Begging for forgiveness
Tag: Neo Queen Serenity // February 2, 2031

s since their last major fight...and a few days since the big meeting....and honestly? It was only so much that Jacqui could take with this tension as the feminine made a minor request to one of the maids who managed to peek in and inquire about whether or not she'd need anything, informing her that a bottle of strawberry champagne would be nice with a single glass as her nerves were on edge right now...mulling over the decision as to whether or not she'd want to do this confrontation right here and right now...but if she doesn't...? She feels as if she would never get the chance to speak to her again and..just....get to the bottom of all of this chaos as it was a complete and total disaster and Luna made her point about one thing.

This wasn't the time to be fighting...this was the time where they needed each other the most...and the drama and disagreements that were being had was only playing their cards in favor of Chaos winning...which was something that they DID NOT need...not now. The maid offered a knock at the door as she came baring a bucket of ice with the requested bottle along with a single champagne flute just for Jacquelyn. She'd immediately give the woman a warm smile before speaking her gratitude verbally.

"Thank you so much, love...also...just a question but...Neo Queen Serenity, where is she? If you don't mind my asking."

The maid placed the items on the small table before glancing up at the Guardian of Flame with a flutter of her lashes as the question settled in her mind a moment before she gave a response.

"Her highness is in her chambers today, You may find her there."

Jacquelyn offered her another smile and bowed her head. "Thank you so much." The maid gave her a nod and bowed respectfully before departing the room as Jacquelyn quickly made her way towards the chilled bottle, popping the cork so that she could immediately pour herself a glass and settle her nerves with a few sips. There was a deep inhale before releasing it all into the opening, tilting her glass up once more to take another sip before placing it down as there was a soft mutter.

"Breath Jacqui..."

She muttered before marching towards the bedroom door where she'd exit the premises and make her way down towards Cynthia's chambers where she'd allow herself a moment to collect herself and gather her nerves before knocking against the feminine's door.

"Uh...Cyn..? Hey, it's me...Jacqui...can we talk..?"

Cynthia was tired.

Since the meeting with everyone, Cynthia hadn’t slept too much. In fact, she was absolutely certain that Jeremiah had slept more than her. When she was sleeping beside Mason, her dreams were plagued by nightmares, and rightfully so – things were taking a turn for the worst and Cynthia knew it very well. Waking up to find Mason beside her, concerned, was not what she wanted.

So, Cynthia decided to sneak away to her chambers that afternoon during the brief moments she had to sleep. Cynthia wasn’t underneath the sheets; she was just lying atop of the comforter of her bed with her hand underneath the pillow. After all, the maids that they had worked hard to make it once, Cynthia wasn’t about to have them make it again.

Not when this whole situation apparently started because Saariyah was presumably stressed. Cynthia had even taken a moment to address her own ladies and staff that it was alright to take a break if they wanted to, reassuring them that the workload was evenly divided. Any concerns that anyone had was to be brought to her, Cynthia wouldn’t have it any other way.

There were lessons to learn from everything.

Cynthia’s ears perked up momentarily when she heard a familiar voice at the door, just as she began to drift to sleep – Jacqui…can we talk?

Her baby blues fluttered for a moment, placing a palm against her face as she rubbed her eyelids. Cynthia would proceed to motion out of bed, and in a murmur, knowing that she couldn’t avoid this conversation, Cynthia replied, “Come in as long as you’re not with Kasidhe.”

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