Into Our Darkened Fate
Tag: Luna // February 1st, 2031, around 1pm.

It was only a matter of time when a meeting with Luna was in order with everything that had happened. Unfortunately, when Cynthia wasn’t dealing with the aftermath of the crisis, she was either dealing with other matters that built up overtime or finding that moment where she could snooze.

She wouldn’t have been surprised that by now, Luna had already heard the news – that Sailor Star Healer was abducted and corrupted by the Dark Alliance. Cynthia knew that since she was a teenager, the two were awfully close – perhaps it was due to Saariyah’s own affinity for cats – and it hurt that she wasn’t able to really confront and comfort her friend and advisor sooner on the matter.

The truth was, was that she just couldn’t handle anymore emotional encounters. For the first time in a while, her tears were dried up – the amount of stress that she’d undergone within the past few hours was visible on her features. She wasn’t even close to Saariyah, not by a longshot – she held similar perspectives that most of the Galactica held on Liuxing’s Lady – but Cynthia still cared.

Knocking on the door to the Watch Room of the Crystal Palace, Cynthia would open it shortly after. Unlike their meeting rooms, the Watch Room was filled with high-tech gadgetry and computer systems that rivaled their former Command Center.

As technology had progressed over the past decade with their connections now to the Moon Kingdom and Elysion, the Watch Room was also no stranger to holographic technologies.

“Hey Luna,” Cynthia greeted, albeit casually. “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to come see you sooner. Do you have time to talk now?”

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The news about Saariyah hadn't gotten to her doorstep yet and honestly? She didn't exactly have a reaction in stone because she was not delivered this news by anyone yet...keywords being yet. However, she was concerned that because of the amount of mental and emotional inundation -- Cynthia was not functioning as her usual self which would serve as no surprise, considering her behavior and mechanisms during yesterday's meeting. It was as if the intense heat was just radiating from the opening of her pores to where if another moment transpired that chipped away at the poor queen's fragile sanity? She'd find herself tilting over the edge in the worse way and that was the last thing that anybody needed....which is why she hoped that Queen Lunette would allow her an ear so that she could just simply vent...unload everything off her chest and on hers as that is what she was here for....right?

The sounds of a knock caught her attention as her eyes remained focused on the screen, trying to see if she would find anything in the file data in regards to the Sol Knights, the door coming ajar as faint footsteps grazed the surface of the floor lightly before hearing that familial voice -- prompting her ears to perk in attention.

"Good Evening M'Lady, It is quite alright...from what I've seen..."

She broke her gaze away to peer at the Monarch, shifting her weight around so that the chair could spin to face her directly so that eye contact could be given. She was polite in every sense of the word. "And heard...of course, it seems as if you've had a lot to deal with. But my time is always free when it comes to you. You should know that you take precedence over anything...regardless of what it might be. I serve you...and most of are like a daughter to me" She admitted with a smile. "So what's up? What did you need to talk about?"

Cynthia felt as though she’d been neglecting a lot of people who truly mattered in her life lately. Luna was one of those people, and the fact that she was the last one to see that day was proof of that. She felt awful, but it was perhaps that she had already been feeling like a failure.

She couldn’t even garner the courage to inform Liuxing herself, but by the time that Liuxing was told, Liuxing wasn’t seeing anyone else that day. She was, admittedly, grateful – but she would give her condolences later.

Cynthia would move to give Luna a hug, regardless of the position she was in, her arms would wrap around her. “I’m sorry Luna,” Cynthia murmured. “I feel like I’ve been a horrible friend lately, and today’s only been proving that so much more…”

Cynthia would pull away from her for a moment after hugging her for nearly a minute. “…What have you heard? Have you heard about what happened to Saariyah….?”

The word was already spreading throughout the palace in regards to that news. Most of her team was well-informed about what had happened already, making a point to ensure that everyone was safe and secure inside the Crystal Palace’s walls despite whatever everyone else might have desired.

It was why, perhaps, Cynthia believed that the next few days were going to be the hardest ones she ever faced. Not only was everyone forced to come back to the Crystal Palace, but it also meant that Jacqui and Kasidhe would have to take up residence as well. There was no other option, no one was safe outside….

Cynthia cringed at the thought, interrupting it with what had happened. “…We lost her to the Dark Alliance last night, Luna.”

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The hug admittedly caught the Mautian by surprise as arms came to lace around the feminine figure herself, prompting a gentle smile in spite of the defeated words that rolled from the Queen's tongue. Her head gave a gentle shake as one hand pressed upon her head and the other on her back as its respective limb laced around her. She'd even take the time to allow those melanated fingers to slide through the course of her hair and hum a moment while allowing her to speak as the words, while hurtful to the soul was only a mere reminder that the young Queen still had a lot of growing to do...and she was in some ways, still the embodiment of that fourteen-year-old from long ago...

Except now she was a mature woman of age.

"There is no need to apologize, I don't think you've been a horrible friend. I think you've been overwhelmed and you need to let it out, dear heart."
She murmured, pulling away so that she could simply tuck a few strands of her locks behind her ears. "I should have been here more...maybe I would've been able to prevent some of the occurring madness...b-..."

Just when she was about to respond to that last question? The mention of Saariyah caught her attention and almost immediately her throat felt tight.. She felt like the restriction came along rather sudden and the sensation of her heart jumping out of her chest was a physical response that words could not muster to explain... Her hand was already in the process of sliding its fingers through her hair again when it stopped just behind the ear but yet it didn't fall from its position. There wasn't a quiver in her steadiness, her brows furrowing together as her features lost its present warmth for a moment.

"..What do you mean have I heard what happened to Saariyah....? What are you talking about, Cynthia?"

Her tone taking on a rather alarmed but heightened turn before every muscle managed to lock in place and those beautiful bright eyes of hers? They began to gloss over with an iridescent glow but yet it was one of sorrow. It was something that simply made her heartache in more ways than just one as it felt as though she could not breathe, she felt her oxygen depleting but just to refill was proven difficult as a part of her was already beginning to panic while the other just simply wanted to wail.... she truly had no response other than to stare at Cyn with a stunned expression as a single tear managed to make its presence known before crawling down the corner of her eye to lap under her chin.

Total disbelief combined with the uncertainty of how to respond yet she felt if a piece of her heart had been ripped from her by the very claws that lurked in the shadows of Chaos's own domain -- taunting her in different angles as if it was just meant to be torturous for her... Saariyah was gone...? The Dark Alliance....? They took her...? There was a reason why the Mautian was taking this a little harder compared to the others and that reason was...friendship. The two had grown incredibly close years ago when they were last on Earth...despite the temporary fondness that was a borderline crush that she carried for the Soldier of didn't take away the place that Saariyah had developed in the poor feline's to hear this disturbed her soul to where she feared for own life....most of all....she feared for Artemis...the idea....the thought to even fathom them taking the love of her life panged felt like a dagger was slicing through the flesh to just pierce her different than how she was feeling at this moment as a hand rose to grab at the center of her chest; clinging onto the shirt a little as the stunning effects of a haze began to settle in...

Luna took the time to turn away quickly as her chair turned to face the Queen herself, respectfully so that she could try to not only gain her composure...but make sense of the details that were just delivered to her...

"....How could this have happened....? And to think that I had...secured this place with the best technology prevent these things...I...."

She felt like a failure, an indecent friend to someone that she cared about....even if the actions that transpired were not of her own doing. She simply felt that because of the fact that someone was able to capture a Sailor who was a dear friend at that...? This left room for other members to potentially be at risk....which...did not sit right with her....even if thankfully speaking, upgrades were coming didn't make the news any less unsettling...

"....I want to know everything that happened Cynthia...and don't spare a single detail..."

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Overwhelmed? Was that what she felt?

Now that she thought about it, she was – so much was happening at once that Cynthia felt like she didn’t have an opportunity to breathe. From Elysion, Nasir, to the revelation of the knights and the identity of Metaria, and now the abduction and corruption of a Sailor Guardian…

Cynthia wished that for a moment, things would slow down, but they weren’t. In only a matter of hours to days, Cynthia was sure that she’d have to face more within her inner court than previously.

“No, I’m not going to make anyone be at my side when people have so much more to focus on. I can handle things on my own, especially now that Mason’s back…” It was a lot harder to handle things when Mason wasn’t around.

When Luna was kept close, Cynthia could feel the physical response from her, enough that she cringed. She didn’t know.

Cynthia would have sworn that someone would have told her. Perhaps Violet? Lucy? Then again, Cynthia knew that each of them would be dealing with the aftermath of it, preparing the Crystal Palace and strengthening the defenses. There was no reason for anyone to be out and about right now without a partner, that was for certain.

Cynthia pulled Luna into a hug once more, unwilling to let her far enough like she had with Kes. Kes was someone different, someone who she knew was strong enough to handle things on her own, but Luna…? Oh, goodness, Cynthia knew Luna best, knew how close she was with Saariyah.

It was so strange that now that things had unfolded, Cynthia was beginning to see just who the silver haired Starlight was close to and who wasn’t.

“She wasn’t within the Crystal Palace, she was inside her apartment when it happened.” Cynthia shook her head. “We’re enforcing a lockdown and buddy system. I think that by now, Chandra would have uploaded the video footage from the security cameras of her suite to be viewed.”

Cynthia wasn’t sure how much more she could take of explaining everything that transpired. The first time was hard, the second time was easier, and the third time…. Cynthia couldn’t muster enough strength. It was difficult to believe that it happened. Now that she could approach the situation like this, did that mean that she could face Liuxing?

“A knight already tried to corrupt her. That’s why Violet wasn’t at the meeting, she was watching her…” Cynthia breathed, her gaze downcast. “Jeremiah took me to her suite after the meeting so I could purify her, but…”

Cynthia grimaced.

“The corruption on her Sailor Crystal was far too great and it summoned the knight. He took her before we could do anything. Jeremiah…said he arrived in the middle of the attack and he saw that they had a device capable of doing it. I don’t think there’s any footage on that though, the security was added after the attack.”

[Image: tenor.gif]

The sudden pull into a hug was enough to make the muscles of the Royal advisor stiffen as it was hard to simply...accept where things were now heading as Saariyah's safety was jeopardized and there was absolutely no telling what was going to happen with the silver-haired one... It was fairly rare for Luna to display moments of weakness and fear as she had done now; finding that it was only a layer that was often left unmasked in the most serious situations...and one that should never allow anyone who was suffering see....but that...that seemed to have gone out the window as this was a reckless situation that involved a dear friend... The woman simply placed her hand on her head and gave it a light caress while the other wrapped around her briefly as it appears as though Luna was still processing it all; teetering between the lines of shock and utter disbelief as Cynthia continued to explain things further -- even narrowing her eyes at the mere fact that her apartment was the last location she was in and the fact that she..was unattended? Unless there was something that she was absolutely missing here?

It seems as there were more rising questions than answers that she was unable to acquire at this current moment before nodding her head as the Queen revealed the announcement about both the lockdown and the buddy system which seems to be the best course of action for the present time as it was necessary for them to be guarded...especially now that things were more dangerous than ever.

"I see...I suppose this means that I will have to pay Chandra a visit to get more information. I know this is an issue for the Galactica our ally...we deserve to help them just as much as they have done us over the years..and I..."

Words faltering as she mentioned a knight trying to corrupt her which only made her brows furrow in concern.

"A knight? Is that why Zoisite mentioned the planetary knights? Could it be that one of them has done this? By the Gods, Metaria has really gone above and beyond in the most unthinkable ways that I'm not even sure she has ever before."

There was a slight grimace upon her features as she simply shook her head.

"And if that is the case, we do not need anyone wandering off on their own to take matters into their own hands. Not without a buddy...and...while there is strength in is clear that we have no idea...about these knights and their capabilities...and that alone is gravely concerning by itself. Unsettling really...especially since he was able to get his hands on a starlight..."

She sighed and just...god it was definitely overwhelming to just hear this but to constantly replay the memories over and over in her mind as Cynthia had to do whenever she was explaining this to another person? This probably sent her anxiety through the roof and it only made her disheartened.

"And if I may interject my response to your earlier cannot make someone do anything they're already willing to do..regardless of their own personal struggles...Selflessness is something that is a hard trait to find in people and once it should be cherished and never taken for granted, my darling. I understand that Mason is back and he'll be the shoulder you need..but do not forget there are many more who are willing to offer their own shoulders...regardless of anything that may be going on...tension or not."

Cynthia shook her head in disagreement. “This is so much more than an issue for them, Luna.” Cynthia started. We offered them protection while they were on this planet. Saariyah being taken is our responsibility too, and I won’t be hearing that it’s not. We’re going to help them, Luna, that much I can promise.”

Cynthia’s voice was firm, more than it had been most of that day. Cynthia was emotional herself, as the more that she discussed issues regarding Saariyah’s kidnapping it was becoming more and more like it had happened days ago.

Except that wasn’t the case. It had happened last night.

“It is,” Cynthia confirmed, gaze downcast. “Jeremiah was the one who took me to see Saariyah. Apparently, Violet wasn’t at the meeting because she was watching Saariyah…” She probably wasn’t the only one who thought it was a little odd that Alexis was present but Violet wasn’t. “But I don’t think we need to see Chandra, it should already be up in our databases if you want to pull it up but…it might be better to see what Chandra wants us to see, you know?”

“She’s really determined to win this time I think, Luna,” Saariyah gripped her left arm with her right. “I don’t remember being informed of anything regarding the knights and it bothers me. Why did Mama need to keep them a secret from me too? Was I really that naïve back then to not realize their titles…?”

She really, really hoped that that wasn’t the case, but even Cynthia knew how sheltered she was back then. She wasn’t even supposed to leave the Moon Kingdom, yet she had without consent.

A warm smile formed on Cynthia’s features when she heard Luna’s response. “I’m glad to hear that… I feel like I’ve made so many mistakes lately, I can understand why people want to leave me… but I’m really trying to consider the future, not the past.”

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