Rocking the Boat
Tag: Luna // January 21, 2031, after Tides.

The meeting had left a bad taste in Saariyah’s mouth.

She was there watching it as everything unfolded, from the transformation to the praises that Cynthia received from being able to do so despite her assigned duties as Queen. The praises alone had left an extremely poor taste in Saariyah’s mouth that had her silently stunned. It was a culture clash, that was for certain – as she’d known that her own Queen wouldn’t have had the same approach to the situation.

She was much more subtle.

It was perhaps why Saariyah decided to pull Luna aside a little after the meeting had ended, her own curiosity piqued as she wondered how her little feline friend had been coping with everything as of late. It felt almost as if it was one bombshell after another, and while this was received as positive news, Saariyah had a bad feeling.

Knocking on the door to Luna’s office to announce her presence, Saariyah opened the door and peeked her head inside.

“Hey Luna,” Saariyah began, her features calm. “Got a minute?”

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