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It was such a serious affair, between the news of the planetary knights being not only, alive but under the influence of the mayor, who turned out to be Queen Metaria. It was so much to deal with in one meeting, a serious blow to everyone's morale. How did this even manage to happen? Not even to mention what had happened with Sailor Star Healer. If they could get to one of the White Moon's own like that, even if she was the Galactica first and foremost? And the knights as well. If they'd only known about them earlier, they could have saved them this trouble, this fate.

She shook her head as she walked, pushing her glasses back up her nose from where they had fallen down. Ballet flats padded softly against the floors as she headed to the computer room that she and Jeremiah had put together, overflowing with technology and soon to be base of operations for the mission of finding and saving the planetary knights from Queen Metaria. She held two cups of caffeine, one in each hand, coffee for herself and Irish Breakfast Tea for Jeremiah. They were going to need the energy if they were going to focus on figuring this puzzle out together.

They worked well together if Janya had to say so for herself. They made a decent unit, and though some people might tease that they would be a good couple, neither of them were interested in any sort of relationship, much less with each other. They were friends and teammates, and they got along well. Which worked out well, since they were also the techies of the palace. It'd have been unfortunate for everyone if they didn't get along. She pushed the door to the room open with her hip and turned, putting the tea down in front of Jeremiah as he was already working, and a small paper bag with creams and sugars in it for him to make it to his liking.

"What do we have so far?"

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Jeremiah had been asleep for days following their return after Saariyah's capture. For the first twenty-four hours, they had kept him asleep, ensuring that he would not awaken. It had been, in its own way, torture because the nightmares had been plentiful.

At least, until they were not, and then he had been able to get true sleep. He knew that Luna had taken up residence on his pillow, sleeping and keeping an eye on him just as Nasir had also made an appearance or two. What he was not certain about was whether or not Cynthia and Mason had done so as well.

Remembering the concern in Cynthia's baby blues, and seeing a reflection of it within Mason's, he had no doubts that they likely did. (It did not help that they were probably on to him and his habits of not sleeping--taking advantage of his particular talents--and were making sure he truly recovered after all that had happened; not just pushing himself more and more.)

The fact of the matter, however, was that he had been up for hours already. Running into Kesatria in the kitchen had left him unsettled in so many ways; making the pain of Saariyah's kidnapping that much worse. His fingers rested against the projection hard in his breast pocket, a soft sigh escaping because he could not shake the image that flashed in his mind's eye of the Sailor Crystal darkened or the knowledge that there was more wrong beyond just the corruption.

Saariyah's mind was being-

If he focused on that, Jeremiah would not get any work done and there was little that could be done at the moment. There were no pings from the tracker and they could not get into Elysion. Which was why, of course, the silver-haired man had taken up residence within the technological hub Janya and himself had made within the Crystal Palace. The temperature was cooler here than any other place within the palace as a matter of necessity--for the good of the servers and other tech--and have more than a few stations that allowed them to work and others to do something as well if they needed.

Even if access to this particular room was locked down to certain individuals considering all the information contained within.

For once not situated at his favored console, Jeremiah was on the floor as he made use of his technopathy (the wire and circuitry moved on its own, shifting into place where he needed it to be) to work on some hardware upgrades that would help things along. Queerly bright blue-green eyes blinked once, then twice more, as he put together what had been set down before him. Shifting, he moved into a sitting position and reached for the tea. "I am almost finished with the upgrades," said Jeremiah, only adding a dash of cream to his cup of tea (that he cradled in both hands briefly) as wires and more were still moving into the place where he wanted them. "Once I finish, our systems should not have any problem handling the adjustments we want to make to our tracking system."

run to the sea
She nodded as he took his tea and said that they were close to completing the upgrades needed to the system, so they could implement their new tracking system - or at least get it started. It was so odd, all of this, and Janya wasn't pleased at all. There were a hundred things that needed to be done now, and none of them simple tasks, and none of them things they could take their time on doing. The news of the mayor being the incarnation of nigh pure chaos, Metaria, their first true enemy had struck her harshly. That meant that there were likely others that had come back - Beryl could be anyone, and god help them if she was also in a position of power too.

Of course, Janya had no idea. None of them did.

The knights, though, that was something else. She didn't have any memory of the knights, but their memories were so hit or miss sometimes. They thought that they'd remembered everything, but they were continually proven wrong there. It was nice though, to at least know that the Kings were there and on their side this time, and they were safe. At least for now. She frowned at the thought and took another drink of coffee, sitting down and pulling up her screens, as well as pressing her earring to release her visor and opening up the tried and true mini Mercury computer she'd had all these years.

"Ok, first of all, what are the variables that we have? What do we know for sure about the knights and this new Dark Kingdom that we can use to create this algorithm?" She had already started typing a few things in that she knew off-hand, the names of the knights that had been potentially known to them - especially the one that Kasidhe had said she had killed. Danburite. The Venus Knight. The names of gemstones ran through her head. They'd always been relevant, hadn't they. Chaos seemed to have a theme it liked to stick to.
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The tea was warm in his hands, the sensation just another distraction for him but Jeremiah could not truly afford to let himself lose focus. Another drink of the breakfast tea and he was placing the cup in one of their designated areas to do so and resituate himself to continue working (by hand and technopathy).

His attention flicked towards Janya, taking in her expression and everything else. After the past (almost) ten years of working together, Jeremiah could tell that she was--likely in many ways--frustrated and more with all that was going on.

"You should find a list of the gemstones I saw within the Mayor's office, though only Spectrolite and Danburite can be confirmed at this time." At the mention of Spectrolite there was a flicker of something across his face as if the tiredness was seeping back in, but it disappeared within heartbeats. "They're not added in yet for the algorithm." As that was something to work on together in his opinion.

"The power of the Planetary Knights are a reflection of the Planetary Guardians as I understand it." The last of the wires and cables were coming together, Jeremiah plugging another in. "So while their power signatures will not be exactly the same, we could try and refine it down to taking note of type of power if one is used and picked up."

Jeremiah sat up properly once finished, studying everything before tucking a loose strand of hair behind his ear (it was getting longer--out of personal desire and due to it making it easier to disguise himself as Cynthia--and would be just to his shoulders if he did not have it up in a loose bun).

"I have been trying to figure out something ..." He reached for his tablet, picking it up to look that over. "The Planetary Knights--at least those of the Inner Planets--are familiar to me. Powered, I can recognize their presence for certain, unpowered I would need to be within their presence or close enough to pick them up ..." Jeremiah's queerly bright blue-green eyes focusing back on Janya. "Shorter version: trying to create data based on that that would be input into the algorithm."

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