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Deimos and Phobos

With everything that is currently going on with Jacquelyn as far as her duties as Sailor Mars and her obligations to Neo Queen Serenity; the prophetess is going through a difficult time without her faithful friends and advisors -- Phobos and Deimos!

As it currently stands, Jacqui is at odds with a few members of the Crystal Palace -- namely Cynthia Lunette and Luciana Del Rosario just to name a few due to her recent behavior and utter disrespect towards Cynthia, not to mention the lack of compassion towards the current situation that is going on with Elysion as well as the dark alliance as a whole.

Need I not mention the personal stress due to the situation with her father as their estranged relationship continued to shred apart with not a shred of hope in sight for rekindling as Jacquelyn still struggles with the blatant disregard that was given from him towards his family? Not to mention the ongoing disregard of him being her daughter due to her spiritual powers and her heavy disagreement with his political and religious views that just seemed to make the weight of her being a possible burden that much heavier... [ Please refer to Jacqui's profile history for more information and details surrounding that! ]

And with everything going with Elysion? Luna, Artemis, and Helios will definitely need all the help they can get to come up with a plan!

Phobos and Deimos are both Coronian advisors who hail from the Planet Coronis; similar to that of Kalama Ka'uhane, Sailor Coronis of the Galactica. You're free to read from their profile to get a better understanding and add your own twist!

Keep in mind that Phobos and Deimos are both twin sisters who have the ability to shift into Crows and also detect spirits just as Jacquelyn does -- the choice of face claims are up to the players who pick them up though POC choices are adored! Please keep in mind that they're both IDENTICAL TWIN SISTERS; so the fcs are agreeable between two players

We are more than welcome to discuss their relationship not only as advisor/advisee but also as friends and continue to develop their bond with time!

All in all, I'm super excited to see the beautiful advisors help Jacqui out in this emotional crisis that she has fell into and also help the Crystal Empire as a whole try to figure out how to pick up the pieces so they can move forward before Chaos intervene and worse...WIN!

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