview Nasir.


Diana internally sighed, bearing in mind everything that Lady had informed her of. From his wellbeing to the numerous other issues at hand, Diana was aware that this would have been a sensitive meeting, all things considered. But Diana also felt that this was more of an opportunity that Lady ought to have, making her feel a tad guilty.

Diana arrived at the Crystal Palace promptly for the interview, dressed in appropriate attire for the occasion. It was one of the rare instances where Diana took an Uber instead of her preferred cab, knowing just how important appearances were in these cases.

Getting out of her vehicle, Diana was greeted by security, to which despite being informed of the situation at the Crystal Palace, Diana hadn’t anticipated nearly as much security staff around the perimeter. Did something else happen?

Her pink hues fluttered for a moment.

“What is your purpose here?” Asked a guard, and Diana was quick to lower her head in a greeting fashion. “My name is Diana Hunter. I’m expected here for an interview with High Priest Helios. Mister Lunette…”

“Ah, yes, Miss Hunter, we’ve been expecting you. The High Priest is at the gardens. I’ll get someone to escort you.” The security staff informed her. Had this been a normal occasion, Diana wouldn’t have bothered for an escort – she was fully aware of the layout of the Crystal Palace – except in this timeline, Diana’s identity had to be kept a secret.

…even if Diana was awfully tempted to interact with the Crystal Palace’s occupants, her desire for familiarity stronger than ever.

Diana’s escort had arrived not too long after, and the two engaged in minimal conversation until they reached the Crystal Palace’s gardens.

“Nasir, your appointment is here,” informed the escort, who would promptly leave and leave the two of them alone.

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Things ...

Things were ...

Things were really, really not going well for Nasir. While he had been able to help Saariyah a few days previous, he had initially only tormented Jeremiah, and then he had-

Okay, so he really did not know what to file his encounter with the Queen of Nightmares under. She had helped him, which had come as a surprise, and more than that ... She had helped something settle within him. His powers had been out of sorts, more than he liked, since Elysion's corruption. Yet where he expected to weaker, essentially cut off from the place that he had protected for countless centuries, his powers seemed to be growing.

It was disconcerting. Moreso than looking in the mirror to see his black hair and mismatched eyes which was saying something (at least his hair was not growing as rapidly as it had been). This was partly why he was not really allowed out of the Crystal Palace grounds, the gardens the furthest that he could get out of it. Thankfully, he liked them for all that they only made him long to return to Elysion.

Even if there were flickers within his mind of a darker landscape and gardens that matched. The more he thought of that place, the clearer the picture became, and the more it felt right for all that he could not say he had ever truly been there.

"Thank you," answered Nasir, pushing himself up to stand from where he had been checking on the flowers. A smile was given to the back of the escort, Nasir's attention turning to the young woman. His head tilted, blinking once and then twice more, as he could not help the feeling of recognition that went through him.

Yet he did not know her at all.

"Miss Hunter?" inquired Nasir, moving forward to greet her warmly. "High Priest Helios of Elysion and the Crystal Empire.  I do also go by Nasir, Nasir Vasile." There was a small pause, a sheepish smile on his face. "I admit that I was surprised that someone wanted an interview but Director Lunette tells me that I shouldn't be."

A gesture was made towards a garden table that they could both sit at for the afternoon was waiting. "With the weather so nice, I thought we might stay outside for this interview."

There was a flutter in Diana’s pink hues upon the sight of Nasir. That was not the Nasir that she was used to seeing in the future, with that dark hair and those mismatched eyes. It was unsettling to Diana and she wanted so badly to contact Lady, to inform her of Nasir’s status so that she could come see him…or did she already know? She knew that they had met in his dreams, did his changed hair appear there too?

Diana quickly corrected her flutter, realizing that it was probably a sensitive subject to Nasir. Was it something to inquire in their interview, she wondered?

“It is nice to finally meet you, High Priest Helios,” Diana lowered her head in a greeting fashion in the form of a bow. She couldn’t let go of her trained formalities, but it also did make her miss her old friend back home… “I am grateful to Director Lunette to setting up the interview. Elysion has always been intriguing to me as a journalist, and to be able  to meet with you personally is a chance that most of Director Lunette’s reporters haven’t obtained.” More than that, it was part of her family’s history with the royal family.

Pink hues observed the gesture made by Nasir, nodding her head in agreement as she would follow his lead. “Yes, that is fitting. I’m intrigued to learn about this area of the Crystal Palace as well. I’ve only  been here once or twice.”

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