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Moon Knight!

Ahh goodness, so – contrary to what may believed, Cynthia is not aware that he exists. She isn’t even aware that the Sol Knights exist in entirety until A Real Shot in the Dark. This is because, in my belief, Princess Serenity was kept naïve of these things from Queen Serenity.

Moon Knight would very much act as not only the admiral of the Sol Knights during the Silver Millennium, but also the personal guard to Queen Serenity. I cannot stress enough that Princess Serenity was not his charge. Princess Serenity had her own set of Guardians and didn’t need more. Due to his role as Admiral, I would also prefer him to be much, much older than Princess Serenity – preferably in his late 40s.

When he was reborn in the present day, he was reborn without his memories of the Silver Millennium. He may have been lured into the Dark Kingdom by Queen Beryl, for whatever reason, but he would have been among the first to be recruited into the second Dark Kingdom revival besides Danburite (Venus).

Unfortunately, he is not their leader – but he could become the leader should something happen to Danburite and Spectrolite (Saturn). I would very much prefer that perhaps he took on a different occupation than military-esque for him! <3

Perhaps he could feel a certain familiarity to Neo Queen Serenity due to her resemblance to Queen Serenity? His overall feels in regards to her are entirely up to you. Now that the Moon Kingdom is accessible by the Dark Alliance, there should be more fun things in store for him! <3

Faces. They’re entirely up to you, but I would prefer someone who resembles the Lunarians in appearance for him! The age of his reborn self is also up to your discretion, but it's preferred that he's at least in his late twenties/early thirties at the minimum.

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